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She Likes It Heavy

Jan 7, 2015

We are starting 2015 with a mellow hungover set of nostalgia. Next week starts my Best of 2014 babblings-on.

Stripped: Depeche Mode (0:28-3:59)

Tubular Bells: Book of Love (4:00-10:56)

Well I Wonder: The Smiths (10:57-14:44)

Creep (TLC cover): Afghan Whigs (14:45-18:21)

Tonight: Xymox (18:22-23:35)

All Night Long: Peter Murphy (23:55-29:14)

P.S.: James (29:15-34:07)

Revenge: Ministry (34:08-37:54), plus watch Al Jourgenson in the early 80's:

Scarecrow: Siouxsie and the Banshees (37:55-42:36)

Love is Stronger than Death: The The (42:37-47:12)

Flood II: Sisters of Mercy (47:43-54:29)

Nearly Lost You: Screaming Trees (54:30-58:29)

The Howling: Babel (58:30-END)