She Likes It Heavy on Tuesdays, 7pm PST on,
INTRO (0-0:27)
Involution: Monkeypriest (Spain) (0:28-7:23)
(Sludgey awesome Spanish metal band/awesome entire album; lots of French black metal out there - Aosoth is one of the best black metal albums of last year)
IV: Aosoth (France) (8:14-14:09)
(Mars Red Sky is also from France but psychedelic and not evil, played at Mudfest/European psychedelic stoner festival)
Way To Rome: Mars Red Sky (France) (14:29-19:45)
(Saw awesome Blood Ceremony in crappy Middle East, Thorr-Axe is pummeling fun)
Dragon King: Thorr-Axe (Indiana) (20:31-24:32)

(Awesome German psychedelic Electric Moon, get it if you also like pretty vinyl)
Kleiner Knaller: Electric Moon (Germany) (25:44-
(Cave-in local legends, hard hitting, solid awesome album)
Sing My Love: Cave-In (Massachusetts) (31:20-39:38)
(1969 tune for my middle-aged, over the hill listeners)
Open Your Mind: Joshua (Sacramento) (40:00-45:01)
(Tennessee band Hellbender is rock psychedelic non-trancey)
Neon Cross: Hellbender (Tennessee) (45:53-54:35)
(Ukranian sludge band Etherial Riffian, kind of a stupid band name, album rules though)
Part II Beyond (The Search): Ethereal Riffian (Ukraine) (55:19-1:02:16)
Giving a chance to a one-man 21-year-old black metal band that sort of sounds like an 80's soundtrack to some fantasy movie)
Entropic Collapse: Oskoreien (Los Angeles) (1:03:06-end)
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Too many "top lists".  Back to playing new albums of 2012! Year we all die in some apocalyptic shit!!


INTRO (0-0:27)

Axe: Tank 86 (Netherlands) (0:28-6:39)


(Dutch band Tank 86 CRUSHING debut instrumental album, Holdfast record store in Asbury Park is the best – sold me Dust: Marky Ramones psychedelic band from 1971 ON VINYL!!!) 


Love Me Hard: Dust (8:00-13:24)


(Shout out to Aquarius Records, Vintage Vinyl,  Armageddon Records; Vektor is cold, technical, but not boring)


Venus Project: Vektor (Arizona) (14:13-20:57)


(Temples from FINLAND is spacey psychedelic)


In Search Of The Sun: Temples (Finland) (21:49-28:06)


(Talking shit about the Patriots/Congratulations to the 49’ers) (27:33-28:06)


My Helvete: Abaton (Italy) (28:22-34:15)

(Hoping that wishing gonorrhea on the Patriots isn’t too offensive) (34:45-34:58)


(Swedish bands are the best,70’s resurgence makes me happy, let’s perpetually party at a kegger)  


Svantovit: Obrero (Sweden) (35:21-40:17)


(Album art rules, including Cayur’s decaying deer in snow)


Beautiful Moon: Cayur (Ohio) (40:54-45:09)


(Russian band Chertopolokh is weird and raw recording)


Invisible Changes: Chertopolokh (Russia) (45:56-50:47)


(Belgian bands and beer)


Gut this City: Your Highness (Belgium) (51:35-54:13)


(Uh, whiskey)


Whisky Song: Sigiriya (UK) (54:30-58:50)

(Year of No Light from Belgium headlines Mudfest - a doom/psychedelic festival in Europe starting on January 20th)


Perséphone II: Year of No Light (Belgium) (59:30-end)


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Second set of Best of 2011 – including the number ONE album of 2011!


Intro (0-0:27)

Horseback Riding In A Bicycle World: East of the Wall (0:28-2:23)

(Tight, progressive, jams)


Life’s Riddle: Hail!Hornet (4:07-8:33)

(Super group, Weedeater spinoff)

Shout out to Weedeater – another top album of the year


III: Elder (9:01-17:41)

(Short, proggy, psychedelic)


Master of Confusion: Blood Ceremony (19:01-25:49)

(Female vocalist, Jethro-Tull corny-ness - organs and flutes, fun and retro)


Szechenyi: Obake (26:54-31:22)

(Experimental, jazz, doom – you MUST get this!)


Edge of the Sky: Morne (31:54-36:59)

(Atmospheric threads, album does not do their live show justice)


The Art of Being Nothing: Cosmonaut’s Day (37:32-40:47)

(Instrumental, ambient and chaotic)


Porcelain God: Dopethrone (41:24-45-59)

(Super sludgy, different strains of metal, good mix of black metal vocals)


No Grave Deep Enough: Primordial (46:55-53:52)

(Irish folk metal by Metal Blade)


Leaving Nothing but the Absence of Everything: Young and in the Way (54:11-56:11)

(Not just crust)


And for the number one album – Batillus (Furnace) (57:00-end, listen!)

Listen through to the end, not just a one note album or song! Hoping for a new album and tour soon!  This is a band to check out live for SURE!

...And The World Is As Night To Them: Batillus


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January is Top Metal Bands of 2011 month.  This show has my #2 pick + top 2011 albums; next week will have my #1 pick + top 2011 albums.  I talk a lot on this show, after each song, so too bad.

INTRO (0-0:27)

Opaque Reflections: Brainoil (0:28-4:22)

(Sludgy band from Oakland)


Giant: Enslaved (5:55-12:32)

(Cute Norwegian band that has the best recordings)


Prepare the Ground: YOB (12:56-21:57)

(Love this band, touring with Tool, acoustic album by Mike soon)


Withered Hand Of Evil: Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats (22:50-28:43)

(70’s psychedelia from England)


Cold World: Thou (29:59-35:42)

(Prolific band, atmospheric that bashes your head in)


Cataract: Dawnbringer(36:23-39:28)

(Chicago band that never plays live; Nucleus is a must-have)


Leaves: Totimoshi (40:26-44:33)

(Best album by Toti yet, best touring band, guest vocals by Dale/Brent/Scott from Melvins/Mastodon/Neurosis)


Uusi olento nousee: Oranssi Pazuzu (45:07-50:26)

(Incredibly diverse album from Finland)


 Cleaver Of Souls: Skeletonwitch (51:02-54:47)

(Charismatic live and recorded)


 And for my # 2 album of the year: Graveyard with Hisingen Blues

No Good, Mr Holden: Graveyard (55:37-end)

(I listen to this album everyday.  It is jammy and 70’s retro, and yeah, I didn’t pick a brutal band to win this spot.  I will see them play on January 13th at Middle East)


Listen to next week’s show to round out the top albums of the year! I will announce my #1 album of the year!

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