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She Likes It Heavy

Jun 11, 2014

Based on this album, I am going to go back and listen to their other two albums.

Edge Of Darkness: Tombs (Brooklyn) (0:28-5:51)

Blast metal, but breaks down so fun-ly.

Subhumannihilation: NuclearHammer (Toronto) (6:47-13:01)

Burzum is legendary, in a terrible way.  His violent and psychotic crimes put him in prison where he was allowed to record (Norwegian prison system is pretty cool).  I feel guilty liking his black metal and dark ambient.  This new album is noise and ambient, horror-ambient if you will.

Hall of the Fallen: Burzum (Norway) (13:58-18:59)

Detroit boys like guns, or at least like posing with them.  I hate that.  But, they know how to brung forth it.

Energy Blackmail: Boddicker (Detroit) (19:25-21:33)

Chicagoans bring us mafia, terrible weather, Bruce and romantic metal.

Jet Black Passenger: The Atlas Moth (Chicago) (21:55-26:21)

Avant-garde swirled Spanish metal.

Pentecostal Black Punishment: Barbarian Swords (Spain) (27:20-31:48)

Weirdos in Sacramento make industrial.

Flies: Wreck and Reference (Sacramento) (32:17-35:52)

Menace is a good way to put it.

Monuments Of Misery: Hooded Menace (Finland) (36:20-43:22)

This new album by Godflesh is better than their old stuff. For the more manly industrial listener (me).

Decline & Fall: Godflesh (England) (44:02-48:16)

GGU:LL sounds like being swallowed by the sarlacc pit.

Waan: GGU:LL (Netherlands) (49:17-55:14)

The warmth of south American heavy metal.

Towards the Midnight Ocean: Capilla Ardiente (Chile) (55:31-END)