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Usually super-produced melodic is like, disGUSting to me, but not in the case of At The Gates.  They are as filthy and evil as any raw band, and this is the only follow-up to Slaughter of the Soul that could have been released.

The Conspiracy Of The Blind: At The Gates (Sweden) (0:28-3:45)

Finnish Swallowed is part weird, part awesome.   

Reverence Through Darkness: Swallowed (Finland) (5:22-12:09)

Horrendous mixes a lot of different stuff in with its death, including occult and atmosphere.

Monarch: Horrendous (Philly) (12:55-16:47)

Of course, occult from Occultation. 

All Hallow’s Fire: Occultation (NYC) (17:39-23:02)

One of the best 2-piece hardcore-influenced brutal metal out there.  They were my last year’s best 2 piece, and there was some hella competition

Combine Desecration: Cara Neir (Dallas) (23:51-25:42)

Massive eccentric black noise with an awesome band name.

Ad Ban Ed No: Captainpopaptain (Germany) (27:12-31:44)

Torrid Husk is large, but not boring and over-produced.  Death metal and black metal here, and post-metal.

And Ballasted the Elk: Torrid Husk (West Virginia) (32:17-40:41)

Proggy and expertly produced.

Discotheque: Kruger (Switzerland) (41:26-47:35)

This 2 piece will remind you of 80’s goth; very dark ambient.

Torture of Fire: Menace Ruine (Montreal) (49:01-54:09)

Northless members continuing in their style of heavy post-metal.

The Word of God: Lotus Ash (Milwaukee) (54:53-END)


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Another incredible female vocalist leading the pack.  The band is riffy awesome fun 70’s style Sabbath doom.

The Mask Of Herne: Alunah (England) (0:28-6:18)

Revocation shares the guitarist from Artificial Brain.  This new Revocation album has some proggy-ness, and definite melody which makes it stand out from the usual thrash.  This is a great band.

Witch Trials: Revocation (Boston) (7:23-13:15)

New E.P. from Inter Arma is a keeper, one song – 46 minutes.  It dives into a number of different sounds, which are basically different songs, which means this E.P. is a full album in disguise.

(a very small portion of) The Cavern: Inter Arma (Richmond) (13:52-22:24)

Baptists are pummeling crushing hardcore, in the vein of Converge.

For Profit: Baptists (Vancouver) (22:54-26:06)

Not to sound like a broken record, but another incredible female vocalist.  Not contrived, just a part of the sound of the band.  She just quit the band.

Psycho Animundi: Witch Mountain (Portland) (27:13-35:55)

Wowsers, this is some dark Polish noise infused black cloudy guttural stuff. 

Winter’s Bone: Thaw (Poland) (36:21-41:43)

Yay, awesome new post-punk, full of nostalgic 80’s dance-y alternative.

The Only Star in the Sky: The House of Capricorn (New Zealand) (42:01-46:05)

Disjointed black metal, the songs are very different from each other so you will get a touch of droning ambient.

The Will Of Fire: Tongues (Denmark) (46:59-55:12)

Detroit flips you off.


Exanimate Gaze: Temple of Void (Detroit) (55:51-END)


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Doom Londoners who incorporated rasp vocals and melody in a huge album.

Morrs Tempest: Hang the Bastard (London) (0:28-5:50)

Beautifully integrated thrash, energizing 1349’s thick black sound.

Postmortem: 1349 (Norway) (7:08-11:25)

Garage desert rock, but way better than you are thinking.

Dragon Snort: The Well (Austin) (11:49-16:44)

Philosophers Nightbringer have incredible production – dense noise is articulated perfectly.  Their last 2 albums have been their best, which is usually not what happens for a band that has been around since 1999.

I Am the Gateway: Nightbringer (Colorado) (17:36-25:07)

Bulletbelt sound like a female-led Skeletonwitch.  Fast and furious death.

Murderer's Collar: Bulletbelt (New Zealand) (26:01-30:41)

Orange Goblin is going super jammy stoner strong with their eighth album.

Mythical knives: Orange Goblin (U.K.) (31:21-36:06)

Garage-punk mixed with psychedelic, twinges of post-punk and hardcore.  A cave-like sound overall.

Dazeripper: Okkultokrati(Norway) (36:38-42:22)

Gritty thrash band, Philadelphia-style.

Howling Void: Blood Storm (Philadelphia) (43:38-48:57)

Bluesy-folk, yes, completely different from brutal. Incorporating some thick doom-y rock in parts.

Shake the Soot From Your Boots: Bask (Asheville, NC) (49:40-54:16)

Very clean black metal, with some avant-garde noise

Henosis: Blut Aus Nord (France) (55:03-END)



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