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She Likes It Heavy

Feb 22, 2017

Norwegian dark folk, melody, rich instrumentation, wicked vocals.

Enda-dagr: Helheim (Norway)(0:28-8:24)

Brooklyn black metal with emotive vocals.

Abject In Defeat: Woe (Brooklyn)(10:07-17:11)

Solid raspy vocals pairs perfectly with furious death metal. 

Genesis To Your Curse: Ritualization (France)(17:46-22:15)

Nidingr has dude who plays with Mayhem.  This is a non-traditional black metal album, lots of surprising sounds and tempos. 

Gleipnir: Nidingr (Norway)(22:48-27:50)

Oh those Greeks.  They are such strange, dreamy, badass weirdos. 

Light/Fos: Locust Leaves (Greece)(28:46-36:53)

Lead singer from defunct Agalloch. This is a cleaner, simpler, doom-oriented sound. 

Dark is the river of man: Pillorian (Portland)(37:32-46:59)

Witty noise rock from Australia.

Picking Teeth: Dead (AU)(47:50-50:36)

Instrumental band Omega Massif spun out this post-metal, lead-up oriented, composition-heavy band with a duo of strong vocalists.

Lights: Cranial (Germany)(51:22-END)