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U.K.’s Anaal Nathrakh plays a mix of genres: raw grind, produced industrial, death.  A true wall of sound.

Unleash: Anaal Nathrakh (U.K.)(0:28-4:08)

Emptiness plays with a light and dark outlook on experimental death metal.  There is something gorgeous underlying it all. 

Lowland: Emptiness (Belgium)(5:32-11:31)

Algoma perfects the slow-motion head bang, with its filthy outlook on sludge.

Bed Sores: Algoma (Canada)(12:06-18:36)

Alternative, yes, but completely dark and angular.

Pedestal: Bone (Australia)(18:52-24:52)

Slugdge is made of two weirdos who sing about slugs, wizards and shrooms.  And it f’n shreds.

Slimewave Zero: Slugdge (U.K.)(26:03-30:31)

Imagine laying out in the sun in Italy, with a dark-eyed Italian man fanning you, and feeding you gelato. 

Kenosis: Istvan (Italy)(31:02-38:41)

So what, this is melodic death metal.  That doesn’t mean that it isn’t completely brutal and fist-pumping fun.  Indulge in a little pleasure, awesome breakdowns that you can cabbage patch to. 

Leader of the Titans: Mors Principium Est (Finland)(39:22-44:42)

Madison plays black metal, emotional and shimmering in parts.

Lost Ages: Bereft (WI)(45:38-51:26)

Gurgling black evil from Germany.

Words Like Flames: Dysangelium (Germany)(52:07-56:33)

Your feathered hair flows back perpetually.  This shit breaks DOWN.

Thunder: Black Magic (Norway)(56:51-1:02:18)

These guys hover over arctic ice, their bat wings soundless.

Stoneweaver: Old Wainds (Murmansk, Russia)(1:03:07-END)

The Smiths/Morrissey songs I play behind my vocals in order:

Well I wonder

Bigmouth Strikes again

The Boy Thorn

This Night Has Opened My Eyes

Light That Has Never Gone Out




Cemetery Gates


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Tight, bare-boned aggression.

Visitant: Baring Teeth (Dallas)(0:28-4:30)

Harlequin-romance medieval black metal.

Vitava: Cult of Fire (Czech Republic)(5:27-11:23)

Filthy aggressive Belgians.

Blight Upon Sodom: Bones (Belgium)(11:42-17:28)

Dense black metal mixed with a lot of different genres that gives this an organic twist.   

Vinger: Taake (Norway)(18:14-24:02)

Torturously slow brutal.

Chapter 1: Devourer of Light: Famishgod (Spain)(25:03-31:59)

Warm death.

Insignia of Illumination: Usurpress (Sweden)(32:16-35:30)

Proggy Ghost Brigade on the verge of cheese, but smart enough not to fall off the edge.

Wretched Blues: Ghost Brigade (36:21-42:34)

Scary power from the north.

Hell's First Born: Conquer (Ottawa)(42:52-47:37)

Melodic, yeah, but good stuff.  The vocalist is a story-teller.

The Bright Trapezium: Varathron (Greece)(48:23-55:05)

Oh, this shit is slow as all hells doom.

Fortress of Gods: Fortress (MD)(55:29-END)

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Supergroup Old Man Gloom has (2) new albums with the same name, the following song is from the "first" album.  The second album is a little more moody, but still full of piss. 

Promise: Old Man Gloom (MA)(0:28-5:01)

Chris Black is a god of musical prowess, playing drums, bass and/or singing for bands Dawnbringer, High Spirits, Superchrist, Pharoah. Dawnbringer’s Nucleus (2010) is one of my fave albums of all time.  This is yet another NWOBHM-influenced, riffy, awesomeness.

The Burning Of Home: Dawnbringer (Chicago)(7:10-11:19)

Full of Hell have hit the jackpot: access to the noise of Merzbow to create a double cd album. 

High Fells: Full of Hell and Merzbow (MD and Japan)(12:14-16:45)

One of the best goth/post-punk influenced album this year.

Entropy: Atriarch (Portland)(17:23-22:42)

A short brand new E.P. from the female-led Bog Oak.

The Resurrection Of Animals: Bog Oak (Sacramento)(23:17-27:45)

I expect no less from Behemoth.  This is a vinyl-only E.P.

Nieboga Czarny Xiadz: Behemoth (Poland)(28:28-34:33)

Doom that hits the nail on the head: they intertwine slow with incredible riffage. Will keep you guessing.  This is a great mini-album.

They Had No Names: Heavydeath (Sweden)(35:11-41:26)

You can basically see this band play in your hometown in someone’s basement, and you would have talked about it for years. 

Mayhem: Caskets Open (Finland)(41:55-44:55)

Distorted thrash black metal.

Conquest: Zom (Ireland)(45:51-50:36)

The vocalist brings back Fen to its razor sharp edge again.

Our Names Written in Embers - Part 2 (Beacons of Sorrow): Fen (U.K.)(51:12-57:31)

I can’t listen to this band.

Beyond Stillness: Dire Omen (Alberta)(57:59-END)


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