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Yay! Happy Holidays! This will be the last show of the year, as I will be taking some time off!! and I will be coming back on JANUARY 8th with a best of 2012 show, the first of two shows going over my favorites of this past year.

I hope you enjoy tonight's show, all holiday songs. Happy New Year!!

Charlie Brown: Vince Guaraldi Trio (0:29-6:33)

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen: Dio (7:17-11:07)

No Presents for Christmas: King Diamond (11:08-15:27)

Little Drummer Boy: Joan Jett (15:28-19:40)

Oh Come All Ye Faithful: Twisted Sister (19:41-24:19)

White Christmas: Guns N Roses (24:20-26:57)

Run Run Rudolph: Lynyrd Skynyrd (27:28-30:49)

Carol of the Bells: Erlsung (30:50-32:48)

Santa Claws is Coming To Town: Alice Cooper (32:49-37:02)

Holiday in Cambodia: Dead Kennedys (37:03-40:45)

Blue Christmas: Cinderella (40:46-44:47)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town: Dokken (45:19-49:16)

Christmas in New Orleans: Louis Armstrong (49:17-52:08)

The Christmas Song: Frank Sinatra (52:09-55:35)

Winds of Change: Scorps sing about a new year or end of the world, you take your pick (55:36-end)

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The Pressure Keeps Me Alive: Kowloon Walled City (San Francisco) New! (0:28-5:33)

(A brief history on the meaning of Kowloon Walled City, large and loud, dark and chaotic, different landscapes)

The Hellions Genesis: Incantation (NY/PA) New! (6:48-11:03)

(Typical easy listening death metal, breaks into brutal riffs, not sickening to listen to)

The Weight: Tweak Bird (Chicago) New! (11:25-13:31)

(Tweak Bird is a 2 piece, raw rocking, strong humor through the album)

Sole Creation: Khong (Sweden) New! Not Yet Released! (14:01-20:58)

(Doom with evil vocals, with 70's influence, thick riffs and even some industrial thrown in!)

Sweet Little Cosmic Blues: Deadneck (Finland) New! (21:39-26:38)

(How do the Finnish do the blues? With weird throaty vocals and fuzzed grooves with plenty of emotion, a fantastic blues-influenced album)

Wild Years: Twin Guns (NYC) New! (27:22-31:05)

(Twin Guns is sexy garage rock with influences of post-punk, British new wave, even some surf, and contains Jungle Jim Chandler originally from Pueblo, Colorado)

Inverted Pill Willy (Wollop): Gurt (U.K.) New! (31:54-35:34)

(Sludge from the U.K, hot vocals and guitarist from Sedulus)

Nature Fights Back: Oak (Sweden) New! (36:11-41:21)

(Oak put their new album on cassette, huh? Their whole album is mostly crushing instrumental (but some vocals!) with space-y and softer than evil)

Low Country Exiles: Your Highness (Belgium) New! (41:51-46:56)

(Brand new awesomeness from Your Highness that has a crazy trippy jamming bluesy sludge thing going)

Plain Man: Icysun (France) New! (47:38-52:28)

(French blues now!? Kyuss influenced fuzz)

Build No System:  Liberteer (California) Released early 2012! (53:32-55:08)
Twin Obscenities: Spider Kitten (South Wales) New! Not Released Yet! (55:09-end!)

(Liberteer is anarchy grind from one of the dudes from Exhumed - a less than 2 minute song!)

(Not released yet Spider Kitten has crust and industrial and doom and space all spinning together)

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(Swedish black metal vomits on my soul; one of the best albums of the year)


Calling Of Setnacht: Twofold Triunity: Ofernod (Sweden) New! (0:28-7:00)


(Groovy evil industrial influenced metal or metal influenced industrial)


While You Were Gone, We Were...: Eyes Without A Face (Toronto) New! (8:12-12:26)


(Hot long haired 70’s rocker boys made for girls)


My Eyes, The Flying Saucers: Nevesis (Estonia) New! (12:52-17:23)


(Gojira comes out with their 5th album that sounds as fresh as any band’s brand newest, with full complexity and rich in diversity)


