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She Likes It Heavy

Apr 29, 2015

THE scene: Germany.  A people of insolence, aggression and death.  Perfect place for Morgoth to blister and excrete sinister sounds. They are plain old school death, but great for headbangers.

Ungod: Morgoth (Germany)(0:28-6:18)

Swedish band Tribulation are well-regarded.  A critic favorite, and for a reason.  This new album is more mature than their last: they show their technical prowess in rock, psychedelic, death rock, brutal. 

Holy Libations: Tribulation (Sweden)(7:31-13:56)

Trance metal: They stretch your brain in so many different directions that it is a relief when they finally just hit you with brutality. 

Soul Ruiner: Chaos Echoes (France)(14:32-21:49)

OLD band Poison Idea has come out with another ebullient hardcore and punk album.  I love “Dead Cowboy” that is plain old Mark Lanegan-style vocals. 

Cold Black Afternoon: Poison Idea (Portland)(22:30-25:30)

I am not a huge fan of bands made up of legendary musicians. They are usually lazy, and yeah I said it.  Dave Lombardo’s band Philm’s second album is fucking AWESOME.  I love the vocalist, their style, and their drummer obviously is fucking incredible.  It is a super varied album encompassing jazzy, psychedelic, bluesy, spacey, experimental, and most importantly, fucking metal. 

Omniscience: Philm (SoCal)(26:54-30:39)

Ohio band = dirty, dark, weirdos..  What is in their water.

Palms of the Earth: Plaguewielder (Ohio)(31:09-37:10)

Cursed Earth are “internal”.  Fucking exactly.

Herd Traitor: Cursed Earth (Australia)(37:56-39:13)

Swedish bands are ultimately, I am fucking serious, the best at jamming psychedelic music.  They have it in their blonde, Arian blood.   

Edge of Civilization and..: Montgolfière (Sweden)(39:35-44:22)

Apophys are made up of famous Dutch musicians, so none of you know them unless you are a technical death metal hound. 

The Final Step: Apophys (Netherlands)(45:18-49:00)

Ice Dragon have become very doom-y.  These guys seem like super nerds, which I appreciate.

The Rider: Ice Dragon (Boston)(49:34-53:22)

Reverend Bizarre babbles on this electronic Finnish project.  This is some of the weirdest shit.

Poikarakkaus: Tähtiportti (Finland)(54:09-57:28)

14 minutes of Russian.

Alien Monolith God: Mare Infinitum (Russia)(58:34-1:12:31)

Behind my vocals:

Babe Ruth



Point Blank

Wishbone Ash

Shinki Chen


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