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Drug Honkey. I first thought it was a stoner band, of course; and it ain’t stoner.  It is gritty Chicago experimental death and industrial with psychedelic and noise, and will surprise you at every turn.

Sickening Wasteoid: Drug Honkey (Chicago)(0:25-6:19)

You gotta wait for The Ruins of Beverast.  Atmospheric black demons in a parallel universe.  This is leathery beast metal. 

Surtur Barbaar Maritime: The Ruins of Beverast (Germany)(7:51-16:40)

I love the new Hawkwind: still sci-fi space hounds with a touch of hippie and psychedelic.  This is their 30th studio album!!

Magic Scenes: Hawkwind (London)(17:28-23:40)

Drum-loving Ulvegr breathes out fumes from an alien universe with a bleak landscape and ethnic tribal sounds.

Manifestations Of Havoc: Ulvegr (Ukraine)(24:21-29:22)

Swedish Donald Fagen.

Sad State Of Affairs: The Night Flight Orchestra (Sweden)(30:07-34:42)

Imagine making out with a demon.

Disintigration to Absolute Void: Jyotisavedanga (India/Russia)(35:20-39:33)

70’s blues from long-haired Germans.

Sad Guru Returns: Samsara Blues Experiment (Berlin)(40:01-47:52)

New Jersey black metal ain’t stylish.  It is muscular and raw and likes Italian food. 

Rites of the Black Herald: Abazagorath (New Jersey)(48:57-53:32)

Austin riffs.

Prisoner Of Eternity: Destroyer of Light (Austin)(54:02-END)

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Ex-Aggaloch Jason Walton has created a trippy, mind-bending universe.

The Mothers Throat: Snares of Sixes (Portland)(0:25-4:28)

Writing and composition couples well with Swedes, creating a deep, textural thrash.   

Midnight Trial: Vampire (Sweden)(5:57-10:24)

Chomping hardcore, punk and thrash.

Grave Danger: Foreseen (Finland)(11:00-15:11)

One-woman drone minimalist industrial horror-soundtrack that scratches the roof of your brain.

No Natural Order: Pharmakon (NY)(16:07-22:53)

Summer night, old school, nostalgic retro groove.

Hallowed Ground: Night Demon (CA)(23:21-26:43)

Wait, this is a female singer? Holy shit.  Debut melodic death metal. 

The Raven: Nihilation (Germany)(27:27-34:41)

Epic, glorious power and speed.

No One Left To Kill: Armoured Knight (Chile)(35:04-39:11)

Massachusetts speed with the heart of punk.

Our Time to Riot: Lich King (MA)(39:39-44:54)

Finland doom.

The Offering: Altar of Betelgeuze (Finland)(45:50-51:04)

BBQ music with funk, jazz, and psychedelic.  Sweet and bubbly.

Belt of the Sun: Here Lies Man (Los Angeles)(51:39-55:29)

Crushing stoner.

Benediction Moon: Arc of Ascent (New Zealand)(56:03-END)

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A brand-new EP from Oranssi is haunting.  It is just two songs, but we’ll take anything!  You’ll have to get this vinyl at one of their European shows.

Vдrimyrsky: Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland)(0:25-10:14)

Screeching demonic witch spins spells on your neck to bang back and forth.

Evil Names: Necrowitch (France)(11:11-15:52)

Germanic doom is just that much sexier. There is an element of dark soul. 

Northern Lights: Obelyskkh (Germany)(16:30-24:57)

I have made these dudes Runner-Up to 2015’s Best Psychedelic, which for me, is one of the most competitive categories.  These guys have come out with a MASSIVE space rock brain-expanding album.

Twinkling Eye Pt. 3: Ecstatic Vision (Philly)(25:45-30:48)

The album cover in one to behold, based on an 1800’s wood carving – a creepy bird man with a human cowering at its feet and fire. The 1800’s was weird. Oh, and this is some old-school thrash and black metal.

Dashed To Death: Craven Idol (UK)(31:19-37:03)

Oh really, you don’t want to listen to a sweet post-punk doom-laden band? Well too bad.  This album rules.

Ochlesis: Rope Sect (Germany)(37:38-42:32)

Icelandic bands always manage to invoke images of their vast fields of ice and fire and lava and volcanoes and geysers and crashing icicles.  Wait, does Iceland have all of that? I don’t know.

Sorgarefni segi eg юйr: Dynfari (Iceland)(43:05-50:06)

Hellwell received 2012’s Best Use of Organ and 80's Horror Music, and everyone wanted to know who would win that category.  They have another extremely strange carnival-esque album, and you gotta love them for having white hair and wear sweatbands non-ironically. 

It's Alive: Hellwell (Kansas)(51:10-58:20)

An extremely clean technical death album from the mighty Suffocation.  If you can handle it more than one song at a time.

...Of The Dark Light: Suffocation (NY)(58:51-END)

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Uh, I just played these dudes off a split, and you should probably get to know them especially google images.

Midnight's Crown: Nightbringer (Denver)(0:25-6:30)

Denmark, Denmark.  The next two songs from Danish bands are fucking amazing hot revitalist hotness.  Groove out and bask in the warmth of these tones. 

Gallows Omen: Demon Head (Denmark)(7:24-13:17)

Another vinyl I must own.  Danes come through yet again.  Entire album fucking rocks.  These guys must be hot.

Here Comes The Serpent: Doublestone (Denmark)(14:05-17:56)


Closed Casket: Gruesome (FL)(18:32-22:19)

I think Australians are closer to Satan down under because they are touched by the hand of evil. 

Telum Vitae: Norse (Australia)(23:26-29:39)

Infectious thrashin’- out adorable Greeks.  They would hate I said that.

Shattered Sanity: Amken (Greece)(30:17-35:27)

Solid debut from Swedes doin’ death.

Crushing The Meek Of Heart: Ensnared (Sweden)(36:01-41:59)

Oh good, Xibalba is back again.  Full album in 2018. 

Con Amor: Xibalba (CA)(42:27-45:27)

Female lead vocalist sings melodic pop mixed with 60’s garage, 70’s rock, and 80’s cheese. 

Turnaround: Royal Thunder (Atlanta)(46:45-50:04)

Belgians base lyrics on the last known Vatican exorcist.   

Sacerdotium: Possession (Belgium)(50:28-55:49)

(3) 24:12 songs on the EP, completely confused me.  They sounded so similar, I didn’t get it.  SO I researched it and they are doing the Tribes of Neurot thing, where you layer the songs.  Here is a quarter of the layered song.

Waste (The Deconstruction of a Human Being): Mourning Dawn (France)(56:46-END)

Behind the Vocals: Theme songs - It Follows, Nightmare on Elm St., Exorcist, Halloween, Under the Skin, The Thing, 28 Days Later, Rosemary's Baby, Hellraiser, Jaws

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Sloth Herder shreds, massive drumming, sharp to melodic to grind. Excellent American black metal NOT from NY.

Antipathic Grades: Sloth Herder (MD)(0:25-3:37)

Animal-loving psychotic weirdos Czar create a bubbly electronic grind album that will soundtrack your fever dreams.

RxABBITS: Czar (WA)(4:35-6:39)

Denmark is the new metal god country.  Holy shit I love Orm and Hexis (played later in this show).  Orm means: "a long, cold and boneless flesh-eating beast that slithers in the abyss. Both hypnotizingly majestic in its calmness and unpredictable like a storm.” Swoon-worthy sounds.

Ancient Echoes: Orm (Denmark)(7:12-14:06)

Angsty, energetic black metal erupting with Ohio fury.  Bad ass album, hard to pick a song.

Charred Black Remains: Fever Nest (OH)(14:36-19:08)

Another Danish band that is intelligently composed; rich, enveloping black metal.

Ashanti: Hexis (Denmark)(19:57-25:13)

Disjointed avant-garde death. 

Magpie: Sunless (Minneapolis)(25:47-30:29)

Romantic brutal doom.

The Ritual: Bereft (Los Angeles)(30:55-37:51)

Raw, thrash permeated Finnish black with amazing guitar leads.

Black miasma: Lantern (Finland)(38:32-43:53)

Swedish melodic that is just so right.  Great balance of headbanging, melody and charming vocalist, so good. 

Quetzalcoatl: Sons ov Omega (Sweden)(45:08-51:13)

Aliens make this.

Goat Emperor: White Death (Finland)(51:37-55:51)

Surprising electronic sound in the new Artificial Brain.  If you don’t know this band by now, well, START.

Infrared Horizon: Artificial Brain (NY)(56:18-END)

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Fans pick their favorite HEAVY SONG, and detail why.

Russ - Double Edged Sword: Neurosis (CA, 1990) (0:25-4:27)

"A friend in high school told me that if I ever heard of a band and was going to buy a record that I should get the oldest one first.  I partied with these dudes in Seattle that were from the Bay like me and were really cool. So next time I was in San Jose I went to Streetlight Records on Bascom and found Neurosis vinyl. I bought the oldest one: The Word as Law. It came out in 1990 and I was buying it in 1995. The first song proved that I had made a lifetime purchase.  I had this this thing blasting on a crappy hand-me-down system so much, my little three-year-old niece started headbanging with me and singing the last line in her high chair. These guys are absolutely one of my all-time favorites and this song always gets me."

<Me: Thank gawd someone picked Neurosis, and of course it was Russ.  We went to see Neurosis several times together, the first was in 1999 when Times of Grace released.  His The Word as Law album started a hundred parties.>

Kate (Squid) - Friends are Evil: Jesu (UK, 2004) (6:47-16:22)

"(This song is) (f)illed with oppressive, flattening doom. It feels like lying on the ground looking straight up into a tornado. There's a tiny bit of mental solace to be found in the center of great sonic destruction."

<Me: Squid is an epically gorgeous strong-as-fuck independent chick that told me she was a little intimidated to do stuff like this.  I had to chuckle. She picked songs from Godflesh and Jesu as her heaviest, both featuring Justin Broadrick, I guess her fantasy boyfriend.  Justin created Jesu at the (early 2000s) end of Godflesh.  Jesu's first release was an EP in 2004, and Broadrick performed all the instruments and vocals.  Broadrick describes Jesu: "I really wanted to take that rhythm and weld it to the Godflesh sensibilities of abstract, surreal, mutated metal."  Jesu's first full-length album released in December, 2004, and contains Kate's pick for heaviest.>

Jules - Sacrifice: Flipper (CA, 1984) (17:01-21:35)

"Because I love the singer.  Also, I just discovered KUSF radio.  I had moved to SF from Detroit and I was sitting on the fire escape of my first crappy studio apartment on Bush street. I heard them coming through my crappy transistor radio.  Their sound made my chest ache....kinda like falling in love... or using hard drugs....magic!"

<Me: Jules is into that gritty, filthy, raw, heavy eye-makeup, glam sound.  Could be because she grew up in the outskirts of Detroit surrounded by nuns. She is one of the most badass women I have ever known, and listening to this song is like drinking a beer with her. Fucking cool.>

Phil: Continental Drift: Virus (Norway, 2011) (22:08-26:38)

"I mean, who sounds like this?  The drums are swinging, the guitars make The Jesus Lizard jealous, and I actually really dig the dramatic vocals. Throw in a touch of prog and this is right up my alley."

<Me: Phil and I often have the exact same taste in music, and that means he is extremely intelligent and good-looking.  Phil is a fucking hippie (long hair and all) from the mid-west, and you can practically hear the accent.  I met him in my first days of SF, falling in love with his band Lower Forty-Eight.  He is also the drummer of for Triclops!, Peace Creep, and Pins of Light.)

Chris: Numb: Sleep (CA, 1991) (27:48-31:15)

"Originally from the Volume I LP.  I first heard it on the Four Two Pudding compilation CD on Very Small Records back in '93, and it was a pipe to the knees.  'Numb' was like being buried in wet concrete.  It wasn't easy to stand out on that compilation, because it remains one of the best ever from that era. 

Sleep sounded like nothing else at that time.  They turned it up, slowed it down and defined heavy music for me going forward.  Neurosis were at their peak as well, but they didn't hit me like Sleep.  Certain bands create branches in one's music taste, Sleep did that for me."

<Me: Chris is my Roommate, and we grew up in the same tiny town in Colorado.  Before I knew him, I would see his hardcore/punk band play in town, but I don't remember him because he was younger than me and I wasn’t into robbing the cradle until later in my life. Sleep was a no-brainer for him.>

Ted - Frankenstein: The New York Dolls (uh NYC bro, 1973) (32:09-38:04)

"A lot gets said about these guys, but when you listen to them the shit really unravels your mind. It takes some time to get over the crappy production value of their records but when you get over that and listen to the songs, David Johansen's singing, delivery and lyrics, and the rest of the band's wild and searing music really gets to you. I consider this song the Everest of rock and roll songs, the way it winds up is fucking the shit. Make sure you listen to the 1973 album version if you do, the demo versions fucking SUCK."

<Me: I saw Ted for the first on stage in Boulder around 1993, for his punk/noise/performance art band Baldo Rex. It must have been fate because I randomly moved next door to him a year later.  And then years after that, I met him again in San Francisco.  I adore this musician to death, and his other bands Veronica and The Red Tack.  He is also into making film (does that sound dirty?), so I await his infamous destiny.>

Alex - Captor of Sin: Slayer (CA, 1984) (38:53-42:20)

"(Captor of Sin) is off the EP 'Haunting the Chapel'.  This is a phase where Slayer is finding their voice.  It took another album before they became the Slayer everyone knows but this was an important move away from the early 80s thrash.  This song rips from the devastating opening solo to the double bass attack.  Plus Satan and sex...........winning.  "I will take you down into the fire." That says it all.  Lastly, the not so perfect 80s production puts the finishing touches on my pick for favorite heavy song."

<Me: Alex loves headbanging to energetic, crazy-ass metal; he's got long fucking headbang hair; and is always up front of any show.  Alex is fucking raw as fuck, and is possessed by Frank Zappa.  He is in multiple bands: Voco, Conquest for Death, and is playing a reunion show of Say Bok Gwai on Wednesday, March 29 at the Knockout.>

Meg – Fear Merchant: House of Lightning (FL, December 2016) (42:52-47:33)

"One of my new fav bands, the closest to touch what Bad Brains did. Listen to Fear Merchant and Rapture off their latest release. Henry, the drummer from Floor plays guitar and sings in this band."

<Me: Meg is an earth goddess and the hot-as-fuck bassist of Totimoshi and her new band All Souls who are playing at Benders on May 27. Every woman who meets her loves her, and that says it all. Meg picked a new album, House of Lightning's sophomore album because she has her finger on the pulse of stuff.)

Sean - Blackened: Metallica (CA, 1988) (49:29-55:58)

"Close your eyes, put on the headphones and take a ride with what I consider to be the heaviest song every written. I have listened to that track on a variety of sound systems and I always consider it the most visceral sounding song - a unforgiving and brutal guitar tone, heavy as fuck drums, and James vocals are ferocious. I'll put that song up against anything from Sleep, Meshuggah, Pantera, Melvins, Cannibal Corpse, etc.  The middle of the song is easily one of the heaviest riffs ever composed. Kirk Hammett was at the top of his game (and fell off a cliff after this album - no pun intended) and this is one of my favorite solos. This was my first introduction to Metallica (and metal). My mom bought the album for me as a Valentine’s day gift in 1989. I recall being in awe of the crazy sounding guitar intro, never having heard anything like that.  There are a lot of Metallica detractors and I was with them when the black album came out, but for me... this is the quintessential metal song. And it's tuned to standard E and still heavy as fuck!"

<Me: Sean and I are on a "metal" email chain with, like, ten other people; and it has been going on for months. Much of this email chain is dedicated to Metallica: some of it ridicule, but a majority is laudatory. Sean picked from a severely underrated album, '...And Justice For All'. Lots of nerdy controversy on the production quality of the album, including the levels of Jason Newsted's bass.  I am so glad someone picked Metallica, they are the best road trip band EVER. Fun Fact: Sean is Lars Ulrich's very handsome doppelgänger.>

Ira - The Ballad Of Hollis Brown: Nazareth (Scotland, 1973) (56:39-1:05:38)

"Oof, that's impossible. I think if it wasn't "favorite" it might be a bit easier. I always thought Nazareth doing The Ballad of Hollis Brown was super heavy. There's this ominous droney rhythm/beat for a while and then it opens up heavier but more psychedelic. However, the song is about a guy that is poor and he kills his family, and then himself. It's originally a Bob Dylan song and has definitely been covered before. Never like this. It's just evil.  "

<Me: I met Ira almost 13 year ago, while he was touring with a band.  At the time, he hadn't heard the new Neurosis ‘The Eye of Every Storm’; and we listened to it over and over and over again.  He hails from the east coast, and we make sure to update each other on whatever insane sound we are hearing. He was one of the people who found it difficult to find a "favorite", no surprise to me.>

Casey - Surprise! You're Dead!: Faith No More (CA, 1989) (1:06:18-1:08:43)

"Two songs immediately pop in my mind when I think "heavy": "Surprise! You're Dead" by Faith No More and "Honey Bucket" by the Melvins. Both just fucking drive and don't let up. No Compromise for either, but Faith No More gets the edge because Mike Patton used to telepathically invade my friend Vince's mind, and that's just fucked up."

<Me: Casey is literally my #1 fan, and I hate using the word ‘literally’.  He is just like me; he took this assignment very seriously and let me know that it was keeping him awake at nights. Casey and I have drunk an entire keg together, talking about industrial and metal, and then I think he threw up. That is what I expect of anyone in my presence.>

Me – Dig It: Skinny Puppy (Vancouver, 1986) (1:10:04-END)

Of course, it had to be Skinny Puppy.  My first dark, evil little love.  At the age of 13, I died for Ogre.  They are the kings of transitions, the emperors.  Highly influenced by Throbbing Gristle, Coil and other noise experimentalists, Ogre started writing music and created the band in 1982.  First and foremost, they are vegans and animal rights activists. They engage the audience in blood and dirt-splattered performance art, creating visuals onstage about war and death and the phases of animal experimentation. In the early 80’s, this was met with incredulity and criminal charges.  Most recently they found out, horrified, that their music was being used in Guantanamo Bay.  Of all things, their anti-war and anti-torture music was being used to torture humans, and it broke their hearts.  They created the most heart-wrenching romantic moments of any songs to ever exist. They make you soar.

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German transitioning fiends.  Psychedelic black doom, flowing from dense to free.

Merging Nebular Drapes: Venenum (Germany)(0:25-9:15)

Mathematical concepts but not contrived.  Sharp to beautiful, evolving experiment.  

Dodecahedron: Dodecahedron (Netherlands)(10:46-18:03)

Spacy 70’s vintage fun. 

High Strangeness: Mothership (TX)(18:36-21:18)

Melodic Satanic black metal, not afraid to be pretty.

He, Who Liveth and Reigneth Forevermore: Sarkrista (Germany)(21:52-28:28)

Female-led folk and doom, catchy doom.  This one’s a Cure cover! 

A Forest: Alunah (UK)(29:32-35:48)

French Satanic is so much classier.

Wine Of The Beast: Corpus Diavolis (France)(36:28-42:47)

Rockin’ new 10th offering in a three-decade career. 

Kneel Before Me: Obituary (Florida)(43:14-46:14)

Stoner duo delving in southern rock.

Electronaut: Telekinetic Yeti (IA)(47:17-52:22)

Turkish death metal is a thing.  Mixed with moments of thrash. 

Mayhemic Flames Engulfed (Turkey)(53:16-END)

Behind My Vocals: Älgarnas Trädgård, Blues Addicts, Joint, Museo Rosenbach, Bump, Skorpis, Lyd, Suck

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Tight and technical, sharp, seething thrash touched with funk and groove and fun. 

Hang 'Em High: Havok (Denver)(0:25-4:58)

Distorted and intensity built, parts organic, parts that dive right off a cliff.  Surprising at every turn.

Nganda: Svart Crown (French)(6:27-12:12)

NYC distorted noisy hardcore that moshes into thrash.

Narc: Crushed (NYC)(12:35-15:25)

Badass, female-led massive doom album.

Ain Soph: Bathsheba (Belgium)(16:03-21:36)

Oh, my Fade, out with a new industrial album. 

Mortuary: Statiqbloom (Brooklyn)(22:02-25:43)

Excellent noise-touched rock that doesn’t become arty.  Just good fucking rock, each song is a blast. 

Fingers as Arrows: Dead (Australia)(26:36-31:06)

Straight up Swedish melodic metal, i.e. sounds just like early At the Gates.

Survival of the Sickest: Evocation (Sweden)(31:45-34:48)

One-man deathrock-influenced Light of the Morning Star will make you nostalgic.

Grey Carriages: Light of the Morning Star (London)(35:10-39:17)

The other spectrum of Colorado music is jamming the shit out. I love it when this band lets loose. 

Beyond the Electric Sun: Cloud Catcher (Denver)(39:50-46:52)

Meditative funeral doom that calls into mind hot black-cloaked angels of doom that will burn you alive with their sexy eyes.  I’m reading YA right now. 

Nocturnal Void: Frowning (Germany)(47:57-57:29)

Arizona desert stoner.

Disease: Goya (Phoenix)(57:59-END)

Behind My VocalsNexus, BHW, Paul Paul, Manuel, Expansives, Coda, Material, Moral Support, John Ozila, Automat

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Detroit’s Fell Ruin sounds like the city: destroyed, raw, distorted, stormy doom.  Vocalist sounds hot.

Spy Fiction Folds In Ready Streets: Fell Ruin (Detroit)(0:25-8:11)

Brooklyn black metal, a bit of sludge and groove and riff.  Another debut with a very strong vocalist.  Love these vocalists.  Free download:

Coercive: Floods (Brooklyn)(9:38-16:50)

Death-infused core.  I heard California Uber Alles.

Broken Oath: Ancst (Berlin)(17:16-21:07)

Hella strong album from Fen, each song is a journey.  Be patient, this is one of the best atmospheric albums.

Winter III (Fear): Fen (London)(21:51-31:24)

Stomping good old school death.  Tons of Blasphemer bands, so here you go:

Blasphemer: Blasphemer (UK)(32:13-37:37)

Ferociousness from Australia with a wisp of demon.

The Alnwick Apotheosis: Somnium Nox (Australia)(38:00-44:55)

French KLLK is ethereal, but will kill you if necessary.

Celebration II: K.L.L.K. (France)(46:09-53:42)

Werewolf metal, you heard me. 

The Dweller Of The Woods: Cult of Eibon (Greece)(54:17-END)

Behind My Vocals: Giöbia, Krautzone, My Brother The Wind, Electric Moon, Sula Bassana, The Cosmic Dead, Interkosmos, Kikagaku Moyo

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Brazilian black metal, who knew.  Every song on this album is fucking great.  Crushing, aggressive, impassioned. 

Infidels: Patria (Brazil)(0:25-5:19)

Colorado costumed dark weirdo black metal, on a split with three other excellent bands from Sweden, Austria and Greece.

Nightbringer: Nightbringer (CO)(6:55-15:14)

Ah, finally, Unearthly Trance has reunited after seven years.  They’ve been releasing albums for project Serpentine Path, but this is way better.  Catchy, heavy, atmospheric fun. 

Dream State Arsenal: Unearthly Trance (Brooklyn)(15:51-21:47)

Yet another excellent, beautiful, bubbly, energetic, blues swagger band from Sweden.  Love you bros out there. 

Denim and Leather: Screamer (Sweden)(22:29-28:16)

Deconstructed death metal.  Clear, speedy, weird and full-on prime death metal.   

The Distorting Light: Immolation (NY)(29:09-32:23)

Finnish Demonic Death Judge riff-out in a black sludge of psychedelic tar

Saturnday: Demonic Death Judge (Finland)(32:49-39:50)

Painful and explosive, like your butt.

Reptilian: Benighted (France)(40:15-43:29)

Icelandic metal is so image-prone.  This is melodic, but dives deep into death in parts. 

Bót Eður Viðsjá Við illu Aðkasti: Draugsól (Iceland)(44:23-53:10)

Growling angry power death, because you need that horror. 

Dominance By Acquisition: Sinister (Netherlands)(53:38-58:53)

Female occult-led vocalist in fuzzy warm Italian psychedelic.

Godzilla: Psychedelic Witchcraft (Italy)(59:24-END)

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Norwegian dark folk, melody, rich instrumentation, wicked vocals.

Enda-dagr: Helheim (Norway)(0:28-8:24)

Brooklyn black metal with emotive vocals.

Abject In Defeat: Woe (Brooklyn)(10:07-17:11)

Solid raspy vocals pairs perfectly with furious death metal. 

Genesis To Your Curse: Ritualization (France)(17:46-22:15)

Nidingr has dude who plays with Mayhem.  This is a non-traditional black metal album, lots of surprising sounds and tempos. 

Gleipnir: Nidingr (Norway)(22:48-27:50)

Oh those Greeks.  They are such strange, dreamy, badass weirdos. 

Light/Fos: Locust Leaves (Greece)(28:46-36:53)

Lead singer from defunct Agalloch. This is a cleaner, simpler, doom-oriented sound. 

Dark is the river of man: Pillorian (Portland)(37:32-46:59)

Witty noise rock from Australia.

Picking Teeth: Dead (AU)(47:50-50:36)

Instrumental band Omega Massif spun out this post-metal, lead-up oriented, composition-heavy band with a duo of strong vocalists.

Lights: Cranial (Germany)(51:22-END)

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All proceeds from grind band Anal Trump go to Planned Parenthood.  The BEST song titles like ‘Some Mexicans aren't Rapists’ and ‘My Daughter is a Piece of Ass’.

There's My African American!: Anal Trump (San Diego)(0:28-0:41)

Iceland is a country of raw beauty and power, and bring forth Mispyrming.

Hof: Misþyrming (Iceland)(2:07-9:14)

Last album was in 2013. Power Trip was produced by a dude from Sumerlands (a Runner-Up in my Best of 2016) – so I’m not surprised at the strong vocals.  Varied tempos, all raw and tight.

If Not Us Then Who: Power Trip (TX)(9:54-14:00)

Nasty, dark Wiegedood that breaks into excellent pummeling. Members of Oathbreaker.

Smeekbede: Wiegedood (Belgium)(14:32-20:41)

Vancouver speed and thrash and complex fun drunk riffage. 

Skitzoid Embolism: Terrifier (CAN)(21:12-25:18)

German one-man band comes out with his 7th album.  He is incredibly varied: folk black, rock and punk.  Vocals are clean, beautiful and growling styles. 

Ä(h)renschnitter: Horn (German)(26:13-31:46)

Iron Reagan has fist-pumped out a skateboard thrash and punk album, that you’ll probably love. 

Dead With My Friends: Iron Reagan (VA)(32:19-35:54)

Balfor makes Ukranian corpse-painted medieval sword-fighting music that we can all make out to.

Serpents of the Black Sun: Balfor (Ukraine)(36:39-42:37)

Shimmering stoner? Yes, and beautiful psychedelic.  All from a cute Polish package.

Navigator: Dopelord (Poland)(43:35-51:39)

Grind and hella dissonant noise bros.  Good variation.

Death Erection: WVRM (South Carolina)(52:04-54:42)

Melodic death-rock style metal, with post-metal and prog elements and fully atmospheric at the forefront.

Devoid: Nailed to Obscurity (Germany)(55:37-END)

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14th album from Kreator, you wonder if any band with a 14th album can be good. Shit man, this shit is the SHIT.  Fun, anthemic, catchy, fist-pumping thrash.  Fuck you Metallica for being such assholes.

Totalitarian Terror: Kreator (Germany)(0:28-5:09)

Violent, yet melancholy and plaintive.  Music that fits my heart. 

Le jour se lève: Au Champ Des Morts (France)(6:47-13:39)

Oh shit, Pallbearer is about to drop their best album soon. 

Thorns: Pallbearer (Arkansas)(14:25-19:42)

Plagues knows that black metal that bangs thy head is my religion. 

Ascension: Plagues (MA)(20:07-24:32)

Dreamy, simple and elegant post-punk, Chicago-style (so very stylish).

No Game: Silent Age (Chicago)(25:26-28:56)

Chugging gritty dark death industrial. 

Kyrios: Luminous Vault (NYC)(29:24-34:10)

Oh holy shit, I didn’t realize Freedom Hawk’s debut album rocked so hard.  So glad they rereleased, and are on tour, I will be right up front. 

Lightning Charge: Freedom Hawk (VA - rerelease)(34:43-38:30)

Pigs (7X) is noise psychedelic fuzzed out doom.

