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Jan 13, 2021

Best of 2020, Show 2 of 2, counting down to my #1 Album!

Album Cover Art
The Spirit (Germany), album - Cosmic Terror:
Psychotic Waltz (CA), album - The God Shaped Void:
Phalanx (CA), album - Golden Horde:
Blasphemer (Italy), album - The Sixth Hour:
On Thorns I Lay (Greece), album - Threnos:
Peripheral Cortex (Germany), album - God Kaiser Hell:
Xenobiotic, album – Mordrake:
Intronaut (CA), album - Fluid Existential Inversions:
Heathen Foray (Austria), album – Weltenwandel:
Man’n Sin (France), album - Garden of Starvation:
Korgonthurus (Finland), album – Kuolleestasyntynyt:
Crystal Coffin (CAN), album - The Transformation Room:
Hyborian (KC), album - Volume II:
Death On Fire (IN), album - Ghost Songs:
Roman Ring (Chicago), album - The Halogen:
Forlesen (Bay Area), album - Hierophant Violent:
Graveir (AU), album - King of the Silent World:
Light Dweller (AZ), album – Hominal:
Khôra (Norway), album – Timaeus:
Khthoniik Cerviiks (Germany), album – Æequiizoiikum:
Xythlia, album - Immortality Through Quantum Suicide:
Gaerea (Portugal), album – Limbo:
Fides Inversa (Italy) , album – Historia Nocturna:
Question (Mexico), album - Reflections of the Void:
Krallice (NYC), album - Mass Cathexis:
Ars Magna Umbrae (Poland), album – Apotheosis:
Expander (Austin), album - Neuropunk Boostergang:
Astringency (TX), album - Of Vacant Planes:
Yatra (MD), album - All is Lost:
Amiensus (MN), album – Abreaction:
Lord Almighty (Boston), album – Wither:
Maladie (GER), album - The Grand Aversion:
Goratory (Boston), album - Sour Grapes:
The Deviant (Norway), album - Rotting Dreams of Carrion:

Behind My Vocals
Statiqbloom (NYC), album - Beneath The Whelm
Deathmaze (Belgium), album - Eau Rouge
Riki (LA), album - S/T
IAMTHESHADOW (Portugal), album - Pitchblack

Modern Black
WAYFARER (Denver), album - A Romance With Violence
The Crimson Rider (Gallows Frontier, Act I) (0:25-10:50)
— Western romance and melody infused with epic, pummeling, majestic black metal with a fiery lead singer.

UPRISING (Germany), album - II
Monuments (12:25-19:35)
— Folk and punk lend the steel-tipped boot of anti-nazi black metal a surprising groove and heart.

Khthoniik Cerviiks (Germany), album - Æequiizoiikum
Esoctrilihum (France), album - Eternity Of Shaog
Meslamtaea (Netherlands), album - Geketend in de schaduw van het leven
Calligram (Europe), album - The Eye Is The First Circle

Alternative & New/Cold/Dark Wave
Saturday Album: MOANING (LA), album - Uneasy Laughter
Keep Out (20:16-24:26)
— My Saturday album is my most played album of the year. Buy this on vinyl and twirl in your living room, arms outstretched as you belt every word and fall in love with every sweet note. I cannot recommend more.

FEARING (Santa Cruz), album - Shadow
Pictured Perfect (25:08-30:02)
— Fearing played on my birthday in 2019 opening for She Past Away (Turkey); and I knew I had to follow them. And I was rewarded with the most danceable goth-leaning dark wave of 2020.

Pleasure Policy (Oakland), album - Forever
Statiqbloom (NYC), album - Beneath The Whelm
Deathmaze (Belgium), album - Eau Rouge
Riki (LA), album - S/T
IAMTHESHADOW (Portugal), album - Pitchblack

VREDEHAMMER (Norway), album - Viperous
Winds of Dysphoria (30:50-35:42)
— Industrial-influenced keyboards and beat deconstruct this tight guitar soloing, neck-wrencher.

