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Feb 12, 2014

Svart-released German band is a 2 piece.  Post-hardcore and metal keeps ya guessing. 

Spit: Mantar (Germany) (0:28-5:20)

Brutal dark Behemoth of a monster.  This next song is the most melodic of all the songs on the album, so don't think it represents the rest of the album, which will most likely blow your head off.

The Satanist: Behemoth (Poland) (6:19-11:50)

Drummer from Benighted kicks ass.  Vocals are not the typical cookie monster, some of it is serious gurgling.

Noise: Benighted (France) (12:31-15:40)

What else, a folk band and a metal band of course.  Makes for great vocals, very dramatic and emotional.

Gods Much More Terrible: Lion's Daughter/Indian Blanket collaboration (St. Louis) (16:05-23:30)

Yes, it is cheesy, but damn, really good.  Progressive and hard, and great vocals keeps it real.

From Grace to Grave: Descend (Sweden) (24:38-31:54)

Meaty and technical Clover.

E.B.S. (Electronic Broadcast Shutdown): Clover (NY) (32:16-35:33)

Low-fi crust from where else, Pennsylvania.

Whispers of a Fading Existence: Katahajime (Pennsylvania) (36:01-43:51)

I explain post-black metal.  Spanish instrumental.

Paramnesia: Kalte Sonne (Spain) (44:50-48:09)

Runner-up last year to best Black Metal album.  New E.P. is warmer, more atmospheric.

Bastardiser (PitchShifter cover): Blut Aus Nord (France) (48:47-53:02)

Yeah, Slomatics makes you feel like you are in quicksand.  Added psychedelic notes.

Tunnel Dragger: Slomatics (Belfast) (53:27-END)