Sweet Relief: Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs (UK)(39:06-43:39)

Dramatic erupting horror atmosphere.

In screams and flames: The Great Old Ones (France)(44:34-52:20)

Folk and acoustic and bluesy, such a gorgeous combination.  These guys are soulful.

Earthen Shroud: The Flight of Sleipnir (Denver)(53:09-END)

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Best Viking Metal/Folk-influenced

Enslaved’s Ivar and Wardruna’s Einar put their heads together to compose for the 200th Anniversary of the Norwegian constitution.  This is Norweigian folk: beautiful sweeping compositions that you can really melt into. This is the most folksy, ethnic, instrumental of the contenders with fully instrumental songs and choir-sung gorgeous passages dotting the album. Deep, sexy man singing in Norwegian.  There is a GORGEOUS trumpet, holy shit, and black metal portions, and a darker, raspy, evil vocalist joining the fun.  The album is complexly atmospheric, diverse, lovely and invariably creative.

Skuggsjá (Norway), album - A Piece For Mind & Mirror, song “Kvervandi” (0:28-6:50)


Moonsorrow (Finland), album - Jumalten Aika:  Medieval is the atmosphere, where people sit around firepits and thump on drums.  Men in animal skins and furs ride glorious horses, fists around spears, hair flowing behind them.  This is the imagery created by the softest, romantic acoustic passages erupting in epic black metal.

Sig:ar:tyr (Ontario), album – Northern:  Apparently this band started as a one-man band.  I assume that any great one-man band will add members to their roster, I mean, who wants to continue doing everything. Of course acoustic folk guitars accompanied by even more guitars, and a hella focus on riffs.  The vocalist is a guttural black rasp, with no hint of loveliness.  So you know, it’s pretty cool.

Myrkgrav (Norway), album - Takk og farvel; tida er blitt ei annen:  Last album from Myrgrav; the album title translates to “Thank you and farewell; Times have changed”.  Guy doesn’t mince words.  The violinist is a major player in this album; the fiddle is the national instrument of Norway.  This is mostly classic folk with a very folk singer, so if that would get on your nerves, than so will this style.

Best Hardcore/Crust/Punk-influenced

Oh geez, two of my favorite Illinois hardcore bands pitted against each other.

Gawddammit, this is Weekend Nachos’ last album after 12 years together.  They infuse hardcore, grind, punk, power metal, dirty crust and extreme wit into their unique sound.  They are so punk, fucking punk dude (and other angry things); and hilarious with song titles like “Fake Political Song” (a great grindcore song) and “Dog Shit Slave”.  I was like, how long can this feedback go? And it kept going.  Assholes. This just felt real.

Weekend Nachos (Dekalb), album – Apology, song “2015” (9:03-14:47)


Oozing Wound (Chicago), album: Whatever Forever:  I’m sure Oozing Wound are best friends with Weekend Nachos, right?  This is their third album, with thrash, punk, sludge, and everything thrown in, tied in the coolest package.  It’s a bit TOO cleanly produced, but that isn’t a terrible thing. Though, if they had a bit more raw ferocity, then they would have come out on top.

Trap Them (Boston/Seattle), album – Crown Feral:  Trap Them sounds like Boston, they have that Converge brutalized hardcore sound, plenty of crust and crunch and prolific riffs. The lead singer jumped off a speaker during tour, breaking both feet, continued with the show and tour in casts. F’ing hardcore.

Head Wound City (San Diego), album - A New Wave of Violence:  The most punk vocalist style, with a bit of shriek; he even goes a bit post-punk in parts. An angular punk album.  Album came out after 11 years of silence; this is a supergroup: Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Locust.

Okus (Ireland), album – Scourge:  Coolest album art of the group, a cool bird skull.  Crusty, metallic, grind, intense as fuck.

Best Heavy Doom

Oh lord, of course this category had the most contenders. All different styles, so take your pic.

Holy shit, Spirit Adrift is a ONE-MAN doom band, with the guitarist from one of my faves, Take Over and Destroy! His vocals are a bit Pallbearish – huge compliment - emotional, lyric-heavy, full-range.  He shines when he brings in a bit of joy into the melody, but I also liked that he wasn’t in a rush to fill in every second with density.  Maybe because it was one person laying all the tracks, each instrument is given its due.  So much patience.  So be patient.  This is just, delicious. 

Spirit Adrift (Arizona), album – Chained to Oblivion, song “Hum Of Our Existence” (15:36-26:22)


Khemmis (Denver), album – Hunted: Fuck, these harmonizing guitars, gaining strength and force with every passing second, erupting in fist-pumping riffs, groovy when needed; and slowing down to aching melodies.  But there is so much more, the vocalist encompasses a plethora of emotions, some of it funeral somber, a heaviness in lyrics, and still able to lift your soul.  Fuck yes dude.

Beastmaker (Fresno), album – Lusus Naturae: This the debut album from Beastmaker, reveling in 70’s psychedelic, the bubbly side of heavy rock.  Uplifting, cheery groove.  I think these dudes are just going to get better; and excited to see them live.

The Temple (Greece), album – Forevermourn: This is more funeral doom – a very gloomy but fantastically riff-y and bringing forth the headbang.  Fuck yeah, Greece.  The lead singer is nominated in ‘Best Warm Vocals’.

Messa (Italy), album – Belfry: Led by the most gorgeous female vocalist (also nominated for ‘Best Warm Vocals’.  Messa drones into massive leadups to headbanging.  It is an investment.

Lord Vicar (Finland), album - Gates of Flesh: With members of Reverend Bizarre and Saint Vitus, this is a super group that doesn't get lazy, which is the fate of most ego-led supergroups.  Incredibly underrated, and led by an incredible bluesy vocalist.  This album was a close second.

Spiritus Mortis (Finland), album - The Year Is One: The first thing you will notice is the vocalist.  He’s cheesy, but in that emotional hair metal way that we love.  And he’s Finnish, so everything he does is awesome.  I just wanted a few more songs to show their range, so I will wait for their next album.  But this is a great gloom and doom, plaintive doom album.

Best Modern Rock/Noise Rock/Alternative

Best part? The vocalist is fucking amazing.  She is sexy beyond.  Then bring in elements of gloomy Chicago post-punk and disjointed noise, and all of it is romantic as fuck.

Ganser (Chicago), album - This Feels Like Living, song “Strategies For Living” (27:17-32:46)


Ex-Cult (Memphis), album – Negative Growth: Third full-length album.  Danceable distortion and defiant pop.  Engages in heavy use of drone-y and noisy electronic effects. 

Drought Year (NC), album – S/T: Atmospheric-infused industrial groove mixed with the horror of deathrock, and the vocalist of a sludge band.

So Pitted (Seattle), album – neo: On Sub Pop and from Seattle.  Thin, gritty, snarling and plaintive.  Angry-pacing music - it’s a walking mosh pit sound.  There is just so much here, don’t miss this album. 

Best Atmosphere/Drone/Moody

Whether aiming for shimmery or hardened, atmosphere is moody, ambient, emotional, and don’t follow traditional routes.  The two top albums are one-person bands, which I am usually wary of, but these dudes created epic compositional albums, and should be celebrated for their genius. 

A foot firmly in black metal, however Mizmor bubbles through the surfaces of doom and drone and atmosphere.  The album creeps and slithers in a torturous pace, turning into a form of meditation.  The sound invokes images of an unrecognizable alien landscape.  We need to be pushed to these boundaries.

Mizmor (OR), album – Yodh, song “Bask in the Lingering” (33:14-43:16)


Alcest (France), album – Kodama: OK, this is more Heavy Gaze than atmosphere, but I had to fit Alcest somewhere, and they definitely are mood-making.  A gorgeous, shimmering melodic masterpiece. 

Old Graves (CAN), album – Long Shadows: One-man mostly instrumental atmospheric-heavy black metal. 

Best Heavy Metal/Hard Rock:

Chris Black is a god.  He has a modern, groove-tastic take on everything old school.  He speeds up the riffs; the guitars provide warm, engaging melodies; and the dude knows how to perk up your soul, making you yearn for a convertible, a warm summer night, and a loud car stereo.  An emphasis on catchy lyrics, so you can sing along.   “This is the night, this is the night we’ve been waiting for.  This is the night, this is the night we go UP.”  Nostalgic ear candy.  I was reminded of High ‘n’ Dry.

High Spirits (Chicago), album – Motivator, song “Flying High” (43:39-46:56)


Sumerlands (Philly), album – S/T: The vocalist is one with the Force.  He echoes emotion throughout, providing depth.  Technical and masterful heavy metal guitars and a perfect vocalist, you can’t want for more.

Dawnbringer (Chicago), album – XX: So this is an EP, but I like it so much, I had to include it in one of the categories.  It could be Dawnbringer’s last, which would be brutal to my heart.  I love Chris Black so much, and I am so glad that he is prolific, because I am one of the cult followers.

Denner-Shermann (Denmark), album – Masters of Evil: Guitar solos were the highlight on this album.  The vocalist has that epic, high-pitched style that may annoy you, but give him some room, he will rock it.

Best Death

Now a duo.  Howls of Ebb’s wicked vocalist whispers curses and speaks in tongue, an inhuman demonic growl other times. Galloping, disjointed, dramatic, chomping death and thrash, resting in horror atmospheric when the monster grows tired.  The quiet parts were as powerful as the most technical and dense death; it was thoughtful and relentlessly innovative.  I felt like I was watching a play.

Howls of Ebb (SF) album - Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows, song “Cabals of Molder” (47:48-53:52)


Mithras, album - On Strange Loops: Yet another duo concerned about creating unique compositions, each song so wildly different from each other.  Yes, they are chaotic and technical as fuck, but I feel they aren’t in it to jack each other off.  I fucking hate self-congratulating technical shit. 

Ulcerate (New Zealand), album - Shrines of Paralysis: Maybe someone told the vocalist he needed to fucking shake it up, because it sounds way better on this album.  Way more variation.  Geezus, this is the heaviest, relentless shit, beating your ears into bloody pulp.  They stand a head taller than any other band in technical prowess, oh fuck the density.  This is a toxic, chaotic, incomprehensibly massive wall; yet each instrument breaks a path clearly.

Altarage (Spain), album – NIHL: Anonymous band.  The vocalist growls melt over the dense, mostly fast and sometimes lumbering, atmospheric, technical wall of sound. It feels like drone, swarming all the instruments into one thick sound that is strangely meditative.

Witherscape (Sweden), album - The Northern Sanctuary: Hella proggy death with actual clean and very emotional singing mixed with growls;  slowed-down, sparse, ballad-y passages; guitar solos, piano and melodic keyboard.

Like Rats (Chicago), album – II: All right, I have to admit the fact that Weekend Nachos has members in this band, I knew I’d be all over it.  It’s way more tough boy, mainly because of the power vocals, not my favorite.  They bring in their hardcore influence into the clean, stripped sound.  It has that tuff mosh pit-circle stomp. 

Best Warm Vocals

Greenleaf has been one of my favorite bands for years, so for them to suddenly change up the VOCALIST, the melodic and emotional leader of the band?! Well, they did it.  Of course I should trust these geniuses, with members of Dozer and Truckfighters.  The album was in the “Best Jam/Blues/Stoner” category, of course.  The singer is soulful, ebullient, and arousing.  AROUSING.  Warm, honey vocals that make you climb out of your skin in glee, so personal, so expressive, so soulful.  He makes you want to know every word.

Greenleaf (Sweden), album - Rise Above The Meadow, song “Howl” (54:24-59:45)


The Temple (Greece), album – Forevermourn: More plaintive and melancholy than the other vocalists, following the funeral doom sound of the band.

Lord Vicar (Finland), album - Gates of Flesh: Blues-driven vocalist on one of the best doom albums of the year.  

Dawnbringer (Chicago), album – XX: Look, Chris Black nearly makes me cry when I hear him.

Messa (Italy), album – Belfry:  The emotional vocalist is the melody in an otherwise stark, gloomy, drone sound.

Saturday Album and #1 Album of the Year

Saturday album is the record I listened to the most.  This shit has to be varied as fuck, the vocalist needs to be my hot mama, and I never get sick of hearing it. 

It’s almost unfair to all other bands when Oranssi releases their album.  This is so innovative, avant-garde, experimental; and maybe you need to live in the forests of Finland, decompressed from the rest of the world, to allow your brain to go way out into the universe and bring back this nugget of musical truth.  It is pure, it is madness, it will bring you religion.

Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland), album- Värähtelijä, song “Saturaatio” (1:00:40-END)

Runners-up (to Saturday Album):

Dawnbringer (Chicago), album – XX: Epic, is the sound of Dawnbringer.  Chris Black is effortlessly nostalgic and emotional, but you haven’t heard this sound in those eras of past.  He is completely original, and achieves somehow bringing back the rocker aspects of the 70’s and glam of the 80’s in the most excellent, non-contrived way.

Mizmor (OR), album - Yodh: Mizmor won my Best Atmosphere/Drone/Mood category.  This album is beyond, it is the darkest album I listen to constantly.  It makes me feel evil.  You will hear something different every time you listen to this album, which is why it fits so well in this category.

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Best Sludge

Sludge is the very dark evil cousin of doom; with brutal vocals, a dense wall of sound, and both epically slow AND frenetic tempos.  As with most of my categories, the bands dip their toes in multiple genres. 

Anciients’ debut album was one of my favorites of 2013. This 2016 album is WAY darker.  Dual vocal style: one guttural, one proggy; and none of it is contrived. Shit kicks into the best riffs, so epically headbang-worthy.  This is proggy without the cheese; it’s epic and fist-pumping.  They shine when the sound cleans up to beautiful, complex, epic, sweeping, emotional, organic compositions. It feels fresh, and that put them over the top. 

Anciients (CAN), album – Voice of the Void, song “Pentacle” (0:28-5:57)


Tombs (NYC), album – All Empires Fall:  I love the vocalist of Tombs. Fun Fact: he has his own coffee (Savage Gold – named after a Tombs’ album).  And then they added Fade (of Batillus fame) to their roster, and I was head over heels.  Fade is also a big industrial mastermind, so he brings in the evil electronics here.  I feel like Fade has made them way darker, which is awesome.

Wolves Carry My Name (Germany), album – Black Earth Tongue:  This was overlooked by everyone, except me, because I rule. This is one of the grooviest metal albums out there.  As with all sludge, this is dense as fuck, led by the hottest snarl of a vocalist.  Another free album:

Inter Arma (VA), album – Paradise Gallows:  I’m wary of super popular (underground) bands.  If a ton of people relate to it, then is it truly good underground music (i.e. the suckage of Mastodon)? But this album has so many great things: Sweet acoustic parts, a gorgeous, emotional crooning vocalist who erupts when necessary.  These guys are the kings of EPIC, massive sound; sounding like ‘Enemy of the Sun’-era Neurosis.

Cobalt (CO), album – Slow Forever:  The original duo of Cobalt ended 2015 in public social media battle, sort of like CNN and Trump.  It ended with one of them holding the reins of Cobalt, and adding the vocalist from Lord Mantis. What a boon, the vocalist is expert in intensity, desperate and emotional.  For a duo, this strong of a vocal is a must.  And holy shit, the original member did all the instrumentation.

Black Tusk (GA), album – Pillars of Ash:  Last record with the late Jonathan Athon (original bassist and vocalist).  The band took this last year to put this album together.  Dudes have an influx of stoner, hardcore and punk energy.  These are dirty, fun, southern-rock swampy tunes.

Best Black Metal

SO much excellent black metal to weed through, to distill into these magnificent picks.  The top (3) were debut albums!

This is groove and melody-oriented black metal, you’re gonna want to headbang.  Shit is so crunchy and dynamic and fist-pumping.  Fun.  FUN, remember that concept? You fucking cynical bastard.  But, don’t get me wrong, this is true black metal – raw, somber, bitter, angry, harsh.  The vocalist howls, fucking howls, gave me chills bro. It doesn’t sound like other American black metal bands, with their focus on density.  These are simple and raw, technically-perfect, emotionally-laden, furious black metal with an emphasis on melody.  I thought it was perfect.

Uada (Portland), album – Devoid of Light, song “Our Pale Departure” (7:47-14:32)


Wode (UK), album - S/T:  Wait, this is their debut?  Dense as fuck black metal showers relentlessly, both old school and modern, as it stomps around with a bit of death-style.  Lots of attention to melodies, which is what this lady needs.  When they slowed down, it just became so evil.

Anicon (Brooklyn), album – Exegeses:  Debut album with members of Yellow Eyes, Krallice/Geryon, so it is super Brooklyn, and a huge part of the NYBM scene.  It leans towards emotional and epic guitar melodies, and when they harmonize, fucking A.  The complexities of the arrangements is also where this band shines.  These guys are romantic as fuck, but man do they deliver the headbang.

Entropia (Poland), album – Ufonaut:  Drumming stands out here, varied, proggy, tight.  Tempo increasing to the frenetic black core.  Yet, this album never feels relentless, which I like.

Imperium Infernalis (Greece), album – Imago Dei:  Second album from this band.  Shit is so tight and angular and fast, felt a bit thrashy.

Forteresse (CAN), album - Thèmes Pour La Rébellion:  This is the sweeping, triumphant, riding the dragon, full-production black metal, but without the emotional post-metal side.  This is the densest of the bunch, and when you think you can’t handle it anymore, they give you some variation.

Best Jam/Blues/Stoner

The hardest category for me, very year, trying to determine the best blues rock, jamming out, 70’s boogie, rifftastic album.  The bands in this category often have multiple, if not all the members singing, as vocals are a big part of the sound. I love every single one of these bands and albums. This was a close competition, so it really came to variation in the album, depth of SOUL, the hotness of the vocalist, and the guitarist(s) grooving way out.

Brimstone’s new (3rd full length) album was profoundly gorgeous.  Down and dirty southern style charm, with the warmest whiskey vocals. These guys even harmonize between the three of them on the vocals, hella treat.  A huge album that warms up, burns down and makes your head spin.  Dudes fucking jam. Ballads make you cry.  Shit is magic.  Reminds me of Eloy, Paice Ashton Lord and other crooning 70’s psychedelic rockers.  These guys really fucking let loose.

Brimstone Coven (WV), album - Black Magic, song “Beyond the Astral” (15:05-21:57)


Asteroid (Sweden), album – III:  Your brain is in a bubble floating so high.  Swedish psychedelic builds up so deliciously, the jams get intense. 

Scorpion Child (Austin), album - Acid Roulette:  Everyone knows Scorpion Child right? They are Friday nights, drinking beer against a muscle car, kickin’ it, rockin’ it, groovin’ it.  Lyrics stroke your penis. The songwriting is what puts this album over the top.  If the radio still played killer rock, this catchy album would be blasted on FM fo SHO.   

Greenleaf (Sweden), album - Rise Above The Meadow:  6th album from fuzz jamming rockers Greenleaf, with guitarist from Dozer.  Album is more structured, but the guitar solos are excellent when they appear.

Akasava (France), album – Nothing at Dawn:  It sounds like the vocalist is hiding something, he is naughty and a bit wicked.  Occult mixed with stoner, this sounds is more experimental than the other bands.  Dissonant and transcendental, a surprise of an album.  It’s Satan worshiping with tons of bong hits.

Spiritual Beggars (Sweden), album - Sunrise to Sundown:  Super strutting rocker, the vocalist with a bit of Chris Cornell-style.  They excel when they dipped into the soft, the ballads.

Duel (Austin), album - Fears of the Dead: Jean-clad hip swivels, rock groove, 70’s style badass attitude.

Best Thrash:

My favorite part of this year is that all the finalists are so different from each other.

Proggy, angular thrash with scifi storyline, how can you not love this band.  Even better, the band shows their charm in live shows, period.  You will be amazed at their ferociously clean twists and turns.  If you don’t like the vocal style, which is this insane throaty raspy screech, it may get in our way of enjoying the amazing thrash hooks, but I doubt it.  Vektor’s hooks are the best in the industry. 

Vektor (Philly), album – Terminal Redux, song “Cygnus Terminal” (22:58-31:12)


Deströyer 666 (AU), album - Wildfire:  The standouts here are melody and groove.  It is part bar thrash, with choruses to shout out, while sloshing beer on your feet.  But then they go darker, deeper, and will make you sneer. The vocalist is versatile, able to sing and add to melody; but also raspy and evil when needed.  They don’t fall into the mediocrity of plain old aggression; these are fucking thoughtful songs.

Desaster (Germany), album - The Oath of an Iron Ritual:  This is these dudes’ 8th full-length album, and another thrash and black metal combo. Thick, energetic, Satanic sound; and just like Deströyer 666, these dudes want to party.  Holy shit though, the riffs have the power of Satan and rip through your neck.

Witchery (Sweden), album - In His Infernal Majesty's Service:  Riff-tastic, groove thrash pumped with energy and fucking Swedish soul.  Short and sweet songs, stays clean, not over-powering aggression which can get one-note and boring.  The guitar solos were old-school heavy metal, ripping into powerful riffs, and a touch of punk, just a tad, making this super fun.

Suicide Angels (Greece), album - In His Infernal Majesty's Service:  6th album, first in 9 years.  They live in the land of revitalist thrash, chugging mosh pit style, not super-fast tempo.  Heavy metal guitar solos, love it.

Best Progressive/Math/Nerd

Nerd metal is angular, mathematical, and proggy with a hint of middle-age.

The Mass reunited to make one more album in their old age.  They are still the abstract, angular, avant-garde weirdos that you know and love.  This album brings forth their looser, psychedelic side providing so much vivid texture to an already tight, innovate, experimental sound.

The Mass (Bay Area), album – Ghost Fleet, song “Don't Go Whaling High” (31:49-36:02)


Gojira (NYC), album – Magma:  Two brothers make up Gojira, originating in France, now in NYC.  During recording they lost their mom, and this in turn they said affected their sound and songwriting.  You can hear the thread of melancholy.  This is a super melodic album, but still big build-ups to often intense violence and fury.

Car Bomb (NYC), album (Meta):  Actually produced by dude from Gojira, small incestuous community.  Whip-fast tempo changes, proggy vocals mixed with brutal calculatingly cold vocals, furious speeds.

Frontierer (Scotland), album - Orange Mathematics:  This album was completed in late 2015, repressed and released in 2016.  Incorporated electronic sounds breaking apart cold technical brutal math beats. The dudes even have math in the name of their album.  Lovely fellows even have a free download:

Best Post-Punk/Deathrock/Goth/Darkwave/Industrial

Ritual Howls’ album is a dark cavern of old school deathrock, old school industrial, electronica and hella goth.  When it’s good you want to dance; and shit if this didn’t make me wanna pull up my big black platform boots.  You better look good in your black make-up and leather outfit at their show.  Oh, my favorite type of bitches.

Ritual Howls (Detroit), album -  Into The Water, song “Spirit Murder” (36:34-41:09)


Soft Kill (Portland), album – Choke:  Soft Kill is dancing on a stormy night in a trench coat.  It is pure emotion and the pain of nostalgia. You want to dream in this sound. NEED I SAY MORE. 

Sievehead (UK), album – Buried Within:  OK, this is a 7”, but this band seems to just release EP’s and 7” albums.  Attitude, man.  Good music is fucking attitude, that drenches your brain in imagery.  When sound reaches image, you know it’s good.

Maudlin (Atlanta), album – S/T:  I love deathrock and darkwave for many reasons, but one big one is that these bands highlight female vocals so well.  Maudlin is headed by a top-notch female deathrock/dark punk vocalist.  80’s style shit, which to me, is the top echelon.

Brothers (Nashville), album – S/T:  Oh, this album is noise and boys and anger, but in a post-punk way.  So frigging good.  Free download:

Theologian/Lament Cityscape (NYC/Oakland), album – Soft Tissue:  OK, sure, this is a split, bit it’s a hell of an industrial album.  Yes, it has some hella noise and drone, but all of that is also. . .industrial.

Masses (AU), album – Moloch:  Dual vocals of female and male, poppy, infectious and happy.  Reminds me of a darker B-52’s and a touch of Dead Can Dance with some deathrock thrown in. 

Best Grind

One of the hardest categories to determine, every album is made up of 234 billion songs, 30 seconds long.  Grind expels bursts of violent energy; a great album makes the bursts diverse and memorable.  These guys must pack personality and punch into a spoonful measurement of sound.  Fucking difficult, and who are these weirdos that wanna do shit like that? 

“Shit yeah bro” is what you say when you hear this debut full-length Vermin Womb album.  Vocalist from Primitive Man fucking howls perfectly.  Fortunately, Vermin Womb is way more dynamic and furious than Primitive Man.  Maybe purists will say there is too much sludge and crust to make this truly grind, but fuck that.  Shit just makes the album great.

Vermin Womb (Denver), album – Decline, song “Cancer” (41:38-44:31)


Rotten Sound (Finland), album – Abuse to Suffer:  These bros growl in fucking the hottest sounding Finnish ever.  Pummeling you with a bat.  Everything I write is sexual.

Gadget (Sweden), album – The Great Destroyer:  The Swedish don’t ever retire.  These dudes have been around since the 90’s, and this is their first album in ten years.  This is the exhaustive type of grind (is there another kind); relentless with no soft edges.  The hardcore thread injects texture.

Neid (Italy), album - Atomoxetine:  Neid produces thick grind – the type that totally breaks down into a gripping, gnarly headbang. 

Best Evil Vocals

This album is also listed in Best Avant Garde (below!), one of my favorite categories.  The vocalist here IS the atmosphere.  Raspy perfection in horror hypnosis.  One of the best evil sounds I have heard, ever.  But of course, the album and band must be as perfect and compelling – this was one of the best albums of the year.  A great industrial album, bringing in some great electronic vocal effects.

Terra Tenebrosa (Sweden), album – The Reverses, song “Ghost at the End of the Rope” (45:33-49:41)


Bethlehem (Germany), album – S/T:  Bethlehem is led by a raging witch.  She screams her rage, and feeds the evil demon living way deep in your soul.

Best Extreme Experimental

This category is the cold, brutal side of the avant-garde spectrum. 

First off, you can get the whole Plebeian Grandstand album for free. The intensity is meditation, bringing you into what you will believe is cosmic consciousness.  The vocalist is a high point, with raspy howling and the screams from hell.  He envelopes the entire conceptual brutality to perfection.

Plebeian Grandstand (France), album – False Highs, True Lows, song “Tributes and Oblivions” (50:15-55:29)


Convulsif (Switzerland), album – IV:  Hypnotic, menacing, experimental jazz drone and grind, with clarinet and violin.  The clarinet screeches and speaks, and your brain is more than happy to follow the sound of its voice.

Gnaw Their Tongues (Netherlands), album - Hymns for the Broken, Swollen And Silent:  GTT is really into horror soundtrack.  This sound can fit behind any gory, menacing, demon story, and scare the shit out of you.  Each song contains its own crazed, swarming, chaotic brutal world.  The lead singer speaks in tongue.

Gorguts (CAN), album - Pleiades' Dust:  It’s a pet peeve when a band doesn’t break the album into songs.  Yes, I get it, it’s one large package.  So are all other albums, whose song placement is very meaningful.  The EP’s build-ups, the individual instrumentation, the looser, abstract melody, was where I thought they excelled.  The other bands in this category had individual songs that stood out, and taken as a whole, this Gorguts’ song is a good fit here.

Balance Interruption (Ukraine), album – Door 218:  This is the third full-length from BI.  The bass guitar makes an unusual funk appearance, and then the sexy saxophone croons a new age melody.  But somehow, it all fits with the guttural, ferocity of the vocalist, riffs and drumming.

Cognizant (TX), album – S/T: What took this out of the grind category? Cognizant is also proggy, angular, and contains underlying melody.  They break down into the pace of death at times, and all of it is surprising.

Best Avant-garde and #2 Album of 2016

This Parisian duo delved into spectacular industrial, with hella thick electronic erupting in parts.  But above everything, it is a journey.  With spectacular riffs, the album spins and reverses to the most satisfying breakdowns, going into gnarly as fuck creep and horror and grit and tension and drone and space and even lounge.  Oh the groove in the midst of menacing.  It is surprising, electric, eclectic, and lovely.  You can even dance to parts.  And besides a few shrieks, no vocals, because they are completely unnecessary.  When I first heard it almost a year ago, I immediately thought: I think I found my Best Album.  I went back and forth with this one, and my # 1 album (announced next week).  Sophie’s choice.