HAAPOJA (Finland), album - Mullan Keskeltä
Tunne Kylmä, Tunne Pelko (36:15-41:39)
— Scraped off the bowels of death with strangled vocals and alien guitar tone. Melodies shine between the crust and grime.

WARDAEMONIC (AU), album - Acts of Repentance
Act IV – Sufferance (42:07-50:32)
— The name suggests straight pummeling, but this was a journey, each song providing dynamics in thought and structure.

Earth Rot (AU), album – Black Tides of Obscurity

SKELETON (Austin), album - S/T
Catacombs (51:23-55:50)
— What a difficult category to choose from. Listening to Skeleton is like how I would imagine them live, massive chomping energy in complex morsels of structure and brutality.

Autonoesis (CAN), album – S/T
Diabolic Oath (Portland), album – Profane Death Exodus
Thætas (NYC) , album – Shrines to Absurdity
Kommand (CA), album – Terrorscape
Abyssal Ascendant (France), album – Chronicles of the Doomed Worlds, Pt. 2: Deacons of Abhorrence
Antzaat (Belgium), album – For You Men Who Gaze into the Sun
Well Of Night (Ohio), album – The Lower Planes of Self-Abstraction
Cynabare Urne (Finland), album – Obsidian Daggers & Cinnabar Skulls
Carnosus (Sweden), album - Dogma of the Deceased
Volcandra (Kentucky), album - Into the Azure

ORANSSI PAZUZU (Finland), album - Mestarin kynsi
Oikeamielisten sali (56:38-1:02:14)
— Do you expect me to skip Oranssi? Because they consistently put out excellent, unique albums that can’t possibly be matched by their next recording? And yet they did it again, with their signature black psychedelic, hypnotic, eclectic textures creating a new fold in your brain.

SERMENT (CAN), album - Chante, Ô Flamme de la Liberté
Flamme Hivernale (1:02:47-1:10:40)
— Each song includes the sound of wind; soothing, still pockets before an unrelenting pummeling of heart-wrenching black metal with a range of emotions.

CONVOCATION (Finland), album - Ashes Coalesce
Martyrise (1:11:11-1:21:16)
— I am not a funeral doom fan, but these guys use it to create an immensely satisfying, sinister, atmospheric death with hot, taloned vocals.

Modern Death
AFTERBIRTH (NYC), album - Four Dimensional Flesh
Spiritually Transmitted Disease (1:22:16-1:26:23)
— Don’t turn away from the dehydrated guttural upon guttural vocals. It becomes a droning texture within the experimental, psychedelic grind and death with raging technical guitar. The melody pops, flares and bubbles to create a weird, unique experience.

#1 Album: CRYPTAE (Netherlands), album - Nightmare Traversal
Monastic Tomb (1:27:06-END)
— Power surges in the suffocating ocean of Cryptae. It will bash you against its raw edges, a hypnotizing pain that becomes pleasurable. It cracks open to melodic threads and drowns you again. A nightmare, a dose of reality, a meditation.

Wake (CAN), album - Devouring Ruin
Ulcerate (New Zealand), album - Stare Into Death and Be Still 
Bedsore (Italy), album - Hypnagogic Hallucinations
Sepulchral Curse (Finland) , album - Only Ashes Remain

Heavy Metal Retro Doom
NITE (SF), album - Darkness Silence Mirror Flame

Wytch Hazel (UK), album - III: Pentecost
Traveler (CAN), album - Termination Shock
Eternal Champion (Austin), album - Ravening Iron

Melodic Death
FIRES IN THE DISTANCE, album - Echoes From Deep November

Countless Skies (UK), album - Glow
On Thorns I Lay (Greece), album - Threnos
Rannoch (UK), album - Reflections Upon Darkness
Descend (Sweden), album - The Deviant

KONVENT (Denmark), album - Puritan Masochism

Vile Creature (CAN), album - Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm!
Garganjua (UK), album - Toward the Sun
Irist (GA), album - Order Of The Mind
Drought Year (NC), album - Adorned with Death (also industrial)
Black Royal (Finland), album - Firebride