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She Likes It Heavy

Jan 25, 2012

INTRO (0-0:27)
Involution: Monkeypriest (Spain) (0:28-7:23)
(Sludgey awesome Spanish metal band/awesome entire album; lots of French black metal out there - Aosoth is one of the best black metal albums of last year)
IV: Aosoth (France) (8:14-14:09)
(Mars Red Sky is also from France but psychedelic and not evil, played at Mudfest/European psychedelic stoner festival)
Way To Rome: Mars Red Sky (France) (14:29-19:45)
(Saw awesome Blood Ceremony in crappy Middle East, Thorr-Axe is pummeling fun)
Dragon King: Thorr-Axe (Indiana) (20:31-24:32)

(Awesome German psychedelic Electric Moon, get it if you also like pretty vinyl)
Kleiner Knaller: Electric Moon (Germany) (25:44-
(Cave-in local legends, hard hitting, solid awesome album)
Sing My Love: Cave-In (Massachusetts) (31:20-39:38)
(1969 tune for my middle-aged, over the hill listeners)
Open Your Mind: Joshua (Sacramento) (40:00-45:01)
(Tennessee band Hellbender is rock psychedelic non-trancey)
Neon Cross: Hellbender (Tennessee) (45:53-54:35)
(Ukranian sludge band Etherial Riffian, kind of a stupid band name, album rules though)
Part II Beyond (The Search): Ethereal Riffian (Ukraine) (55:19-1:02:16)
Giving a chance to a one-man 21-year-old black metal band that sort of sounds like an 80's soundtrack to some fantasy movie)
Entropic Collapse: Oskoreien (Los Angeles) (1:03:06-end)