Spektr (France), album – The Art to Disappear, song “From the Terrifying to the Fascinating” (56:17-END)


Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland), album- Värähtelijä:  Oh these magnificent Finnish beasts. A richly thick album with incredibly original compositions up your butt.  Weird Finnish brains.  Psychedelic black metal dreamscapers.

Terra Tenebrosa (Sweden), album – The Reverses:  Vocalist won the ‘Best Evil Vocals’ category.  Terra Tenebrosa is the modern industrial-influenced metal.  But it is old school industrial, in that it is truly experimental and demented.  Industrial was all about pushing the envelope in musical boundaries.

Hail Spirit Noir (Greece), album – Mayhem in Blue:  Ah fuck, I love how Hail is campy carnival horror metal.  This is a warmer side to the avant-garde category, with flutes (I think?) and organ.  Just, charming.

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Oh, this is a perfect death album.  The epicness of the headbangingness.

Eucharistic Adoration: Mercyless (France)(0:28-3:50)

One-man horror, with violin, organ and the theramin.  Charming vocalist. 

Cadavre abandonné: Créatures (France)(5:13-12:13)

Oh Krallice, why don’t you marry Krallice and have their NYC hipster babies.  Actually I like this band.  But this shit can get pretentious and I think of SF techies attending their shows and of course that means a lot of windbreakers and yoga pants and cell phones.  Not to insult Krallice in any way, this is a stellar EP.

Conflagration: Krallice (NYC)(12:53-20:31)

Spanish Teitanblood has that creepy vocalist that hangs over you in a mist while you are sleeping.  Only two songs in this EP, but it’s hella long, and man it breaks down in the best way. 

Accursed Skin: Teitanblood (Spain)(21:09-28:47)

Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair.  Say that over and over again.  Dudes cracked me up, but their music is not funny. 

Daddy's Home: Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair (UK)(30:01-35:28)

Of course, weirdos from Colorado Springs.  Color me fucking surprised.

Hidden Species (Vitrification Of Blood Part 2): Blood Incantation (CO)(35:57-42:51)

Austrian nerd brings forth his palms and cups that imaginary chalice.

Woher Ich Stamme: Nahtrunar (Austria)(43:21-49:53)

NY black metal brah. I don’t know, I don’t care.

Nothing: Black Anvil (NYC)(51:21-57:24)

Look, it’s black metal and I like it ok?  Who are YOU?

The Great Beast: Grafvitnir (Sweden)(58:04-END)

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Glam hair metal that makes you want to jump in their rumbling muscle car with your mullet.

Sunsword: Mega Colossus (NC)(0:28-5:14)

Debut Norwegian duo with doom that ain’t fuzzy and warm.

Spectre: Hymn (Norway)(6:24-12:40)

Mesmer is the second coming of Gypsyhawk, but not coked up.  Girls love whiskey vocals and hard rock.

Wings of Evil: Mesmer (Oakland)(13:09-18:31)

Hardcore dominant Call of the Void rams through with yet another chugging energetic mosh pit of sound.

Never Enough: Call of the Void (Denver)(18:53-21:22)

Artificial Brain’s bassist makes up 50% of Luminous Vault. They are black, death and a touch of industrial.  So far. 

Charismata: Luminous Vault (NYC)(March 2017)(22:03-25:52)

Guitarist from Gorguts and Krallice is in this severely proggy technical instrumental band of nerds. 

Resummon the Unreaching: Behold...The Arctopus (Brooklyn)(26:56-33:33)

Sexy Swedes croon out psychedelic that will warm your grey withered heart.

All Come Hither: Domkraft (Sweden)(34:00-39:35)

Sludge-y, slow dirty Floridians.

Rats: Weltesser (FL)(Feb 2017)(39:59-44:59)

Oh, this Aussie has got to be hot.  Seriously.

Eleven Sigils: Convulsing (AU)(46:01-51:33)

Majestic swirling misty black metal.

Down into the Stream: The Shape of Despair (Finland)(re-release from 1998)(52:25-END)

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I’ve played Hivelords before, and in the past awarded them Runner-Up to 2015 Best Sludge.  Members make up Philly band Surgeon.  Check out the album art:

Proggy and symphonic mix up death and black.

Old Gods: Surgeon (Philly)(0:28-5:20)

The dulcet Swedish tones of Horisont are so hot, so blues-sexy.  If you don’t know this band, it is time.  Let these dudes swagger their jean-clad butts into your fantasies. 

The Hive: Horisont (Sweden)(Feb 2017)(6:25-9:57)

Bethlehem is led by a raging witch.  She screams her rage, and feeds the evil demon living way deep in your soul.   

Kalt' Ritt In Leicht Faltiger Leere: Bethlehem (Germany)(10:36-15:54)

Oskoreien recently released a split with Botanist.  They are symbiotic, playing the same type of emotive raw black metal with melancholy compositions.  This is from Oskoreien’s second album.

Ab Aeterno, Ad Infinitum: Oskoreien (LA)(16:33-25:55)

Spaced out trippy desert rock.  Now I know you’ve read that before, but these Finnish men have a way grooving out in the most delicious way.  A stellar record, thick and gorgeous.  I wish I could have played one of their longer songs, but 60 minutes goes by way too fast.

Tzar Bomba: Craneium (Finland)(27:10-34:42)

Jason Netherton of Misery Index leads this supergroup (Gwar, Black Dahlia Murder) of pumped up chugging death grind.

No Feast (Without Cruelty): Asphalt Graves (VA)(35:16-37:41)

Indian black metal doesn’t surprise me.  These guys have infused their culture, sounds and imagery in a gorgeously varied album.  Whole album is a big thumbs up.

A Clarity of Indignation: Démonos (India)(38:36-44:56)

Savage writhing grit.  Dirty dirty dirty.  Nightbringer drummer.  It represents my anger.

Shadow Fires: Antaeus (France)(45:57-49:56)

Another solid sludge groove album from Fistula.  Sorry you live in Ohio, your state sucks.

Tough Guy: Fistula (Ohio)(50:42-56:31)

One-man band Crimson Moon created a dense black metal album, broken up by stark folk melody and vocals.  First album after more than a decade.

Urilian Worm: Crimson Moon (San Diego)(57:15-END)

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You know how you just want to make out with a guy, because he’s a great lead singer?  Dudes, they’re Irish (hottest accent ever).  He has this Celtic-folk tune to his voice (bro got my 2014’s Best Vocalist); and the band is just epic.  I never play a live album unless the songs are new, but Primordial is one of those bands that probably HAS to be seen/listened live.  No overdub. 

Empire Falls (Live): Primordial (Ireland)(0:28-7:58)

[UGH I HATE MAKING MISTAKES. I called Drought Year”s”, instead of Drought Year, on the live show, I apologize.]

The force is strong with the bassist of Drought Year.  They have this atmospheric-infused industrial groove mixed with the horror of deathrock, and the vocalist of a sludge band.  I was forced to buy them on vinyl.

Blood Throne: Drought Year (NC)(9:09-12:42)

Wait, Gnaw Their Tongues is a solo thing?  Maybe I knew that?  This is the sound of a serial killer drilling your head while you are tied up in a bathtub, watching the blood drain from your body.  Aw. 

Hold High The Banners Of Truth Among The Swollen Dead: Gnaw Their Tongues (Netherlands)(13:03-17:53)

Riff-tastic, groove thrash pumped with energy and fucking Swedish soul.

Netherworld Emperor: Witchery (Sweden)(18:21-21:24)

Strange atmospheric Portuguese black metal.  Because, yeah.

the Smirk of Kings: Monte Penumbra (Portugal)(21:53-28:32)

Somehow it took these Swedish dudes 30 years to release their debut album.  That is some perfectionist shit.  Don’t judge by one song here, this album runs a gamut. 

Chaos Of Reign: F.O.A.D. (Sweden)(Fuck Off And Die)(29:24-34:00)

Guest female vocalist on this song.  These dudes are not afraid of empty space. 

Mirrors In A Black Room: Ultha (Germany)(34:27-42:43)

Imagine a deathrock dude laying on the ground, just drained of blood from a vampire.  Blood splattered, and his skin pale and drawn. 

Effundet Saguinem: True Love (Nevada)(43:09-48:39)

In 2014, Dead Congregation got one of my “Best of”.  They are relentless, filthy, and soul-crushing. 

Wind’s Bane: Dead Congregation (Greece)(49:40-54:10)

There is nothing but torture to the next sound.  Obviously it relaxed me.

Ever Downward: Bastard Noise/Sickness (CA)(54:39-END)

Behind the Vocals: Dean Martin, Pearl Bailey, Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis Jr., Sarah Vaughan, Ray Charles, Buddy Greco

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Song name based on H.P. Lovecraft’s horror novella about a decayed crumbling harbor town near an undersea civilization.  Atmospheric horror. 

The Shadow Over Innsmouth: The Great Old Ones (France)(Jan 2017)(0:28-9:40)

Old dudes Vader thrashin’ about, a part of the very vivid Polish scene.

Genocidius: Vader (Poland)(10:56-13:49)

Members of Triumvir Foul and Ash Borer.  Dudes throw in some melodic doom in the black metal mix.

Sacrum (Feral Devotion): Predatory Light (Sante Fe)(14:09-21:02)

Brain candy soulful Parisian desert rock.

Dakota: Dot Legacy (Paris)(21:31-26:49)

For people who like Alcest, shimmering black metal.

Strayed: L'Homme Absurde (Russia)(27:42-33:47)

More wit and noise from these Canadian nerds.

Secret Vasectomy (Demo): Ken Mode (Winnipeg)(34:06-37:10)

Simple thrash-y gurgling death, in that old school wholesome way.

Cruelty Through Ripping Torture: Dead Conspiracy (Portland)(37:40-40:28)

Dirty dive bar desert rock fuzz. 

The Black Albatross: Hornss (SF)(40:44-43:32)

Romanians dig deep in their own culture and surroundings, come out with some romantic poetic dense funeral doom. 

We Should Not Grieve: Raspail (Italy)(44:15-47:58)

Barbaric, guttural, dirge-y and dirty.  Poland again. 

Kingdom Below: Bestial Raids (Poland)(48:12-53:19)

Greek avant garde, with saxaphones.  Also holy shit these dudes are hot.

Fire walk with me: Aenaon (Greece)(53:48-END)

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My Best Black Metal band of 2014 has come out with another doom-y carnival horror black metal album.

Mischief, Mischief, the Devilry Is at Toil... (Scene II): Cultes des Ghoules (Poland) (0:28-10:51)

Groove-y Swedish psychedelic rock in a perfectly produced album.

Wolf & Snake: Asteroid (Sweden)(12:03-17:39)

Drone and black metal.

Lacerated Spirit: Ash Borer (CA)(18:02-28:04)

Stylish French occult, doom and psychedelic, topped off with a hell of a crooner. 

Astral Truth: Akasava (France)(29:03-33:52)

Oh fuck you Ohio, I hope you die.

At The Door Of An Infernal Realm: Void Meditation Cult (Ohio)(34:25-38:58)

Rage, galloping sound headed by hot Brazilians.

Genocide Ritual: Escarnium (Brazil)(39:19-42:36)

Melancholy and romantic, atmospheric and doom.

Miles to Take: Cross Vault (Germany)(43:27-50:39)

Large drums, large space create a boundary around the rock.

If You're Not Part Of The Party, You're Part Of The Problem: Hammerhands (Toronto)(51:00-54:40)

Long, long songs from this super group.  Hugely atmospheric.

Migration: Clouds (Finland/Belgium/UK)(55:21-END)

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Modern industrial band Theologian collaborated on a brand new offering with Lament Cityscape.  This is a massive album, full of brain altering treats.

Inevitability: Theologian/Lament Cityscape (NYC/Oakland)(0:28-6:14)

Innovative and surprising themes from Ukranians.

Last Sunset Without Sun: Balance Interruption (Ukraine)(7:20-12:28)

Plaintive organic minimal instrumentation incorporated into this sonic wall of Swedish sound.

The Silvan Shrine: Netherbird (Sweden)(12:51-21:03)

Intricately woven advanced alien language.  You try to decipher it. 

Internecine Iatrogenesis: Deathspell Omega (France)(21:37-27:25)

Finnish old school doom.  So ya know it’s gonna be a little weird.  Second album with the lead singer of Reverend Bizarre.

Babalon Working: Spiritus Mortis (Finland)(28:48-35:17)

Rock and sludge mixed with some old school alternative.

Twilight of Innocence: The Von Deer Skulls (France)(35:44-40:12)

Rolling technical spacey prog. 

Odyssey's End: Mithras (UK)(40:35-46:38)

Energetic death.

Certainty the Adversary: Ruins (Australia)(47:33-51:43)

Fuzzed out groove-y doom.

Wood Valley: Order of the Owl (Atlanta)(52:03-56:23)

Stop rapping this shit, it’s almost vomitous nu-metal.  Fortunately their technical prowess saves them and the whole sound excels.  But man, I almost turned it off.

Constant Sleep: Car Bomb (NY)(57:06-END)

Behind the Vocals: John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, Coleman Hawkins, Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery, Chet Baker, Dave Brubeck

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More campy horror psychedelic from Hail Spirit Noir. For fans of Oranssi.

The Cannibal Tribe Came from the Sea: Hail Spirit Noir (Greece)(0:28-7:18)

Ambient AND black metal AND awesome vocals from yet another Dutch band. 

Meditatum II: Urfaust (Netherlands)(8:27-15:42)

Elegant adult punk.

New Face On: Ex-Cult (Memphis)(16:10-20:57)

Raw crusty thrash, with a melodic brutal vocalist and strains of black metal.  This is a good one.

Plagued By Neglected Hope: Nuclear Devastation (Netherlands)(21:41-25:03)

No one likes sludge, I know.  But this is a beer-riffic catchy fun German band.

Morast: Wolves Carry My Name (Germany)(25:49-29:41)

Perfect folk metal blend.

Sjuguttmyra: Myrkgrav (Norway/Finland)(30:17-34:44)

YES, just headbanging perfect traditional death. 

Diptych of Perked Oblation: Lectern (Rome)(35:03-38:56)

New split, another strong showing of non-gaze dreamy screeching.

Clathrus Columnatus: Botanist (SF)(39:18-42:58)

Contributions from members of Pyrrhon, Gnaw Their Tongues, Myspyrming.  Not easy-going.

Beauty from Wretchedness: Death Fetishist (Portland)(43:31-49:56)

Riffy sludge-laced hardcore.

Ghost Trash: Whores (Atlanta)(50:44-53:35)

Polish black metal, 23-year old band.

Lunaris: Arkona (Poland)(54:16-END!)

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2013’s Best Crossover, these Chicago bros have come out with their best album yet – still witty, strange and a blast.

Tachycardia: Oozing Wound (Chicago)(0:28-4:34)

Atmospheric angular death.

Say Nothing: Auroch (Vancouver)(5:35-12:44)

Another excellent classic doom album from Khemmis.  Vocals are more versatile on this album.

Three gates: Khemmis (Denver)(13:02-19:23)

Black Table’s vocals are so fierce, they cut me off.

Obtuse: Black Table (NY/NJ)(19:42-25:44)

Haunting vocals create the tone.  Chilling doom to depress you in a fun way.

Pale in Horror: Maugrim (FL/NC)(26:42-33:44)

Seputus shares Pyrrhon’s drummer, and shit is brutal grind and death.  You can skip around to it.

Haruspex Retirement Speech: Seputus (Philly)(34:04-36:01)

Ah, I love the vocals on this proggy riffy Anciients album.

Pentacle: Anciients (Canada)(36:20-41:50)

Anonymous Norwegian spewing out droney, atmospheric black metal. 

To Voice the Unutterable: Recitations (Norway)(42:21-46:40)

Post-apocalyptic industrial.

Darkness: T.O.M.B. (Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy)(PA)(47:42-50:38)

SIBERIAN, dude.  That is hardcore in itself.

Xasthur: Ultar (Siberia)(51:20-57:50)

Aaron Dallison’s Brain Tentacles, nuff said.

The Sadist: Brain Tentacles (Cleveland/Chicago)(58:34-END)

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This is a very special 200th/5-year-anniversary/ALL BAY AREA BANDS show, co-hosted by fellow music lover Bruce Crain.  He grew up in the 70's in San Francisco smokin’ up and jamming down.  Bruce doesn't listen to modern metal, but has a few words about each of these bay area bands, Viagra, sexism, porn, ageism, sex workers, Bernie Sanders, and boners. 

Thanks to my adoring fans who contributed to this show (in order of appearance!): 

Ted Thacker, Josh Martin, Casey Baker, Meg Castellanos, Sean Hugunin, Phil Becker, Monte Cimino, Russ T. Carr, Erin Walter, (agent) Matt Waters, Alex Yeung, Squid/Kate Izquierdo, Mary (aja) McDermott, Jules(er) Taffe

The Mass ( are releasing a brand new album - Ghost Fleet - in December 2016, after an 8-year hiatus!! 

PRE-ORDER the album and immediately download the track ‘Neuronic Channels Driven to Agitation’.

Accompanying album art in December by the infamous Jon Wayshak:

The Mass also answered some online interview questions about their new album!

The Mass are proggy, angular, weirdo, technical, brainy metal.

Threshing the Light: The Mass (Bay Area)(0:54-6:46)

Death Angel’s 8th album may be their best yet.  Thrash dude!

The Moth: Death Angel (SF)(11:47-16:22)

Velvety-vocal occult and witchy jamming rock.

Down in the cauldron bog: Castle (SF)(16:54-21:44)

Filthy headbanging crust, doom and sludge.

Copernican Theory: Bädr Vogu (Oakland)(24:12-31:17)

Melodic, space-y, atmospheric metal, and most importantly gorgeous blues vocals.   

Salem: Lotus Thief (SF)(34:19-41:11)

Evil curses, slowed down by demonic forces.

Barathrum: Abstracter (Oakland)(42:52-51:24)

Legendary death rock mix of newly recorded old songs and new stuff.  Spectacularly nostalgic.

Veil Of Death: Altar De Fey (SF)(53:37-58:04)

Incredibly romantic black metal, melodic as fuck.

Ad Infinitum: Void Omnia (Oakland)(59:35-1:07:12)

Doom mixed with darkwave in just the way you want. 

Mirage: Lycus (Oakland)(1:08:50-1:16:40)

Ending dumb thoughts and goodbye from the hosts: (1:16:41-END)

Behind the Vocals (all songs chosen by Bruce):

Cheap Thrills, Mountain, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Derek and the Dominos, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, The Allman Brothers, The Who

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Angular, proggy and even a bit of industrial sprinkled into Veilburner style of black metal.

Postmortem Exordium: Veilburner (PA)(0:28-7:26)

Vermin Womb is driving grind, but broken down deliciously, to give your brain a chance to catch up. 

Industrialist: Vermin Womb (Denver)(8:57-12:56)

Tree spirit metal from Parisians.

Oiseaux de proie: Alcest (Paris)(13:36-21:18)

Gorgeously grotesque album art to match death with psychedelic.

In the Shadow of the New Gods: Usurpress (Sweden)(22:04-26:00)

Vampiric black metal.

Ensigns Of Victory: Winterfylleth (UK)(26:42-33:25)

Filthy, riffy, good-time sludge.

In Decay: Hierophant (Italy)(33:50-37:04)

Raw event black metal.  Long songs, but an epic journey.  Listen to the whole album.

Transfixion Of The Spheres: Battle Dagorath (CA/Swiss/Italy)(37:42-48:52)

Orchid drummer in another fuzzed out blues rock band. 

Call The Priest: The Watchers (SF)(49:50-54:14)


As the Thoughts Began to Be Tarnish: Doomed (Germany)(54:41-END)

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Rich renaissance-style album art to accompany avant-garde and vivid melody and spiritual vocals.

Malmok jarnak: Thy Catafalque (Scotland)(0:28-10:30)

Chicago-style complexity and distorted guitars mixed with alternative, post-hardcore and post-punk.

Sunk: Ganser (Chicago)(11:45-16:53)

Deep and thoughtful melodic, the good kind. 

Winter's Gate, Pt. 7: Insomnium (Finland)(17:31-22:53)

Greek black metal that is interestingly disjointed and noisy.

Winter: End (Greece)(23:51-30:32)

Sumptuous stoner kraut rock with Björk-style crystal sweet vocals.

Embryo: Katla (Sweden)(30:52-37:15)

Black metal that pumps in mosh-pit thrash. 

Beneath the Relics of Old: Ravencult (Greece)(37:43-42:07)

Rocking synth and death rock and 70’s, but darker. 

World Peace: Okkultokrati (Norway)(43:00-49:02)

European death metal is bringing in their nationality’s folk sounds, but in the good non-contrived way.  Like Spanish folk death metal band Noctem, this band is bringing in the Roman folk-style.   

Carthago Delenda Est: Ade (Italy)(49:42-54:20)

Come on, I had to play some Ukranian death metal off an excellent split with Swedish band Grift (played on Show 162).

His Twenty-Fourth Spring: Drudkh (Ukraine)(54:53-END)

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Neurosis.  I like this better than their last two albums.

Broken Ground: Neurosis (Oakland)(0:28-8:22)

More aggressive groove. 

Leave the Door: Take Over And Destroy (Phoenix)(9:46-13:43)

Swiss death that is broken up by hooks and proggy instrumental. 

Tentacles of the Sun: Virvum (Switzerland)(14:10-19:05)

Darker death dripped on sludge.  It ain’t boring, don’t worry. 

Iron Fists Shall Rust: Tides of Sulfur (Wales)(19:43-25:43)

Brooklyn death rock.  Waiting for a full-length, this is off a split with Cemetary. 

The Breaking Wheel: Pawns (Brooklyn)(26:43-29:42)

5-song EP with (4) covers, including Echo & The Bunnymen and Eurythmics.  The original is what stood out.    

Square Hammer: Ghost (Sweden)(30:36-34:32)

Beer-drenched death with aliens and zombies. 

Candiru: Asphyx (Netherlands)(34:50-37:28)

Riffy vintage psychedelic.

Monokraut Jupiter: 10.000 Km² Gegen Die Zeit (aka ZQKMGDZ) (Germany)(38:13-48:20)

LA anthemic black metal for warriors.

Giga Shadow: Conjuror (LA)(49:39-53:34)

Hardcore and angular grind.

Spoke the Cancerous Void: Sunlight's Bane (Michigan)(53:51-56:48)

Bluesy psychedelic FINNISH rock.

Ghost Flyers: Kremlin (Finland)(57:12-END)

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Waiting at the edge of my seat for the new Soft Kill album in November after hearing this luscious song.  Later in this set is their side project Criminal World, also alternative, is releasing a new cassette in October.

Wake Up: Soft Kill (Portland)(0:28-5:30)

4th full length is Spanish-war history-loving metal.

The Submission Discipline: Noctem (Spain)(6:44-10:47)

Naturally flowing pagan from black metal. 

D'an usved: Belenos (France)(11:10-21:32)

Bang thy head hardcore, catchy and fun and what else do you need.

Hellionaires: Trap Them (Boston/Seattle)(22:00-25:29)

Wide spectrum of genres represented: Fully acoustic songs, fuzzy psychedelic, moody, and metal. 

One From The Heart: Spider Kitten (UK)(26:45-32:55)

Another example of pagan and metal together without any cheese. 

Memories: CrystalMoors (Spain)(33:28-38:22)

Sharp and painful grind stabbing you in the face. 

Entropy: Cognizant (TX)(38:43-40:58)

Side project of Soft Kill, they describe as blissed out doom. 

Human Pillar: Criminal World (Portland)(41:31-46:46)

Brutal noise from duo Gnaw Bone.

Initium: Gnaw Bone (Indiana)(47:29-52:28)

Anthemic retro thrash and classic beer buddy basement metal. 

Black Speed Delirium: Bewitcher (Portland)(52:58-56:09)

Irish grind, so probably super cute grind.

Fleeting Joy: Unyielding Love (Belfast)(56:32-58:40)

Old cabin Bernie Sanders Vermont metal.

Grave Of The Creator: Barishi (Vermont)(59:07-END)

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Defs tech death, that breaks into trippy atmospheric influenced by Colorado pot.

Hidden Species (Vitrification Of Blood Part 2): Blood Incantation (CO)(0:28-7:23)

You had me at members of Magic Circle.  Great vocalist, inspired by classic 70’s metal. 

The Guardian: Sumerlands (Philly)(8:22-12:19)

Punk-ass black metal.  And some thrash.

Narcognosis: Cemetery Piss (Baltimore)(12:48-15:59)

No more Wounded Kings, they left us with the heavy doom. 

Vultures: The Wounded Kings (UK)(16:22-24:36)

Chicago-style experimental and technical guitar nerds. 

Bloodless Breathless: Scientist (Chicago)(25:47-32:14)

Varied black metal, and not the usual over-produced American -style.

Coil Strike: Barghest (Baton Rouge)(32:41-37:30)

Debut textural black metal mixed with doom, Sacramento style. 

The Cold Suffocating Dark Goes On Forever: Vrtra (Sacramento)(37:52-45:25)

Distorted, raw, aggressive nutball one-person brain.

A spell of sorrow to relieve the curse of triumph: Rebel Wizard (AU)(46:27-52:10)

Reminiscent of BrainOil in that slowed down thick distorted groovy way. 

Mâchefer: Fange (France)(52:30-59:16)

Solid hardcore 8th album from Ringworm, ugh, gross name.

Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun: Ringworm (Cleveland)(59:50-END)

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One of my favorite releases this year.  Sounds just like old school Controlled Bleeding: industrial noise.

Trawlers Return: Controlled Bleeding (NY)(0:28-6:16)

Inquisitions’ seventh full release, riffing with clear guttural vocals accompanying.  Fun retro thrash that dives into brutality and Satanic verses. 

Vortex from the Celestial Flying Throne of Storms: Inquisition (Seattle)(7:45-13:03)

Hypnotic experimental jazz drone. 

Two Of A Kind: Convulsif (Switzerland)(13:35-20:56)

Death that destroys.  Exhausting.  This new stuff is as good as their last stuff, so you’ll probably like the shit out of it.

Extinguished Light: Ulcerate (New Zealand)(21:30-30:12)

My boyfriend Chris Black just released another Dawnbringer (which I played last week); and now a new single from classic heavy metal High Spirits.

Reach For The Glory: High Spirits (Chicago)(31:05-35:20)

3-piece old school thrash with tons of breakdowns that you’ll feel to the depths of your armpits. 

Realm Of The Heretic: Hellbringer (Australia)(35:56-39:12)

Even though I kind of compared him to a modern Chris Cornell, I dig the singer a lot.  Stoner usually takes me want to kill all of you and life and eternity, this band jams and they sound more 70’s retro, so that is fun. 

On And On (In Your Mind): Devil to Pay (Indianapolis)(40:05-44:09)

Beautiful and raw from Nox Formulae.

Hidden Clan NXN - Pt a Eleven Rays of Sorat, Pt b Black Magic Assault: Nox Formulae (Greece)(44:33-51:22)

Andy left San Francisco to go back to Minneapolis, which is probably 100% a good choice.  He still owns part of an AWESOME Polish diner Stuffed, in the Mission, and if you haven’t been there, get over there and drink some beer.  The band has romantic for the soul, crust to energize, and brutal for the wicked.  Just wait for it to breakdown, it got me all perky.

Baptized In Shellfire: Feral Light (Minneapolis)(52:29-58:09)

Ridiculous gurgling cacophony. 

The Curse of Zootankhamun ft Capt. StankDank (Bong Rips for Jesus): Dopehammer (UK)(58:40-END)

Behind the Vocals This week is all new retro synth and electronic: Ghost Suns, NightWave, Lehans, Peter Zimmermann, Moodblanc, Medsound, Vast Hill, Po-One, Hotter Than December

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Epic shredding and then some drone and then recycle.

Bask in the Lingering: Mizmor (OR)(0:28-8:31)

Horseback listens to Edward Ka-Spel. 

Lion Killer: Horseback (Chapel Hill)(10:01-14:57)

Young Canadian black metal infused with aggressive hardcore.

Bellflower: Gilded Lily (Ontario)(15:18-19:00)

Lotus Thief has two members of Botanist.  They are melodic, riffy, beautiful, nerdy and have excellent vocals.

The Book Of The Dead: Lotus Thief (San Francisco)(19:51-26:24)

Doom guttural death that chugs.

Deliver Us From Evil: Among Gods (Norway)(27:19-31:46)

Arkansas-born harmonious psychedelic jamming (now in Arizona.)