The Gift Of Guilt: Gojira (France) New! (18:00-23:23)


(Shift changing heavy riffs from Cauldron Black Ram)


Atop a Fiery Steed: Cauldron Black Ram (Australia) (23:55-28:17)


(Drone and ambient is infused into death metal, but still breaks down) 


Deathabomination: Monomakh (Australia) New! (29:21-36:20)


(Instrumental powerhouse Toundra)


Marte (Mars): Toundra (Madrid) New! (37:00-42:06)


(Warmer black metal from Paris) 


Death Worship: Hell Militia (Paris) New! (42:29-46:01)


(Millions, on Seventh Rule with a bunch of awesome bands like Batillus, is Chicago hardcore that sounds a bit like Fugazi mixed with industrial and rock)


Shipwreck: Millions (Chicago) New! (46:44-51:12)


(Belgium’s Amenra comes out with one of the best this year, absolutely one of my favorite blackened doom bands out there)


Nowena: Amenra (Belgium) New! (51:48-end)


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Christological Escalation: Amnis Nihili (Greece) New! (0:28-5:28)


(Politics in Greece influences their art, Amnis Nihili screams at you with blackened hardcore and spacey ambient)


(Big money behind prog metalists Between the Buried and Me with their very conceptually strong 7th album)


Astral Body: Between the Buried and Me (North Carolina) New! (6:41-11:27)


(Light up a joint at a barbeque and drink a beer to San Diego’s Heavy Glow)


Slave Dance: Heavy Glow (San Diego) 11:49-17:14)


(Hammers is smart complex crust from the U.K.)


Systole: Hammers (Manchester, U.K.) New! (17:38-19:38)


(Just released on vinyl, Mitochondrion’s Parasignosis is blackened death horror metal – scary growls and screams mixed with dark ambient)


Plague Evockation: Mitochondrion (Canada) (Newly released on vinyl!) (20:20-24:20)


(In the style of Graveyard, groovey blues rock band Troubled Horse, also from Sweden)  


One Step Closer To My Grave: Troubled Horse (Sweden – members of Witchcraft!) New! (25:15-29:11)


(No more vocalist from Orange Goblin, Ravens Creed is full on death)


The Wires Will Kill You: Ravens Creed (U.K.) (29:36-31:41)


(Gorgeous cello creates depth for Dead to a Dying World; I will play their side project Unconscious Collective next time which is a jazz band with some metal highlights)


Stagnation: Dead to a Dying World (Dallas) (32:01-38:58)


(More Texas in the hiz-house, Sabrewulf dives into ambient but is a hardcore band at heart)


The Damned: Sabrewulf (El Paso) New! (39:25-43:21)


(San Francisco’s very own 70’s rock band recorded by Phil Manley, playing at the Hemlock on Friday after Thanksgiving)


The Curve: Golden Void (San Francisco) (New!) (43:41-49:24)


(Moody space stoner music from Sweden’s Mara who will have a full length early 2013)


On the edge of extinction: Mara (Sweden) (49:01-55:08)


(TeePee Records The Shrine is garage-y 70’s rifftastic)

Primitive Blast: The Shrine (So-Cal) New! TeePee Records!! (55:34-59:02)


(Math jazz on the experimental side)


I'm An Omnivore: Jorge Arana Trio (Kansas) New! (59:30-END)

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Buried With Leeches: Dragged Into Sunlight (Liverpool) (0:29-7:12)


(New 3 song album that are super evil, riffy and one of the best this year) 


(Atriarch versus Christian Death? I don’t think so.  But Atriarch have a great twist of old industrial and new blackened metal)


Offerings: Atriarch (Portland) New! (8:30-14:13)


(Houston’s Omotai has a female bassist playing hardcore proggy grind)


Spidercave: Omotai (Houston) New! (14:34-18:30)


(Ancient VVisdom will be opening for Enslaved on their 2013 tour; they are acoustic occult; yes ACOUSTIC singing you evil satanic hymns; the lead vocalist is super sexy) 


The Opposition: Ancient VVisdom (Austin) New! (19:19-22:44)


(Spanish Alter of Sin plays hard old school thrash)


Tales of Carnage: Alter of Sin (Spain) New! (23:05-26:35)


(Horseback and Locrian reissuing on Relapse with extra tracks; Horseback is usually drone – the next song is more structured)   


Ahriman: Horseback (North Carolina) (27:52-31:47)


(Boulder Colorado hardcore in the hiz-house!)


