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She Likes It Heavy

Apr 23, 2014

Show 108, so some hare Krishna 108. (Forced by Casey Baker)

108 (NYC): (0-2:31)


Female badassness.  Great vocals.


Behold The Valley Of Slaughter: Bog Oak (Sacramento) (2:32-7:59)


My new favorite atmospheric heavy doom band with tons of riffs, WITH one of my favorite vocalists, the dude from Primordial.


Thirteen Clergy: Dread Sovereign (Ireland) (8:52-14:56)


New E.P. from my fave punk band, Iron Reagan.


Cops Don't Like Me, I Don't Like Cops: Iron Reagan (Richmond) (15:09-15:43)


San Francisco’s Cormorant is really headbanging worthy stuff.  Proggy-style vocals, but still packs a punch.


Sold As A Crow: Cormorant (San Francisco) (16:07-22:19)


Hot swedes are somewhat romantic in this hardcore-influenced pummeling stuff.

The Romans Make A Desert And Call It Peace: Totem Skin (Sweden) (22:37-24:51)


Hesperian Death Horse's split with Hazarder rules.  Maybe romance is in the air, mixed with guttural black.


Tesla: Hesperian Death Horse (Croatia) (25:39-34:00)


Dude, chugging thick and catchy.  Chicago gots it goin’ on!


The Hound: Sacred Monster (Chicago) (34:14-39:19)


Michigan makes them agro.


saccarine: Dakhma (Michigan) (39:40-44:11)


Touching black metal from another Swedish band, Skogen. 


Midvintergraven: Skogen (Sweden) (44:56-49:11)


I will probably listen to the new Stoneburner a hundred times this year.  Guitarist from Buried at Sea.


You Are The Worst: Stoneburner (Portland) (49:27-53:06)


Technical hair metal bros.


Mare Of The Night: Below (Sweden) (53:44-END) 108: (0-2:31)