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Behind my Vocals: 70's rock bro

4-piece Australian band who think humans are the true DOOM.  This is really wonderful black metal, gorgeous and almost up-lifting.  I need that sometimes.

Every End is Fated In Its Beginning: Hope Drone (Australia)(0:28-9:17)

You can’t push Locrian to show you their sound right away.  These are masters of lead-up.

Arc of Extinction: Locrian (Chicago)(10:33-17:39)

You may not understand the next Tee Pee Records band, if you don’t know Quest for Fire, who have members in Comet Control. Quest for Fire is one of the best psychedelic rock band (modern!!!). 

Future Forever: Comet Control (Toronto)(18:23-22:23)

LA doom sludge band Ancient Altar breaks into the best headbanging.  New album releases in September.

Dead Earth: Ancient Altar (LA)(23:25-29:51)

Hells yeah, yet another awesome blues-y psychedelic band with gorgeous vocals.

Grusome: Grusom (Denmark)(30:27-37:11)

French black death metal = technical, slightly progg

Fvlgvr Lvx Terror: Vortex of End (France)(37:40-42:27)

Riding Easy Records are kings of bluesy vocals-oriented rock.

Easy Rider: Old Man's Will (Sweden)(43:00-45:52)

25 year-old Sathanas is thrash-y traditional fun heavy metal.

Satan's Cross: Sathanas (PA)(46:47-51:02)

Suffocating atmosphere.

Desert Trail: Indesinence (UK)(51:39-57:15)

Beer metal! Best band name!


Possession: Sacred Leather (Indiana)(57:37-END)


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Behind my Vocals: Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman

A chick is in this band or something? Is she the lead singer? It is a mystery, and let it stay so. Angularity from the best scene, Chicago.

Neoplastic: Immortal Bird (Chicago)(0:28-5:06)

Massive doom band from Col-eh-rado.

The Bereaved: Khemmis (Denver)(6:23-15:04)

Look, I hate V-band names.  But this shit is fucking good black metal.  So, try to remember their V-name.  Dudes from Ash Borer and Fell Voices.

Realm of Sacrifice: Vanum (Seattle/NYC)(16:19-24:08)

Ooze is oozing all over the place.  Yeah, that makes sense OK? Why don’t you f off.

Targeted: Ooze (Italy)(25:03-28:18)

More black metal? Are you serious? YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES.

Application of Malthusian Principle: Barghest (Baton Rouge)(28:58-36:02)

Retro!!! ROCK!!!! In the stylings of Graveyard.

Relax You're Dead: DoctoR DooM (France)(36:28-43:14)

Raw raw brutal stuff, but a finger in punk.

Fuck Up: Korp (Sweden)(43:34-44:27)

Emotional sludge from people that may have a lead singer that may be a chick.  Again hard to tell, so who cares.

Adversarial Light: Vaee Solis (Portugal)(45:24-52:37)

Deconstructed black metal, because this is from the Finnish.

Kosmoksesta tuli: Abyssion (Finland)(53:19-57:35)

Great DIY stuff.


Rekni Ne: Gattaca (Czech Republic)(58:06-END)

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Behind my vocals: Corpus (1971)

Norwegian duo who have come out with some awesome old school and speed and thrash and fun and evil. 

Sinner's Possession: Deathhammer (Norway)(0:28-5:40)

Blaze of Perdition has a tragic past, and have a new album called “Near Death Revelations”. 

Into The Void Again: Blaze of Perdition (Poland)(6:55-14:00)

ORGAN!!! And Zorn.

Marmarath: John Zorn (NY)(14:22-19:31)

Formerly known as Contempt, Drouth has laid in some slayage.

Vast, Loathsome: Drouth (Portland)(20:07-28:07)

Bright, aggressive hardcore to decompress the brain. 

Love the Liar: Concrete Walls (SF)(29:09-31:24)

Industrial mixed with a slowed down touch of sludge.

Apnea: Crown (France)(32:15-37:34)

Anonymous old school death metal that really pounds out the riffs.

Descending Souls: Undead (Anonymous/Europe)(38:13-42:40)

Raw and technical, what else from Cattle Decapitation.

Manufactured Extinct: Cattle Decapitation (San Diego)(43:25-47:56)

Full-length will be produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou. That means this is going to be a big album. 

Gutter Gods: Cult Leader (SLC)(49:09-50:40)

Grind album that goes all over the place.  I couldn’t stop listening for the last 2 weeks.

Nostalgic Memories: Nervous Impulse (Montreal)(51:21-54:41)

Real Spanish weirdos.  The whole album is all over the place, including new age droning breaking into heavy distortion and metal.

Into The Bowels Of The Absolute: Hic lacet (Spain)(55:18-END)

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Members of Converge and Cave-In have come out with another winning album.  Mutoid Man is not brutal.  But they keep the hardcore and spin it with romance and psychedelic and rock.

Bridgeburner: Mutoid Man (Boston/California)(0:28-3:30)

French experimental band creates apocalyptic horror noise, but in a catchy way.  Album is all over the place, and you will find something new in every corner. 

Soul Ruiner: Chaos Echoes (France)(4:51-12:07)

Female vocals are just a small part of Fucked Up's new album, but I dug it the most.  It provided a sweet counterpart for Fucked Up’s brand of hardcore

Year of the Hare: Fucked Up (Toronto)(12:59-22:28)

Doom-y, catchy, riffy Austrian black metal.  The lead singer was my favorite part.

Demiurg: Amestigon (Austria)(23:00-34:10)

Australian bands are usually meaner and rawer.  Lo! takes their Converge-influenced roots and makes it more power-aggressive.   

Megafauna: Lo! (Australia)(35:23-40:12)

I have played Mispyrming before – Icelandic metal is truly frigid cold stuff.  Black metal, of course.

Af þjáningu og þrá: Misþyrming (Iceland)(40:35-44:51)

I know, this is screamo.  But Richmond is a rich source of hardcore and metal, and the bands are great from this area.  This band puts in a lot of interesting tempo-changing proggy compositions into their hardcore.  Emotional hardcore at its finest. 

chrysanthemum: Truman (VA)(45:50-49:55)

Classic old school death metal from Sweden.  Need I say more. 

Creatures Among the Coffins: Feral (Sweden)(50:26-55:11)

2-piece raw lofi Skeletonwitch-sounding (tight and catchy) band from Greece. 

Summoning the Incarnations of the Worm: Ithaqua (Greece)(55:48-END)

Back of my vocals:

The Cure, The Smiths, Radiohead, The The, Depeche Mode, James, Siouxsie, Catherine Wheel

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