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She Likes It Heavy

May 17, 2012


Against the Curse, We Dream: Hail Spirit Noir (Greece) (0:28-6:48)


(Hail Spirit Noir is brilliantly weird: retro and black and psychedelic with a touch of King Diamond horror; another Greece band, Inside it Grows, mixes prog and death, but not cheesy, and has super riffy guitars – love the vocals)


And The Voices Of The Dead: Inside It Grows (Greece) (7:56-11:57)


(Theatrical death thrash heavy metal with hot chick frontman who likes to hang out in heavy metal underwear)


Spell Eater: Huntress (LA, of course) (12:34-16:30)


(Christian Mistress is touring and playing in San Francisco on June 19th; YOB frontman Mike Scheidt solo acoustic album out in June, his vocals are Cat Stevenish, I love him and will get this for sure) 


In Your Light: Mike Scheidt (YOB frontman/Eugene, OR) (17:44-22:14)


(Moonless opening for big bands like Church of Misery and Ufomammut , good old rock riffs; French black metal from The Great Old Ones is super lush)


The Bastard In Me: Moonless (Denmark) (23:00-29:57)

Visions of R'lyeh: The Great Old Ones (France) (30:26-37:17)


(Monster Truck plays good time summer music)


Seven Seas Blues: Monster Truck (Toronto) (37:44-41:27)


(Obolus is depressive black metal and dreamy)


Lament: Obolus (San Francisco) (41:44-48:20)


(2 piece Halmos is minimalistic (obviously) yet rich)


Antithesis Superstructure: Halmos (Georgia) (48:38-51:54)


(Nightosaur is like old school 80’s keg party high school metal except I am Indian and was watching the Love Boat with her parents so what the hell do I know about anything cool)


There May Be Dragons: Nightosaur (Minneapolis) (52:28-end)