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She Likes It Heavy

Apr 22, 2015

Behind my vocals: John Carpenter-inspired retro synth! (The Thing, They Live, Halloween, etc.)  Free download:

Retro-speed thrash to play at your next kegger bbq.

Hungry They Will Come: Enforcer (Sweden)(0:28-4:55)

Crusty epic hardcore, diving into grind, but enough tempo changes to keep it from being suffocating.   Ex-members of Gaza.

Skin Crawler: Cult Leader (2014 E.P.-release coming soon)(Utah)(6:37-9:29)

Japanese Sigh had my Best Album of the Year a few years ago.  They continue in their way: avant-garde, Carnival, psychedelic noise, and of course, metal.

The Casketburner: Sigh (Japan)(10:23-15:20)

A big scoop of old-school black metal warmed up with some fist-pumping thrash.

Pagan Warfront: Infernus (Portland)(15:56-20:23)

Fuzzy psychedelic stoner from our pals Acid King, after 10 years.

Coming Down From Outer Space: Acid King (San Francisco)(21:24-27:06)

Pittsburgh grit, screaming torture metal with a ton of catchy riffs coming through the chaos. 

Chemo: Purge (Pittsburgh)(27:58-29:53)

Vocals are unique in that it is chanting a lot of the time.  When they sing, I really enjoyed it – had a lot of sweet and endearing notes.  Groovy hook-filled sludge. 

To Rise (In Vino Veritas): The Moth (Germany)(30:36-35:25)

San Francisco weirdos (I mean that in the best way).  Seeing them live is the trick.  The lead singer is Ashton Kutcher’s twin, no joke. 

Flame of the Forest: Botanist (SF)(36:01-41:12)

Huge scene in Berlin.  Treedeon is a raw dirty garage sludge, with 2 vocalists, one of them is punk-ish.

Wendigo: Treedeon (Berlin)(41:43-46:27)

I am a huge fan of Shining’s vocalist.  He is extremely versatile, including some emotionally-laden tunes.  This is mostly an extreme band, but the freshness was in the acoustic and sweet notes.  They do a great job of putting a shitload of compositions in their albums.   

Människotankens Vägglösa Rum: Shining (Sweden)(47:51-54:15)

A ton of aggressive genres represented in Abyss, all the types: grind, punk, hardcore.  And this is only 20 minutes!  

Thrall Of The Elder Gods: Abyss (Toronto)(55:00-1:00:19)

Danish hardcore, young, smart and hip dudes. 

ABEER QASSIM HAMZA AL-JANABI: No Fealty (Denmark)(1:01:11-END)