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Oct 3, 2012

I wanted to say thanks to Lower Forty-Eight for allowing me to use a clip of their song for the introduction to my show for almost 50 shows.  THANKS BROS!!
I also wanted to say thanks to the Mass for letting me steal a clip of their song to make a new introduction.  THANKS BROS!!!
This past weekend I went to see accoustic sets from Mike Scheidt from YOB and Scott Kelly from Neurosis.  Really enjoyed that, mellow and peaceful to my brain.
Upcoming Shows
Tuesday, October 9: St. Vitus, Weedeater, Sorvein (the Independent)
Saturday, November 17: Neurosis, YOB, Voivod (the Fox - buy tickets now)
Eaters Of The Dead: Hellwell (Kansas) – made it to my top albums of 2012 (0:28-6:07)


(Back from a week sabbatical: saw Afghan Whigs for a reunion show, it was their best show ever)


(Organs and villain lead vocals bring me to the decision that Hellwell is on my 2012 top album list)


(Enslaved do not need an introduction, one of Norway’s best – from their new album)


Veilburner: Enslaved (Norway) New! (7:24-14:10)


(Kadaver has come out with a split with Paris’s Aqua Nebula Oscillator who are trippy rock)


Saturne: Aqua Nebula Oscillator (Paris) (14:55-20:33)


(San Francisco’s Orchid has a new album that brings to mind your favorite 70’s stuff)


Heretic: Orchid (San Francisco) New! (20:47-25:47)


(2 piece bassist and drummer, weirdos, bass has banjo strings)


King Candy: Lightning Bolt (Providence) New! (26:47-31:27)


(Finnish black metal gutterally)


Awaken Tiamat: Behexen (Finland) (31:39-37:44)


(Goya will jam your face off, loud and rock, touch of space)   


Mourning Sun: Goya (Phoenix) (38:00-45:02)


(Sylosis have come out with a new album, and it is being compared to Metallica; they play modern thrash.  I think their tough vocals are a little off-putting, but I think they are probably fun. This is off one of their older albums)  


Blind Desperation: Sylosis (U.K.) (45:25-49:28)


(The cold north seems to lean towards despair sludge, the next band is in that vein)


Couch Lock: Romero (Wisconsin) (50:19-56:18)


(Melancholy black metal should make you even sadder as we bid each other goodbye until next week)


Seidlitz: Loss Of Self (Melbourne) (56:48-end)