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She Likes It Heavy

Jun 25, 2014

I rant, and rant, and rant, and then let you know this is a 6-month reflection on the year,  “yay”.  


Stuntman has one of the best hardcore albums this year.

Bag of Dicks: Stuntman (France) (0:28-3:45)

2 piece from Germany has a full listenable riffy album.  Some people don’t like “listenable”, to them...

Jun 11, 2014

Based on this album, I am going to go back and listen to their other two albums.

Edge Of Darkness: Tombs (Brooklyn) (0:28-5:51)

Blast metal, but breaks down so fun-ly.

Subhumannihilation: NuclearHammer (Toronto) (6:47-13:01)

Burzum is legendary, in a terrible way.  His violent and psychotic crimes put him in...

Jun 4, 2014

Black Anvil’s sound is more broken down than a blast of cold.  Tons of adrenalin. 

Redemption Through Blood: Black Anvil (NYC) (0:28-6:36)


One of my fave crust bands and albums this year, Young and In the Way.


Weep In My Dust: Young and in the Way (Charlotte) (8:09-11:54)


Whiskey swilled Sourvein, makes your...