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Due to pushing a huge last set of the year, I forgo me talking between the songs.  In a couple of weeks I will have two weeks of my “Best of 2015” shows.

[Releases January 2016] 2 piece experimental black metal band Spektr will be releasing their album in late January. It has the weirdness of early industrial, which is mainly experimentation + catchy headrolling stuff.

Through the Darkness of Future Past: Spektr (France)(0:28-5:30)

SOLO project Rebel Wizard is blistering heavy metal thrash, catchy to the extreme, groove-laden, and accompanied by screechingly-jolting vocals.

A place to rest the dead inside is never to be found: Rebel Wizard (Australia)(5:31-8:31)

Fórn and Yautja came out with the best EP, one song each, both of them addictive. Fórn is the filthy sludge song.  Yautja had a Converge-esque noise hardcore song, which is fucking awesome too. 

Ancient Tongues: Fórn (Boston)(8:32-13:58)

Freedom Hawk has a twinge of young Ozzy in it.  Traditionally heavy rock, in the best classic way, surges through your blood, building up with fun hooks, rocking riffs, and those guitars harmonizing.  Listen to on a warm couch with a cold beer in your hand.

Lost in Space: Freedom Hawk (VA)(13:59-19:37)

Large dreary bleak rotting landscape: noise noise noise assault.

A Sheep Among the Wolves: Regarde Les Hommes Tomber (France)(19:38-26:56)

Psychedelic melody, large riffs strumming through the air, thick compositions, cascading vocals, all from three people from Wisconsin.

Beneath the Waves: Moon Curse (Milwaukee)(27:31-34:34)

French black metal spin-off band with members of Aosoth and Antaeus.  This is a debut album from VI: relentlessly fast black metal, no nothing breaking this shit up.  Raw, fast, tight, fist clenching brutality.

Il Est Trop Tard Pour Rendre Gloire: VI (Paris)(35:35-39:55)

The Black Wizards recorded this second album in a live setting in 24 hours. The female lead singer is gorgeous, fuzzy blues, and rocks out.

Waiting For A Train: The Black Wizards (Portugal)(39:56-46:49)

Young, fresh-faced Luthuanians bring forth innovative hallucination-creating black metal.

III: Au-Dessus (Luthuania)(47:20-53:51)

[Releases in January 2016] The first element I heard was darkwave/post-punk, and then epic, large dark-atmosphere metal.

Mirage: Lycus (Oakland)(53:52-1:01:06)

Led by female vocalist, warm and rich heavy hard rock psychedelic doom and stoner. 

Green Queen: Disenchanter (Portland)(1:01:07-1:07:44)

Solo project Finnish bro's large chaotic compositions that somehow pulls together in a catchy way.

The Dreaming Tombs: Devouring Star (Finland)(1:07:45-1:13:08)

[Releases February 2016] Ocerco is described as post-black metal, but no one wants to be called that shit.  What they are is ominous, tight and tense, creating a very dark atmosphere.  I didn't hear any romance, which sort of hinders the post-black metal genre. I love me my romance, but I need it within dissonance.

O Colapso: Ocerco (Portugal)(1:13:09-1:18:53)

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Psychedelic atmospheric soundtrack for Russian cosmonauts.

Oblivion: Yuri Gagarin (Sweden)(0:28-8:18)

Noise, folk, theatrical black metal from some Frenchies. 

Absolution: Maieutiste (France)(9:42-17:39)

Creepy Detroit noise. 

Catching the Rich Train: Wolf Eyes (Detroit)(18:12-24:51)

Egypt is the best at always adding the best guitar riffs, jams out at the end of every song.  Wait for it.

Tres Madres: Egypt (Fargo)(25:45-31:21)

Rich blues crooning.  Whole album is a trip. 

Black Woman: Mammothwing (31:53-40:26)

Top-notch party stoner.

Great Awakening: Toke (North Carolina)(41:04-46:40)

Greek sludgey hardcore.

Clean Cop: Chronoboros (Greece)(47:37-50:42)

Fuzzy Polish groove.

Supercluster: Major Kong (Poland)(50:58-57:12)

Christmas song (to end)

Behind My Vocals: Darth Vader, The Smiths, Christopher Cross, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Sisters, The The

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Polish anonymous band is part monastery, part pummeling, part melodic, part black metal. 

Yekteniya 3: Batushka (Poland)(0:28-5:08)

New Fell Voices/Vanum/Vorde drummer in Yellow Eyes.  American black metal at its best: clean dense pretty.