Form and Force: Spirit Adrift (Arizona)(32:26-39:36)

Giant alien spacecraft metal.

Helicoprion: Circle Spectre Haunting (UK)(39:57-43:41)

Pallbearer has come out with yet another vocalist-driven emotional album.

Over & Over: Pallbearer (Arkansas)(44:50-50:46)

Savage South American black metal.

Macrocosmic Invertion: Henosis (Chile)(51:05-54:44)

Legendary Chris Black loves 70's heavy metal that can be the soundtrack to 80’s musical montage.

North By North: Dawnbringer (Chicago)(55:35-END)

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Proggy mathematical black metal from the superior country of Greece.

Embrace the Savior: Imperium Infernalis (Greece)(0:28-7:48)

Mesoamerican-led Black Twilight Circle members Shataan is flute-infused black metal.

Release: Shataan (CA)(9:11-14:32)

Irish Okus is crusty melodic hardcore.  Melodic, but angry.

Regicide: Okus (Ireland)(14:52-18:55)

Members of Carpathian Forest, In the Woods and Old Forest.  I mean, read those band names again.  

Realm of Breathing Eyes: Svartelder (Norway)(19:33-26:40)

Two-piece Wreck and Reference is samples and drums and industrial vocals.  They layer in filth and noise, but who doesn’t.

Languish: Wreck and Reference (LA)(27:49-33:06)

Brutal death from Gatecreeper manages to slow down, but stay super headbang-y. 

Craving Flesh: Gatecreeper (Arizona)(33:45-37:05)

Oh yeah, I like this one from them, this time.

Sorceress: Opeth (Sweden)(37:35-43:20)

Excellent sludge from Bädr Vogu.  And I officially hate sludge, so that is saying something.  I think it’s because they are good musicians, and keep it evil/real.

Deprogram: Bädr Vogu (Oakland)(43:42-51:10)

Gimp leather grind.

Putrid Prophet: Pink Mass (New Jersey)(52:01-54:26)

Soothing torture.

Within the Arms of Nothingness: Temple Nightside (Australia)(55:11-END)

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A split with themselves, Defeated Sanity slams together crazy avant-garde and death.

The Mesmerizing Light: Defeated Sanity (Berlin)(0:28-7:09)

Proggy 70’s strains mixed with pagan and death.  Love. This. Album.

Wake Of Infinity: Witherscape (Sweden)(8:49-13:24)

Nostalgia, for days.

Lost All Day: Dinosaur Jr. (MA)(14:03-19:00)

VIII description of their new album: "Terminally ill, eroded by an existence condemned from birth as the son of a gangrenous uterus. The protagonist in this concept album suddenly awakes in a decadent reality. Creeping maggots and ruin's dust mark the passing of time, like grains in an hourglass. Feeding in decomposition and walking slowly a path towards the Void, the protagonist craves for freedom and true liberation."

Symptom: VIII (Italy) (19:43-26:23)

Shimmering black metal, and not at all shoe gaze. 

To Die Or Bear The Burden Of Death: Old Graves (CAN)(27:19-34:52)

Filthy filthy sludge.

Belly Full Of Rats: Iron Witch (UK)(35:13-40:43)

Frenzied doomy death.

Dawn Of Sorrow: The Drowning (Wales)(41:15-48:19)

Oakland black metal, sweet. Dirty, raw, and rich.

Remnance of a Ghost Haunt: Void Omnia (Oakland)(49:14-56:37)

Filthy swamp punk.

Too Many Devils and Drugs: Fistula (Ohio)(57:08-END)

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Chorus-driven, retro 80’s style, with an incredible lead singer.

Aria: Spellcaster (Portland)(0:28-4:47)

This album was recorded in the Thuringian forest. Period.

Scars: Coldworld (Germany)(6:18-13:02)

Sinister post-punk death rock noise.

This Nausea: Brothers (Nashville)(13:32-17:31)

Aggressive doom mixed with a touch of floating post-metal threads. Try to google the name of this band.

Human Garbage: Make (Chapel Hill)(17:56-21:09)

Lord Sargofagian leads Baptism.  I mean, what else do you need to know.

The Sacrament Of Blood And Ash: Baptism (Finland)(21:53-28:12)

Swedish band is just brutal, so good.

Requiem: Diabolical (Sweden)(29:11-35:01)

Worst band name, really, 16? Like, wtf.  They’ve been around for 25 years, and ended up with this stupid band name. 

Landloper: 16 (LA/San Diego)(35:42-40:26)

Darker than their last album, thick sludge doom stuff. 

All is Lost: Herder (Netherlands)(40:59-45:38)

More from the Dutch? Yes, please, with a black metal cherry on top.

I, Death, Descent: Draugur (Netherlands)(46:32-52:09)


Farewell to the Sun, Pt. 3: Vow of Thorns (London/Canada)(52:52-END)

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Krallice and Yellow Eyes spin-off Anicon does their style of Brooklyn black metal, large epic production and melody.

Robed In Torments: Anicon (Brooklyn)(0:28-6:43)

Dance.  Dance!

The White Tower: Withdrawal (Winnipeg)(7:40-10:32)

Italian psychedelic is just, professional.

Sun Spectre: Giöbia (Italy)(11:03-25:54)

2008-economic-collapse metal.

Spewing Gloom: Zhrine (Iceland)(26:47-31:01)

Thick swamp from Tennessee. 

Rites of Divination: Navajo Witch (Tennessee)(31:28-37:35)

Buy ACxDC’s album on floppy discs, these guys are hip.

Evolved To Obliteration: ACxDC (SoCal)(38:01-39:22)

Slow spew.

Ordeal: Phobocosm (Montreal)(39:40-45:22)

Anthem and speed from old school bros.

Code Rude: Bat (VA)(46:10-48:54)

Moody album art matches the Chicago sound.

Invictus Maneo: Vukari (Chicago)(49:27-54:45)

Oh those Italians.  Add stoner to this psychedelic.

Woman: Black Rainbows (Italy)(55:09-END)

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Intensely fast, “blisteringly” so, black melodic metal.

Spectre De La Rébellion: Forteresse (Quebec)(0:28-5:47)

Brooding death doom.

In the Darkness, the Path: Cloak (Atlanta)(6:39-12:56)

The Australian version of “The Eye of Every Storm.”  I heart that album by Neurosis, so this was just fine with me.  Add a dash of a slight more evil.

A Lifelong Slumber: Subterranean Disposition (Melbourne)(13:36-23:18)

Grim, isn’t that the best word.

Embodied In Incense: Cvinger (Slovenia)(24:13-29:55)

Warm fuzz to break this shit up.

Bereaved: R.I.P. (Portland)(30:17-36:40)

Thick, another great word.

Seed & Soil: Merchant (Melbourne)(37:00-45:49)

DUDE THIS IS SO GOOD.  Heavy F’n Metal.

Escape from Hell: Denner-Shermann (Denmark)(46:56-52:17)

Creepy folk-influenced horror.

The Whispers Of Long Meg: Old Corpse Road (UK)(52:45-58:28)

Self-produced – amazingly so – death and thrash.

In Death We Shine: Nowen (Finland)(59:15-END)

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Worshipping Satan is seriously the only way to go.  Hedonism is natural.  Just, be real.  Listen to true Satanic black metal, and you will evolve and enrich your own life.  The lead singer of AMSG (Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam = for the greater glory of Satan) is named Angelfukk Witchhammer, and he wrote an album from Canadian prison.  He was in prison for selling drugs and guns to FINANCE HIS BLACK METAL ENDEAVORS.  Fucking hot.

Broken Chains Of Cursed Flesh: A.M.S.G (Edmonton)(0:28-9:02)

Scorpion Child have rounded out their band with three brand new members.  This is what hard rock is all about: a vocalist that hits you deep, lyrics that stroke your penis, and a style that is so fucking catchy. 

I Might Be Your Man: Scorpion Child (Austin)(11:00-16:52)

Terra Tenebrosa is the modern industrial-influenced metal.  But it is old school industrial in that it is truly avant garde and demented.  Industrial was all about pushing the envelope in musical boundaries.  Right? This band hits a whole lotta genres.

Where Shadows Have Teeth: Terra Tenebrosa (Sweden)(17:29-22:57)

Brown-note sludge.  That is a genre. Come to this show with me.

Lord of Suffering: Monolord (Sweden)(23:55-30:20)

If you like Vektor, you’re gonna love these baby-faced technical weirdos.

The Horror In Clay: Vale of Pnath (Denver)(30:46-33:46)

Oh I just love my long-haired Swedish boys and their hot 70’s throaty style. NO MORE DOUBLE V’s.

Oh, Girl: Svvamp (Sweden)(34:22-37:23)

Guitarist from Woods of Ypres, drummer of Immortal Bird, bassist from Obsidian Tongue, a cellist too.   Folky-black metal. Album name is Metachthonia = the age after that of the Earth.

She Who Names The Stars: Thrawsunblat (New Brunswick)(38:08-47:22)

San Francisco Castle has a hot lead singer, you’re gonna like her.  Doom and fun. 

Hammer and the Cross: Castle (San Francisco)(48:17-52:57)

Just, headbang to this shit.  Play it fucking loud.

Sublife: Australis (Minneapolis)(53:23-57:24)

Lush occult metal.

Sathanas Trismegistos: Head of the Demon (Sweden)(57:56-END)

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Alternative, deathrock, post-punk show.

Old school deathrock in a new album from 80's band Altar De Fey, proving that the Bay Area indeed had a thriving deathrock scene in the 80's.  You can tell they existed at the same time as Christian Death. This album is a mix of new and newly recorded old.  The next song is new.

Snitch: Altar De Fey (San Francisco)(0:28-6:18)

Romantic new wave and synth stuff, ultra ultra romantic.  Reminded me of early Peter Murphy, all the shimmering guitars.

Everything: Private Pact (Denmark)(6:19-11:48)

The sound of revitalist post-punk: deep bass, attitude, British, but French.  Loved this album, brought me back some memories of being alone in my room, and depressed.  The best time of my life.

Adulthood Is A Farce: Litovsk (France)(11:49-15:29)

Mourn is called "Albini-style", sharp and ferocious, the angst of early Courtney Love, yes I said it.  But with way more complexity - jazz-y, earnest gorgeous pop.  They are between the ages of 16 and 19!!

Storyteller: Mourn (Barcelona)(15:30-17:55)

A 6-track E.P. from Rendez-Vous, their second album to date.  Dance it! This is brilliant.

Distance: Rendez-Vous (Paris)(17:56-21:23)

Definitely the vocals of B-52's, am I right? The back and forth of female and male, super poppy, and this next song, that is reminiscent of early New Order.  All good influences. PLAYING IN SF AND OAKLAND IN JULY!!

Providence: Masses (AU)(21:25-23:57)

Well-known Philly 2-piece. Darkwave and gloom. Very romantic and moody. Mastered a bit loud.

Winged Thing II: Night Sins (Philly)(24:41-29:02)

Vocals are the highlight here, not trying to be the usual post-punk vocalist style (though there's nothing wrong with that shit).  I love when you can hear all the excellent influences. "Negative Space is the awkward silence in between our songs where you are meant to applaud."

B1: Negative Space (UK)(29:03-32:17)

This band reminded me of Dinosaur Jr., sexy vocals on top of angular melodic rock; and add a lot more genres: rockabilly (a bit), alternative, post-punk.

Like Ghosts: Gloom Sleeper (Germany)(32:18-37:52)

Romantic and dreamy, swirling and shimmering pop.

Blume: Eagulls (UK)(37:53-42:04)

Debut album from a political band: animal rights, anti-war, anti-violence, anarchist.

The Image Has Started To Crumble: Silence (Philly)(42:36-45:22)

3-piece that no longer exist, this is their last full-length.  A bit of hardcore and punk, that Boston style, but with the romantic inclination of post-punk. 

Burial Hymn: Bloody Gears (Boston)(45:23-49:06)

First release, which is a 7".  Very gothy and dark, vocals with the punk intonation of John Lydon.

Raise The Flag And Look To The Skies: Air Hunger (Chicago/Finland)(49:07-53:05)

New 7" from this strong stylish poppy band.

Solititude: Criminal Code (WA)(53:06-55:35)

Distorted gothic rock from Texas. Demo album.

Schism: Ritual Order (Texas)(55:36-END)

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Enslaved’s Ivar and Wardruna’s Einar put their heads together to compose for 200th Anniversary of the Norwegian constitution.  Now this is a full band. This is Norweigian folk: beautiful sweeping compositions that you can really melt into.

Kvervandi: Skuggsjá (Norway)(0:28-6:49)

Pawtucket is awesome, with a huge dark sludge and stoner scene.  This is some great dark stuff from that little pocket of the world.  Off a split with Opium Lord. 

Before the Inferno: Churchburn (Pawtucket, RI)(8:08-14:49)

Messa’s female vocalist may be the best this year.  This is riffy doom with an emotional vocalist that you will fall in love with.

New Horns: Messa (Italy)(15:04-21:27)

Portugal is beautiful, and somehow these dudes are playing groovey black metal from the middle of it. 

III Conflict: Névoa (Portugal)(21:44-25:58)

Lord Vicar has spun off from Reverend Bizarre, one of my faves.  They have come out with one of the best bluesy doom albums of the year.  Great vocals.

Birth of Wine: Lord Vicar (Finland)(26:54-34:27)

Brutalizing speed and crust from Kommando.  These dudes are in black metal bands – this is them cutting loose.

Old And In The Way: Kommando (Germany)(34:48-37:32)

Oh f yes.  Vocalist from The Temple is amazing, one of the best this year.  This is Pallbearer and Primordial, mixed.

Beyond the Stars: The Temple (Greece)(37:55-44:50)

Anthemic, speedy, retro fun thrash, yay!! Also, from Greece, one of my favorite scenes in the world.

Bullet in the Chamber: Suicide Angels (Greece)(45:53-49:07)

Punk-grindcore, young attitude for you over-the-hill people with bad attitudes. 

Image of Control: Flying Murder Robots: The Vatican (Seattle)(49:34-51:29)

Aaron Turner, formerly of Isis, has pushed out Sumac’s heaviest sound in this second album.  This excels when it goes towards experimental rather than hangs out in post-metal.

Image of Control: Sumac (Vancouver/WA)(52:18-END)

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Legendary local bay area band Death Angel released their best yet.

It Can't Be This: Death Angel (San Francisco)(0:28-4:35)

Withered is touring with Inter Arma this summer.  Lead singer of Vermin Womb and Primitive Man have joined them for their fourth album.

Husk: Withered (Atlanta)(5:52-10:30)

Supergroup Head Wound City have released a reunion album that is bright noise and hardcore good times. 

Avalanche in Heaven: Head Wound City (San Diego)(10:56-14:13)

Catchy thick black metal.

Tyrant of Luminous Darkness: Behexen (Finland)(14:30-21:03)

Sexy vocals tops an awesome new post-punk release from Sievehead.

Chains: Sievehead (UK)(21:19-25:00)

More proggy death from Revocation.

Communion: Revocation (Boston)(25:49-30:33)

Death-inspired Gruesome is fun old school death metal.

Dimensions of Horror: Gruesome (FL/CA)(30:57-34:27)

Female-led goth post-punk, puts you back in the best part of the late 80’s.

Keeping Still: Maudlin (Atlanta)(34:58-38:10)

Screeching vocals and black metal.

You Exist for Nothing: Ultha (Germany)(late 2015)(38:25-44:39)

Pummeling fun.

The New Armageddon: Sorcery (Sweden)(45:26-50:29)

Sweet elevator music from Pig Destroyer.

Rejection Fetish: Pig Destroyer (VA)(50:41-52:20)

Layered and raw.

Pavor Nocturnus: Oak Pantheon (Minneapolis)(52:43-58:39)

Crusty, brah.

Thole: Vastation (Portland)(58:53-END)

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Moogfest Special this week! I saw all the following artists perform in Durham for Moogfest,

Disasterpeace created the original motion picture soundtrack to 2014's It Follows, one of my favorite horror movies and soundtracks of all time.  The last performance we saw at Moogfest was a showing of It Follows and a Q&A with Disasterpeace after the movie.  He let us know that this was the first time he watched the movie since he finished the soundtrack, which is pretty rad.

He did the writing and production of the It Follows soundtrack on Logic Pro, using all with software, no hardware.  The director picked him to do the soundtrack after listening to his video game Fez (2012) soundtrack.  The director pulled from Fez to inspire the soundtrack to It Follows (and after listening to Fez, I see it all come together).  Disasterpeace felt like he was competing with himself when he was putting together the soundtrack.

Puzzle: Disasterpeace (Oakland, soon LA)(from 2012's "Fez")(0:28-2:24)

Fear: Disasterpeace (from 2012's "Fez")(2:25-5:46)

Heels: Disasterpeace (from 2014's "It Follows”)(5:49-8:27)

Larry Gus was one of my favorite live acts, hilarious and a nut.  He layers upon layers of sounds, "psychedelic pop", and definitely an ethnic flavor - he's from Greece.

NP-Complete: Larry Gus (Greece)(2015)(8:28-14:46)

Another one of the best performances was Tara Busch, who did a LIVE scoring of (3) short horror films, one of which she helped produce.  Not only was she incredibly precise and professional doing the live score of the films, she was stunning.  She is one-half of the audio visual duo I Speak Machine. Her new project is the "unprintable book" Strata: The following song is from the super short film Gagglebox.

My Girl (Theme to the short film Gagglebox): Tara Busch(LA/UK)(14:47-19:17)

Gary Numan was a diva.  He came on an hour-and-a-half AFTER his scheduled time, DURING A FESTIVAL.  But he was bad-ass, and we lined up to see him the next night – they played from the album Pleasure Principle.  Gary is super sexy and hot, and knows it. The following is from his 2011 album, Dead Son Rising, which is incredibly industrial, dark electronic, and Gary Numan's style of minimal and great vocals.

For the Rest of My Life: Gary Numan (UK)(2011)(19:18-24:19)

Zombi is AWESOME LIVE, and we were lucky enough to see them since everyone was in line to see Gary Numan.  This was the band I was dying to see live.

Pillars of the Dawn: Zombi (Pittsburgh)(2015)(24:53-28:12)

Dawn of Midi is a meditative and cerebral, minimal, loop-based, free jazz trio.  And three cute indian dudes! They are all about precision and keeping time.  They play the standard jazz instruments: stand-up bass, piano and drums. Crazy to see them live - as their precision was machine-like.  I fell asleep, but that is not surprising: this type of music is definitely trance-inducing. This shit is supposed to be pondered, which is difficult for my lazy brain.

There is no way you will be able to stop watching this video, trust me:

Nix: Dawn of Midi (Brooklyn)(2015)(28:13-31:57)

Rival Consoles is a cute English guy doing his THANG in electronica. He is a guitarist, and the new album is inspired by running synths through guitar pedals.  He was an artist we stumbled upon, waiting for another, and loved his creations.

Ghosting: Rival Consoles (London)(2015)(31:58-36:21)

We heard M Geddes Gengras at the back of a dive bar: he is avante garde and truly modular.  When he’s home, he likes to leave complicated synth patches and return to them later.

PERSONABLE-CAN-AU: M Geddes Gengras (LA)(36:22-46:14)

Ben Frost took the stage and then the smoke machines pumped, which annoyed me until his light show started.  And then we were flown to another world.  Talk about layering sound and light for a senses-feast.  His performance was mind-blowing

Nolan: Ben Frost (Australia)(2015)(46:45-53:42)

Grouper is one person, her most recent album is "unplugged" - soft with piano, sounds of nature, and some drums.  Her show was intense - obviously layered -there is ALWAYS layering, multitracked, fuzzy and gorgeous vocals.

Call Across Rooms: Grouper (Portland)(late 2014)(53:43-56:28)

The exact opposite of the previous song is Sunn O))), who we could hear all over town the day they played.  First, we heard them do soundcheck from about 2 miles away.  Then we saw them set up a billion amps for their OUTDOOR show later that evening.  While we were walking to the field, we could hear the sonic booms.  Then we watched them on stage, in a billowing cloud of smoke and cloaks and bad attitude. I've played from their most recent album, and I'll play them again dammit.

(part of) Kannon 2: Sunn O)))(Seattle)(2015)(56:29-END)

What stands out with Spektr is the industrial and electronic.  Oh, and that they are completely incredibly awesome.

That day will definitely come: Spektr (France)(0:28-6:54)

Ugly pummeling fun.

Isoloate: Dark Circles (Montreal)(8:06-13:24)

Previous Goat Molestör, now Grave Miasma, and I’m like, your first band name is what? Like, were you wasted out in some field near a farm doing bad things? Gross man, just gross.  But your shit is good, so I guess it’s ok, and you changed your name.

Yama Transforms To Afterlife: Grave Miasma (UK)(14:00-20:50)

2014’s Best Rock Sludge Phantom Glue have come out with a rocking sophomore album.

Ion Cloud: Phantom Glue (Boston)(21:15-24:36)

Cold and difficult. Chicago technical.

Defying the Metastasis: Polyptych (Chicago)(25:27-30:56)

Oh, my Fister, I love thee so much.  New split with Montreal’s DOPETHRONE!!

The Failure: Fister (St. Louis)(31:29-38:52)

Black metal and hardcore, and such a set of great fist pumping riffs.

Vile: Witchhunt (Toronto)(39:21-42:07)

INTENSE and abstract, a full deep passionate album.

Blótan: Fyrnask (Germany)(42:58-48:49)

Chilling, raw, full compositions of emotional grind.  Can grind be emotional? Yep.

With Hands Like Shovels: Theriac (Ontario)(49:21-52:38)

Hong Kongian (haha, I made that up) black metal with the use of 2000 old Chinese instruments.

Kings of Hell: XieJia (Hong Kong)(53:14-END)

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Baltimore trio Musket Hawk brings forth the grit and groove and thrash and grind and fun. 

The Grove: Musket Hawk (Baltimore)(0:28-4:53)

Experimental crazed Frenchies. 

Tributes And Oblivions: Plebeian Grandstand (France)(5:59-11:12)

VEKTOR!!!!!  Need I say more.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease): Vektor (Philly)(11:40-19:11)

Sweet fuzzed out sounds from Michigan.

Desert Run: Bonehawk (MI)(19:30-23:56)

Large epic stuff from Inter Arma, as per the uze.

Transfiguration: Inter Arma (VA)(24:51-33:36)

Sludge-y mixed with some post-metal. 

År av onåd: Pyramido (Sweden)(33:55-41:40)

Fun and pummeling, anthemic and destructive. 

All Hail Satan: Svarttjern (Norway)(42:03-46:43)

Great vocals, retro stuff, stoner.  The lead singer was a Runner-Up to Best Vocals a few years ago.

Von Sturmer: The Order of Israfel (Sweden)(47:41-53:41)

Heavy melodic.

Leave The Living... For The Dead: Bedowyn (NC)(53:57-57:58)

Finnish black metal, this is a second release of their old song, in a new album.

Towards Perdition: Teloch (Finland)(58:26-END)

Behind My Vocals: Brand new Perturbator

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Tenor saxophone added to Helgamite’s compositions, bringing in psychedelic and jazz elements to their experimental metal sound

Shaman's Veil: Helgamite (VA)(0:28-6:07)

I heart Lord Mantis hard.  They have a new lead singer, and I couldn’t even TELL until I read about it.  And thank gawd, because I love that shrieking style.  They had my 2014 #1 Album of the Year, and they split up to recreate their band.  Their lead singer comes from the band Indian.  Excited to hear their entire album if it sounds more like the following song. 

S.I.G. Safer: Lord Mantis (Chicago)(7:41-12:18)

Viking horn beer metal that is anthemic yet melodic, singing about being a king and needing his crown.

Crownless: Sig:Ar:Tyr (Ontario)(13:15-19:19)

Young and In the Way are my darling filthy crust.

Solitude: Young and In The Way (Charlotte)(19:45-25:31)

Great stoner, to give your ears a break, brah.

Losting Things: The Bendal Interlude (UK)(26:27-30:21)

Slow creeping doom, in such a great headbanging way. 

Stargate path ( inizia quando entra la batteria nei feedback): Into Coffin (Germany)(30:45-36:23)

Emotional death and doom.

Sickness of the Mind: Nostrum (Victoria)(36:43-43:05)

Savage doom from Colorada-brah.

Detached And Conquered: Ketch (CO)(43:24-49:15)

2-piece death with a side of punk, from 2 style vocalists – the female is badass.

In Darkness They Come Crawling: Gorgosaur (Sweden)(50:08-53:25)

Fierce power crust.

No More Words: Ancst (Germany)(53:43-56:29)

Raw emotional black metal.

Unraveling the Bracelets of Fortune: Bog of the Infidel (RI)(57:07-END)

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Guest vocals on new Naðra EP, some dude that is both famous for pop and heavy metal.  Super group, with members of many Icelanding bands including Mispyrming.  

Fórn: Naðra (Iceland)(0:28-5:21)

Balanced death and thrash and relentless energy.

Conquerors March: Phazm (France)(6:52-11:40)

The shine between the cracks: wait for the melody. 

Dreamer of Ages: Horrified (UK)(12:05-16:19)

Uada’s debut album has that Pacific Northwest black metal thing going. 

Devoid of Light: Uada (Portland)(17:10-23:01)

Groovified, jaunty bluesy death. 

Nature of Humankind: Convulse (Finland)(23:33-27:57)


Lucid Delirium: Inverloch (AU)(29:04-34:59)

Symphonic, bringing in the organic sounds of keyboard and ethnic folk and pagan to their raw black metal.

Ephemeral World, Pt. 1: Onirism (France)(35:28-41:18)

Classic heavy metal with a little LA cheese, a bit of the glam.

Break Out: White Wizzard (LA)(41:43-47:01)

Unstructured psychedelic death metal.

Subliminal Lock - A Precursor To Vengeance: Howls of Ebb (SF)(47:51-54:14)

Do I think it’s a bit of swamp metal because of the area they live? Perhaps.  They have that Alabama sound.

Extinct Is Instinct: Hexxus (Alabama)(54:37-58:44)

Sludgy riffs and hardcore.

Into Exile: Clover (NY)(59:04-END)

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Headbang-worthy, riffy, catchy black metal for the fun people.

Ursus: Vredehammer (Norway)(0:28-5:08)

Ethnic Finnish black metal, with chanting and folksy instruments.

Suden tunti: Moonsorrow (Finland)(6:10-12:35)

New Al Jourgensen project that is light, whimsical and lounge-y. Well, so far in this one song I’ve heard anyway  I hope the rest of the album is this good. 

I'm Invisible: Surgical Meth Machine (LA)(13:27-18:26)

Polish riffs in a thrashy black metal good time.

I Am The Tyrant: Ragehammer (Poland)(18:54-23:52)

Ihsahn is hella proggy.  Emotional, rich compositions. 

Celestial Violence: Ihsahn (Norway)(25:09-30:23)

I love this black metal album, love it.  Don’t miss out – so rich, so beautiful, and kickass.

Plagues of Insomnia: Wode (UK)(30:50-39:27)

Galloping beer thrash.

End Of Tyranny: Desaster (Germany)(39:49-43:49)

Moody atmospheric stuff, low production. 

Den Som Stod Så Nära: Hermóðr (Sweden)(44:42-51:21)

Growling death.

Extirpate: Nucleus (Chicago)(51:44-55:12)

Tight black jeans metal.

This Mental Sentence: Graves at Sea (Portland)(55:52-END)

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Weekend Nachos' fifth and last album, I love them love them love them.  Touring, but not on the west coast.

Writhe: Weekend Nachos (Dekalb/Chicago)(0:28-2:15)

Don’t worry, members of Weekend Nachos make up Like Rats, and they are a badass death metal party.

Grief Incarnate: Like Rats (Chicago)(3:39-7:55)

Swedish political grind against the European movement to the right.

I Don't Need You/Dead and Gone: Gadget (Sweden)(8:27-13:30)

Decadent atmospheric stoner.

Find the Stranger: Beastmaker (Fresno)(13:54-18:19)

Paul GOREfiend now sings for Embalmer, unapologetically death metal.

Emanations From The Crypt: Embalmer (Ohio)(19:11-22:44)

Super band with members of Mercyful Fate, Carcass, Opeth and Shining.  Short bursts of retro sunshine. 

Lonely Freedom: Spiritual Beggars (Sweden)(23:26-28:53)

Dreamy funeral doom with both beautiful crooning and dark vocals.  A spectrum of sounds.

