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This is my second week of semi-vacation from the show.  I am feeling especially nostalgic lately, could be that I am turning 40 this week and I feel really far removed from my childhood, AND I AM SAD ABOUT THAT.  I started last week with some new wave and alternative songs, and this week is some high school parking lot music. 

Welcome Home (Sanitarium): Metallica (0:28-6:52)

I’m Eighteen: Alice Cooper (6:53-9:44)

18 and Life: Skid Row (9:45-13:33)

In Trance (Live): Scorpions (13:34-17:34)

When The Children Cry: White Lion (17:35-21:43)

Here I Go Again: Whitesnake (21:44-26:13)

In the Night: Triumph (26:43-32:50)

Metal Health: Quiet Riot (32:51-38:05)

Nobody’s Fool: Cinderella (38:06-42:41)

Bringing on the Heartbreak/Switch 625: Def Leppard  (43:13-50:48)

Sweet Emotion: Aerosmith (50:49-55:38)

Would: Alice in Chains (55:39-END!)

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July is super busy, and so the next 2 weeks are a semi-vacation for me.  It is a pure music show, no commentary/no annoying indian voice! I will be back with metal in August!! Next week will be another Summer music show. . .

Hold Out: Washed Out (playing on August 25th in LA with the Melvins and My Bloody Valentine) (0:28-3:55) – for Meg!

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before: The Smiths (3:56-7:25)

Monkey Gone To Heaven: Pixies (7:26-10:20)

Violet: Hole (10:21-13:41)

Crank: Catherine Wheel (13:42-17:16)

My Curse: Afghan Whigs (17:17-22:59)

Lie To Me: Depeche Mode (23:30-28:21)

Black Planet: Sisters of Mercy (28:22-32:42)

The Passion of Lovers: Bauhaus (32:43-36:28)

Suspicion: Gene Loves Jezebel (36:29-40:05)

Revenge: Ministry (40:06-43:52)

Disintegration: The Cure (44:24-51:56)

She Sells Sanctuary: The Cult (51:57-56:07)

Addiction: Skinny Puppy (57-08-END!)

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Proggy instrumental Italian 2 piece gets some synth help from Ufomammut

Mayale: Zolle (Italy) New! (0:28-3:18)

I complain.

Old school 1989 song from Bolt Thrower, who just played at Maryland Deathfest and had a mini-tour.  They were pissed off a few years ago when Earache reissued Realm of Chaos, because they got no royalties.  Earache bastards. 

All That Remains: Bolt Thrower (U.K.) (not mutha fucking new bros) (4:33-9:08)

Solid Milwaukee Maidens have a debut album that reminds me of good Isis.

Lands of the Blind: Maidens (Milwaukee) New! (9:21-13:19)

Hot mama lead singer in Blood Ceremony may play the dorky flute, but she also kicks ass.  I saw her open for Ghost, and all the guys were drooling. 

Goodbye Gemini: Blood Ceremony (Canada) New! (13:52-18:07)

Sadgiqacea, who I have played a couple of times, is touring and promoting with their fellow Philly-ites Hivelords who I ALSO have played a couple of times.  Both have new albums!!

Atavus Lich: Hivelords  (Philadelphia) New! (18:35-25:05)

Swedish One Inch Giant sings accompanied with a very catchy riffy party album.

Only Scorn Remains: One Inch Giant (Sweden) New! (25:57-29:59)

Autopsy comes through with raw, and not over-produced.  Chris Reifert of Autopsy and Death is in the following metal cookbook:

Running From the Goathead: Autopsy (Concord) New! (30:18-34:43)

Chicago is excelling in artsy fartsy experimentation.  A lot of it has climactic riffs in the middle of dark ambient, which I like.  You can also check out Wrekmeister Harmonies who have played in a Chicago museum and cemetery.

Panorama Of Mirrors: Locrian (Chicago) New! (35:05-41:41)

Swedish crust kicks you in the gut in a very satisfying way.  Swedish vocals are hot!

Kan Du Bli Optimal: Fredag Den 13e (Sweden)  (42:32-46:46)

Dark menace, I mean, very menace-y.

Pale Dawn Rising: The Vein (Denmark) New! (47:52-54:55)

Hells Headbangers Records new comp is a must have!   

Circle Of Serpents: Denouncement Pyre (Australia) New! (55:18-END)

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Aggressive and catchy riffs, this is an album to buy FO SHO.

Howling House: Take Over and Destroy (TOAD) (Arizona) New! (0:28-5:10)

I talk about loving the Finnish and their weird isolated ways.   

Forest: Horse Latitudes (Finland) New! (6:02-12:06)

Menacing and slower than the usual black metal.

Hordes Of The North: Solothus (Finland) New! (12:27-19:53)

Psychedelia from Finland!

Transmission from the Mad Arab: Cardinals Folly (Finland) New! (20:09-21:57)

Super group of grind band members create a conceptual band based on the TV series “V”!!! Huh?

Deadly Viral Strain: Quest of Aidance (Sweden) New! (22:26-26:05)

Om goes dub.

Addis Ababa: Om (Oakland) New! (dub) (26:52-31:14)

Black Sheep Wall has one of the sexiest vocals.  Brutal and emotional, not pussy.

Provider: Black Sheep Wall (LA) New! (31:35-36:50)

Japanese soundtrack for animated alien porn (at least in my head). 

The Golden Apples Of The Sun Pt.1: Zletovsko (Japan) New! (37:07-42:06)

Canada does psychedelic black metal – which means they break up the harshness with organic sounds.

The Medusa Picture: Paths (Canada) New! (42:29-46:55)

Cult of Occult is way more diverse than this song is letting on. Hopefully you see how catchy and rocking they are.

DCLXVI: Cult Of Occult (France) New! (47:36-50:26)

Italian groove with some evil accompanying vocals.

Mad Donna: Stöner Kebab (Italy) New! (50:35-54:16)

Brooklyn band comes out with some rock with grunge-y vocals – which I love in this band.

The Toe: Kings Destroy (Brooklyn) New! (54:53-END!)




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