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She Likes It Heavy

Oct 26, 2011

Another awesome show, playlist as follows:

Show Intro (music from Ring by Lower Forty-Eight) (0-0:27)
Scumbag: Stonehelm (0:28-5:38)
(Me talking about borrowing from Lower Forty-Eight for the intro, UFOMAMMUT pronunciation, horror metal 1349) 
Stigma: Ufomammut (6:11-13:17)
Uncreation: 1349 (13:18-20:08)
(Me talking about Quest of Fire and loving Keelhaul) 
Strange Waves: Quest for Fire (20:46-28:18)
Waiting for the Moon to Speak: Keelhaul (28:39-32:37)
(Me talking about muscular headbang neck, not a boy band, drinking beer) 
Gulls: 5IVE (33:04-37:10)
Steamroller: Poobah (37:41-42:18)

(Me talking about keggers, Louisiana, Chicago) 
Rats, Mice and Swarms of Lice: THOU (43:01-48:48)
500 More: Bible of the Devil (48:49-54:24)
(Saying goodbye, tune in next week for a special Halloween show)
Manufacturing Greed: Misery Index (55:08-58:42)
Build Fear: Soilent Green (58:44-end)