The Mangrove, The Preserver: Yellow Eyes (NY)(6:32-12:34)

[Releases in February] Heavy gaze with a heavy hand of doom.  Guest Dale Crover.

Wolves Within Wolves: Low Flying Hawks (Mexico City/nomads)(13:28-19:06)

Female-led Cloud Rat is filthy grind.

Rusting Belt: Cloud Rat (Michigan)(19:33-21:48)

[Releases in January] Tight thrash from 30-year-old band.

The raging tides: Exumer (Germany)(22:13-26:18)

Technical death metal, but they do a great job of breaking up the density in fun ways.  Catchy.

I Defy For I Am Free: Sarpanitum (UK/Japan)(27:33-32:05)

[Releases in 2016] Blues-rock at its best.  This band was runner-up in 2014’s Best 70’s Revitalist.

Black Magic: Brimstone Coven (W. VA)(32:35-37:41)

Triumvir Foul is Ash Borer’s death metal side. Fast and filthy.

Pathways to Decay: Triumvir Foul (Portland)(38:06-42:51)

[Releases March 2016] Fantastic dark post-punk gorgeousness.

Silk Ribbon: Moth (Denmark)(43:18-47:25)

Greeks do it right.  Aggressive GREEK black metal. 

Fucking Your Creation: Dodsferd (Greece)(48:44-55:07)

Un’s guitarist and vocalist is bassist of Samothrace. If you like funeral doom, this is one of the best this year.

Forgotten Path: Un (Seattle)(55:52-END)

Behind My Vocals: Flash Arnold, Vector Sector, NightStop, BloodDragon, Dynatron, Nightcrawler, Pertubator, Grooveworthy, Vincenzo Salvia


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It doesn’t surprise me that Cloak of Altering and Gnaw Their Tongues are connected.  They both came out with some of the most dense, bizarre, horror, avante-garde-infused-assault metal this year.  You know, the usual.   

-3.003486962(6)+ 10-66: Cloak of Altering (Netherlands)(0:28-7:19)

Hot sweaty, I mean, Swedish doom.

Fornjot: Mammoth Storm (Sweden)(8:47-16:58)

Evil Australian-bleached death metal in a shot glass of prog.  

Fertile Crescent: Ur Draugr (Australia)(17:37-24:58)

Scorpion Child is finally coming out with their second album early next year.  This is their first release which makes ya salivate fo’mo’.  They are all-American rockers.

She Sings, I Kill: Scorpion Child (Austin)(26:01-31:01)

Luminous Vault started off as anonymous.  My guess was that they were doing a study on how reputation affects record sales.  They are members of Artificial Brain and Castevet, mixing up a blend of romantic death metal.

Deliver the Wound: Luminous Vault (NY)(32:14-37:01)

LA!! Sonic Medusa is SO frigging LA, boasting of celebrities and glam. I am waiting for the full album, this is the LA-mix of NWOBHM, done so well by some cute old guys who know how to sing and play guitar.  This ain’t some kids and it shows.

Cold Wind: Sonic Medusa (LA)(37:48-44:16)

Female vocalist shines in this filthy band from Toronto. 

Rejection Is Agony: Antibody (Toronto)(44:44-50:35)

Dopelord went to see UFOMAMMUT live, is my theory.  They have pulled elements of space and stoner bliss into their swampy sludge. 

Distant Lights: Dopelord (Poland)(51:00-57:59)

Italian angular dissonance from Lamantide.

Immortalis Lapis: Lamantide (Italy)(58:16-1:02:01)

Relentless fucking drone from the drone gods themselves.

Kannon 2: Sunn O))) (Seattle)(1:02:42-END)

Behind My Vocals: CRYSEHD, Kid Machine, BALevolent Virtue, Lowghos, Time Travel, Cryocon, VHS Dreams

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Bog Oak dude in GraveCoven.  Sacramento apparently seethes with metal.  

Furious Fires: GraveCoven (Sacramento)(0:28-5:15)

Yum, emotional proggy psychedelic. 

Hey Ya Sun Ra: Death Hawks (Finland)(6:11-11:30)

Cross Vault has that Pallbearer-sound: epic emotional heavy melodic metal.  Great vocals. 

Footprints: Cross Vault (Germany)(12:00-19:03)

Nostalgia-heavy post-punk.  New Orleans has a great scene.  

(Hopefully) Alone: Heat Dust (New Orleans)(19:34-22:59)

Indiana sucks.  But here you go.

Love Sermon: Slave Cylinder (Indiana)(24:20-31:16)

More post-punk?!?! Yep, and this shit is TIGHT.  