Failure: Ironhorse (Boulder) New! 32:07-35:06)


(The French YOB!)


Mare: Crown (France) (35:31-43:06)


(Thick bass and dirty riffs in London band Limb)


Dead Voice: Limb (London) New! (43:27-47:21)


(Post-rock Cathedraal is very pretty screaming French)


La ville brûle depuis des jours: Cathedraal (not misspelled!) (France) New! (48:20-53:16)


(Old school heavy metal with a sludge twist!)


Dagon's Bell: Arkham Witch (U.K.) (54:01-END)

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Momentary Senses: Flourishing (NYC) New! (0:28-6:01)


(Another awesome industrial-influenced brutal band from New York, ala Batillus, but with their own awesome style, Flourishing)


(Neurot Recordings band U.S. Christmas is thick complex garage rocks with sexy riffs)


Thin The Herd: U.S. Christmas (North Carolina) New! (7:09-11:03)


(Southern Lord releasing jazz?  Fontanelle infuses jazz to a psychedelic 70’s experimental trippy sound)


Traumaturge: Fontanelle (Portland) New! (11:42-16:12)


(Pounding Norksa shares YOB bassist – it compels you to headbang, very catch riffs)


Cholera: Norska (Portland-ish area) (16:30-21:52)


(Austin’s rich scene has a worthy addition – completely kickass riffs from instrumental metal band Eagle Claw, completely engaging and beer friendly)   


(Please do not miss out on OLD SCHOOL heavy metal thrash, completely 80’s with no apology, the 10th album from Paragon)


Wielder: Eagle Claw (Austin) New! (22:29-27:06)

Rising From the Black: Paragon (Germany) New! (27:35-32:10)


(Drone and dark ambient with a touch of ethnic folk vocals, dark shrouded soundtrack) 


Salamandra: Menace Ruine (Montreal) New! (32:43-38:34)


(Earthship has common musician with The Ocean, who now leads Earthship; hardcore influenced, super LOUD technical sludge) 


Catharsis: Earthship (Germany) New! (39:03-42:08)


(Post-metal from France with riffy moody hardcore touch) 


Monolith: Taste the Void (France) New! (42:24-46:53)


(Om’s drummer is in Grails, who put large gorgeous compositions; this album is a split with Finland’s Pharaoh Overlords)


Chariots: Grails (Portland) New! (47:43-52:14)


(Estoner from Estonia with stoner music.  Don’t know what to say about that.  They are trippy and have star wars songs, so they are awesome: “I am your father” lyrics) 


Cantina Song disco song: Meco (1977) (53:02-56:30)

Darth Vader Has a Hangover: Estoner (Estonia) New! (56:31-end)

New Promo: last LAST 30 seconds


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Vermin of Dust: The Secret (Italy) New! (0:29-4:11)


(Aggressive crust mixed with hardcore from Southern Lord’s The Secret)


(Finland’s Weedeater Demonic Death Judge has a brand new album that is chunky and thick groove)


Cyberprick: Demonic Death Judge (Finland) New! (5:10-10:51)


(Jazz extreme from Dysrhythmia is instrumental but very rich and emotional)


Test Of Submission: Dysrhythmia (Philadelphia/Brooklyn) New! (11:11-16:01)


(Proggy psychedelic awesomeness, you have to check out the acid trip from this Germany band Godless Funk of Bonanza)


Peltor: Godless Funk Of Bonanza (Germany) New! (16:23-23:11)


(A serial killer’s soundtrack of depraved black metal from Forgotten Tomb)


...And don't deliver us from evil...:  Forgotten Tomb (Italy) New! (23:57-31:11)


(Fantasy and gorgeous post-metal mixed with experimental psychedelic Sinistro)


