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She Likes It Heavy

Apr 8, 2015

Minsk is experimental atmospheric metal – they always put a catchy filthy groove into the sound.  Headbang swoon-worthy.

Onward Procession II. The Soil Calls: Minsk (Illinois)(0:28-6:12)

The chaos of Sulphur Aeon breaks into the ultimate riffy, chugging swirl of satisfaction.  Don't let the brutal voice drive you away. The Lovecraftian octopus album art is awesome.

Into The Courts Of Azathoth: Sulphur Aeon (Germany)(8:15-12:33)

Belgian proggy atmosphere-infused death. 

Longing. . .for a Change: Thurisaz (Belgium)(13:07-18:44)

Organ jamming Satanic church music. Super weird, and even weirder vocals.

I... the witch: Abhor (Italy)(19:19-24:49)

Odraza breaks into so many different parts of compositions – prog, Avant-garde, black metal. 

Prog: Odraza (Poland)(11.2014)(25:44-33:08)

Filthy doom.

Cobwebs: Possessor (England)(33:32-36:25)

Sinister Finnish atmosphere with distortion and noise.  

Death: Desolate Shrine (Finland)(36:56-42:43)

These dudes have the best musician names EVER:  Grond, Torturer, Beast, Pestilence, Lord Ashtaroth.  Big epic death metal.

Industrial Homicide: Mor Dagor (Germany)(43:26-46:35)

San Francisco grind! Old school shit.

The Beast and the Drowning Bucket: Cretin (San Francisco)(47:53-50:24)

Hardcore stuff, with a full foot in punk.

Eyes Wide: Rotting Out (LA)(50:46-53:11)

This chick’s got some lungs.  It won’t appeal to you people who don’t like rock, cause this shit is rock.

Time Machine: Royal Thunder (Atlanta)(54:27-END)

Behind My Vocals:



Mobius Trip



Sweet Smoke

Out of Focus




Point Blank