She Likes It Heavy on Tuesdays, 7pm PST on,

Behind my vocals are songs from John Carpenter’s new album Lost Themes.

Foreboding, emotional, proggy metal from Oakland.   

Eternal Wolves: Secrets of the Sky (Oakland)(0:28-7:14)

Doom and roll, bluesy rock.

Shadow Of Reality: Valkyrie (VA)(9:23-15:24)

Belgian brooding metal, with members of Amenra.  Great blistering, shrieking vocals.

De Doden Hebben Het Goed: Wiegedood (Belgium)(16:07-22:49)

New trippy psychedelic kraut-y stuff from Pharaoh Overlord (members of Circle).

Aavasaksa: Pharaoh Overlord (Finland)(24:06-30:45)

Jammy hook-y retro North Carolina rock.

Poison Garden: Demon Eye (NC)(31:10-36:33)

Swedish galloping death metal.

Abyss Of Corpses: Entrails (Sweden)(37:02-41:28)

Dutch smoking-joint psychedelic beer rock.

Golden Fields of Love: Death Alley (Netherlands)(41:54-47:36)

Avant-garde French unstructured proggy black metal.

Bouffon existentiel: Orakle (France)(48:46-57:04)

Italian retro psychedelic garage blues.  Grooves just right.

Fly Camel Fly: Ape Skull (Italy)(57:32-END)

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