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She Likes It Heavy

Sep 23, 2015

Behind my Vocals: Goblin's soundtrack to the Italian movie "La via della droga" (1977)

If you love 70's revitalist, then you need to go buy the last two records of Horisont and this brand new one.

Light My Way: Horisont (Sweden)(0:28-5:09)

One 16-minute release off their thunderous new album, and I am excited to hear...

Sep 16, 2015

The fun of crossover, with the weight of technical and grind.    

No Forgiveness in Death: Ramming Speed (Boston)(0:28-4:33)

Bruce Dickinson cannot be stopped, nor should he be. 

Death or Glory: Iron Maiden (UK)(6:34-11:46)

Throaat takes their old school Mayhem and Venom influences, adds some occult, but keeps it...