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She Likes It Heavy

May 24, 2012


Afterwards: Arms of Ra (France) (0:28-5:43)


(French Arms of Ra is completely brilliant technical hardcore and sludge that will keep your interest the entire album; sharp metal hardcore from the UK Verdogr will kick your ass)


A Coffin In The Shape Of A Chapel: Verdogr (U.K.) (6:18-9:04)


(Aldebaran has a new album that is typical of their last releases – slow heavy buildups, good for the type of metal head that does not need to be spoonfed brutality; metal is ALSO in the quiet)

(Bereft from LA are AWESOME and fall into this bleak slow metal genre, and they are frigging AWESOME, and have just released their debut album) 


Mentality Of The Inanimate: Bereft (LA) (9:48-16:04)


(Witchcraft recording a new album after 5 years)

(Icarus Gasoline from Puntas Arenas, Chile do their desert stoner rock stuff in Spanish SO well, really gorgeous)


Un Desierto:  Icarus Gasoline (Chile) (16:50-20:48)


(Mean Milwaukee band with brutal hardcore crust songs coming out on the Southern Lord package tour with Noothgrush and Black Breath this summer)


Renegrenades: Enabler (Milwaukee) (21:11-25:19)


(Old Man Gloom is relatively famous, but still comes out with something good)


The Forking Path: Old Man Gloom (now Boston) (26:10-29:39)


(Dark Seattle death doom Anhedonist with guttural and eerie vocals) 


Carne Liberatus: Anhedonist (Seattle) (30:00-34:56)


(Dark alternative 80’s nostalgic, riffy and experimental and spacey – one of the best)


One: Umor (Croatia) (35:18-41:13)


(Danish Ajuna is black and romantic; the effect is technical experimental and allegedly crazy live)


Winter: Ajuna (Denmark) (41:32-45:32)


(Ah, beautiful Spain invokes visions of wine and sophistication, and of course a HUGE metal scene; Teething is grindcore crust)


Teething (Madrid) (45:55-47:58)


(If you stop loving and adoring me, I will cease to exist)

(Batillus, my number one album of last year, has a new split with Whitehorse – this is a new one!!)


Silver Mortar: Batillus (Brooklyn) (49:32-end)