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She Likes It Heavy

Jun 17, 2015

Behind my Vocals: Soundtrack to "Under The Skin"

Instrumental headbang music.

Tomb of the Ancients: Tempel (Phoenix)(0:28-10:25)

All you need to know: badass crusty death metal with a hot indian chick drummer vocalist.

Cadaver: Ahna (Vancouver)(12:26-17:01)

Stocky muscular rock.

Happy Joyful Life: Fight Amp...

Jun 10, 2015

"Behind my Vocals" this week is the soundtrack from the excellent modern horror movie: It Follows. 

One of my favorite albums of this week, Senior Fellows, because the whole thing rocked.  No weak parts to it – all of it is sludge-y badass good stuff.

STEPPED FORWARD TO RULE (#15): Senior Fellows...