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She Likes It Heavy

Apr 24, 2013

Italian doom and screech vocal band with a viciously awesome album

Ketama Gold: Tons (Italy) 2012, New Import (0:28-6:36)

One of my favorite Boston bands has a new album – a great Friday album – both for decompression and pumping beer energy into your soul.

Bleed Out: Black Pyramid (Boston) New! (7:43-13:14)

Apr 10, 2013

2 bands from St. Louis to start off the set! Fister is one of my favorite bands, I have been waiting for this album to come out. It is hardcore vocals and a slight slowdown in tempo, a mix of awesomeness.
Suicide Hessian: Fister (St. Louis) New! (0:28-5:27)

Fulgora shares their drummer with Misery Index and...

Apr 4, 2013

A very heavy set of Italian bands! Starts off with Black Capricorn, a very catchy rockin’ headbang-y album, for good times and beers.

Double Star Goatfish: Black Capricorn (Italy) New! (0:28-6:14)

The riffs in Ulvedharr’s new album totally breaks badass.

The Raven's Flag: Ulvedharr (Italy) New! (7:10-13:16)