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She Likes It Heavy

Jul 17, 2013

July is super busy, and so the next 2 weeks are a semi-vacation for me.  It is a pure music show, no commentary/no annoying indian voice! I will be back with metal in August!! Next week will be another Summer music show. . .

Hold Out: Washed Out (playing on August 25th in LA with the Melvins and My Bloody Valentine) (0:28-3:55) – for Meg!

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before: The Smiths (3:56-7:25)

Monkey Gone To Heaven: Pixies (7:26-10:20)

Violet: Hole (10:21-13:41)

Crank: Catherine Wheel (13:42-17:16)

My Curse: Afghan Whigs (17:17-22:59)

Lie To Me: Depeche Mode (23:30-28:21)

Black Planet: Sisters of Mercy (28:22-32:42)

The Passion of Lovers: Bauhaus (32:43-36:28)

Suspicion: Gene Loves Jezebel (36:29-40:05)

Revenge: Ministry (40:06-43:52)

Disintegration: The Cure (44:24-51:56)

She Sells Sanctuary: The Cult (51:57-56:07)

Addiction: Skinny Puppy (57-08-END!)