Hurricane: Diät (East Berlin)(31:46-36:07)

Death-y black metal.   

Impure Blood: Serum Dreg (Portland)(36:33-40:19)

Hells to the yeah, good 7” alert.  Death Church is death rock good stuff.

Betrayal: Death Church (New Orleans)(41:03-43:49)

Fast, vicious.  Like me.

Valueless: Svffer (Berlin)(44:40-46:29)

You like Joy Division? New cover album.

Atroscity Exhibition: Ambersmoke (from CVLT's Joy Division cover album)(47:16-52:27)

American black metal, rough around the edges, the way I like it.

Rotten Diadem: Uškumgallu (Portland)(52:39-58:00)

Swedish jamming.

Graveyard: Salem's Pot (Sweden)(58:17-END)

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This week is a collection of my favorite (so far) 2015 prog, psychedelic, retro doom, traditional and nostalgic WITHOUT me talking in-between songs (for those people who hate me).  I will be back next week for a regular show.

Retro-speed thrash that has burrowed deep into my heart.

Mask of Red Death: Enforcer (Sweden)(0:28-6:08)

One of my favorite artists, Chris Black, just played in SF with another one of his bands High Spirits.  This is even better: it has that surprising element of strange, scifi and fantasy.  He is collaborating with dudes from Circle, and they have put together this awesome 70’s and 80’s space rock disco sound with cool synth. 

Never-Ending No: Aktor (Chicago/Finland)(6:10-9:42)

Sorceror has everything I love about traditional epic heavy metal: lead singer rules, riffs of catchy loveliness, and ballads you could feather your hair to.

In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross: Sorceror (Sweden)(9:43-15:03)

Electric Moon have released a brand lp set of live 2014 recordings.  They played live in 2014?!? Founded by the brilliant Dave Schmidt, also of Sula Bassana fame, and many German space rock projects.

The Picture: Electric Moon (Germany)(15:05-29:01)

Oh Sweden, you just know what the fuck is up.  I love, LOVE Horisont.  I have never missed any of their albums, and this is yet another piece of revitalist art.

Light My Way: Horisont (Sweden)(29:33-34:55)

Doom and roll, bro.

Shadow Of Reality: Valkyrie (VA)(34:56-40:52)

Oh the lovely Spaniards.  They have come out with a strong showing here in jammy psychedelic rolled into some prog.

Alquimia: Acid Mess (Spain)(40:54-52:41)

I am seriously in love with this guy's vocals. This is blues-y psychedelic, with some organ to boot.

The Journey: Grusom (Denmark)(53:13-58:11)

One of my favorite bands of all time, Graveyard, have an incredible blues-soaked offering this year.  My favorite part is his achingly lovely vocals, bathing you in its honey.  This album is better than their last album.  Just, fantastic.

Cause & Defect: Graveyard (Sweden)(58:12-END)

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Back of my Vocals: Zombi's newest release Shape Shift

Eclectic noise mixed with roaring breakdowns.

Breed Regret: Yautja (Nashville)(0:28-5:23)

Phantom Glue members have dipped their toes into that Boston hardcore scene: which is the best hardcore scene there is.

Closed Casket: Lunglust (Boston)(6:33-8:43)

Yacht-rock metal Baroness with emotionally-drenched composition.

Chlorine & Wine: Baroness (GA)(9:14-15:58)

Death groove perfect for the running man in your underwear.

Mayhem Remains: Deathrite (Sweden)(16:42-19:48)

Stop. Trying. To. Be. Matt. Pike.  When you don’t, it’s pretty good.

Burning Shrine: Saviours (Oakland)(20:29-24:31)

Guttural troll metal.

Forest of Magic: Ride for Revenge (Finland)(25:31-31:03)

Bluesy jammy local retro stuff, makes me want to see them live.

Memories: Blackwulf (Oakland)(31:28-36:15)

Nauseous Floridian metal.

Futility: Ad Nauseum (Florida)(36:42-42:21)

Elder and Black Pyramid members do stoner heavy metal. 

Siberia: Kind (Boston)(42:41-47:04)

The Swedish Converge with a lot more punk-influence.

Reckless Recluse: Totem Skin (Sweden)(47:58-51:39)

Stoner from a band called Space Bong??

Burnt By Time: Space Bong (Australia)(52:01-END!)

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Behind my Vocals: From the soundtrack of "Cub" by Steve Moore (2015 Belgian horror)

Highlight of Cult Leader is the vocals.  Melancholy wretched aggressive metal, with some death rock in the mix.  

