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She Likes It Heavy

Nov 30, 2011

False Build: East of the Wall (New Jersey) (0:28-5:56)
(Talking about not being a Scandanavian snob and playing American metal, Russian children who make metal and a Swedish metal band because Swedes are superior to all)
Cave of Trees: Cosmonauts Day (Russia) (6:48-13:54)
Fire: Asteroid (Sweden) (13:55-19:10)
(Talking about loving Swedes/being brown, a darker band and a band influenced by King Crimson both from Belgium  
Le Gardien Des Rèves: Amenra (Belgium) (19:38-24:04)
The Sad Destiny We Lament: Hypnos 69 (Belgium) (24:36-29:29)
(Talking about bands from areas of the world not necessarily expected to rock doom and psychedelic rock)
...Of Fear Unspoken: Brotherhood of Sleep (Greece) (29:47-37:22)
dead man walkin': Ufesas (Uruguay) (37:52-43:44)
(Talking about having a 60 minute metal show and having to find short metal songs which is very difficult)

Black Candles: Windhand (Virginia) (44:21-49:56)
(Talking about TUNE IN WTF, recorded shows at, ending songs with more AMERICAN bands, I'm a nationalist and shit)   
Raking in the Dough: Eggnogg (Brooklyn) (50:27-54:56)
Witches Brew: Wizard Smoke (Atlanta) (54:57-end)