Rituals pt. 1: Plateau Sigma (Italy)(30:10-37:23)

Distorted, unrelenting evil and harsh.

Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy: Wormed (Spain)(37:43-41:10)

11th studio album from Metal Church that rocks the 80’s in the best way!

No Tomorrow: Metal Church (WA)(41:37-46:44)

Swarm metal.

Baptism Nihl: Altarage (Spain)(47:36-50:45)

Polish stoner brah.

Summoner: Red Scalp (Poland)(51:13-END)

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Another filthy grind album from 20+ year-old Rotten Sound.

Inhumane Treatment: Rotten Sound (Finland)(0:28-2:48)

Swiss Rorcal is black metal core, textured, weird, and vocalist has huge range.

Antigone: Rorcal (Switzerland)(4:05-14:37)

New single from death metal masters Horrendous.

Sentenced: Horrendous (Philly)(15:13-19:36)

Bleak bleak Oakland bleak.  Dirty.

Barathrum: Abstracter (Oakland)(20:11-28:12)

Chance Garnette was forced out, and new singer is in.  This is the new single with the new singer.  Lots of drama with this band, a lot of it associated with alcohol use.  Hard to compete with Chance, who was amazing, AMAZING. 

Well of Despair: Skeletonwitch (Ohio)(30:25-34:18)

Crushing French sludge.

Dark Matter Crisis: Verdun (France)(34:43-42:23)

Noise punk stuff. 

Little 'N' Pretty: Death Index (Tampa/Italy)(42:58-45:06)

Melodic.  Or something. And shit.

Plague and Pestilence: Sulphur (Norway)(45:56-50:33)

EXACTLY what post-metal should sound like.

Staggered: Sonance (UK)(50:56-53:29)

Noise black metal with melody.

Totemiker: Unru (Germany)(53:55-END)

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Groove black metal from a great part of the metal world.

Eel: Absenta (Spain)(0:28-5:57)

Not very sweet grind from Aussies, who are pretty angry people.

Enslaved: Cursed Earth (AU)(6:51-8:43)

Belgian drumming added to a ferociously thoughtful album. 

Ascension into the Palace of the Dark Gods: Lvthn (Belgium)(9:07-16:10)

Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto is all over the place, guest vocals on Urgehal’s last album and this blast of an album.  Good infiltration of thrash threading through the album. 

The Wickeds Transient Sleep: Sarke (Norway)(16:46-20:25)

Debut album three years from their last E.P.  Instrumentally strong. 

As The Void Absorbs All Light: Lothorian (Belgium)(20:59-26:56)

Italian grind, great for working out.

Restore the Judgement: Neid (Italy)(27:56-29:57)

20 year-old band that has lent a fast pace to the atmospheric black metal scene. 

Storming from Beyond: Sorcier Des Glaces (Quebec)(30:21-36:29)

No, this band is not Chinese.  They just said they were, but actually are from North Dakota.  Weird marketing scheme, but maybe not.  Darkly emotional black metal from China is way rarer.

Death and the Maiden: Ghost Bath (North Dakota)(37:06-43:24)

Death, doom and sludge from Texans. 

The Nameless Dead: Sabrewulf (El Paso)(44:28-49:36)

Oaken is a moody MOODY emotional romantic doom band, that breaks into blasts of hardcore.

The Hyena: Oaken (Budapest)(50:31-END)

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Full of Hell is just a cool band who has their new stuff for free on bandcamp. Powerviolence at its best.

Amber Mote: Full of Hell (PA & MD)(0:28-2:23)

Crooning loveliness from North Carolina.

Don't Forget the Sun: Wailin Storms (NC)(3:22-8:51)

Chicago abrasive sludge.

Fixed Position: Angry Gods (Chicago)(9:23-11:45)

Oh, I love love love love Greenleaf, and this new album is frigging fantastic.  The vocalist is one to smooch all over.  Melodies is the focus.

Levitate And Bow (Pt. 1 & 2): Greenleaf (Sweden)(12:35-19:34)

Thrash fun thrash fun.

Hounds At Ya Back: Deströyer 666 (Previously AU, now UK)(20:04-25:16)

Mantar hates art.

Era Borealis: Mantar (Germany)(27:02-31:01)

Scorpion Child spinoff!! Duel fucking rocks balls and shit.

The Kraken: Duel (Austin)(31:44-36:29)

Weekend Nachos spinoff!!! Chicago style hardcore: witty and filthy.

Grief Incarnate: Like Rats (Chicago)(37:01-41:17)

It always hurts my heart to think about the original bassist and vocalist of Black Tusk dying in a motorcycle accident. This is a great video of him.

This is the last record with the late Jonathan Athon.  The band took this last year to put this album together. 

Born of Strife: Black Tusk (GA)(42:10-45:09)

Spacy proggy death metal.

Akróasis: Obscura (Germany)(45:57-50:16)

Minimal on one side, crushing on the other.  Full spectrum metal. 

North Shore - The Abstract Line: Hypno5e (Montpelier)(50:43-57:46)     

Instrumental burner stoner brah, with guest vocals.  20 years of lovin’.

Uccidendo Un Sgno: Karma to Burn (WV)(58:22-END)

Behind My Vocals: Getz/Gilberto, Eric Dolphy, Mingus, Miles, Keith Jarrett, Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Thelonious Monk, Andrew Hill, Bud Powell

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Prog, black metal and sludge brought together with technical prowess and a crushing drummer.

Ufonaut: Entropia (Poland)(0:28-6:06)

2-piece spinoff from Krallice bringing forth experimental prog and atmosphere, super mathy and abstract. 

Silent Command: Geryon (NYC)(7:15-12:05)

Death rock threading through emotional black metal.

Autumn (Metsäpirtti part II): Ancestors Blood (Finland)(12:33-19:48)

Tombs added the incomparable Fade to their roster, Fade who is rooted in industrial and I really hope that it influences the whole album, which is coming out in April. 

Deceiver: Tombs (Brooklyn)(20:40-26:07)

Yep, this is a solid and original and fun EP from Voivod.  The following is their take on the famous song Silver Machine by Hawkwind.

Silver Machine: Voivod (Quebec)(27:07-31:47)

Reverb-heavy Satanic doom.

Rites: Gateway (Belgium)(32:07-36:48)

Lumbering doom from Conan.  New drummer on this album.

Revengeance: Conan (UK)(37:12-43:09)

70’s psychedelic retro jamming fun from Norway, female lead singer.

Aeolian Dunes: High Priest of Saturn (Norway)(44:06-54:36)

Northless’ lead singer is a highlight. 

The Curse of Being: Northless (Milwaukee)(55:27-END)

Behind the Vocals: Rare Earth, Frame, Shinki Chen, Burning Plague, Liquid Visions, More Than Anything, Novalis

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Avant-garde psychedelic black metal dreamscapers, my Finnish favorites, Best of 2013, I want to marry all of them and live in their music.

Hypnotisoitu Viharukous: Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland)(0:28-5:41)

Colorado 2-piece with the lead singer of Lord Mantis bringing forth a lovely dark noise sound, catchy and fun.

Beast Whip: Cobalt (Colorado)(6:50-15:09)

After their lead singer and guitarist died in 2012, the rest of the members of Urgehal put together existing tracks and asked multiple guest vocals on their last album. The next song has the lead singer of Darkthrone.

The Iron Children: Urgehal (Norway)(15:41-20:13)

If you think Holy Grail is charming, then go see them live. They shine with the most charismatic singer, and the fans are crazy for them.

Descent into the Maelstrom: Holy Grail (LA)(20:55-25:14)

Grindcore, but the hardcore aspect keeps it energetic.

Low: Wake (Calgary)(26:00-29:20)

Obvious Jethro Tull sound with the flutes, vocals bring it Swedish retro style, which is fabulous. Album is softer than harder.

The Outcast: Witchcraft (Sweden)(29:48-35:41)

Interpret Gehennah as the perfect drunk thrash in an homage to Lemmy. This is their first album in 20 years. Old drunk fun farts.

Gehennah Will Destroy Your Life: Gehennah (Sweden)(36:14-38:04)

Angular death metal from Sweden.

Succubus: Temisto (Sweden)(38:23-42:15)

Emotional lead singer lassos you into New Zealand Beastwars sludgey charm.

Holy Man: Beastwars (New Zealand)(43:37-48:33)

Chicago grind breaking into headbangingness.

Heathen (The Throes of Poison): Morgue Suppliers (Chicago)(48:54-51:29)

More atmospheric from Black Shape of Nexus, and I hope the full album is more of the same.

Facepunch Transport Layer: Black Shape of Nexus (Germany)(52:00-END)

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This week I count down to my #1 album, naming the “Best of” sub-genres along the way!  Last week I named A Forest of Stars as my #2 album (folk, black metal, avant-garde).

Behind My Vocals: Perturbator and Night Runner - synthwave from 2014

Best (Horror) Melodic:

Nostalgia for my death rock albums of yore played a big part in naming Tribulation in my favorite list of the year.  They do this melodic dark alternative death rock mixed with moody horror metal.  It’s a great retro sound, mixed with blacker modern.  They do a cover of One Hundred Years by the Cure!

Tribulation (Sweden), album - The Children of the Night (song - Holy Libations (0:28-6:52))

Best Garage:

Distorted garage blues vintage rock with unique vocals blended through.  They don’t shy away from hardening their sound, super heavy when they want.

Fuzz (SF), album - II (song - Bringer of Light (8:49-12:59))

Haust (Norway), album – Bodies: Haust won in Saturday album, so check out the review there.

Best Black Metal (Tie!): Both from Poland!

The lead singer of Outre stands out, with about a hundred different and experimental sounds.

Outre (Poland), album Ghost Chants (song - Chant 7 Arrival (14:07-21:41))

Perfect production makes Mgla shine: raw but shiny and sharp.  Darker than Outre in the best way.

Mgla (Poland), album - Exercises in Futility (song - VI (22:46-31:25))

Yellow Eyes (NYC), album - Sick with Bloom: Yellow Eyes is super dense, thick, suffocating.  Even when the notes clear there is still an oppressive distortion.  Not an easy ride, and fully enjoyable.  Emotional.

Leviathan (Portland), album - Scar Sighted: Leviathan goes for the creepy, depressing and scary path of black metal.

Odraza (Poland), album - Esperalem Tkane: This duo is not generic black metal.  They are avante garde, mixing in warm sounds into brutal, catchy into cold, old school and modern, rampage and soft, and raw as fuck.

Best Revitalist/Blues Rock (Tie!):

I seriously cannot believe that two bands in the finals of this genre are my FAVORITE BANDS OF ALL TIME. It was a very difficult choice because Horisont AND Graveyard came out with the best albums of their careers.

Blues rock hinges on the vocalist – it is the most emotional instrument in this genre.  Grusom jams hard on top of having the most gorgeous vocalist.  This is an incredibly emotional album.

Grusom (Denmark), album - S/T (song - Evil (32:12-37:15))

Oh, I can’t resist Graveyard.  This is their most romantic and honey-vocal album to date.  That says a lot. 

Graveyard (Sweden), album - Innocence & Decadence (song - Too Much Is Not Enough (37:41-42:15))

Horisont (Sweden), album – Odyssey: I called this album 'revitalist art' on my show.  It has the swagger of the 80's and the psychedelic emotional sweetness of the 70's.

Sonic Medusa (LA), album - The Sunset Soundhouse Tape: This was an absolutely surprise from LA rockers.  Even at (4) songs, this is an epic mini-album.

Best Experimental/Atmospheric/Drone:

What did I say about this band? Apocalyptic atmospheric electronic ambient friction metal, that breaks into magical bits of gorgeous composition.  You just want more of the pain.

Locrian (Chicago), album - Infinite Dissolution (song - Arc of Extinction (43:31-50:38))

Sunn O))) (Seattle), album – Kannnon: The growl, so deep in the throat, a song in itself. Next time, just the growl.

Best Classic Doom:

All three bands in the running were completely different, and all beloved in my heart.  Crypt Sermon was old school, Valkyrie took a southern flavor, and Khemmis was fully thick and heavy.

The vocalist, again, stands out.  Maybe that is the trick of all these bands, make sure you don’t get a cheesy idiot vocalist.  Crypt Sermon builds and builds and the riffage and it totally throws you around in the best way.

Crypt Sermon (Philly), album - Out of the Garden (song - Into The Holy of Holies (51:08-58:58))

Valkyrie (VA), album – Shadows: This is the second album from two brothers on guitars, seven years between albums.  This album is so rich and dense, the guitars playing so well together, natural and organic, southern rock really.

Khemmis (Denver), album – Absolution: Holy shit this album is fucking epic.  Guitars, thick distortion, vocals that are just beyond.

Best Post-Punk/Synth Wave/Death Rock/Electronica/Industrial:

You would do well to get all the albums listed below; all of them winners in each of their sub-genres.

Heat Dust does not do shoegaze.  They are harder angular aggressive dark alternative.  Overall one of the best albums of the year.  Romantic, moody, nostalgic but completely different from your favorite 80’s alternative.  Brilliant. 

Heat Dust (New Orleans), album - S/T (song - Something for Nothing (59:36-1:03:46))

Killing Joke (UK), album – Pylon: Killing Joke came out with one of the best darkwave/industrial albums in the last decade. It is completely versatile and leaps sounds from song to song.  You can sit in your room and listen to it and cry that you were never loved in high school.  I've said this over and over again, industrial artists from the 80's were some of the best of all time.  Eclectic, experimentalists, creepy drug-using weirdos.  Everything you need to make epic albums.  And when they grew up and didn't die of an overdose, they continued making fucking awesome albums.

Diät (East Berlin), album - Positive Energy: Sexy post-punk, reminding me of the stark monotone of early Bauhaus, mixing in fun speed, punk, pop, and smart lyricists.

Best Thrash:

Deathhammer describes themselves as “old.”  Just, “old.” I really enjoy that.  These guys are hilariously, most likely drunk, old school geriatric thrash good time.  Energy propels through your body, and that is the point of thrash, right?

Deathhammer (Norway), album - Evil Power (song - Sinner's Possession (1:04:31-1:09:42))

Ramming Speed (Boston), album - No Epitaphs: Vicious vocalist bringing in his force to angular thrash.

Black Fast (St. Louis), album - Terms of Surrender: Technical and precise, riff-heavy, great production, and importantly, dynamic

Saturday Album:

Saturday Album is the album I listen to most, and it ends up being the most inventive album of the year.  Last year it was Chicago's Murmur, an eclectic album ranging from brutal to psychedelic to jazz.  This year's Saturday Album has the same range; dabbling in a multitude of genres, picking my brain apart every time I played it.

Haust is sinister post-punk death rock black metal, and as with all Saturday albums, you can listen to it while you are laying on your couch in the sun and it will make you so happy.

Haust (Norway), album - Bodies (song - Days (1:10:09-1:15:20))

Tempel (Phoenix), album - The Moon Lit Our Path: Best instrumental album, excelling when they jam out and let their hair flow loose, swinging in full arcs above their heads

Freedom Hawk (VA), album - Into Your Mind: Stoner album that just rocks out so bad ass.  It is a favorite of mine to listen with a beer.  Hazy hook rock in the best Saturday afternoon way.

Best Vintage Old School Beer Metal that Automatically Feathers Your Hair When You Listen to It:

Anthemic old school heavy metal that is FUCKING FUN.  Remember when music was fun?

Enforcer (Sweden), album - From Beyond (song - Destroyer (1:!5:54-1:19:34))

Best Grind/#1 album:

Complex ominious landscape with grind on the side.  Raw, furious, perfectly sculpted grind.  The vocalist is FANTASTIC, my favorite was his melodic screeching style.  They had their San Diego friend Author and Punisher contribute, which I noticed immediately.  The musicianship was PERFECT on this album.

Cattle Decapitation (San Diego), album - The Anthropocene Extinction (song - Manufactured Extinct (1:20:38-END))

You can watch the cutie-pie vocalist in 2012 record his vocals, and see into that process. Nuts. Am I allowed to say that this band is adorable?

Here is the Making of The Anthropocene Extinction:

Theories (Seattle), album – Regression: I wanted to scream along with the vocalist of Theories.  They put out grind that breaks into death and groove, prog and brutal.

Cloud Rat (Michigan), album – Qliphoth: Bad ass female lead singer, and songs that are more than short and brutal.  Includes hardcore, soft touches of post-punk, and rifftastic death.

Noisem (MD), album - Blossoming Decay: This band won last week for Best Hardcore/Punk, see review there.

Fuck the Facts (Ottawa), album - Desire Will Rot: Groove, guttural, proggy.

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Best Horror/SciFi Soundtrack:

There was no competition.  It Follows was hands down the best soundtrack, be it horror or not.  Fabulous film helped by a dread-filled retro-futuristic soundtrack (though not retrofuturism, you know?).

It Follows (composed by Disasterpeace)

Runner-Up: John Carpenter: Technically not an actual soundtrack, but excellent soundtrack-sounding music from our old friend John Carpenter.  He dives right back into the 80's theme, and sounding freshly nostalgic.

Runner-Up: Ex Machina: The ambient portions were fine; but where this soundtrack shines was the scary and suspenseful areas. It just hammers the tension right into your head.

Best Death:

Hands down Sulphur Aeon is the most thoughtful death metal album of the year.  It is blisteringly catchy and just rips.  I listened to it three times in my first listening, ‘cause it ain’t exhausting.  You should be listening to all the bands in this category.

Sulphur Aeon (Germany), album - Gateway To The Antisphere (song - Into The Courts Of Azathoth (0:28-4:46))

Runner-Up: Thurisaz (Belgium), album - The Pulse of Mourning: Can death metal be emotional? Hell yes.  Thurisaz brings in the atmosphere and melody.

Runner-Up: Horrendous (Philly), album – Anareta: The most "easy-listening" and catchy of the death metal band contenders.  The vocalist is super unique.

Runner-Up: Lost Soul (Poland), album - Atlantis: The New Beginning: The most TECHNICAL and classic death on this list. 

Best Stoner Doom:

One of the requirements of this category is to put listeners in a spell with large crushing riffs, and groove out. This is Magic Circle’s second album, and it is heavier than the runner-ups.  Just keep listening, super groove stuff here.  This band just gets better and better.

Magic Circle (Boston), album - Journey Blind (song - Journey Blind (6:10-14:35))

Runner-Up: Spelljammer (Sweden), album - Ancient of Days: Nothing here to do but take a huge drag of your spliff and feel the weight of each of these compositions spin you on a journey.

Runner-Up: Mammoth Storm (Sweden), album – Fornjot: Layered sounds is the game here, and Mammoth Storm keeps it every so fresh by keeping you surprised with where the songs are going.  Also, the best vocals - super sultry.

Best Evil Avant-Garde:

Cloak of Altering is a side project of Gnaw Their Tongues, and the album is dense, bizarre, horror, avante-garde-infused-assault metal.

Cloak of Altering (Netherlands), album – Manifestation (song - Stretching Infinity (15:18-22:44))

Runner-Up: Gnaw Their Tongues (Netherlands), album - Abyss of Longing Throats: Gnaw Their Tongues didn't lose here.  This is hands down one of the best albums of the year.  They just happened to be competing with their side project and semi-came in second. Dark, creepy horror.

Best Psychedelic/Space Rock:

Lori from Acid King cements the space-y composition of Acid King's brand new album with her vocals. Super trippy distorted fuzzy space goodness.

Acid King (San Francisco), album - Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere (song - Coming Down From Outer Space (23:52-29:39))

Runner-Up: Yuri Gagarin (Sweden), album - At the Center of All Infinity: Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space, a Russian cosmonaut.  Swedish band Yuri Gagarin composes into music the idea of diving into space.  Your brain will be way out there.

Runner-Up: Nocturnalia (Sweden), album – Above Below Within: Heavy rock, lined with solid vocals and a gaggle of scrumptious jam sessions

Runner-Up: Ecstatic Vision (Philly), album – Sonic Praise: They shine when the music dissolves into instrumental waves of fuzzy space rock.

Best Hardcore/Punk-Influenced:

Noisem is ambiance, death, thrash, grind, punk and technical hardcore. Tons of grind, but their young energy breaks it up into a ripping hardcore album.

Noisem (MD), album - Blossoming Decay (song - Cascade of Stars (30:15-34:28))

Runner-Up: Cult Leader (SLC), album - Lightless Walk: CLOSE second. Members of Gaza.  Suffocating grind infuses this album, breaking into pummeling hardcore.  Produced by Kurt Ballou.

Runner-Up: Mutoid Man (Boston/California), album – Bleeder: Mutoid Man is true lyrical rock, breaking into technical proggy dirty riffs. You have to love Stephen Brodsky (Cave In) to love this band, which I do, profoundly.

Best Vocals/Lyrics:

Windhand’s album is incredible melodic metal, which uses Dorthia Cottrell’s vocals as the focal point. Emotional masterpiece creationists, these Windhand folks.

Windhand (VA), album - Grief's Infernal Flower (song - Two Urns (35:01-42:37))

Runner-Up: Grusom (Denmark), album – S/T: Sexy blues vocals, a classic "best vocals" style: clean and hella good.

Runner-Up: Fister (St. Louis), album – IV: Not classically a vocal style that many people would say, "hey this dude's vocals are really gorgeous."  But it is: guttural menacing evil shrieks.  This dude must be f’n hot.

Best Sludge:

Sludge does not need to be slow.  It is dark and grimey and aggressive.  Whether it is slow or fast, it is mostly dirty and abrasive.  Sludge is some of the darkest and most evil metal there is, highlighted by distortion and shrieking vocals.  This was absolutely one of the most difficult categories to rate, because all three bands released GIANT albums. I fucking love Fister, whatever they do, whatever he shrieks.  This album is one huge songs that contains the best groove breakdowns.  Fister is one evil mofo band overall though.  I want to have a beer with them in St. Louis, and then they can take me into an alley and sacrifice me to Satan.

Fister (St. Louis), Album - IV (song - (portion of) IV: Fister (43:37-53:40))

Runner-Up: Senior Fellows (Oklahoma), album – Shallow Grave for a Dying God: Senior Fellows is the catchiest in this category, and still savage enough to kill you.

Runner-Up: Hivelords (Philly), album – Tapered Limbs of a Human Star: Abrasive, chilling, atmospheric and experimental, and goes down so incredibly easily.  This album was the weirdest of all the albums, which is a HUGE compliment.

Best Genre-Defying Metal and 2nd Best Album of the Year:

You haven’t heard A Forest of Stars, most likely.  It is some theatrical crazy shit, based on black metal and folk.  It is progressive and weird and a big ol’ mess of juxtapositions.  It will surprise and entertain and make you laugh. But it is also very dark and menacing and bad ass.  It is avant-garde psychedelic folk black metal with violins and flutes

A Forest of Stars (U.K.), album - Beware The Sword You Cannot See (song - Hive Mindless (54:53-END))


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Due to pushing a huge last set of the year, I forgo me talking between the songs.  In a couple of weeks I will have two weeks of my “Best of 2015” shows.

[Releases January 2016] 2 piece experimental black metal band Spektr will be releasing their album in late January. It has the weirdness of early industrial, which is mainly experimentation + catchy headrolling stuff.

Through the Darkness of Future Past: Spektr (France)(0:28-5:30)

SOLO project Rebel Wizard is blistering heavy metal thrash, catchy to the extreme, groove-laden, and accompanied by screechingly-jolting vocals.

A place to rest the dead inside is never to be found: Rebel Wizard (Australia)(5:31-8:31)

Fórn and Yautja came out with the best EP, one song each, both of them addictive. Fórn is the filthy sludge song.  Yautja had a Converge-esque noise hardcore song, which is fucking awesome too. 

Ancient Tongues: Fórn (Boston)(8:32-13:58)

Freedom Hawk has a twinge of young Ozzy in it.  Traditionally heavy rock, in the best classic way, surges through your blood, building up with fun hooks, rocking riffs, and those guitars harmonizing.  Listen to on a warm couch with a cold beer in your hand.

Lost in Space: Freedom Hawk (VA)(13:59-19:37)

Large dreary bleak rotting landscape: noise noise noise assault.

A Sheep Among the Wolves: Regarde Les Hommes Tomber (France)(19:38-26:56)

Psychedelic melody, large riffs strumming through the air, thick compositions, cascading vocals, all from three people from Wisconsin.

Beneath the Waves: Moon Curse (Milwaukee)(27:31-34:34)

French black metal spin-off band with members of Aosoth and Antaeus.  This is a debut album from VI: relentlessly fast black metal, no nothing breaking this shit up.  Raw, fast, tight, fist clenching brutality.

Il Est Trop Tard Pour Rendre Gloire: VI (Paris)(35:35-39:55)

The Black Wizards recorded this second album in a live setting in 24 hours. The female lead singer is gorgeous, fuzzy blues, and rocks out.

Waiting For A Train: The Black Wizards (Portugal)(39:56-46:49)

Young, fresh-faced Luthuanians bring forth innovative hallucination-creating black metal.

III: Au-Dessus (Luthuania)(47:20-53:51)

[Releases in January 2016] The first element I heard was darkwave/post-punk, and then epic, large dark-atmosphere metal.

Mirage: Lycus (Oakland)(53:52-1:01:06)

Led by female vocalist, warm and rich heavy hard rock psychedelic doom and stoner. 

Green Queen: Disenchanter (Portland)(1:01:07-1:07:44)

Solo project Finnish bro's large chaotic compositions that somehow pulls together in a catchy way.

The Dreaming Tombs: Devouring Star (Finland)(1:07:45-1:13:08)

[Releases February 2016] Ocerco is described as post-black metal, but no one wants to be called that shit.  What they are is ominous, tight and tense, creating a very dark atmosphere.  I didn't hear any romance, which sort of hinders the post-black metal genre. I love me my romance, but I need it within dissonance.

O Colapso: Ocerco (Portugal)(1:13:09-1:18:53)

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Psychedelic atmospheric soundtrack for Russian cosmonauts.

Oblivion: Yuri Gagarin (Sweden)(0:28-8:18)

Noise, folk, theatrical black metal from some Frenchies. 

Absolution: Maieutiste (France)(9:42-17:39)

Creepy Detroit noise. 

Catching the Rich Train: Wolf Eyes (Detroit)(18:12-24:51)

Egypt is the best at always adding the best guitar riffs, jams out at the end of every song.  Wait for it.

Tres Madres: Egypt (Fargo)(25:45-31:21)

Rich blues crooning.  Whole album is a trip. 

Black Woman: Mammothwing (31:53-40:26)

Top-notch party stoner.

Great Awakening: Toke (North Carolina)(41:04-46:40)

Greek sludgey hardcore.

Clean Cop: Chronoboros (Greece)(47:37-50:42)

Fuzzy Polish groove.

Supercluster: Major Kong (Poland)(50:58-57:12)

Christmas song (to end)

Behind My Vocals: Darth Vader, The Smiths, Christopher Cross, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Sisters, The The

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Polish anonymous band is part monastery, part pummeling, part melodic, part black metal. 

Yekteniya 3: Batushka (Poland)(0:28-5:08)

New Fell Voices/Vanum/Vorde drummer in Yellow Eyes.  American black metal at its best: clean dense pretty.

The Mangrove, The Preserver: Yellow Eyes (NY)(6:32-12:34)

[Releases in February] Heavy gaze with a heavy hand of doom.  Guest Dale Crover.

Wolves Within Wolves: Low Flying Hawks (Mexico City/nomads)(13:28-19:06)

Female-led Cloud Rat is filthy grind.

Rusting Belt: Cloud Rat (Michigan)(19:33-21:48)

[Releases in January] Tight thrash from 30-year-old band.

The raging tides: Exumer (Germany)(22:13-26:18)

Technical death metal, but they do a great job of breaking up the density in fun ways.  Catchy.

I Defy For I Am Free: Sarpanitum (UK/Japan)(27:33-32:05)

[Releases in 2016] Blues-rock at its best.  This band was runner-up in 2014’s Best 70’s Revitalist.

Black Magic: Brimstone Coven (W. VA)(32:35-37:41)

Triumvir Foul is Ash Borer’s death metal side. Fast and filthy.

Pathways to Decay: Triumvir Foul (Portland)(38:06-42:51)

[Releases March 2016] Fantastic dark post-punk gorgeousness.

Silk Ribbon: Moth (Denmark)(43:18-47:25)

Greeks do it right.  Aggressive GREEK black metal. 

