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THE scene: Germany.  A people of insolence, aggression and death.  Perfect place for Morgoth to blister and excrete sinister sounds. They are plain old school death, but great for headbangers.

Ungod: Morgoth (Germany)(0:28-6:18)

Swedish band Tribulation are well-regarded.  A critic favorite, and for a reason.  This new album is more mature than their last: they show their technical prowess in rock, psychedelic, death rock, brutal. 

Holy Libations: Tribulation (Sweden)(7:31-13:56)

Trance metal: They stretch your brain in so many different directions that it is a relief when they finally just hit you with brutality. 

Soul Ruiner: Chaos Echoes (France)(14:32-21:49)

OLD band Poison Idea has come out with another ebullient hardcore and punk album.  I love “Dead Cowboy” that is plain old Mark Lanegan-style vocals. 

Cold Black Afternoon: Poison Idea (Portland)(22:30-25:30)

I am not a huge fan of bands made up of legendary musicians. They are usually lazy, and yeah I said it.  Dave Lombardo’s band Philm’s second album is fucking AWESOME.  I love the vocalist, their style, and their drummer obviously is fucking incredible.  It is a super varied album encompassing jazzy, psychedelic, bluesy, spacey, experimental, and most importantly, fucking metal. 

Omniscience: Philm (SoCal)(26:54-30:39)

Ohio band = dirty, dark, weirdos..  What is in their water.

Palms of the Earth: Plaguewielder (Ohio)(31:09-37:10)

Cursed Earth are “internal”.  Fucking exactly.

Herd Traitor: Cursed Earth (Australia)(37:56-39:13)

Swedish bands are ultimately, I am fucking serious, the best at jamming psychedelic music.  They have it in their blonde, Arian blood.   

Edge of Civilization and..: Montgolfière (Sweden)(39:35-44:22)

Apophys are made up of famous Dutch musicians, so none of you know them unless you are a technical death metal hound. 

The Final Step: Apophys (Netherlands)(45:18-49:00)

Ice Dragon have become very doom-y.  These guys seem like super nerds, which I appreciate.

The Rider: Ice Dragon (Boston)(49:34-53:22)

Reverend Bizarre babbles on this electronic Finnish project.  This is some of the weirdest shit.

Poikarakkaus: Tähtiportti (Finland)(54:09-57:28)

14 minutes of Russian.

Alien Monolith God: Mare Infinitum (Russia)(58:34-1:12:31)

Behind my vocals:

Babe Ruth



Point Blank

Wishbone Ash

Shinki Chen


Missing Link




Socrates Drank the Conium

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Behind my vocals: John Carpenter-inspired retro synth! (The Thing, They Live, Halloween, etc.)  Free download:

Retro-speed thrash to play at your next kegger bbq.

Hungry They Will Come: Enforcer (Sweden)(0:28-4:55)

Crusty epic hardcore, diving into grind, but enough tempo changes to keep it from being suffocating.   Ex-members of Gaza.

Skin Crawler: Cult Leader (2014 E.P.-release coming soon)(Utah)(6:37-9:29)

Japanese Sigh had my Best Album of the Year a few years ago.  They continue in their way: avant-garde, Carnival, psychedelic noise, and of course, metal.

The Casketburner: Sigh (Japan)(10:23-15:20)

A big scoop of old-school black metal warmed up with some fist-pumping thrash.

Pagan Warfront: Infernus (Portland)(15:56-20:23)

Fuzzy psychedelic stoner from our pals Acid King, after 10 years.

Coming Down From Outer Space: Acid King (San Francisco)(21:24-27:06)

Pittsburgh grit, screaming torture metal with a ton of catchy riffs coming through the chaos. 

Chemo: Purge (Pittsburgh)(27:58-29:53)

Vocals are unique in that it is chanting a lot of the time.  When they sing, I really enjoyed it – had a lot of sweet and endearing notes.  Groovy hook-filled sludge. 

To Rise (In Vino Veritas): The Moth (Germany)(30:36-35:25)

San Francisco weirdos (I mean that in the best way).  Seeing them live is the trick.  The lead singer is Ashton Kutcher’s twin, no joke. 

Flame of the Forest: Botanist (SF)(36:01-41:12)

Huge scene in Berlin.  Treedeon is a raw dirty garage sludge, with 2 vocalists, one of them is punk-ish.

