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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

Jul 12, 2012

 Lycanthropus: Findumonde (Argentina) (0:27-4:09)


 (Argentinean Findumonde rocks like Misery Index)


(Trephine describes a psychological breakdown, so all of you weirdos can relate; this album is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME, you have to get it, just get it, seriously(


Ancient Tongues: Trephine (North Carolina) (4:44-11:08)


(Muknal from LA is super bleak and dark and one of the best in this occult death category)


Rotten Genesis: Muknal (LA) (11:21-17:23)


(Dutch band Countess will crack you up, but are totally true to their heavy metal roots)


Sermon Of The Devil Preacher: Countess (Netherlands) (17:33-22:56)


(Truly frozen black metal from Switzerland is also achingly gorgeous) 


Hoffnungslos: Tardigrada (Switzerland) (23:39-29:24)


(Baroness’s recent album is for sunny days daydreaming and drinking a cold beer.  Not for the metallest of metal heads)


Collapse: Baroness (Georgia) (29:50-33:40)


(The Finnish always bring their own of originality to any genre; this 2 piece band plays their own awesome tune on something related to black metal) 


Kalas Bleed for the Sun-Eater: Rahu (Finland) (34:03-41:10)


(Vetter from Norway has been around for awhile, but has only recently released an incredibly diverse album of avant-garde black metal) 


Stenklang: Vetter (Norway) (41:42-46:53)


(Bastard of the Skies have huge sound, will definitely allow you to let your headbanging soul rip)


The Knuckles of Saint Bronson: Bastard of the Skies (U.K.) (47:36-51:31)


 (Brand new release from UK’s Telepathy, listen live every Tuesday!!!!)


Lucretius: Telepathy (UK) (51:55-end)