Fucking Your Creation: Dodsferd (Greece)(48:44-55:07)

Un’s guitarist and vocalist is bassist of Samothrace. If you like funeral doom, this is one of the best this year.

Forgotten Path: Un (Seattle)(55:52-END)

Behind My Vocals: Flash Arnold, Vector Sector, NightStop, BloodDragon, Dynatron, Nightcrawler, Pertubator, Grooveworthy, Vincenzo Salvia


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It doesn’t surprise me that Cloak of Altering and Gnaw Their Tongues are connected.  They both came out with some of the most dense, bizarre, horror, avante-garde-infused-assault metal this year.  You know, the usual.   

-3.003486962(6)+ 10-66: Cloak of Altering (Netherlands)(0:28-7:19)

Hot sweaty, I mean, Swedish doom.

Fornjot: Mammoth Storm (Sweden)(8:47-16:58)

Evil Australian-bleached death metal in a shot glass of prog.  

Fertile Crescent: Ur Draugr (Australia)(17:37-24:58)

Scorpion Child is finally coming out with their second album early next year.  This is their first release which makes ya salivate fo’mo’.  They are all-American rockers.

She Sings, I Kill: Scorpion Child (Austin)(26:01-31:01)

Luminous Vault started off as anonymous.  My guess was that they were doing a study on how reputation affects record sales.  They are members of Artificial Brain and Castevet, mixing up a blend of romantic death metal.

Deliver the Wound: Luminous Vault (NY)(32:14-37:01)

LA!! Sonic Medusa is SO frigging LA, boasting of celebrities and glam. I am waiting for the full album, this is the LA-mix of NWOBHM, done so well by some cute old guys who know how to sing and play guitar.  This ain’t some kids and it shows.

Cold Wind: Sonic Medusa (LA)(37:48-44:16)

Female vocalist shines in this filthy band from Toronto. 

Rejection Is Agony: Antibody (Toronto)(44:44-50:35)

Dopelord went to see UFOMAMMUT live, is my theory.  They have pulled elements of space and stoner bliss into their swampy sludge. 

Distant Lights: Dopelord (Poland)(51:00-57:59)

Italian angular dissonance from Lamantide.

Immortalis Lapis: Lamantide (Italy)(58:16-1:02:01)

Relentless fucking drone from the drone gods themselves.

Kannon 2: Sunn O))) (Seattle)(1:02:42-END)

Behind My Vocals: CRYSEHD, Kid Machine, BALevolent Virtue, Lowghos, Time Travel, Cryocon, VHS Dreams

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Bog Oak dude in GraveCoven.  Sacramento apparently seethes with metal.  

Furious Fires: GraveCoven (Sacramento)(0:28-5:15)

Yum, emotional proggy psychedelic. 

Hey Ya Sun Ra: Death Hawks (Finland)(6:11-11:30)

Cross Vault has that Pallbearer-sound: epic emotional heavy melodic metal.  Great vocals. 

Footprints: Cross Vault (Germany)(12:00-19:03)

Nostalgia-heavy post-punk.  New Orleans has a great scene.  

(Hopefully) Alone: Heat Dust (New Orleans)(19:34-22:59)

Indiana sucks.  But here you go.

Love Sermon: Slave Cylinder (Indiana)(24:20-31:16)

More post-punk?!?! Yep, and this shit is TIGHT.  

Hurricane: Diät (East Berlin)(31:46-36:07)

Death-y black metal.   

Impure Blood: Serum Dreg (Portland)(36:33-40:19)

Hells to the yeah, good 7” alert.  Death Church is death rock good stuff.

Betrayal: Death Church (New Orleans)(41:03-43:49)

Fast, vicious.  Like me.

Valueless: Svffer (Berlin)(44:40-46:29)

You like Joy Division? New cover album.

Atroscity Exhibition: Ambersmoke (from CVLT's Joy Division cover album)(47:16-52:27)

American black metal, rough around the edges, the way I like it.

Rotten Diadem: Uškumgallu (Portland)(52:39-58:00)

Swedish jamming.

Graveyard: Salem's Pot (Sweden)(58:17-END)

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This week is a collection of my favorite (so far) 2015 prog, psychedelic, retro doom, traditional and nostalgic WITHOUT me talking in-between songs (for those people who hate me).  I will be back next week for a regular show.

Retro-speed thrash that has burrowed deep into my heart.

Mask of Red Death: Enforcer (Sweden)(0:28-6:08)

One of my favorite artists, Chris Black, just played in SF with another one of his bands High Spirits.  This is even better: it has that surprising element of strange, scifi and fantasy.  He is collaborating with dudes from Circle, and they have put together this awesome 70’s and 80’s space rock disco sound with cool synth. 

Never-Ending No: Aktor (Chicago/Finland)(6:10-9:42)

Sorceror has everything I love about traditional epic heavy metal: lead singer rules, riffs of catchy loveliness, and ballads you could feather your hair to.

In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross: Sorceror (Sweden)(9:43-15:03)

Electric Moon have released a brand lp set of live 2014 recordings.  They played live in 2014?!? Founded by the brilliant Dave Schmidt, also of Sula Bassana fame, and many German space rock projects.

The Picture: Electric Moon (Germany)(15:05-29:01)

Oh Sweden, you just know what the fuck is up.  I love, LOVE Horisont.  I have never missed any of their albums, and this is yet another piece of revitalist art.

Light My Way: Horisont (Sweden)(29:33-34:55)

Doom and roll, bro.

Shadow Of Reality: Valkyrie (VA)(34:56-40:52)

Oh the lovely Spaniards.  They have come out with a strong showing here in jammy psychedelic rolled into some prog.

Alquimia: Acid Mess (Spain)(40:54-52:41)

I am seriously in love with this guy's vocals. This is blues-y psychedelic, with some organ to boot.

The Journey: Grusom (Denmark)(53:13-58:11)

One of my favorite bands of all time, Graveyard, have an incredible blues-soaked offering this year.  My favorite part is his achingly lovely vocals, bathing you in its honey.  This album is better than their last album.  Just, fantastic.

Cause & Defect: Graveyard (Sweden)(58:12-END)

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Back of my Vocals: Zombi's newest release Shape Shift

Eclectic noise mixed with roaring breakdowns.

Breed Regret: Yautja (Nashville)(0:28-5:23)

Phantom Glue members have dipped their toes into that Boston hardcore scene: which is the best hardcore scene there is.

Closed Casket: Lunglust (Boston)(6:33-8:43)

Yacht-rock metal Baroness with emotionally-drenched composition.

Chlorine & Wine: Baroness (GA)(9:14-15:58)

Death groove perfect for the running man in your underwear.

Mayhem Remains: Deathrite (Sweden)(16:42-19:48)

Stop. Trying. To. Be. Matt. Pike.  When you don’t, it’s pretty good.

Burning Shrine: Saviours (Oakland)(20:29-24:31)

Guttural troll metal.

Forest of Magic: Ride for Revenge (Finland)(25:31-31:03)

Bluesy jammy local retro stuff, makes me want to see them live.

Memories: Blackwulf (Oakland)(31:28-36:15)

Nauseous Floridian metal.

Futility: Ad Nauseum (Florida)(36:42-42:21)

Elder and Black Pyramid members do stoner heavy metal. 

Siberia: Kind (Boston)(42:41-47:04)

The Swedish Converge with a lot more punk-influence.

Reckless Recluse: Totem Skin (Sweden)(47:58-51:39)

Stoner from a band called Space Bong??

Burnt By Time: Space Bong (Australia)(52:01-END!)

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Behind my Vocals: From the soundtrack of "Cub" by Steve Moore (2015 Belgian horror)

Highlight of Cult Leader is the vocals.  Melancholy wretched aggressive metal, with some death rock in the mix.  

A Good Life: Cult Leader (SLC)(0:28-5:15)

American black metal: muddied black metal with sludge and epic.  This band is highly talented, and brings in a lot of atmosphere.  They are best when blistering. 

Pale Ghosts: Panopticon (Kentucky)(6:45-14:49)

Christian Mistress lead singer is the shit.  And then the band is just kickaass.  So why haven’t you listened to this album yet?  Classic heavy metal, awesome riffs. 

Ultimate Freedom: Christian Mistress (Olympia)(15:23-21:34)

I absolutely love this new bluesy, heavy 70’s-retro psychedelic album. 

Burning Wreath: Fuzz (SF)(22:13-26:31)

Make out to a vampire listening to Grift.

Undergörare: Grift (Sweden)(27:41-32:12)

Bassist from Graveyard has this new poppy wonderful garage album.

Blizzard: Truls Mörck (Sweden)(32:44-35:47)

Don’t underestimate Old Man Lizard as a southern swamp sludge band.  They really know how to jam it out, and great melody to boot. 

King Clone: Old Man Lizard (UK)(36:22-42:01)

Converge/Unsane’s project Pigs’ second album is disjointed noise fun.  This song is sung by guest singer from Made Out of Babies.

Bug Boy: Pigs (Brooklyn)(42:31-45:14)

Dark atmosphere and prog from depressed Massachusetts band.

The Oath: Protolith (MA)(46:28-51:56)

OLD, and I mean OLD school heavy metal from a band more than 36 years old. 

Farewell Evolution: Satan (UK)(52:28-57:00)

Top-notch industrial and post-punk elements from Killing Joke – who have been around for 37 years.  This is their 16th album.

I Am The Virus: Killing Joke (UK)(57:59-END)

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Behind My Vocals: Ubre Blanca (Scotland)

Chicago lead-up specialists.  Technical electronics.

Arc of Extinction: Locrian (Chicago)(0:28-7:34)

Last year’s best Classic Death album.  New one dropped, and it is more of the technical mixed with old school fun.

Ozymandias: Horrendous (Philly)(8:51-15:50)

Gorgeous retro psychedelic folkish Finnish brilliance.

Kantaa taakan maa: Malady (Finland)(16:12-24:49)


Reaping Flesh: Black Breath (Seattle)(25:38-30:54)

Deconstructed doom. 

The Pathfinder: Spelljammer (Sweden)(31:23-39:39)

Classic black metal with lots of atmosphere.  Sung in Polish.

Exercises in Futility V: Mgla (Poland)(40:35-48:14)

2-piece electronic psychedelic art.

Brown Rainbow: Pinkish Black (TX)(49:15-55:46)

Bong music.  Band made up of the following members: Cheesy dude, Alky dude, Falony dude, Sheepy dude and Boogie dude. 

Diabolical Dopenosis: Belzebong (Poland)(56:55-END)

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Behind my Vocals: Goblin's soundtrack to the Italian movie "La via della droga" (1977)

If you love 70's revitalist, then you need to go buy the last two records of Horisont and this brand new one.

Light My Way: Horisont (Sweden)(0:28-5:09)

One 16-minute release off their thunderous new album, and I am excited to hear more.  This is way more brutal than their last album.

Misanthropic: Cult of Occult (France)(6:43-14:53)

Aquarius Records needs more keggers.  Golden Void is psychedelic mountain rock, and I alone knows what that means.

Burbank's Dream: Golden Void (SF)(15:43-21:06)

First anonymous, but no more.  This Danish lady has famous guest musicians including Mayhem and Arch Enemy.

Mordet: Myrkur (Denmark)(21:51-25:27)

The Secret's bassist has a new record label, and Grime is their first release.  Thick, dirty evil sludge.

Get Immortal: Grime (Italy)(26:36-29:51)

Rockin' blues from Nashville, have followed them for years.

Old Saltillo: The Heavy Eyes (Nashville)(30:44-35:04)

Badass female lead for a Finnish crust band.

Massakuolema: Kohti Tuhoa (Finland)(35:30-36:49)

Debut album, strong psychedelic fuzzy space rock.

Journey: Ecstatic Vision (Philly)(37:02-41:33)

New stuff from the bassist of Electric Wizard.

Heavy King: Mirror (UK)(41:48-45:22)

Yes, on the cheese side, but solid prog.

The Isle of Mull: Scale the Summit (Houston)(46:47-51:15)

Young, fun hardcore. 

Unexist: Forced Order (SoCal)(51:38-53:23)

Northwest doom.

Desolate: Serial Hawk (Seattle)(53:58-END)

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The fun of crossover, with the weight of technical and grind.    

No Forgiveness in Death: Ramming Speed (Boston)(0:28-4:33)

Bruce Dickinson cannot be stopped, nor should he be. 

Death or Glory: Iron Maiden (UK)(6:34-11:46)

Throaat takes their old school Mayhem and Venom influences, adds some occult, but keeps it macabre 80’s evil. 

Her Altar Needs More Blood (Sign of the Coven): Throaat (Brooklyn)(12:41-16:35)

Finally, Uncle Acid gets down to business.  This is the best one to date: meatier, creepier, darker.  This is exactly what I want from my garage rock.

Downtown: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (UK)(17:13-21:30)

Fun, heavy-hitting 2 piece from Belgium.  Instrumental.

Ruined Decay: Sardonis (Belgium)(22:27-29:08)

I named Magic Circle Best Joyous Doom in 2013.  Brand new stuff is the same fun, jammy, rockin’ stuff.  Shared drummer with Doomriders. 

Lightning Cage: Magic Circle (Boston)(30:07-34:25)

Senior Fellows excels in crusty sludge, injecting tons of energy when they need to.  This is high end sludge. 

Flag of Convenience: Senior Fellows (OK)(34:58-38:15)

This new Windhand is their best yet.  I am not a fan of them live because they are good at knocking you off your feet, onto a couch, in order to drink wine and smoke a joint.  The lead singer is exceptional on this new album.

Hyperion: Windhand (VA)(38:56-44:24)

Sabbath Assembly used to be part of The Process Church of the Final Judgment.  This is folk occult, knocking on the door of rock and metal.  For fans of occult rock.

Ave Satanas: Sabbath Assembly (Texas/NY)(45:30-49:39)

Post-black metal from Belgium.

Altered State: Witch Trail (Belgium)(50:01-55:45)

Compare the last band with on-the-mark black metal.

The Scourge: Shaidar Logoth (Minnesota)(56:46-END)

Behind my Vocals: Fantastic 80's style electronic horror soundtrack-style music from Anders Manga.

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Dark, dank Philly has created filthy atmospheric sludge.  Yep, of course.

Begotten Grimoire: Hivelords (Philly)(0:28-6:53)

My 2013’s Best Saturday band Kadavar has a new album, and I am in love.  Retro-revitalist stuff, they do it so well.

The Old Man: Kadavar (Germany)(8:10-12:10)

Belgium has that dark pummeling stuff, goes down as well as one of their ales.  Gawd, I want that red sour Flemish ale right now, go check it out at La Trappe after listening to this.

Kwaad Bloed: Wiegedood (Belgium)(12:48-19:29)

2012’s Best Saturday band has a new split, and more of their awesomeness in hardcore sludge doom stuff.

Skull File: Sons of Tonatiuh (Atlanta)(20:09-26:03)

You may hate this Swedish band, it is an acquired taste.  It is a feel-good Mercyful Fate

Riders of Vultures: Year of the Goat (Sweden)(27:18-34:38)

Foggy, filthy, bloody.  Theatrical as all hell.

I Am Contempt: Lychgate (London)(35:04-39:24)

Crust from West Oak-town..

consumed: Atrament (W.Oakland)(39:54-42:58)

Gorgeous compositions, classical in nature, and then just plain brutal cold black metal stuff.

Yesteryear: So Hideous (NYC)(43:49-51:20)

Canadians.  Are they the best people or what?

Storm Of Silence: Fuck the Facts (Ottowa)(51:44-54:23)

Just, depressing.


Drear: Creeping (New Zealand)(55:11-END)

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Hedonistic thrash fun blast party beer headbang love everyone fuck you.

To Propagate The Void: Black Fast (St.Louis)(0:28-5:38)

Math-y, completely pretentious and absolutely lovely.

Over Spirit: Krallice (NYC)(7:26-14:07)

Emotional, catchy, dark, hot, evil.  Does that make sense? Who the fuck cares.

The Mithriditist: Behold! the Monolith (LA)(14:50-22:39)

Dense as fuck, but your brain grabs the thread of melody running through.  Exquisite.

Abyss of Longing Throats: Gnaw Their Tongues (Netherlands)(23:46-31:17)

I will wait for this full album.  So far the E.P. is doom-y psychedelic fist-pumping, lead-up fun.

Ape Cave: Ape Cave (Portland)(31:55-38:50)

Weight black metal?  Sure.  And you’re like, can I listen to this anymore. But you have to, because for some reason, the shit will grab you by your pussy lapels and shake you and tell you that you need to fucking chill out.

Saturnalia: False (Minneapolis)(39:34-49:34)

Australian doom that is like, cool and shit.

A: YLVA (Melbourne)(50:21-58:14)

Jamming shit from San Francisco, but this band pretends they aren’t from San Francisco, which now makes a lot of sense because SF SUCKS.  I used to love this town, and it ain’t good.  It ain’t good.  And I don’t think it will ever be good again.  Fuck you techies.  Fuck you all.  You are the lamest pieces of shit.  You fucking spoiled brats.

Sign of the Witch: Orchid (SF)(58:57-END)

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Behind my Vocals: 70's rock bro

4-piece Australian band who think humans are the true DOOM.  This is really wonderful black metal, gorgeous and almost up-lifting.  I need that sometimes.

Every End is Fated In Its Beginning: Hope Drone (Australia)(0:28-9:17)

You can’t push Locrian to show you their sound right away.  These are masters of lead-up.

Arc of Extinction: Locrian (Chicago)(10:33-17:39)

You may not understand the next Tee Pee Records band, if you don’t know Quest for Fire, who have members in Comet Control. Quest for Fire is one of the best psychedelic rock band (modern!!!). 

Future Forever: Comet Control (Toronto)(18:23-22:23)

LA doom sludge band Ancient Altar breaks into the best headbanging.  New album releases in September.

Dead Earth: Ancient Altar (LA)(23:25-29:51)

Hells yeah, yet another awesome blues-y psychedelic band with gorgeous vocals.

Grusome: Grusom (Denmark)(30:27-37:11)

French black death metal = technical, slightly progg

Fvlgvr Lvx Terror: Vortex of End (France)(37:40-42:27)

Riding Easy Records are kings of bluesy vocals-oriented rock.

Easy Rider: Old Man's Will (Sweden)(43:00-45:52)

25 year-old Sathanas is thrash-y traditional fun heavy metal.

Satan's Cross: Sathanas (PA)(46:47-51:02)

Suffocating atmosphere.

Desert Trail: Indesinence (UK)(51:39-57:15)

Beer metal! Best band name!


Possession: Sacred Leather (Indiana)(57:37-END)


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Behind my Vocals: Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman

A chick is in this band or something? Is she the lead singer? It is a mystery, and let it stay so. Angularity from the best scene, Chicago.

Neoplastic: Immortal Bird (Chicago)(0:28-5:06)

Massive doom band from Col-eh-rado.

The Bereaved: Khemmis (Denver)(6:23-15:04)

Look, I hate V-band names.  But this shit is fucking good black metal.  So, try to remember their V-name.  Dudes from Ash Borer and Fell Voices.

Realm of Sacrifice: Vanum (Seattle/NYC)(16:19-24:08)

Ooze is oozing all over the place.  Yeah, that makes sense OK? Why don’t you f off.

Targeted: Ooze (Italy)(25:03-28:18)

More black metal? Are you serious? YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES.

Application of Malthusian Principle: Barghest (Baton Rouge)(28:58-36:02)

Retro!!! ROCK!!!! In the stylings of Graveyard.

Relax You're Dead: DoctoR DooM (France)(36:28-43:14)

Raw raw brutal stuff, but a finger in punk.

Fuck Up: Korp (Sweden)(43:34-44:27)

Emotional sludge from people that may have a lead singer that may be a chick.  Again hard to tell, so who cares.

Adversarial Light: Vaee Solis (Portugal)(45:24-52:37)

Deconstructed black metal, because this is from the Finnish.

Kosmoksesta tuli: Abyssion (Finland)(53:19-57:35)

Great DIY stuff.


Rekni Ne: Gattaca (Czech Republic)(58:06-END)

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Behind my vocals: Corpus (1971)

Norwegian duo who have come out with some awesome old school and speed and thrash and fun and evil. 

Sinner's Possession: Deathhammer (Norway)(0:28-5:40)

Blaze of Perdition has a tragic past, and have a new album called “Near Death Revelations”. 

Into The Void Again: Blaze of Perdition (Poland)(6:55-14:00)

ORGAN!!! And Zorn.

Marmarath: John Zorn (NY)(14:22-19:31)

Formerly known as Contempt, Drouth has laid in some slayage.

Vast, Loathsome: Drouth (Portland)(20:07-28:07)

Bright, aggressive hardcore to decompress the brain. 

Love the Liar: Concrete Walls (SF)(29:09-31:24)

Industrial mixed with a slowed down touch of sludge.

Apnea: Crown (France)(32:15-37:34)

Anonymous old school death metal that really pounds out the riffs.

Descending Souls: Undead (Anonymous/Europe)(38:13-42:40)

Raw and technical, what else from Cattle Decapitation.

Manufactured Extinct: Cattle Decapitation (San Diego)(43:25-47:56)

Full-length will be produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou. That means this is going to be a big album. 

Gutter Gods: Cult Leader (SLC)(49:09-50:40)

Grind album that goes all over the place.  I couldn’t stop listening for the last 2 weeks.

Nostalgic Memories: Nervous Impulse (Montreal)(51:21-54:41)

Real Spanish weirdos.  The whole album is all over the place, including new age droning breaking into heavy distortion and metal.

Into The Bowels Of The Absolute: Hic lacet (Spain)(55:18-END)

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Members of Converge and Cave-In have come out with another winning album.  Mutoid Man is not brutal.  But they keep the hardcore and spin it with romance and psychedelic and rock.

Bridgeburner: Mutoid Man (Boston/California)(0:28-3:30)

French experimental band creates apocalyptic horror noise, but in a catchy way.  Album is all over the place, and you will find something new in every corner. 

Soul Ruiner: Chaos Echoes (France)(4:51-12:07)

Female vocals are just a small part of Fucked Up's new album, but I dug it the most.  It provided a sweet counterpart for Fucked Up’s brand of hardcore

Year of the Hare: Fucked Up (Toronto)(12:59-22:28)

Doom-y, catchy, riffy Austrian black metal.  The lead singer was my favorite part.

Demiurg: Amestigon (Austria)(23:00-34:10)

Australian bands are usually meaner and rawer.  Lo! takes their Converge-influenced roots and makes it more power-aggressive.   

Megafauna: Lo! (Australia)(35:23-40:12)

I have played Mispyrming before – Icelandic metal is truly frigid cold stuff.  Black metal, of course.

Af þjáningu og þrá: Misþyrming (Iceland)(40:35-44:51)

I know, this is screamo.  But Richmond is a rich source of hardcore and metal, and the bands are great from this area.  This band puts in a lot of interesting tempo-changing proggy compositions into their hardcore.  Emotional hardcore at its finest. 

chrysanthemum: Truman (VA)(45:50-49:55)

Classic old school death metal from Sweden.  Need I say more. 

Creatures Among the Coffins: Feral (Sweden)(50:26-55:11)

2-piece raw lofi Skeletonwitch-sounding (tight and catchy) band from Greece. 

Summoning the Incarnations of the Worm: Ithaqua (Greece)(55:48-END)

Back of my vocals:

The Cure, The Smiths, Radiohead, The The, Depeche Mode, James, Siouxsie, Catherine Wheel

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Behind my Vocals: Soundtrack to "Under The Skin"

Instrumental headbang music.

Tomb of the Ancients: Tempel (Phoenix)(0:28-10:25)

All you need to know: badass crusty death metal with a hot indian chick drummer vocalist.

Cadaver: Ahna (Vancouver)(12:26-17:01)

Stocky muscular rock.

Happy Joyful Life: Fight Amp (Philly)(17:32-21:22)

Italians come up with some Avant-garde metal that sounds somewhat Finnish.  Mostly fun.

Standing on Bedlam, Buring in Bliss: Howls of Ebb (Italy)(22:02-31:31)

Straight-up hardcore from Canada, with a fist in your face.

Four: Weird Year (Edmonton)(32:45-35:38)

Eastern-influenced space rockers, that are not as jammy – this is definitely more texture acoustic stuff.

Moksha: My Sleeping Karma (Germany)(36:29-45:52)

90’s band Will Haven have another noise metal album, very epic and apocalyptic with some soft atmosphere.

Hermit: Will Haven (Sacramento)(47:19-50:54)

I’m tired of Matt Pike’s voice, but only because I’ve heard it too much.  He is still a good vocalist.  This is one of their better recent albums.  I liked when they slowed down.

The Sunless Years: High on Fire (Oakland)(52:15-57:07)

Dirty stoner rock from the Aussies.


Living Heads: Watchtower (Australia)(57:34-END)

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"Behind my Vocals" this week is the soundtrack from the excellent modern horror movie: It Follows. 

One of my favorite albums of this week, Senior Fellows, because the whole thing rocked.  No weak parts to it – all of it is sludge-y badass good stuff.

STEPPED FORWARD TO RULE (#15): Senior Fellows (Oklahoma)(0:28-4:35)

The new Ken Mode is completely different in sound – very reminiscent of ‘90’s.  Still math-y, clean vocals. 

Dead Actors: Ken Mode (Winnipeg)(5:58-12:26)

Pummeling raw grindy hardcore.  When I say pummeling, I mean it.

Wartime Children: Symptom (Boston)(13:04-14:31)

Doomed is groovy, but hardened with a touch of death metal.  Definitely allowed to headbang here. 

I'm Climbing: Doomed (Germany)(14:47-19:31)

European hardcore, packed with infectious riffs.  Packed with your butt. And your face.

Endless Escape: Discomfort (Italy/U.K.)(19:56-22:30)

Oh yeah, this German band is bitter because you won’t make out with them.  They stare at you across the room, and you ignore them.  Then they get mad, and get all crusty and filthy with you. 

Under a Bane: Nightslug (Germany)(23:03-25:29)

My runner-up to best Death metal has a new album, and it punches the shit out of your face. 

At the Antipodes of Chastity (Hail the Sons of Cain): Embrace of Thorns (Greece)(26:37-30:24)

Crushing leadups for this dramatic 2 piece.  They must watch reality tv

Partaken Incarnate: Ghold (UK)(30:57-37:25)

Old school, because they are old.

Victim Of The Past: Paradise Lost (UK)(37:59-42:23)

Complete compilation album from Coffins, so you can just get this and call it a DAY.

Reborn: Coffins (Japan)(43:06-46:35)

Pallbearer-esque emotion and moody.  German, so you know, got some attitude.  And very romantic. 

Sulphur Vitriol Angel: Valborg (Germany)(47:20-53:08)

Supergroup Goatsnake is not afraid to sing and soften up. Dudes from Obsessed and Sunn O))).

Elevated Man: Goatsnake (LA)(53:33-58:08)

28 seconds of painful hammering of your skull. So you weirdos will like it.  Fucking serial killers.

Sit in the Dark: Prey for Death (Minneapolis)(58:28-58:56)

Oh I love thee deathrock.


Insomnia in Dream City: Haldol (Philly)(59:32-END)

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Behind my vocals are songs from John Carpenter’s new album Lost Themes.

Foreboding, emotional, proggy metal from Oakland.   

Eternal Wolves: Secrets of the Sky (Oakland)(0:28-7:14)

Doom and roll, bluesy rock.

Shadow Of Reality: Valkyrie (VA)(9:23-15:24)

Belgian brooding metal, with members of Amenra.  Great blistering, shrieking vocals.

De Doden Hebben Het Goed: Wiegedood (Belgium)(16:07-22:49)

New trippy psychedelic kraut-y stuff from Pharaoh Overlord (members of Circle).

Aavasaksa: Pharaoh Overlord (Finland)(24:06-30:45)

Jammy hook-y retro North Carolina rock.

Poison Garden: Demon Eye (NC)(31:10-36:33)

Swedish galloping death metal.

Abyss Of Corpses: Entrails (Sweden)(37:02-41:28)

Dutch smoking-joint psychedelic beer rock.

Golden Fields of Love: Death Alley (Netherlands)(41:54-47:36)

Avant-garde French unstructured proggy black metal.

Bouffon existentiel: Orakle (France)(48:46-57:04)

Italian retro psychedelic garage blues.  Grooves just right.

Fly Camel Fly: Ape Skull (Italy)(57:32-END)

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A set of 70’s songs I play behind my vocals on a regular show!

