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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

Sep 17, 2014

Moody deconstructed hardcore.  Torche Runner was on a split with Young and in the Way.

Vestige: Torche Runner (North Carolina) (0:28-4:07)


Iron Reagan! Nuff said.


Miserable Failure: Iron Reagan (Virginia) (5:31-7:45)


Members of Church of Misery and Doomdogs spin-off doom jammy band.


Wisdom: The Order of Israfel (Sweden) (8:49-16:55)


Finnish Crossover – thrash hardcore fun.


Structural Oppression: Foreseen (Finland) (17:22-21:41)


Crust with black metal.


Rite Of Taghairm: Trepenation (New Zealand) (22:17-26:21)


Incredible post-punk album from across the bay.


No Way Out: The New Flesh (Oakland) (27:17-30:40)


Ævangelist has a 0 out of 10 in terms of band names.  They are brutal/extreme death.


Halo Of Lamented Glory: Ævangelist (Illinois, Portland) (31:20-37:49)


Gaze-y spacey psychedelic awesomeness.


Here Come the Tears: Megaton Leviathan (Portland) (38:30-45:37)


Old dudes doing death.


Black Projection: Drowned (Berlin) (46:51-51:57)


Fördärv is ruin in Swedish.  These dudes are deep and shit


Darkness of the eternal Winter: Fördärv (Sweden) (52:30-56:28)


Mursa is rocking catchy sludge.


Nanking: Mursa (Portland) (56:56-END)