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She Likes It Heavy

Mar 13, 2013

Concrete: Batillus (Brooklyn) Mutha f’in new bro!

Talked to my fave Fade for a bit before the Batillus show, and he said while they were in town they recorded a split with Kowloon Walled City.  He also asked a bunch of different types of artists – dub, electronic, new wave, to remix Batillus songs.  Batillus is my favorite band, and this new album makes my darkened heart grimace happily.

Inter Arma has been written up like they are the second coming.  They are touring with Mutilation Rites right now.

‘sblood: Inter Arma (Richmond, VA) New!

I discuss how much Gates of Slumber sucks.

Cower embraces all different genres, I really love the complexity and his vocals. 

Thieves Of The Night: Cower (Portland) New!

Finntroll skips through lands crawling with Finnish dragons and wizards.

När Jättar Marschera: Finntroll (Finland) New!

I talk about Boris being way better recorded than live. 

Tsarweather is not your father’s crust.

Arms: Tsarweather (Germany) New!

Terra Tenebrosa reminds me of Christian Death vocals.

Terra Tenebrosa: Terra Tenebrosa (Sweden) New!

Shallow Grave has complex compositions.

From Boundless Heights: Shallow Grave (New Zealand) New!

Prolific, hard edged.

Containment (Merged): Iron Lung (Seattle) New!

Hesperian Death Horse can definitely soundtrack a zombie movie.  

Décès (Part 2 Palež): Hesperian Death Horse (Croatia) New!

Steel vocals and post-metal Agrion Splendens.

Painkilling rage: Agrion Splendens (France) New!

Psychedelic, real vocals and singing which may scare someone used to screaming.

Solar Sail: Aleph Null (Germany) New!