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She Likes It Heavy

Jun 25, 2014

I rant, and rant, and rant, and then let you know this is a 6-month reflection on the year,  “yay”.  


Stuntman has one of the best hardcore albums this year.

Bag of Dicks: Stuntman (France) (0:28-3:45)

2 piece from Germany has a full listenable riffy album.  Some people don’t like “listenable”, to them I say. . eh.


Cult Witness: Mantar (Germany) (6:09-10:43)

The Greek have put out a dark version of 70’s rock: vocals are not pretty, but it has a lot of psychedelic and organs and stuff.

Demon for a Day: Hail Spirit Noir (Greece) (11:12-17:08)

I am a huge fan of Black Shape, they don’t get enough marketing, so listen to it jerks.

Always and Only: Black Shape of Nexus (Germany) (17:49-26:14)

Artificial Brain has an excellent grind album.  

Bastard Planet: Artificial Brain (27:26-30:01)

Primordial’s lead singer has a new band Dread Sovereign.  His vocals are very “heavy metal”, I love him.

Cathars to Their Doom: Dread Sovereign (Ireland) (30:44-39:11)

Strange, avante-garde jazz-metal.

King in Yellow: Murmur (Chicago) (39:44-43:13)

Another awesome brutal raspy noise band from Chicago.

Rape: Indian (Chicago) (44:10-51:18)

Portland stoner, but don’t let that make you think this is like every other stoner band.  This one is tight, talented, and the compositions in this album are really fun.

Some Can: Stoneburner (Portland) (51:39-57:12)

Pagan-influenced hardcore, from Finland.

...from the Eastern Shores (Yhdeksän Aallotarta): Gambanteinn (Finland) (57:54-END)