Wendigo: Treedeon (Berlin)(41:43-46:27)

I am a huge fan of Shining’s vocalist.  He is extremely versatile, including some emotionally-laden tunes.  This is mostly an extreme band, but the freshness was in the acoustic and sweet notes.  They do a great job of putting a shitload of compositions in their albums.   

Människotankens Vägglösa Rum: Shining (Sweden)(47:51-54:15)

A ton of aggressive genres represented in Abyss, all the types: grind, punk, hardcore.  And this is only 20 minutes!  

Thrall Of The Elder Gods: Abyss (Toronto)(55:00-1:00:19)

Danish hardcore, young, smart and hip dudes. 

ABEER QASSIM HAMZA AL-JANABI: No Fealty (Denmark)(1:01:11-END)

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Minsk is experimental atmospheric metal – they always put a catchy filthy groove into the sound.  Headbang swoon-worthy.

Onward Procession II. The Soil Calls: Minsk (Illinois)(0:28-6:12)

The chaos of Sulphur Aeon breaks into the ultimate riffy, chugging swirl of satisfaction.  Don't let the brutal voice drive you away. The Lovecraftian octopus album art is awesome.

Into The Courts Of Azathoth: Sulphur Aeon (Germany)(8:15-12:33)

Belgian proggy atmosphere-infused death. 

Longing. . .for a Change: Thurisaz (Belgium)(13:07-18:44)

Organ jamming Satanic church music. Super weird, and even weirder vocals.

I... the witch: Abhor (Italy)(19:19-24:49)

Odraza breaks into so many different parts of compositions – prog, Avant-garde, black metal. 

Prog: Odraza (Poland)(11.2014)(25:44-33:08)

Filthy doom.

Cobwebs: Possessor (England)(33:32-36:25)

Sinister Finnish atmosphere with distortion and noise.  

Death: Desolate Shrine (Finland)(36:56-42:43)

These dudes have the best musician names EVER:  Grond, Torturer, Beast, Pestilence, Lord Ashtaroth.  Big epic death metal.

Industrial Homicide: Mor Dagor (Germany)(43:26-46:35)

San Francisco grind! Old school shit.

The Beast and the Drowning Bucket: Cretin (San Francisco)(47:53-50:24)

Hardcore stuff, with a full foot in punk.

Eyes Wide: Rotting Out (LA)(50:46-53:11)

This chick’s got some lungs.  It won’t appeal to you people who don’t like rock, cause this shit is rock.

Time Machine: Royal Thunder (Atlanta)(54:27-END)

Behind My Vocals:



Mobius Trip



Sweet Smoke

Out of Focus




Point Blank


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Grind that breaks down satisfyingly into death and groove, prog and brutal.  The vocals add, rather than suffocate. 

Hell In Her Eyes: Theories (Seattle)(0:28-5:04)

Swedish psychedelic rock, vocals are gorgeous. 

The Stone: Nocturnalia (Sweden)(6:38-11:35)

Some akin the vocals to Dystopia, which I agree. This band is WAY more straight-forward than Dystopia.  This is catchy thick sludge. 

Hangover Suicide: Iron Witch (U.K.)(12:10-17:47)

Michael Shenker basically made a ton of music montage soundtracks for an 80’s movie. 

Something Of The Night: Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock (Germany)(18:31-22:17)

Napalm Death and shit.  Same sound – these guys are obviously talented in their take on brutal grind. 

Beyond The Pale: Napalm Death (U.K.)(23:06-26:09)

Colour Haze is one of my favorite psychedelic bands – they do that 70’s twang really well.  Atmospheric fo SHO, you can rip some bong hits to this one.

Circles: Colour Haze (Germany)(27:31-34:22)

Heavy metal band Sorceror is super old school.  They ARE from the 80’s.

Exorcise the Demon: Sorceror (Sweden)(34:48-42:17)

Covers from Prong.  It was ok, fun to hear once.  I wish they picked another song by Sisters of Mercy.

Give me the Cure (Fugazi cover): Prong (NYC)(43:04-46:09)

Gore metal, nothing new from Exhumed.

Limb From Limb: Exhumed (San Jose)(47:07-50:04)

Aldebaran dude, brings that sort of slumbering sound with heavy drums into this new band.

9 Gates Of Shadow: Shrine of the Serpent (Portland)(51:06-END)

Behind my vocals:


Rare Earth



Shinki Chen

Golden Earring



Psycheground Group



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