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One Finnish brain. What else do you need to know. 

Awakening Giants: Gambanteinn (Finland) (0:28-5:09)

Ignominy has noise, hardcore, industrial, and tons of energy. 

Nedmonteringen: Ignominy (Sweden) (5:54-13:18)

Culted have never held hands.  They recorded this album in different areas of the world.

Illuminati: Culted (Sweden, Canada) (13:58-20:02)

Grue breaks up their epic black metal with warmer hardcore tones.

Casualty of the Psychic Wars: Grue (Boston) (20:30-26:06)

70’s-style pagan from the U.K.

Lost Bride: The Wounded Kings (U.K.) (27:08-33:00)

Ukranian Etherial Riffian break the mold and put out a psychedelic album, that does not reflect their violent surroundings.

Thugdam (Sensation): Etherial Riffian (Ukraine) (33:28-41:01)

An evil take on coma-inducing post-metal.  That is a compliment.

Hereinafter: Fleshworld (Poland) (41:18-45:47)

2 track single from South Carolina’s weirdos.

Open Gaits: They Eat Their Own God (South Carolina) (46:30-53:42)

My brain is getting tired, apparently I loved post-metal this week.  This one is from a one-piece band.

Diaspora: Deterior (Ohio) (54:18-END)

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