She Likes It Heavy on Tuesdays, 7pm PST on,

A set of 70’s songs I play behind my vocals on a regular show!

Suicide: Dust (NYC)(1972) (0:28-5:02)

Freefall: Camel (UK)(1974) (5:03-10:48)

Down and Out: Pluto (UK)(1971) (10:49-13:57)

Chocolate Piano: Orang-Utan (UK)(1970) (13:58-20:29)

Freelance Fiend: Leaf Hound (UK)(1971) (20:30-23:37)

One Way or Another: Cactus (Long Island)(1971) (23:38-28:35)

Corrine: Gravestone (Germany)(1979) (29:18-39:19)

Come On Home: Thundermother (UK)(1971) (39:20-46:34)

Season of the Witch: Suck (South Africa)(1970) (47:05-56:55)


Out of Uranus: Killing Floor (UK)(1970) (56:56-END)

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