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She Likes It Heavy

Aug 15, 2012

Upcoming Shows (see Show 40 for upcoming shows too!!):
Before I forget, here are some local bands coming up:
The Turks: August 24th at the Hemlock
Cutthroats 9: August 25th at Benders
Oh, and I forgot this on my last list: Gypsyhawk (AAAAH!!): September 10th at the Elbo Room
Let me know if you want me to put your show in my list.
Let It Be The Devil: Compel (South Carolina) (0:28-7:21)


(Compel from South Carolina is swamp rock, 2 piece gritty dirty and loud)


(Just saw Agalloch live, they have gone beyond gorgeous landscapes like their forefathers Isis: black, epic, big sound, post-punk bass lines and classic metal, it was one of the best bands and best shows I have seen in a long time)


(Toronto’s Indian Handcrafts are a power-duo, rich also in variety, this next song also has a cool garage-sound to it)


Red Action: Indian Handcrafts (Toronto) (8:36-11:45)


(Magic Circle is the epitome of fun: modern beer metal, the blues of 70’s rock, the emotion and nostalgia of 80’s metal – you can’t miss) 


Magic Circle: Magic Circle (Boston) (12:18-19:50)


(Hear any YOB in this? I do, and they are hot irish dudes, come on.  Faster and crunchier than the usual sludge) 


Plastic Lung: Rites (Ireland) (20:21-27:55)


(Natur is an example of the awesome new trend of integrating the 80’s metal sound, those high-vocal emotions, but with their own complex groovy riffs, and their lyrics crack me up)


Spider Baby: Natur (NY) (29:03-34:28)


(Vintage English doom from female-led Alunah)


White Hoarhound: Alunah (Birmingham, England) (34:49-40:10)


(Xozo, pronounced Chozo, is hardcore and speed mixed beautifully to an epic sludge landscape)


Lookback: Xozo (Maryland) (40:31-46:36)


(Noise band Locrian fits all our weirdo horror movie-esque needs in music)


Augury in an Evaporating Tower: Locrian (Chicago) (47:14-53:48)


(I am selfish and have to play a song from a Demonic Death Judge album that I didn’t know about before, and they are one of my favorite bands, so there you go; please listen to the whole song, as this band is seriously one of the best ones out there right now)


Fire In The Eyes: Demonic Death Judge (Finland) (54:25-ENDDDUH)