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Another awesome show, playlist as follows:

Show Intro (music from Ring by Lower Forty-Eight) (0-0:27)
Scumbag: Stonehelm (0:28-5:38)
(Me talking about borrowing from Lower Forty-Eight for the intro, UFOMAMMUT pronunciation, horror metal 1349) 
Stigma: Ufomammut (6:11-13:17)
Uncreation: 1349 (13:18-20:08)
(Me talking about Quest of Fire and loving Keelhaul) 
Strange Waves: Quest for Fire (20:46-28:18)
Waiting for the Moon to Speak: Keelhaul (28:39-32:37)
(Me talking about muscular headbang neck, not a boy band, drinking beer) 
Gulls: 5IVE (33:04-37:10)
Steamroller: Poobah (37:41-42:18)

(Me talking about keggers, Louisiana, Chicago) 
Rats, Mice and Swarms of Lice: THOU (43:01-48:48)
500 More: Bible of the Devil (48:49-54:24)
(Saying goodbye, tune in next week for a special Halloween show)
Manufacturing Greed: Misery Index (55:08-58:42)
Build Fear: Soilent Green (58:44-end)
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Board Up the House: Genghis Tron (0-5:52)
(I talk about Norwegian crap/the Thing)
Ethica Odini: Enslaved (6:55-14:44)
(I talk about the bay area and stuff)
Waning Divine: Totimoshi (15:05-21:37)
Gravity is a Relic: Brainoil (21:39-25:33)
(I talk about nerdy bands)
I Lirska Bistrica: Mass (26:37-38:05)
(I talk about local crap)
III: Elder (38:31-47:11)
Oma: Howl (47:12-51:13)
(I talk about the end of the show)
Metal Health: Quiet Riot (51:51-57:03)
The Witch: Mountain Of Judgement (57:04-end)
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The 2nd BRUTAL (nerdy) metal show I dj'd.  Here is the playlist:

The Other Red Meat: Old Grandad (0-6:45)
(I talk about how much I love Gypsyhawk and Skeletonwitch)
Eyes of Ibad: Gypsyhawk (7:39-12:41)
This Horrifying Force (The Desire to Kill): Skeletonwitch (12:42-16:50)
(Happy Birthday to Meg, and play Metallica for her)
Motorbreath: Metallica (17:26-20:29)
(I talk about not being evil and Weedeater toe)
In the Night: Triumph (21:26-27:35)
Tower of Famine: Aldebaran (27:36-35:38)
Jason the Dragon: Weedeater (36:10-41:56)
(I talk about Dawnbringer's album being one of the best last year; and to email me at for suggestions)
Welcome to my Nightmare: Alice Cooper (42:47-47:54)
So Much for Sleep: Dawnbringer (47:55-53:54)
Burning Temple: Lair of the Minotaur (53:55-end)
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I made my first promo.  I am obsessed with my new microphone.

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My very first show on

I accidentally say "No one Likes You" rather than "No One Like You" by the Scorpions.  Huge difference in meaning.

Fuimus: Keelhaul (0:12- 4:49)

(I talk about shoutouts to friends, old farts Keelhaul must see live, Jerusalem is 1974)

Pain of J: YOB (5:31-12:32)
Hooded Eagle: Jerusalem (12:33-17:22)
Illuminate the Decay: Deadbird (17:53-23:39)

(I talk about Arkansas, Batillus is my new favorite band and how incredible they are live and crushing on the lead singer and headbanging)

. . And The World is as Night to Them: Batillus (24:26-33:17)
No One Like You: Scorpions (33:18-37:11)

The Invisible Guests: King Diamond (37:12-42:12)
Light Years Ahead: Dozer (42:44-47:54)
Time As Imperialism: Buried Inside (47:55-52:18)
(I talk about making out to the Scorpions and goodbye)

Crimson Sun (The Journey Begins): Iron Bitchface (52:56-54:33)
Eldorado: Circle of Dead Children (54:34-end)


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