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She Likes It Heavy

Dec 17, 2014

Tight, bare-boned aggression.

Visitant: Baring Teeth (Dallas)(0:28-4:30)

Harlequin-romance medieval black metal.

Vitava: Cult of Fire (Czech Republic)(5:27-11:23)

Filthy aggressive Belgians.

Blight Upon Sodom: Bones (Belgium)(11:42-17:28)

Dense black metal mixed with a lot of different genres that gives this an organic twist.   

Vinger: Taake (Norway)(18:14-24:02)

Torturously slow brutal.

Chapter 1: Devourer of Light: Famishgod (Spain)(25:03-31:59)

Warm death.

Insignia of Illumination: Usurpress (Sweden)(32:16-35:30)

Proggy Ghost Brigade on the verge of cheese, but smart enough not to fall off the edge.

Wretched Blues: Ghost Brigade (36:21-42:34)

Scary power from the north.

Hell's First Born: Conquer (Ottawa)(42:52-47:37)

Melodic, yeah, but good stuff.  The vocalist is a story-teller.

The Bright Trapezium: Varathron (Greece)(48:23-55:05)

Oh, this shit is slow as all hells doom.

Fortress of Gods: Fortress (MD)(55:29-END)