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She Likes It Heavy

Jul 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!  Down with the crown!


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Unnatural Dwarfism: Lord Mantis (Chicago) (0:28-4:27)


(Goodbye to Boston, Hello to San Francisco, thanks to Bostonfreeradio for allowing me to keep my show; this is Bands Not to Miss – albums I highly recommend you buy)


(Lord Mantis, member of Nachmystium/Chicago; obsessed with this album and band)


(New album from old farts Orange Goblin is kick ass beer swilling awesome)


Acid Trial: Orange Goblin (UK) (5:35-9:44)


(Favorite on my ipod because everytime I love a song and I check the ipod, it is Monkeypriest)


The Psalm: Monkeypriest (Spain) (9:59-16:42)


(Old Man Lizard has emotional vocals and intelligent lyrics and are that UK style of jamming guitar riffs)


Cold Winter Blues: Old Man Lizard (UK) (17:05-22:50)


(Cayur from Ohio is intelligent technical that is no way pretentious for the listener)


Devoid of Virtue: Cayur (Ohio) (23:37-27:49)


(Diverse album is brutal and dark, mixed with some beautiful and vivid instrumental poignancy, a Finnish band to the end)


Nepal: Demonic Death Judge (Finland) (28:08-34:50)

Thanks! For listening to, where weirdos from both coasts can be on the radio. Oh yeah, so from Bison B.C. is this incredible headbang worthy fist pumping album with a hardcore element to it that speeds it up to perfection.  I love every single bit, I wish I could eat it.


Fear Cave: Bison B.C. (Vancouver) (35:10-41:57)


(Proggy band Bud Spencer is instrumental brutality and remind me of one of my favorite bands of all time, Keelhaul)


Banana Joe: Bud Spencer (France) (42:12-45:46)


(Super indie DIY band Cormorant does its spin on progressive jazz black metal, huh?) 


Confusion of Tongues: Cormorant (San Francisco) (46:29-50:50)


(Italian Obake has been described more of a film score than than a metal album; and it definitely takes you in and out of visions of weirdness)


Destruction of the Tower: Obake (Italy) (51:11-55:18)


(Stoner Canadian band Dopethrone is thick riffed groovey-ness)


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Ain’t No Sunshine: Dopethrone (Montreal) (55:51-end)