Suicide: Dust (NYC)(1972) (0:28-5:02)

Freefall: Camel (UK)(1974) (5:03-10:48)

Down and Out: Pluto (UK)(1971) (10:49-13:57)

Chocolate Piano: Orang-Utan (UK)(1970) (13:58-20:29)

Freelance Fiend: Leaf Hound (UK)(1971) (20:30-23:37)

One Way or Another: Cactus (Long Island)(1971) (23:38-28:35)

Corrine: Gravestone (Germany)(1979) (29:18-39:19)

Come On Home: Thundermother (UK)(1971) (39:20-46:34)

Season of the Witch: Suck (South Africa)(1970) (47:05-56:55)


Out of Uranus: Killing Floor (UK)(1970) (56:56-END)

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Theatrical band Peste Noire, is also very awesomely black metal.  This album is all over the place, and the lead singer is very avant-garde.

Payés sur la bête: Peste Noire (France)(0:28-6:44)  pest e nooare

This band is top-notch grindcore, but I choose to play the only spacey song in the album.  Grind band does space! 

Out Beyond: Antigama (Poland)(8:20-12:39)

Garage-influenced hardcore with the lead singer of Self Defense Family.  PHILLY band. 

Correctional Love: Loss Leader (Philly)(13:14-16:21)

Spanish band Tort’s entire album is full of fun riffs and fists.

When The Raven is Ravenous: Tort (Barcelona)(17:22-26:01)

Distorted rock and noise band, with a ton of hardcore in the mix. 

Godman: Young Widows (KY)(27:14-32:19)

Lead-up, atmosphere, lead-up, atmosphere, and then Soldat Hans breaks into some brutality. 

Meine Liebste; Sie zerbricht sich: Soldat Hans (Switzerland)(32:56-39:55)

If you don’t like singing, you won’t like Abrahma.  This band has had full press lately. Psychedelic rock that swirls into more ominous sounds.

Fountains of Vengeance: Abrahma (France)(40:58-45:58)

Epic funeral doom parts, big compositions, very long songs.  I edited this song into 10 minutes. 

Suffocation, A Drowning: II - Somniloquy (The Distance of Forever): Bell Witch (Seattle)(47:31-57:18)

Straight-up hardcore.

Leviathan Rot: Gallows (UK)(57:56-END)

Behind my Vocals: Salem Mass; Cactus; Rumplestiltskin; Pinnacle; November; Charlee; Ten Years After; Master's Apprentices

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Reached a new record on my show: 15 songs, mostly due to the influx of grind and hardcore.  Noisem was unholy grind, with creepy atmospheric pauses.

Cascade of Scars: Noisem (MD)(0:28-4:41)

Clean chaos – French band Death Engine knows how to be noisy, sharp hardcore.

Cure: Death Engine (France)(5:55-9:07)

Weekend Nachos does Weezer covers on their new 7”!!

Tired of Sex: Weekend Nachos (Chicago)(9:42-12:40)

This is my new fave record, Norwegian Avant-garde garage rock

Peephole Maze: Haust (Norway)(13:23-19:26)

Oh Fister, you can never do wrong.  The lead singer excels in my type of vocals: menacing.  They are king of dark lead-ups and breakdowns. 

portion of "IV": Fister (St. Louis)(20:10-25:00)

D.C. hardcore? Very different from the traditional type. 

Oubliette: Ilsa (D.C.)(25:58-28:48)

Coliseum shares the bassist of Yautja, which makes him a very busy man with all the touring and albums.  They are a fun hardcore band, when they lean towards that side of the coin. 

Denihilist: Yautja (2014)(Nashville)(29:16-32:39)

One of the leading doom songs of the year.

Random Cosmic Violence: Usnea (Portland)(33:29-44:19)

Young energetic aggression.  Of course, Australia.

Birkenau: Years of Abuse (Australia)(44:45-45:37)

Irreversible’s last album contains a whole buncha sounds and genres.  This song incorporates some industrial. 

Mandatory Death: Irreversible (Atlanta)(46:38-51:10)

Torch Runner has a great split with one of my fave bands, Young and in the Way.  That gives Torch Runner MAJOR street cred.  They know how to grind and groove with the best. 

Godlust: Torch Runner (NC)(51:49-53:59)

Philly beer, grit, venues under dark bridges all contribute to the level of musicianship coming forth from this town.   

HIPPAA Laws: Toska (2014)(Philly)(54:40-56:48)

Oh, Weedeater.  Need I say more.

This is old, but here is Weedeater doing a serious tasting of cough syrup and cheese.

Bully: Weedeater (NC)(57:44-59:29)

Richmond makes ‘em mean. 

United: Venomspitter (VA)(59:57-1:01:48)

Angry intensity from Ohio. 

Staring Into the Abyss: Hadak Ura (Ohio)(1:02:31-1:04:20)

Behind my Vocals:


Creepy John Thomas; Missing Link; UFO; The Flying Eyes; Camel; Red Dirt; Novalis; Golden Earring; Stoner Train; Felt; Atomic Rooster; May Blitz; Orang-Utan; Toad

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THE scene: Germany.  A people of insolence, aggression and death.  Perfect place for Morgoth to blister and excrete sinister sounds. They are plain old school death, but great for headbangers.

Ungod: Morgoth (Germany)(0:28-6:18)

Swedish band Tribulation are well-regarded.  A critic favorite, and for a reason.  This new album is more mature than their last: they show their technical prowess in rock, psychedelic, death rock, brutal. 

Holy Libations: Tribulation (Sweden)(7:31-13:56)

Trance metal: They stretch your brain in so many different directions that it is a relief when they finally just hit you with brutality. 

Soul Ruiner: Chaos Echoes (France)(14:32-21:49)

OLD band Poison Idea has come out with another ebullient hardcore and punk album.  I love “Dead Cowboy” that is plain old Mark Lanegan-style vocals. 

Cold Black Afternoon: Poison Idea (Portland)(22:30-25:30)

I am not a huge fan of bands made up of legendary musicians. They are usually lazy, and yeah I said it.  Dave Lombardo’s band Philm’s second album is fucking AWESOME.  I love the vocalist, their style, and their drummer obviously is fucking incredible.  It is a super varied album encompassing jazzy, psychedelic, bluesy, spacey, experimental, and most importantly, fucking metal. 

Omniscience: Philm (SoCal)(26:54-30:39)

Ohio band = dirty, dark, weirdos..  What is in their water.

Palms of the Earth: Plaguewielder (Ohio)(31:09-37:10)

Cursed Earth are “internal”.  Fucking exactly.

Herd Traitor: Cursed Earth (Australia)(37:56-39:13)

Swedish bands are ultimately, I am fucking serious, the best at jamming psychedelic music.  They have it in their blonde, Arian blood.   

Edge of Civilization and..: Montgolfière (Sweden)(39:35-44:22)

Apophys are made up of famous Dutch musicians, so none of you know them unless you are a technical death metal hound. 

The Final Step: Apophys (Netherlands)(45:18-49:00)

Ice Dragon have become very doom-y.  These guys seem like super nerds, which I appreciate.

The Rider: Ice Dragon (Boston)(49:34-53:22)

Reverend Bizarre babbles on this electronic Finnish project.  This is some of the weirdest shit.

Poikarakkaus: Tähtiportti (Finland)(54:09-57:28)

14 minutes of Russian.

Alien Monolith God: Mare Infinitum (Russia)(58:34-1:12:31)

Behind my vocals:

Babe Ruth



Point Blank

Wishbone Ash

Shinki Chen


Missing Link




Socrates Drank the Conium

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Behind my vocals: John Carpenter-inspired retro synth! (The Thing, They Live, Halloween, etc.)  Free download:

Retro-speed thrash to play at your next kegger bbq.

Hungry They Will Come: Enforcer (Sweden)(0:28-4:55)

Crusty epic hardcore, diving into grind, but enough tempo changes to keep it from being suffocating.   Ex-members of Gaza.

Skin Crawler: Cult Leader (2014 E.P.-release coming soon)(Utah)(6:37-9:29)

Japanese Sigh had my Best Album of the Year a few years ago.  They continue in their way: avant-garde, Carnival, psychedelic noise, and of course, metal.

The Casketburner: Sigh (Japan)(10:23-15:20)

A big scoop of old-school black metal warmed up with some fist-pumping thrash.

Pagan Warfront: Infernus (Portland)(15:56-20:23)

Fuzzy psychedelic stoner from our pals Acid King, after 10 years.

Coming Down From Outer Space: Acid King (San Francisco)(21:24-27:06)

Pittsburgh grit, screaming torture metal with a ton of catchy riffs coming through the chaos. 

Chemo: Purge (Pittsburgh)(27:58-29:53)

Vocals are unique in that it is chanting a lot of the time.  When they sing, I really enjoyed it – had a lot of sweet and endearing notes.  Groovy hook-filled sludge. 

To Rise (In Vino Veritas): The Moth (Germany)(30:36-35:25)

San Francisco weirdos (I mean that in the best way).  Seeing them live is the trick.  The lead singer is Ashton Kutcher’s twin, no joke. 

Flame of the Forest: Botanist (SF)(36:01-41:12)

Huge scene in Berlin.  Treedeon is a raw dirty garage sludge, with 2 vocalists, one of them is punk-ish.

Wendigo: Treedeon (Berlin)(41:43-46:27)

I am a huge fan of Shining’s vocalist.  He is extremely versatile, including some emotionally-laden tunes.  This is mostly an extreme band, but the freshness was in the acoustic and sweet notes.  They do a great job of putting a shitload of compositions in their albums.   

Människotankens Vägglösa Rum: Shining (Sweden)(47:51-54:15)

A ton of aggressive genres represented in Abyss, all the types: grind, punk, hardcore.  And this is only 20 minutes!  

Thrall Of The Elder Gods: Abyss (Toronto)(55:00-1:00:19)

Danish hardcore, young, smart and hip dudes. 

ABEER QASSIM HAMZA AL-JANABI: No Fealty (Denmark)(1:01:11-END)

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Minsk is experimental atmospheric metal – they always put a catchy filthy groove into the sound.  Headbang swoon-worthy.

Onward Procession II. The Soil Calls: Minsk (Illinois)(0:28-6:12)

The chaos of Sulphur Aeon breaks into the ultimate riffy, chugging swirl of satisfaction.  Don't let the brutal voice drive you away. The Lovecraftian octopus album art is awesome.

Into The Courts Of Azathoth: Sulphur Aeon (Germany)(8:15-12:33)

Belgian proggy atmosphere-infused death. 

Longing. . .for a Change: Thurisaz (Belgium)(13:07-18:44)

Organ jamming Satanic church music. Super weird, and even weirder vocals.

I... the witch: Abhor (Italy)(19:19-24:49)

Odraza breaks into so many different parts of compositions – prog, Avant-garde, black metal. 

Prog: Odraza (Poland)(11.2014)(25:44-33:08)

Filthy doom.

Cobwebs: Possessor (England)(33:32-36:25)

Sinister Finnish atmosphere with distortion and noise.  

Death: Desolate Shrine (Finland)(36:56-42:43)

These dudes have the best musician names EVER:  Grond, Torturer, Beast, Pestilence, Lord Ashtaroth.  Big epic death metal.

Industrial Homicide: Mor Dagor (Germany)(43:26-46:35)

San Francisco grind! Old school shit.

The Beast and the Drowning Bucket: Cretin (San Francisco)(47:53-50:24)

Hardcore stuff, with a full foot in punk.

Eyes Wide: Rotting Out (LA)(50:46-53:11)

This chick’s got some lungs.  It won’t appeal to you people who don’t like rock, cause this shit is rock.

Time Machine: Royal Thunder (Atlanta)(54:27-END)

Behind My Vocals:



Mobius Trip



Sweet Smoke

Out of Focus




Point Blank


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Grind that breaks down satisfyingly into death and groove, prog and brutal.  The vocals add, rather than suffocate. 

Hell In Her Eyes: Theories (Seattle)(0:28-5:04)

Swedish psychedelic rock, vocals are gorgeous. 

The Stone: Nocturnalia (Sweden)(6:38-11:35)

Some akin the vocals to Dystopia, which I agree. This band is WAY more straight-forward than Dystopia.  This is catchy thick sludge. 

Hangover Suicide: Iron Witch (U.K.)(12:10-17:47)

Michael Shenker basically made a ton of music montage soundtracks for an 80’s movie. 

Something Of The Night: Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock (Germany)(18:31-22:17)

Napalm Death and shit.  Same sound – these guys are obviously talented in their take on brutal grind. 

Beyond The Pale: Napalm Death (U.K.)(23:06-26:09)

Colour Haze is one of my favorite psychedelic bands – they do that 70’s twang really well.  Atmospheric fo SHO, you can rip some bong hits to this one.

Circles: Colour Haze (Germany)(27:31-34:22)

Heavy metal band Sorceror is super old school.  They ARE from the 80’s.

Exorcise the Demon: Sorceror (Sweden)(34:48-42:17)

Covers from Prong.  It was ok, fun to hear once.  I wish they picked another song by Sisters of Mercy.

Give me the Cure (Fugazi cover): Prong (NYC)(43:04-46:09)

Gore metal, nothing new from Exhumed.

Limb From Limb: Exhumed (San Jose)(47:07-50:04)

Aldebaran dude, brings that sort of slumbering sound with heavy drums into this new band.

9 Gates Of Shadow: Shrine of the Serpent (Portland)(51:06-END)

Behind my vocals:


Rare Earth



Shinki Chen

Golden Earring



Psycheground Group



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Pyramids have been in splits and projects with Nadja and Horseback; and just came out with their second album after 7 years.  One of the members is from Krallice and Gorguts, so you can imagine the compositions of the songs are going to be extremely imaginative.  This is an experiment in texture: an integration of disjointed sounds – soft and hard, extreme and beautiful, crisp and fuzzy.

The Earth Melts Into Red Gashes Like The Mouths Of Whales: Pyramids (TX)(0:28-6:11)

Ufomammut!! Only had to wait 3 years!!  Downtuned, riffy, spacey, and the usual heavy sound of this band.  They are experts at creating a landscape of heavy as hell psychedelic metal (not rock!)

Somnium: Ufomammut (Italy)(7:55-16:02)

Wait, just wait for the black metal to deconstruct in an awesome pummelling catchy riff.  They are so badass! Even if you don’t like black metal.  Man.  The French are fucking professionals.

The Cruse Is Poured Upon Them: The Order of Apollyon (France)(16:35-21:35)

Dopethrone are just, fucking stoners.

Dry Hitter: Dopethrone (Montreal)(21:58-28:05)

Holy shit, Dødheimsgard are so fucking charming.  The lead singer is a storyteller, he is definitely into folk style vocals.  The music is so complex; full of proggy intention, acoustic moments, darkly emotional.  Fuck yeah, modern Norwegian black metal. 

Architect Of Darkness: Dødheimsgard (Norway)(29:18-38:42)

Catchy hardcore, the vocals are great – i.e. they are not tuff bro crap. 

Kvælende Frygt: Halshug (Denmark)(39:04-41:39)

A comp of Hooded Menace's splits and hard-to-find E.P.s.  These guys are experts in being completely unexpected: they are foremost death-y, but they have a thick sound of space and rock and psychedelic too.  This is a great way to introduce all that is versatile about Hooded Menace. 

Catacombs of the Graceless: Hooded Menace (Finland)(42:29-49:08)

Yes, this is synthwave, because this guy is so fucking awesome to make me nostalgic for my weirdo youth. 

Retrogenesis: Perturbator (Paris)(50:12-55:05)

Black metal from Greece is basically heavy metal with heavier drumming once in awhile.  The lovely Greeks rule at heavy metal, so just dive into it: epic vocals, awesome jamming guitar riffs. 

Symphony Des Gravens: Katavasia (Greece)(55:39-END)

Behind my vocals:

Blade Runner

Karate Kid

Cantina Band (disco)

Dr. No

Pink Panther


Conan the Barbarian




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Old school heavy metal, epic vocalist and fun tempo changes.  Great personality.

Panic in Urals (Burning skies): Sacral Rage (Greece)(0:28-4:37)


Icelandic black metal with way cool modern compositions – tons of stuff going on here. 

Söngur uppljómunar:  Misþyrming  (Iceland)(6:24-10:15)

Punk, metal, anthemic hardcore led by a very passionate lead singer. 

Satellites: Cancer Bats (Toronto)(11:01-15:04)

Usually this type of technical death metal does not stand out; but this band has created memorable songs. 

Sentence Of Immortality: Psycroptic (Tasmania)(15:54-20:18)

Finnish psychedelic which means the accent is gruff.  Great JAM bro. 

Fleeting Are the Days of Man: Garden of Worm (Finland)(20:36-26:11)

After 18 years, Eternal Solstice have brought forth a badass death album with awesome fun thrash thrown in.

Walk in Darkness: Eternal Solstice (Netherlands)(27:09-32:01)

So this is slower, but these dudes have made it groovy with instruments that stand out. 

La Liberte aux ailes brisees: Norilsk (Quebec)(32:48-38:37)

Nerd metal: themes of science and cybernetics; some spacy electronica faintly threads through.

Macroshift: Wardenclyffe (Sweden)(39:14-47:02)

Bluesy psychedelic from Maryland.

Black Moon: The Lunar Era (MD)(47:58-53:55)

Leadups and epicness in this post-metal album. 

Anger: Yanos (Germany)(54:47-END)

Behind my vocals:

Crazy Times: Black Spirit

Down and Out: Pluto

Season of the Witch: Suck

Super Heep: Elephants Memory

Come on Home: Thundermother

Morning Rain: Liquid Visions

Corrine: Gravestone

Chocolate Piano: Orang-Utan


White Hidden Fire: Weird Owl

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Lightning Bolt was recorded at Machines with Magnets – which is this incredible studio, art gallery venue.  I have seen YOB and Batillus there, and bought a painting.  Super cool place, I have yet to see anything like it anywhere else.  This new album has that experimental sound that is so creative – Liturgy falls flat in comparison.

Mythmaster: Lightning Bolt (RI)(0:28-5:32)

I definitely want to hear the new Blind Idiot God on vinyl, listening to wine: reggae, metal, psychedelic, jazz, surf.  Thick.

Wheels of Progress: Blind Idiot God (NYC)(7:03-14:48)

Chicago brings forth yet another top notch band: Hardcore Harm’s Way, who is touring in Europe with Converge, Trap Them and Young and in the Way.  Uh, the lead singer is way hot.

Ease My Mind: Harm's Way (Chicago)(16:02-20:22)

Yes, this is electronica, and an album that everyone needs to run out and get.  They put together a soundtrack to an imaginary 80’s scifi movie.  PERFECT THANK YOU.

Starlight: Night Runner (Mexico)(20:56-25:21)

OLD SCHOOL heavy metal, fucking awesome vocalist

Into The Holy Of Holies: Crypt Sermon (Philly)(26:38-33:18)

Wow, Heavydeath’s new album is awesome: the riffs are catchy, really groovy slumbering sludge. 

Eat The Sun: Heavydeath (Sweden)(33:54-38:33)

Apocalyptic landcape: jagged, space prog psychedelic, but in black metal roots.  Instrumental, but the music expresses well without vocals. 

Empty Harbor: Sannhet (Brooklyn)(39:10-43:16)

Lead singer of Rotten Sound has a new slow evil! band.

Pollute: Morbid Evils (Finland)(44:39-50:07)

TMZ background story of Leviathan: This is the dude that was charged with beating and raping his former girlfriend, had 32 charges against him, and convicted with one, which ended in 2 years of probation.  Apparently the alleged victim showed no signs of physical trauma, and made several inconsistent statements prior to and during trial.  He moved to Portland and is married to Stevie Floyd, the chick from Dark Castle, and have a baby together.

Other than that, this black metal shit is tight, scary, creepy.

Gardens Of Corprolite: Leviathan (Portland)(51:08-56:48)

The reissue of 1990’s The Key by Nocturnus, who expressed their death metal with a synthesizer with robot spacy sounds.  Sound interesting? Catch them live this month.  This week in SF!! 

Droid Sector: Nocturnus (Florida) (reissue, original release 1990)(57:42-END)

Behind my vocals:

Space Commando, Silver Lady: Intergalactic Touring Band

Suspiria: Goblin

Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings/Leaving Shire: Bo Hansson

Traveller in Time: Uriah Heep

Ticket to the Moon: ELO

Father of Day, Father of Night: Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Oxygene Pt. 1: Jean Michel Jarre

Space is Deep: Hawkwind

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This past week Bostonfreeradio suffered a devastating loss when our beloved Program Director Doug Ashford passed away.  He was the person that trained me in the station, told me whattup, and requested that I keep my show when I moved back to San Francisco.  He is the reason why I have my show.  He was actually a complete perfectionist, and I loved that. 

Everyone at the station loved him.  Kind, smart; and he is irreplaceable at the station.

So this show is dedicated to him, and I speak about him on the show.

Fuck.  BRAND NEW SCORPIONS.  Need I say anything more.  Sure, there is plenty of cheese in this album, but it still FUCKING RULES. New documentary about them coming out!!

Going Out With A Bang: Scorpions (Germany)(0:28-4:11)

Finnish dudes are NEVER CHEESY.  They get away with wearing leather jackets without shirts.

defcon1: Ranger (Finland)(6:17-12:56)

Elder’s new album is still very technical, as they were on their last album (and live); but they have a very awesome bluesy feel.  I like this way better than their last album

Compendium: Elder (MA)(13:25-23:56)

Awesome new psychedelic from TeePee Records.  Mirror Queen has members that are in other bands, but I am too lazy to tell you about it.

From Earth Below: Mirror Queen (NYC)(24:56-28:50)

Avant-garde psychedelic folk black metal with violins and flutes.  This album RULES, I love it.  The folk is not contrived, the vocals are rad, etc. etc. whatever who cares.   

Hive Mindless: A Forest of Stars (U.K.)(29:35-37:03)

Another awesome project by one of my favorite artists, Chris Black.  This is even better than last year’s High Spirits.  He is collaborating with dudes from Circle, and they have put together this awesome 70’s and 80’s rock disco sound with cool synth. 

Gone Again: Aktor (Chicago/Finland)(37:46-41:37)

Sweet standalone songs in the E.P from Forced Order: Noise, metal, hardcore

Supremacy Fallen: Forced Order (SoCal)(42:01-43:13)

The lead singer from Brothers of the Sonic Cloth reminds me of Steve Von Till.  He used to be in Tad!! (90’s grunge band).  I totally dug this album, super melodic doom, super catchy stuff. But not obvious.  SOLID.   

I Am: Brothers of the Sonic Cloth (Seattle)(44:34-52:50)

German black, hmmm.  Sounds a bit harsh.  Fortunately Helrunar is smart enough to break it apart with pagan and it pulls you in. 

Devils, Devils Everywhere!: Helrunar (Germany)(53:14-1:00:03)

Death from Pennsylvania.  So you just know it is a bit filthy.

That Which Was Taken: Outer Heaven (PA)(1:00:50-END)

Bands behind my vocals: Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Jackson Browne, Grand Funk Railroad, Elton John, The Who, Neil Young, Traffic, Lynyrd

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Technical, disjointed hardcore.

Birth Of The Sadistic Son: Cowards (Paris)(0:28-4:28)

Enslaved is SUPER charming live, you can see them with YOB in March.

Thurisaz Dreaming: Enslaved (Norway)(5:27-10:16)

I finally get Torche.

No Servants: Torche (Florida)(11:02-14:48)

2013’s Best Grindcore, now with a brand new album, touring with Enabler (this week at Gilman!!).

The Sun Chaser: Call of the Void (Denver)(15:13-18:13)

Vocals vocals, that is the shrieking charm.

Megalomaniac (TT Mix): Porta Nigra (Germany)(18:34-24:01)

Really jammy psychedelic.

Temples: Kabbalah (Spain)(25:00-28:29)

Mature hardcore, taking its time when necessary and not just trying to bash your head in.

Nothing: Cease (CA)(29:02-31:55)

Aaron Turner does a good job keeping yet another project from the pitfalls of his former band Isis.  Old Man Gloom, and now Sumac.

Blight's End Angel: Sumac (WA/Vancouver)(32:37-39:52)

Good times drunk punk and fun, definitely need to learn the lyrics.  First album in 11 years.

Piss off, I'm Drinking: Gehennah (Sweden)(40:29-44:09)

I am not surprised Denver seethes with so many aggressive bands, they always have.

Loathe: Primitive Man (Denver)(45:32-55:29)

Second album by Xibalba is a bit more serious, I wish they kept a bit more of the breakdowns and emotion of their debut album.

Enemigo: Xibalba (SoCal)(55:57-END)

Behind my vocals: 6 Million Dollar Man, CHiPS, the Love Boat, Magnum P.I., Greatest American Hero, Welcome Back Kotter, WKRP in Cincinnati, Transformers, Star Wars (of course), The Incredible Hulk

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Chicagoans Oozing Wound is nerd hardcore you know?

Hippie Speedball: Oozing Wound (Chicago) (2014)(0:28-6:03)

And Chris Hemsworth came forth between the clouds, garbed in Viking clothes, heaving muscles. Blind Guardian’s 10th album.

Twilight Of The Gods: Blind Guardian (Germany)(7:48-12:36)

Anonymous members in Dead in the Manger.  Black metal with an organic twist of catchy riffs.

Part III: Dead in the Manger (Germany)(13:16-17:56)

70’s style jazz and proggy. 

Morning Light: Crowned in Earth (U.K.)(18:14-25:40)

14th album from Venom, who I assumed were dead, but I guess not.   

Long Haired Punks: Venom (U.K.)(26:38-30:38)

Groovy black metal Abstracter, a triumph in layering ideas.

Lightless: Abstracter (CA)(31:27-39:04)

Italian spacey psychedelic with an edge. 

NGC 2244: Kayleth (Italy)(39:31-43:35)

Philly hardcore.

Turn in the Pike: Blacklisted (Philly)(43:49-45:25)

Evil garage rock with a foot in the 60’s

The Filthy Few: Alucarda (Denmark)(46:25-51:24)

Psychedlia from Sweden!  Monolord does their version of Black Sabbath from a new 12”.  New album in April.

Fairies Wear Boots: Monolord (Sweden)(51:44-59:47)

Speed and sludge, Portland style.

Poisoned Altars: Lord Dying (Portland) (1:00:17-END)

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Best Saturday Album:

Past bands have been Kadavar and Sons of Tonatiuh.  This year my most listened to album on Saturday is Murmur, which is avant-garde jazz fusion band.  Super nerdy fusion metal. You will hear a twinge of hardcore and of course, prog.

Murmur (Chicago), album - Murmur (song: Zeta II Reticuli (0:28-7:03))

Best Supergroup:

Dudes from Converge, Cave-In and Isis created Old Man Gloom.  They put out a fake album prior to the true release which ended them in some hot water with pretentious reviewers.  But, who cares, this album is yet another jaunt in heavy noise and hardcore and ferocity.

Old Man Gloom (New Mexico), album - Ape of God (song: Shoulder Meat (9:09-14:41))

Best Sludge:

No, this genre is not slow, you just listened to a few mediocre bands and think you know what the f you are talking about.  How about you settle down over there and realize you just don’t know.  Secret Cutter is a young Pennsylvanian band that have set up some kickass hooks in a swampy sound that kicks into grind.

Secret Cutter (PA), album - Secret Cutter (song: Craving The Silence (15:29-18:41))

Runner-Up: Tombs (NYC), album - Savage Gold: The first time I heard this, I knew it was going in my top list.  The album is full of surprising genre melds, but mostly it is just a brutally satisfying trip.  Tombs' lead singer just rips.

Runner-Up: Fistula (Cleveland), album - Vermin Prolificus: Crust-infused sludge, the taste I like

Best Ballad/Compositions:

This takes into consideration the structure of a sound that invokes heart strings getting pulled, in a way that is still immensely brutal and heavy.  This second album by Pallbearer is a step above their first, layered instrumentation and vocalization for a really epic emotional experience.    

Pallbearer (Arkansas), album - Foundations of Burden (song: Foundations (19:40-28:21))

Runner-Up: Primordial (Ireland), album - Where Greater Men Have Fallen (also Best Vocalist)

Best Horror:

This debut album by Thantifaxath was menacing, mechanical, cold, brutal, clean, scary and wicked.

