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The new TOAD! This album has goth, spacey and psychedelic strains running through, in all-over groove rock.

Terminal Burrowing: Take Over and Destroy (Arizona) (0:28-5:13)


Horror experimental mixed with prog and brutal; but not as hard as that just sounded.


The Bright White Nothing At The End Of The Tunnel: Thantifaxath (Toronto) (6:36-13:17)


Vocalist is my favorite part of Darkentries; the album is full of different styles, but in a beautiful composition of sound.


TV Fuzz: Darkentries (SC) (13:45-19:15)


Heavy metal punk rock.


Whiplash Disaster: Midnight (Cleveland) (19:41-23:54)


Don’t underestimate, not just groovy – it hits on some great riffs.  KTB has been around for 15 years.


Fifty-Four: Karma to Burn (WV) (24:50-29:19)


Italian glam punk band, very stylish and dirty at the same time. 


Eaten Dust Overload: Children of Technology (Italy) (29:52-33:28)


Monolord has very loud drums, crunchy, thick.


Icon: Monolord (Sweden) (33:52-41:30)


Canadian French post-metal.


Fading Inn: Rhino (Montreal) (42:20-47:52)


2/3’s female, beer rock!


 Wyvernking: Krownn (Italy) (51:35-END)



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I love YOB. This album is yours, in your vinyl collection, right now.

Nothing to Win: YOB (Eugene) (0:28-11:36)


Bastard Sapling is a spin-off of Inter Arma, including a song sung by the lead singer in Windhand (cute girl).  One of the best black metal albums I have heard this year: warm, rich, organic, but still black.


The Killer In Us All: Bastard Sapling (VA) (13:25-19:40)


You know Pallbearer.  This is more Pallbearish stuff – epic, large, pretty, vocals-heavy.


The Ghost I Used To Be: Pallbearer (Little Rock) (20:28-28:37)


The new American Graveyard that caught the 70’s mullet of Metal Blade.


Behold, The Anunnaki: Brimstone Coven (WV) (29:41-35:14)


Maveth (Finland) and Embrace of Thorns (Greece) came out with an incredible black crazy dark split of awesome filth


The Pits Of Strife: Embrace of Thorns (Greece) (35:50-39:31)


Experimental proggy death from Norway, totes weird and shit.


Hermit Dream: Diskord (Norway) (40:05-45:55)


San Francisco’s very weirdo experimental band that uses dulcimers.  Dulcimers.


Dianthus: Botanist (San Francisco) (47:03-49:50)


Irish dark?? Yep.


Killvlad: Weed Priest (Ireland) (50:14-56:44)


Gallo is Gallow now, putting out his interpretation of Italian pagan.


Passer-By: John Gallow (NY) (57:24-END)



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Warm southern grind.  Makes sense?

Our Creation: Columns (NC) (0:28-2:43)


Pilgrim is now a 2-piece with some pretentiously named guy The Wizard doing guitar and bass.  Melody leans toward the melancholy ala Pallbearer-style. 


The Paladin: Pilgrim (RI) (3:58-8:00)


Atmospheric, folksy integrated black metal, but in a natural non-contrived way.


The Long Road, II. Capricious Miles: Panopticon (KY) (8:35-16:27)


Pranjal’s voice is very majestic, it brainwashes you into thinking you are standing in a cathedral with dragons flying overhead.  The lyrics are thoughtful and dripping with imagery.  Last year’s album was a riffy sludge-filled album; this one incorporates a bit more melancholy. Hey, who doesn’t like to be kicked in the gut with emotion.


The Outlier: Cardinal Wyrm (Oakland) (17:13-24:02)


Krieg is like, a totes black metal and crust band.  Whattup.


Worthless Nothing (Doom cover): Krieg (NJ) (25:04-27:25)


Oh my heart, a female led Graveyard-esque band.  This album is MASSIVE.


Black Smoke: Blues Pills (Sweden) (27:59-33:04)


Vukari is like, yeah, we are black metal and stuff, but we can make you cry.


Riddled With Fear And Doubt: Vukari (Chicago) (33:37-38:52)


Yet another band from Arizona filled with seething anger, I like.  But also, Arizona blows.


Blowback: Territory (Tucson) (39:04-41:16)


More of a shifting hardcore album: tempo-changing, genre-bending weirdos.


Standing On the Shoulders of Omega: Northern Widows (Columbus)(41:46-45:05)


A thickly riffy fist-pumping whiskey-flavored band.


Stoic: Nervewrecker (U.K.) (46:03-50:17)


I go off about the idea of metal.  This band is BRUTAL.


(Proto)Christ: Coprocephalic (San Diego/Taiwan)(51:08-54:28)


Agoraphobic Nosebleed member, and label.  Tiki-influenced grind.


Vestige of Surfly Remains: Wadge (Canada) (55:10-56:25)


Thanks FLOOD for having an album named OAK and making it entirely impossible to find you on the internet.  Good thinkin’!


Holy Astro Shaman Part I: Flood (Oakland) (57:03-END)\



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Suffocating doom, totally envelops.  Thick and dark.  Delicious.

Dweller On The Threshold: Fórn (Boston) (0:28-7:42)


Plasticbag Facemask is way WAY cooler than any of us.  Witty, awesome, tight, aggressive, insane.


I Am Facebook Officially Going to Puke: Plasticbag Facemask (Cali) (8:54-15:05)


Listen to the whole song, this is a fun death metal band, another good Arizona band, who woulda thought.


Here is a video:

Overdose: Gatecreeper (Arizona) (15:47-18:39)


This is Nachtmystium’s last album, and I think their best.  It has a pinch of everything: brutal, post-metal, spacey, proggy


The World We Left Behind: Nachtmystium (Chicago) (19:19-25:52)


Because of their large penises, these guys are a little too full of themselves.  I have just heard a bit of their demo, and I already want to be their sex slave. 


Diverse Beliefs: Fassbender (San Francisco) (26:49-28:19)


Epic 2 piece, similar to the Body, but way more emotional.  Same crushing style.


As It Needs To Be...: Keeper (Cali) (28:54-37:10)


New favorite hardcore album.


Keelhaul: Husk (U.K.) (37:36-40:38)


Big Black Cloud is influenced by the 80’s punk and 90’s alternative and has molded it into a modern experimental sound.


Cities of the Red Night: Big Black Cloud (Portland) (41:02-44:44)


Oakland! Black metal!  They have been getting tons of good reviews.  They revel in tradition in their lofi sound, but have a bunch of surprising breaks that makes this a good package. 


Blood Opulence: Akatharsia (Oakland) (45:27-46:42)


Italian 2 piece that is loud and proud. 


Right Not Right: Agatha (Italy) (47:15-51:59)


Yay, a fun 70’s style bluesy band, you need this in your life sometimes.


Information Overload: Lord Montague (Minneapolis) (52:56-57:10)


Finland, first of all, and then on top of it, these guys are weird for the Finnish.  Nuff said.


Vastans: Suruni (Finland) (57:49-END)



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