A Good Life: Cult Leader (SLC)(0:28-5:15)

American black metal: muddied black metal with sludge and epic.  This band is highly talented, and brings in a lot of atmosphere.  They are best when blistering. 

Pale Ghosts: Panopticon (Kentucky)(6:45-14:49)

Christian Mistress lead singer is the shit.  And then the band is just kickaass.  So why haven’t you listened to this album yet?  Classic heavy metal, awesome riffs. 

Ultimate Freedom: Christian Mistress (Olympia)(15:23-21:34)

I absolutely love this new bluesy, heavy 70’s-retro psychedelic album. 

Burning Wreath: Fuzz (SF)(22:13-26:31)

Make out to a vampire listening to Grift.

Undergörare: Grift (Sweden)(27:41-32:12)

Bassist from Graveyard has this new poppy wonderful garage album.

Blizzard: Truls Mörck (Sweden)(32:44-35:47)

Don’t underestimate Old Man Lizard as a southern swamp sludge band.  They really know how to jam it out, and great melody to boot. 

King Clone: Old Man Lizard (UK)(36:22-42:01)

Converge/Unsane’s project Pigs’ second album is disjointed noise fun.  This song is sung by guest singer from Made Out of Babies.

Bug Boy: Pigs (Brooklyn)(42:31-45:14)

Dark atmosphere and prog from depressed Massachusetts band.

The Oath: Protolith (MA)(46:28-51:56)

OLD, and I mean OLD school heavy metal from a band more than 36 years old. 

Farewell Evolution: Satan (UK)(52:28-57:00)

Top-notch industrial and post-punk elements from Killing Joke – who have been around for 37 years.  This is their 16th album.

I Am The Virus: Killing Joke (UK)(57:59-END)

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Behind My Vocals: Ubre Blanca (Scotland)

Chicago lead-up specialists.  Technical electronics.

Arc of Extinction: Locrian (Chicago)(0:28-7:34)

Last year’s best Classic Death album.  New one dropped, and it is more of the technical mixed with old school fun.

Ozymandias: Horrendous (Philly)(8:51-15:50)

Gorgeous retro psychedelic folkish Finnish brilliance.

Kantaa taakan maa: Malady (Finland)(16:12-24:49)


Reaping Flesh: Black Breath (Seattle)(25:38-30:54)

Deconstructed doom. 

The Pathfinder: Spelljammer (Sweden)(31:23-39:39)

Classic black metal with lots of atmosphere.  Sung in Polish.

Exercises in Futility V: Mgla (Poland)(40:35-48:14)

2-piece electronic psychedelic art.

Brown Rainbow: Pinkish Black (TX)(49:15-55:46)

Bong music.  Band made up of the following members: Cheesy dude, Alky dude, Falony dude, Sheepy dude and Boogie dude. 

Diabolical Dopenosis: Belzebong (Poland)(56:55-END)

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Behind my Vocals: Goblin's soundtrack to the Italian movie "La via della droga" (1977)

If you love 70's revitalist, then you need to go buy the last two records of Horisont and this brand new one.

Light My Way: Horisont (Sweden)(0:28-5:09)

One 16-minute release off their thunderous new album, and I am excited to hear more.  This is way more brutal than their last album.

Misanthropic: Cult of Occult (France)(6:43-14:53)

Aquarius Records needs more keggers.  Golden Void is psychedelic mountain rock, and I alone knows what that means.

Burbank's Dream: Golden Void (SF)(15:43-21:06)

First anonymous, but no more.  This Danish lady has famous guest musicians including Mayhem and Arch Enemy.

Mordet: Myrkur (Denmark)(21:51-25:27)

The Secret's bassist has a new record label, and Grime is their first release.  Thick, dirty evil sludge.

Get Immortal: Grime (Italy)(26:36-29:51)

Rockin' blues from Nashville, have followed them for years.

Old Saltillo: The Heavy Eyes (Nashville)(30:44-35:04)

Badass female lead for a Finnish crust band.

Massakuolema: Kohti Tuhoa (Finland)(35:30-36:49)

Debut album, strong psychedelic fuzzy space rock.

Journey: Ecstatic Vision (Philly)(37:02-41:33)

New stuff from the bassist of Electric Wizard.

Heavy King: Mirror (UK)(41:48-45:22)

Yes, on the cheese side, but solid prog.

The Isle of Mull: Scale the Summit (Houston)(46:47-51:15)

Young, fun hardcore. 

Unexist: Forced Order (SoCal)(51:38-53:23)

Northwest doom.

Desolate: Serial Hawk (Seattle)(53:58-END)

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