Thantifaxath (Toronto), album - Sacred White Noise (song: Gasping In Darkness (29:32-34:55))

Best Vocalist/Best Fucking Passion:

I always had a huge crush on Irish men, the accents themselves lend a lyrical quality.  The vocalist of Primordial does not sing with an accent, but it is a gorgeous voice, powerful and fierce.  The band is going to put you away with speed and prowess.  This is their (8th) album. 

Primordial (Ireland), album - Where Greater Men Have Fallen (song: Come the Flood (35:33-42:42))

Runner-Up: Alunah (U.K.), album – Awakening the Forest (female): FUCK.  This chick is FUCKING AMAZING.  This is a close runner-up for Best Doom and Best Ballads.

Runner-Up: Dread Sovereign (Ireland), album – All Hell’s Martyrs: (SAME SINGER AS PRIMORDIAL!!): Ultimately, I am in love with this vocalist.  Dread Sovereign has this wonderful retro heavy-metal edge to it; but it is fully a dark and emotional album.

Runner-Up: Blues Pill (Sweden), album – Blues Pills (female - her band got Best 70's Revitalist)

Runner-Up: Pallbearer (Arkansas), album - Foundations of Burden (this band got Best Ballad/Compositions)

Runner-Up: Bulletbelt (New Zealand), album – Rise of the Banshee (female - badass)

Runner-Up: Hang the Bastard (U.K.), album – Sex in the Seventh Circle

Runner-Up: Order of Israfel (Sweden), album - Wisdom

Best Unorthodox Death:

Arty disjointed prog death, of course the Norwegians take something classic and spin it into some crazy product that is barely recognizable.  Must be their dark demon-ridden forests. 

Diskord (Norway), album - Oscillations (song: Horrid Engine (43:25-46:57))

Best Classic Death:

Horrendous’s take on the classic sound is just catchy riffs, strong pumping beat, and a great singer. This album won’t exhaust you. 

Horrendous (Virginia), album - Ecdysis (song: Monarch (48:06-51:57)

Runner-Up: Embrace of Thorns (Greece), album - A Plague Through the Heavens: If you are looking for a thick catchy sound incorporating tons of black metal, look no further.  This was a close second to the best death album of the year.

Runner-Up: Morbus Chron (Sweden), album - Sweven: Well, the part that is old school is an (awesome) layer in some of these songs - fun and fast, but what stands out is their take on proggy, and the genre of death is made that much more complex.  Their sound is one of the best this year, but it lost to Horrendous because their vocalist was not as strong.

Runner-Up: Dead Congregation (Greece), album - Promulgation of the Fall: A thicker sound, very straight, old school death metal.  I love musicians from Greece.

Runner-Up: Teitanblood (Spain), album - Death: Appropriately named album.  There is this cold mechanical cutting feel, slicing through your brain when you hear this. So fast.

Runner-Up: Exordium Mors (New Zealand), album - The Apotheosis of Death: Screeching, headbanging brutality

Best Stoner/Doom:

A close race this year, Alunah from the U.K. had one of the strongest doom albums of the year, you should rush out and get it.  But, I heart YOB forever.  This is them putting out another list of epic climactic songs, leaving an emotional ache in your heart. 

YOB (Oregon), album - Clearing The Path To Ascend (song: Nothing to Win (52:58-1:00:45))

Runner-Up: Alunah (U.K.), album – Awakening the Forest: This is also a runner-up to BEST VOCALIST, this chick rocks.  I would even put it under Best Ballads – fucking amazing emotional songs here.

Runner-Up: Order of Israfel (Sweden): Definitely more "catchy" than YOB style, which doesn't give a shit about setting a groove.  But hell, a girl likes a bit of groove.

Best Hardcore/Crust-Influenced:

Underrated Young and In The Way stole this category immediately, as soon as I heard the album early this year.  They do this churning black metal laden crust. BUT, don’t just stop there: their take on doom is a large part of this huge album. 

Young and In the Way (Charlotte), album - When Life Comes To Death (song: Fuck This Life (1:01:53-1:05:21))

Runner-Up: Enabler (Milwaukee), album - Le Fin Absolue Du Monde: One of the main things I look for in a crust album is energy, catchy, and grit.  It has to have the energy of a crust band, compel me to skip in a mosh pit, and make me clench my teeth.  Enabler's guitar work was deeper than what I usually hear in crust bands, way more composition here.  But it is fucking galloping crust.

Runner-Up: Husk (Norway), album - Hymns: A bit darker, these breakdowns are hypnotic.

Best Post-Punk/Deathrock/Industrial-influenced:

Atriarch is technically a metal band, but they have integrated post-punk and industrial, that made this album really compelling for me.  For straight up post-punk, you must listen to Pawns and Horror Vacui, two of the best bands I listened to last year. 

Atriarch (Portland), album - An Unending Pathway (song: Entropy (1:06:04-1:11:31))

Runner-Up: Pawns (Brooklyn), album – Pawns: Super raw, like you are at the club watching them live; a must-have

Runner-Up: Horror Vacui (Italy), album – Return of the Empire: If you are going to get one post-punk album, run and get this one.  Brilliant, and I hate that I missed them live.

Runner-Up: The New Flesh (Oakland), album –The Absurd: From Oakland, you will relive your 80’s youth

Runner-Up: House of Capricorn (New Zealand), album – Morning Star Rise: Leans towards psychedelic; but definitely gorgeous post-punk song structure


Lord Mantis was created in every element with an artist’s mind, from the almost horrific lyrics to the difficult album imagery.  His vocals got “Best Shrieking Vocals”, one of my favorite styles.  It isn’t easy to create demonic sounds that you want to hear over and over again.  They are not sludge, they have mutated the sound and vocals, bringing in dark electronic and industrial in parts.  It is unexpected, a present to the dreary and bored mind.  Blistering is the word. 

Lord Mantis (Chicago), album - Death Mask (song: Negative Birth (1:12:44-END))

Backing my vocals in order: The Cure; Jesus And Mary Chain; Catherine Wheel; Sugarcubes; Gene Loves Jezebel; Radiohead; Brad; Joy Division; Sisters of Mercy; Thrill Kill Kult; Space Team Elektra

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Best Classic Black Metal:

Yes, it is controversial that I am saying this is classic black metal: the production is excellent and they integrate some sludge in here.  It has tons of melody.  Bite me. Some of these dudes are also in Inter Arma.

Bastard Sapling (Richmond, VA), album - Instinct is Forever (song - My Spine Will Be My Noose (0:28-7:45))

Runner-Up: Blut Aus Nord (France), album – Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry: It's not fair, Blut Aus Nord is just too good. This guy does no wrong, no matter how prolific he is. It is almost too hard to judge.

Runner-Up: The Great Old Ones (France), album – Tekeli-li: I love this album, really romantically menacing.  Pure as the snow black metal, but so thick and satisfying.  The pummeling.

Best 70's Revitalist

70’s Revitalist is one of my favorites, I love bluesy rock that jams, tons of psychedelic here.  This was a close race, but Blues Pills really hits a home run.  The female vocalist kicks ass, you will love her.  Just get both albums.  These dudes left Radio Moscow and started this band.  

Blues Pills (Sweden), albumBlues Pills (song – Astralplane (9:33-14:07))

Runner-Up: Brimstone Coven (WV), album – Brimstone Coven: You have to own this album, if you are a blues-rock fan. It was like Sophie’s Choice between these two bands.  You are going to fucking jam out.

Best Noise/Ambient

Full of Hell is a young band who caught a lucky break befriending the drummer of Merzbow at a show.  Next think you know, they are composing with a band via email.  Noise inspires images that are all of your making.  I personally get a torture vibe with axes and medieval boys running around. 

Full of Hell/Merzbow (MD/Japan), album - Full Of Hell & Merzbow (song - Raise Thee, Great Wall, Bloody And Terrible (15:00-17:29))

Runner-Up: Kikagaku Moyo (Tokyo), album - Mammatus Clouds: Very ethnic

Runner-Up: Suruni (Finland), album – Ikuus: This is just a gorgeous album, don't miss this one

Best Comeback Album

Even though Behemoth has only been quiet for (5) years, this is their 10th album.  They show their maturity in not just putting out speed and chaos; they patiently take their time and then suddenly rip. They don’t need to prove shit.

Behemoth (Poland), album - The Satanist(song: Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel (18:39-23:17))

Runner-Up: Misery Index (Baltimore), album – The Killing Gods: One of my favorite live bands of all time. Super pummeling technical shit. This album was 4 years in the making, which ain't that long, but it felt it. Solid, as expected.

Runner-Up: At the Gates (Sweden), album – At War with Reality: Dude, what a great follow-up to one of my favorite albums, Slaughter of the Soul.  This is fucking melodic metal in the only way I could ever listen to it.

Best Dark Psychedelic/Avante-Garde/Experimental

Close to the category noise/ambient, but incorporates more straight-forward song-writing.  Hail Spirit Noir borrows a bit from King Diamond, and the vocalist has some raspy shit going on.  The psychedelic songs have a dark edge to it. 

Hail Spirit Noir (Greece), album - Oi Magoi (song - Blood Guru (23:59-30:03))

Runner-Up: Murmur (Chicago), album – Murmur: Man this was a close call, I fucking love Murmur.  This band mixed progressive and hardcore into the mix.

Runner-Up: Megaton Leviathon (Portland), album - Past 21 Beyond the Arctic Cell: SO CLOSE!! Progressive atmosphere, very sci-fi; and then add some heavy sludge; holy shit this album contains a ton, no pun attended

Runner-Up: Spectral Haze (Norway), album - I.E.V.: Transmutated Nebula Remains: A lighter of the other bands, straight up awesome psychedelic

Runner-Up: Emptiness (Belgium), album - Nothing But The Whole: Darker than the others on this list, but oh so weird in where they take their emotional romantic take on metal, so I shoved it in this category. I feel like these peeps grew up with goth influences, though they are straight-up evil.

Best Unorthodox Black Metal:

Panopticon mixed a bunch of shit into their black metal sound: some organic instruments like banjo and violin.  But it is a vicious freeze of black metal fo sho. 

Panopticon (Minnesota), album - Roads to the north(song - The Echoes of a Disharmonic Evensong (31:03-39:59))

Runner-Up: Woods of Desolation (Australia): album - As The Stars: One-man band first of all, and incorporating a lot of gazy, emotional, and inherently sweet melody

Best Thrash

Revocation has death bleeding into it, but you got some great riffs going on here, it breaks into some real singing and fist pumping.  A touch of retro, as any good thrash band pulls in.   

Revocation (Boston), album – Deathless (song – Deathless (40:50-45:44))

Runner-Up: Alestorm (Scotland), album - Sunset on the Golden Age: Uh, have you heard this band!?? You first think it is a complete joke, and they have Scottish accents, but this is just a right-on, badass-in-the-riff-arena album, with the BEST LYRICS EVER “we are here to drink your beer, drink. drink. drink. drink. drink. drink. drink. drink.” I mean, this is what thrash is all about right?

Best Crossover Thrash

I love Iron Reagan, they are just one of those bands that know how to have fun, mosh in a circle and check it out.  Yes, this song is less than 40 secconds.

Iron Reagan (Richmond), album – The Tyranny of Will (song - The Living Skull (46:55-47:33))

Runner-Up: Foreseen (Sweden)

Best Assault Album That You Cannot Listen Through in One Sitting:

Artificial Brain’s progressive sound is technical, raw, pummeling and painful all around. 

Artificial Brain (NY), album - Labyrinth Constellation (song - Absorbing Black Ignition (48:15-53:26))

Runner-Up: Diocletian (New Zealand), album - Gesundrian: Fuck if this ain't an assault, but worthy of many tries to listen.

Best Evil Doom:

Thou brings in the menace to its take to doom.  It is cold, but the riffs break it up.  This also has some gorgeous melody. 

Thou (Baton Rouge), album - Heathen (song - Into the Marshland (54:18-1:01:14))

Runner-Up: Hang the Bastard (U.K), album - Sex in the Seventh Circle: One of my favorite elements is the vocals.  Fucking A.  And on top of it, completely catchy.

2nd BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR, and Best Grindcore

I can’t tell you how much I love this album.  It has all the elements: speed, tight, aggressive, brutal, catchy at times.  He has these gorgeous pops of melody.  Sadly, this band has since retired

Gridlink (NJ, Texas, Japan), album - Longhena(song- Look to Windward (1:02:26-END))

Runner-Up (to Best Grindcore): Piss Vortex (Denmark), album – Piss Vortex: Young, fresh, hard, crazy, tight, difficult.


Just in case you are interested, these are the bands that I am playing behind my vocals, in order:



McChurch Soundroom

Cosmic Jokers

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We are starting 2015 with a mellow hungover set of nostalgia. Next week starts my Best of 2014 babblings-on.

Stripped: Depeche Mode (0:28-3:59)

Tubular Bells: Book of Love (4:00-10:56)

Well I Wonder: The Smiths (10:57-14:44)

Creep (TLC cover): Afghan Whigs (14:45-18:21)

Tonight: Xymox (18:22-23:35)

All Night Long: Peter Murphy (23:55-29:14)

P.S.: James (29:15-34:07)

Revenge: Ministry (34:08-37:54), plus watch Al Jourgenson in the early 80's:

Scarecrow: Siouxsie and the Banshees (37:55-42:36)

Love is Stronger than Death: The The (42:37-47:12)

Flood II: Sisters of Mercy (47:43-54:29)

Nearly Lost You: Screaming Trees (54:30-58:29)

The Howling: Babel (58:30-END)

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U.K.’s Anaal Nathrakh plays a mix of genres: raw grind, produced industrial, death.  A true wall of sound.

Unleash: Anaal Nathrakh (U.K.)(0:28-4:08)

Emptiness plays with a light and dark outlook on experimental death metal.  There is something gorgeous underlying it all. 

Lowland: Emptiness (Belgium)(5:32-11:31)

Algoma perfects the slow-motion head bang, with its filthy outlook on sludge.

Bed Sores: Algoma (Canada)(12:06-18:36)

Alternative, yes, but completely dark and angular.

Pedestal: Bone (Australia)(18:52-24:52)

Slugdge is made of two weirdos who sing about slugs, wizards and shrooms.  And it f’n shreds.

Slimewave Zero: Slugdge (U.K.)(26:03-30:31)

Imagine laying out in the sun in Italy, with a dark-eyed Italian man fanning you, and feeding you gelato. 

Kenosis: Istvan (Italy)(31:02-38:41)

So what, this is melodic death metal.  That doesn’t mean that it isn’t completely brutal and fist-pumping fun.  Indulge in a little pleasure, awesome breakdowns that you can cabbage patch to. 

Leader of the Titans: Mors Principium Est (Finland)(39:22-44:42)

Madison plays black metal, emotional and shimmering in parts.

Lost Ages: Bereft (WI)(45:38-51:26)

Gurgling black evil from Germany.

Words Like Flames: Dysangelium (Germany)(52:07-56:33)

Your feathered hair flows back perpetually.  This shit breaks DOWN.

Thunder: Black Magic (Norway)(56:51-1:02:18)

These guys hover over arctic ice, their bat wings soundless.

Stoneweaver: Old Wainds (Murmansk, Russia)(1:03:07-END)

The Smiths/Morrissey songs I play behind my vocals in order:

Well I wonder

Bigmouth Strikes again

The Boy Thorn

This Night Has Opened My Eyes

Light That Has Never Gone Out




Cemetery Gates


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Tight, bare-boned aggression.

Visitant: Baring Teeth (Dallas)(0:28-4:30)

Harlequin-romance medieval black metal.

Vitava: Cult of Fire (Czech Republic)(5:27-11:23)

Filthy aggressive Belgians.

Blight Upon Sodom: Bones (Belgium)(11:42-17:28)

Dense black metal mixed with a lot of different genres that gives this an organic twist.   

Vinger: Taake (Norway)(18:14-24:02)

Torturously slow brutal.

Chapter 1: Devourer of Light: Famishgod (Spain)(25:03-31:59)

Warm death.

Insignia of Illumination: Usurpress (Sweden)(32:16-35:30)

Proggy Ghost Brigade on the verge of cheese, but smart enough not to fall off the edge.

Wretched Blues: Ghost Brigade (36:21-42:34)

Scary power from the north.

Hell's First Born: Conquer (Ottawa)(42:52-47:37)

Melodic, yeah, but good stuff.  The vocalist is a story-teller.

The Bright Trapezium: Varathron (Greece)(48:23-55:05)

Oh, this shit is slow as all hells doom.

Fortress of Gods: Fortress (MD)(55:29-END)

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Supergroup Old Man Gloom has (2) new albums with the same name, the following song is from the "first" album.  The second album is a little more moody, but still full of piss. 

Promise: Old Man Gloom (MA)(0:28-5:01)

Chris Black is a god of musical prowess, playing drums, bass and/or singing for bands Dawnbringer, High Spirits, Superchrist, Pharoah. Dawnbringer’s Nucleus (2010) is one of my fave albums of all time.  This is yet another NWOBHM-influenced, riffy, awesomeness.

The Burning Of Home: Dawnbringer (Chicago)(7:10-11:19)

Full of Hell have hit the jackpot: access to the noise of Merzbow to create a double cd album. 

High Fells: Full of Hell and Merzbow (MD and Japan)(12:14-16:45)

One of the best goth/post-punk influenced album this year.

Entropy: Atriarch (Portland)(17:23-22:42)

A short brand new E.P. from the female-led Bog Oak.

The Resurrection Of Animals: Bog Oak (Sacramento)(23:17-27:45)

I expect no less from Behemoth.  This is a vinyl-only E.P.

Nieboga Czarny Xiadz: Behemoth (Poland)(28:28-34:33)

Doom that hits the nail on the head: they intertwine slow with incredible riffage. Will keep you guessing.  This is a great mini-album.

They Had No Names: Heavydeath (Sweden)(35:11-41:26)

You can basically see this band play in your hometown in someone’s basement, and you would have talked about it for years. 

Mayhem: Caskets Open (Finland)(41:55-44:55)

Distorted thrash black metal.

Conquest: Zom (Ireland)(45:51-50:36)

The vocalist brings back Fen to its razor sharp edge again.

Our Names Written in Embers - Part 2 (Beacons of Sorrow): Fen (U.K.)(51:12-57:31)

I can’t listen to this band.

Beyond Stillness: Dire Omen (Alberta)(57:59-END)


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Secret Cutter is groovy hardcore, pulls you in while driving a nail through your heart.

Shake The Malevolent: Secret Cutter (PA)(0:28-2:29)

Epic, extreme, black and death, mixing in ambience, cause it is epic. Downfall of Gaia is a critic favorite right now.

To Carry Myself to the Grave: Downfall of Gaia (Germany)(3:35-11:08)

11 Paranoias creeps into your psychedelic black heart.

Lost to Smoke: 11 Paranoias (U.K.)(11:39-19:02)

So cheesy, in the best way is NJ’s While Heaven Wept. (EDIT: massive mistake, this awesome band is from VIRGINIA, what was I thinking you ask? I listened to them on a road trip in NJ and forever associate them with that state)

Indifference Turned Paralysis: While Heaven Wept (Virginia)(19:24-23:08)

Craang is so loose, that you know that this is the best type of band to be psychedelic.  Parts improv, but all jammy spacey fun.

Slo Forward Jam: Craang (Greece)(24:11-31:12)

Garage and black metal, what does that even mean.

When a Lie Becomes the Truth: Raspberry Bulbs (NYC)(31:33-34:23)

Depressing sober sludge.

Drag: Dusted: Pharaoh (NJ)(34:48-39:42)

What can anyone say, Today is the Day.  This new one is as good as they are.

Discipline: Today is the Day (Nashville)(40:35-43:32)

Super band Soulburn really riffs it out in the best possible way.  They are “blackened” death, which means they infuse some shit in this shit and shit.

Claws Of Tribulation: Soulburn (Netherlands)(44:14-49:38)

Fucking psychedelic, from Norway and shit.  This shit is TIGHT.

I.E.V I: Circumambulating Mount Meru: Spectral Haze (Norway)(50:22-54:15)

Very different grind from Copenhagen.

Devouring Intent: Piss Vortex (Denmark)(54:38-55:42)

One of my favorite vocalists of all time, who also is in one of my other fave albums of this year:

Dread Sovereign: Primordial (Ireland)(56:31-END)

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Touring Italian death rock with Mission (U.K.) vocals.  Unfortunately I missed them, this album will take you straight back to the early 80’s in the best way.

'Till The Last Drop: Horror Vacui (Italy)(0:28-6:09)

Bauhaus re-born, singing God is dead.

Übermensch: Pawns (Brooklyn)(7:01-12:44)

Fade from Batillus has one of the best EBM/industrial bands in our modern times.  One man project.  He made my “best of” list last year.  This is from a new split with Zex Model.

Behind Glass_Second Pane: Statiqbloom (Brooklyn)(13:17-17:34)

Skinny frigging Puppy.  Need I say more??!  I heart them more than you.  I will be twirling around in storm clouds in December when I see them at the Warfield. 

wornin: Skinny Puppy (Vancouver)(18:17-22:57)

Criminal Code is flirts with punk and hardcore, but has a firm grip in post-punk.

Burning Backwards: Criminal Code (Tacoma)(23:21-25:13)

Institute shares a record label with Pharmakon, who is getting way more attention.  Institute rules, deserves more of the spotlight.

An Absence: Institute (Austin)(26:07-29:47)

Danish dark new wave, fronted by a strong vocalist.

Forever: Iceage (Denmark)(30:12-34:57)

Youth Code is a duo, definitely do not hide being influenced by bands like Nitzer Ebb and KMFDM and other old school EBM and industrial.  They are touring with Skinny Puppy. 

Let The Sky Burn: Youth Code (LA)(35:21-39:14)

Pharmakon is a one chick who is a complete noise-creating weirdo.

Autoimmune: Pharmakon (Brooklyn)(39:45-44:27)

Vicious Pleasures is yet another female-led band, she screams punk-ily.

In These Walls: Vicious Pleasures (Portland)(45:20-47:44)

Population have tried over the last 5 years to evolve, and they have ended with this thick new wave sound.

Sleepwalker: Population (Chicago)(48:15-52:27)

Female-led bay area band, gotta check them out!

June: Crimson Scarlet (Oakland)(52:52-57:49)

One of my fave post-punk bands this year, also from the bay area! Holy crap, lots of good stuff coming from our neck of the woods!!


Blood & Sweat: The New Flesh (Oakland)(58:32-END)


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Usually super-produced melodic is like, disGUSting to me, but not in the case of At The Gates.  They are as filthy and evil as any raw band, and this is the only follow-up to Slaughter of the Soul that could have been released.

The Conspiracy Of The Blind: At The Gates (Sweden) (0:28-3:45)

Finnish Swallowed is part weird, part awesome.   

Reverence Through Darkness: Swallowed (Finland) (5:22-12:09)

Horrendous mixes a lot of different stuff in with its death, including occult and atmosphere.

Monarch: Horrendous (Philly) (12:55-16:47)

Of course, occult from Occultation. 

All Hallow’s Fire: Occultation (NYC) (17:39-23:02)

One of the best 2-piece hardcore-influenced brutal metal out there.  They were my last year’s best 2 piece, and there was some hella competition

Combine Desecration: Cara Neir (Dallas) (23:51-25:42)

Massive eccentric black noise with an awesome band name.

Ad Ban Ed No: Captainpopaptain (Germany) (27:12-31:44)

Torrid Husk is large, but not boring and over-produced.  Death metal and black metal here, and post-metal.

And Ballasted the Elk: Torrid Husk (West Virginia) (32:17-40:41)

Proggy and expertly produced.

Discotheque: Kruger (Switzerland) (41:26-47:35)

This 2 piece will remind you of 80’s goth; very dark ambient.

Torture of Fire: Menace Ruine (Montreal) (49:01-54:09)

Northless members continuing in their style of heavy post-metal.

The Word of God: Lotus Ash (Milwaukee) (54:53-END)


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Another incredible female vocalist leading the pack.  The band is riffy awesome fun 70’s style Sabbath doom.

The Mask Of Herne: Alunah (England) (0:28-6:18)

Revocation shares the guitarist from Artificial Brain.  This new Revocation album has some proggy-ness, and definite melody which makes it stand out from the usual thrash.  This is a great band.

Witch Trials: Revocation (Boston) (7:23-13:15)

New E.P. from Inter Arma is a keeper, one song – 46 minutes.  It dives into a number of different sounds, which are basically different songs, which means this E.P. is a full album in disguise.

(a very small portion of) The Cavern: Inter Arma (Richmond) (13:52-22:24)

Baptists are pummeling crushing hardcore, in the vein of Converge.

For Profit: Baptists (Vancouver) (22:54-26:06)

Not to sound like a broken record, but another incredible female vocalist.  Not contrived, just a part of the sound of the band.  She just quit the band.

Psycho Animundi: Witch Mountain (Portland) (27:13-35:55)

Wowsers, this is some dark Polish noise infused black cloudy guttural stuff. 

Winter’s Bone: Thaw (Poland) (36:21-41:43)

Yay, awesome new post-punk, full of nostalgic 80’s dance-y alternative.

The Only Star in the Sky: The House of Capricorn (New Zealand) (42:01-46:05)

Disjointed black metal, the songs are very different from each other so you will get a touch of droning ambient.

The Will Of Fire: Tongues (Denmark) (46:59-55:12)

Detroit flips you off.


Exanimate Gaze: Temple of Void (Detroit) (55:51-END)


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Doom Londoners who incorporated rasp vocals and melody in a huge album.

Morrs Tempest: Hang the Bastard (London) (0:28-5:50)

Beautifully integrated thrash, energizing 1349’s thick black sound.

Postmortem: 1349 (Norway) (7:08-11:25)

Garage desert rock, but way better than you are thinking.

Dragon Snort: The Well (Austin) (11:49-16:44)

Philosophers Nightbringer have incredible production – dense noise is articulated perfectly.  Their last 2 albums have been their best, which is usually not what happens for a band that has been around since 1999.

I Am the Gateway: Nightbringer (Colorado) (17:36-25:07)

Bulletbelt sound like a female-led Skeletonwitch.  Fast and furious death.

Murderer's Collar: Bulletbelt (New Zealand) (26:01-30:41)

Orange Goblin is going super jammy stoner strong with their eighth album.

Mythical knives: Orange Goblin (U.K.) (31:21-36:06)

Garage-punk mixed with psychedelic, twinges of post-punk and hardcore.  A cave-like sound overall.

Dazeripper: Okkultokrati(Norway) (36:38-42:22)

Gritty thrash band, Philadelphia-style.

Howling Void: Blood Storm (Philadelphia) (43:38-48:57)

Bluesy-folk, yes, completely different from brutal. Incorporating some thick doom-y rock in parts.

Shake the Soot From Your Boots: Bask (Asheville, NC) (49:40-54:16)

Very clean black metal, with some avant-garde noise

Henosis: Blut Aus Nord (France) (55:03-END)



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Myrkur was anonymous, and now no more.  It is a one-person project by a Danish and (most likely) hot chick.  It was completely addicting.  Her style is integrating her angelic vocals with catchy black metal, very atmospheric.

Nattens Barn: Myrkur (Denmark) (0:28-6:11)

Dark sludgy-but-almost-hardcore crusty Clevelandites.

Smoke Cat Hair and Toenails: Fistula (Cleveland) (7:26-12:58)

Now defunct,  Mondvolland has some awesome epic melancholy Dutch-language stuff.

Wanneer De Hemel Bloedt: Mondvolland (Netherlands) (13:34-19:25)

Guitarist from Cathedral started a band in Belgium, his dream. He pictured a female singer, and got one from Serpentcult.  If you don’t like her vocals, listen again.  She is strong and gorgeous.  And the band is seriously talented.

Eyes of the Heretic: Death Penalty (Belgium/England) (20:10-25:19)

Sivyi Yar in Russian, crazy one-person project that does NOT sound one-person-y.  He integrates some fun alternative/post-punk in his black metal. 

Distant Haze Was Arising: Сивый Яр (Russia) (26:43-33:13)

Denver’s Primitive Man breaks down the best.

Loathe: Primitive Man (Denver) (33:38-38:58)

Cult of Luna-ish vocals, cause these guys are Swedish.

The End/Aftermath: Gloson (Sweden) (39:33-46:18)

Very talented death, these guys have 2 vocalists, I like the raspy one, he should sing more!

Pox of the Weary: Lago (Phoenix) (47:30-52:50)

Another talented atmospheric-laden black metal.


Entartetes Gesicht: Aesop (Switzerland) (53:19-END)


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