She Likes It Heavy on Tuesdays, 7pm PST on,

The new TOAD! This album has goth, spacey and psychedelic strains running through, in all-over groove rock.

Terminal Burrowing: Take Over and Destroy (Arizona) (0:28-5:13)


Horror experimental mixed with prog and brutal; but not as hard as that just sounded.


The Bright White Nothing At The End Of The Tunnel: Thantifaxath (Toronto) (6:36-13:17)


Vocalist is my favorite part of Darkentries; the album is full of different styles, but in a beautiful composition of sound.


TV Fuzz: Darkentries (SC) (13:45-19:15)


Heavy metal punk rock.


Whiplash Disaster: Midnight (Cleveland) (19:41-23:54)


Don’t underestimate, not just groovy – it hits on some great riffs.  KTB has been around for 15 years.


Fifty-Four: Karma to Burn (WV) (24:50-29:19)


Italian glam punk band, very stylish and dirty at the same time. 


Eaten Dust Overload: Children of Technology (Italy) (29:52-33:28)


Monolord has very loud drums, crunchy, thick.


Icon: Monolord (Sweden) (33:52-41:30)


Canadian French post-metal.


Fading Inn: Rhino (Montreal) (42:20-47:52)


2/3’s female, beer rock!


 Wyvernking: Krownn (Italy) (51:35-END)



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