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She Likes It Heavy

Jan 26, 2022

Best of 2021, Part 3, including the #1 album, THE SILVER (Philly)

GREY AURA (Netherlands), album - Zwart vierkant (Black, Modern)  
El Greco in Toledo
— Grey Aura builds from a multitude of instruments like piano and horns creating an avant-garde, proggy, psychedelic black metal and hardcore with playful electronics.  

FRIISK (Germany), album - ...un torügg bleev blot Sand (Black, Melodic)
De Hoat
— Melodic sludge and black metal with electric vocals in a bleak and cutting set.

FULL OF HELL (MD/PA), album - Garden of Burning Apparitions (Extreme)
Reeking Tunnels
— If you see this band live, you will never miss out on another album.  An explosive lead singer mixed with a bright organism of sound that spreads and evolves.  Experimental and grind with synth and saxophone. 

PRAISE THE PLAGUE (Germany), album - The Obsidian Gate (Black, Melodic)
Blackening Swarm II
— Tortured and bleeding vocals in a mix that is ferocious with speed, swinging from soft to epic.  

ARCHSPIRE (CAN), album – Bleed the Future (Extreme)
Drone Corpse Aviator
— The vocalist stands out in a play of patterns over a playful technical death that is somehow endearing and beautiful.  

THE RUINS OF BEVERAST (Germany), album - The Thule Grimoires (Hypnotic)
Polar Hiss Hysteria
— This band came out with an album in 2017 that is in my top albums of all time.  This album incorporates a breeze of murmurs and chants in a powerful and magical tribal sound.  I love this man, period.  He can do no wrong.  

BURIAL (Italy), album - Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos (Death, Doom)
— Absent Visions Conceive Unspeakable Beings
Pondering, blistering death, and atmosphere that doesn't lessen the impact.  

ALUSTRIUM (Philly), album - A Monument to Silence (Death, Melodic)
Blood for Blood
— Groove cuts across the top of muscular, technical death that explodes in a million delicious directions. 

DREAM UNENDING (US/CAN), album - Tide Turns Eternal (Death, Doom)
The needful
— Beautiful, minimalist passages and a soulful voice stands stark against the technical death.

ÆNIGMATUM (Portland), album – Deconsecrate (Death, Melodic)
Undaunted Hereafter
— Moody, meandering and a bit of jazz until you are pulled into the aggression.

KARMA VIOLENS (Greece), album – Mount of the Congregation (Speed/Thrash)
The Observer
— A black metal vocalist in a thrash and technical pace.  Just so much here. 

IN MOURNING (Sweden), album - The Bleeding Veil (Death, Melodic)
At The Behest Of Night
— A spectacular vocalist that swings from soothing to demonic, swinging paces and technical balanced with emotional.  

SPELLJAMMER (Sweden), album - Abyssal Trip (Stoner, Jams)
Among the Holy
— Bass-heavy stoner with sparkling romantic melodic. A lovely album to massage your brain to oblivion. 

DISKORD (Norway), album – Degenerations (Death, Modern)
Dragged For Coronation
— Jaunty, neck-lurching death with a carnivalesque, story-telling atmosphere.

WESENWILLE (Netherlands), album - II: A Material God (Black)
Burial ad sanctos
— Sharp knives carve a bloody trail, the sound changing colors. Beautiful, vivid, imaginative.

REPLICANT (NJ), album - Malignant Reality (Death, Modern)
Rabid Future
— Fractured sounds break into the guttural death with piano and pleading vocals.  Soft to horror to aggression.  

CREEPING FEAR (Paris), album - Hategod Triumph (Death)
Wearing the Skin of the Wicked
— A burning pace plummets to mid-paced and slow, all of it groovy with massive energy and incredible guitar solos.  

VIRIAL (Italy), album – Transhumanism (Death, Modern)
Aurelia I – Deterioration
— Melodic guitar-noodling penetrates every aspect of this pummeling death structure. 

DORMANT ORDEAL (Poland), album - The Grand Scheme of Things (Death, Melodic)
Sides of Defence
— Ruthlessly groovy and riveting compositions, with complex pace and melody.  Mosh thoughtfully.

#1 Album of 2021:
THE SILVER (Philly), album - Ward of Roses (Black, Modern)
— Modern black is just my favorite.  One of the best vocalists of the years that is its own erupting instrumentation.  The sound is a mountain of majestic black that entreats your entire soul to join.