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She Likes It Heavy

Apr 1, 2015

Grind that breaks down satisfyingly into death and groove, prog and brutal.  The vocals add, rather than suffocate. 

Hell In Her Eyes: Theories (Seattle)(0:28-5:04)

Swedish psychedelic rock, vocals are gorgeous. 

The Stone: Nocturnalia (Sweden)(6:38-11:35)

Some akin the vocals to Dystopia, which I agree. This band is WAY more straight-forward than Dystopia.  This is catchy thick sludge. 

Hangover Suicide: Iron Witch (U.K.)(12:10-17:47)

Michael Shenker basically made a ton of music montage soundtracks for an 80’s movie. 

Something Of The Night: Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock (Germany)(18:31-22:17)

Napalm Death and shit.  Same sound – these guys are obviously talented in their take on brutal grind. 

Beyond The Pale: Napalm Death (U.K.)(23:06-26:09)

Colour Haze is one of my favorite psychedelic bands – they do that 70’s twang really well.  Atmospheric fo SHO, you can rip some bong hits to this one.

Circles: Colour Haze (Germany)(27:31-34:22)

Heavy metal band Sorceror is super old school.  They ARE from the 80’s.

Exorcise the Demon: Sorceror (Sweden)(34:48-42:17)

Covers from Prong.  It was ok, fun to hear once.  I wish they picked another song by Sisters of Mercy.

Give me the Cure (Fugazi cover): Prong (NYC)(43:04-46:09)

Gore metal, nothing new from Exhumed.

Limb From Limb: Exhumed (San Jose)(47:07-50:04)

Aldebaran dude, brings that sort of slumbering sound with heavy drums into this new band.

9 Gates Of Shadow: Shrine of the Serpent (Portland)(51:06-END)

Behind my vocals:


Rare Earth



Shinki Chen

Golden Earring



Psycheground Group