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2 piece “despair hardcore” band on the Iron Lungs label.  Yeah, I just made that genre up.

Journey To The End Of The Night: Demonbrother (Western Mass) (0:28-4:18)

Kurt Ballou from Converge produced Welsh band Hark – so you know it is mixed as well as it can be.

Breathe And Run: Hark (Wales) (5:16-11:27)

French black death. Drummer is out of control.  Baby faces, aaaw.

Thrvst: Plebeian Grandstand (France) (11:39-16:45)

The Shrine had a great last album, they are on TeePee with Graveyard, and touring with them right now.  I am a big fan of The Shrine for rock.  If you don’t like rock, then move along. 

Whistlings of Death: The Shrine (LA) (17:01-19:18)

4 years in the making, and it shows: gory death. 

Anteinfierno: Teitanblood (Spain) (19:50-24:37)

Ringworm are old farts, but probably still have scary moshpits.

Dawn Of Decay: Ringworm (Ohio) (25:44-29:01)

Another awesome jammy rock band – been around since the 90’s, but haven’t put out anything for awhile.  Great lyrics, great vocalist.

Soulless Woman: Ogre (Maine) (29:34-34:33)

I talk about fuckfaces.

Withering Field: Woods of Desolation (Australia) (35:17-41:27)

LARGE sounding black death stuff.  I call it sinister.

Chaotic Astral Ascension: Shroud of the Heretic (Portland) (41:44-46:25) 

Valknacht has the most awesome album cover,

Dorky but brutal.

Chants De Guerre: Valknacht (Quebec) (47:20-54:02)

Horror soundtrack music. 

Battle With The Bottle: Wraithmaze (Finland) (54:34-END)



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I need pretty much straight up catchy, and it is here in this very riffy with some spacey elements album from Brooklyn.

Columbus: Blackout (Brooklyn) (0:28-4:36)


Frenchies Celeste has high standards: 3 years before this album came out, blackened hardcore done to perfection.


Laissé pour compte comme un bâtard: Celeste (France) (5:37-10:31)

You like screaming Swedish? Pyramido's third album crushes.

Fosie: Pyramido (Sweden) (10:59-16:02)

OK, I love Hexvessel.  Who knew that the lead singer can do a perfect post-punk sound too?? Finnish really push the limits in standards in talent.

Strange Attractors: Beastmilk (Finland) (16:48-22:31)

Straight up crusty hardcore from Switzerland's Elizabeth, who will be following up this free download with a full album in December.

Created Enemies: Elizabeth (Switzerland) (22:47-24:51)

Fun old school thrash album, really catchy stuff here.

Rat Eater: Toxic Holocaust (Portland) (25:43-29:24)

Solo experimental creepy horror metal from Australia.

Hair, Skin, Nails: Uboa (Melbourne) (29:56-36:04)

The singing can get on my nerves, but East of the Wall is great technical proggy stuff.

Obfuscator Dye: East of the Wall (NJ) (36:29-41:26)

A great southern raw garage sound. 

I Am An Amateur At Everything: Whores (Atlanta) (41:55-47:02)

Sea of Bones has come out with a huge album, one song is 40 minutes.  At one point, there was the rawest most badass black metal drumming going OFF.  This shit is immense.

Black Arm: Sea of Bones (Connecticut - a stupid state) (48:04-54:25)

Yeah, you come up with a great band name? I will listen to your shit.  AND, it is super catchy?  Good job.

Rest In Pieces, Sir: Swarm of Spheres (Ottawa) (54:47-END!)

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