Hóspede Inesperado: Sinistro (Portugal) (New!) (31:31-36:36)


(Sexy occult Venomous Maximus with 70’s and 80’s influence is headbang worthy and have played with big name bands that I love like Graveyard and Pentagram)


Dream Again(Hellenbach): Venomous Maximus (Houston) New! (37:08-42:09)


(30 years of the Swans comes to fruition in this 12th album)


The Seer Returns: Swans (NYC) New! (42:24-48:32)


(Another mix of jazzy sludge from Chicago, quite crazy stuff from Profound Lore, Yakuza)


Oil and Water: Yakuza (Chicago) New! (49:21-53:41)


(Extremely scary for Halloween and gurgling vocals to end this night right – soundtrack to anyone’s nightmares, another extreme experimental band from Chicago)


Out of My Mind: Drug Honkey (Chicago) New! (54:17-end)


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Embers and Revelations: Weapon (Calgary) (0:29-4:19)


(Bangladeshan lead singer of Weapon is truly Satanic, but not contrived and totally brutal)


(Definitely one of the top hard blues revitalist albums of the year, the very brand new band Heat from Germany; super sexy) 


Illusion: Heat (Germany) (New!) (6:43-12:16)


(Canadians Bison B.C. do their country proud with their gorgeous vocalist and heavy loud doom)


Finally Asleep: Bison B.C. (Vancouver) (New!) (12:35-19:19)


(Indesinence brings forth the death with a modern twist of doom and ambient, very smart)


Communion: Indesinence (U.K) New! (19:52-25:31)


(Again, the mix of ambient with hard is awesome; Germany has its own slew of awesome albums this year, and Voltron is one of them)


13 Liter Bohrmaschine: Voltron (Berlin) (26:18-34:05)


(Germans Black Shape of Nexus is one of the best this year, no doubt, seriously, I am so happy I found this band – incredibly complex; drone but heavier)


60 WV: Black Shape Of Nexus (Germany) (34:24-41:58)


(Catchy thick gorgeous riffs from Stoneburner who have played with some of my favorite bands this year (Yob!!))


Marriage: Stoneburner (Portland) New! (42:32-49:42)


(I have played Lento before – they have come out with another weird, diverse and instrumental album mixing post-metal with prog and dark mood)


Questions and Answers: Lento (Rome) New! (50:57-54:43)


(I can no longer hold it against the Sword that they are catchy and stylized because they are fresh and talented and diverse within each of their albums)


The Veil of Isis: The Sword (Austin) New! (55:37-end)
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Next week: HEAT!! (from Germany)
All Is Found...In Time: Neurosis (Oakland) New! (0:29-9:09)

(Legendary Neurosis comes out with another studio album, and even though I don't think anyone is going to be naming this album their favorite album from this band, it is still Neurosis, and you need to hear it)


(Graveyard had my #2 spot last year for best album, and I listened to it the most out of any other album (Hisingen Blues, if you don't have it, go get it, it is fantastic) Now their new album is as strong, I love them, they are soulful 70's rock that makes you groove) 
Goliath: Graveyard (Sweden) New! (10:24-13:09)


(Next four bands are Canadian - dark, evil stuff.  The next band is holy crap loud and I think super romantic)


The Churning Of The Milky Sea: Haggatha (Vancouver) New! (13:42-19:19)


(Evil and satanic Pestkreuz - debut songs)

Ars Moriendi: Pestkreuz (Vancouver) New! (19:30-25:04)


(Death metal Abyss has a new album out)


Splatterhouse: Abyss (Canada) New! (25:50-28:23)


(Toronto's own heavy metal will make you reminisce of video game playing and beer drinking on Saturday nights when you were young and pimply - super old school)


Burning Fortune: Cauldron (Toronto) New! (28:47-31:24)


(Swedish rock has room for more - Mother of God is not like Graveyard, but they riff hard.  They DO have a little Seattle influence in their vocals but don't be a snob, this is good stuff)


Aim for the Sun: Mother of God (Sweden) New! (31:58-36:51)


(Intense, progressive, very technical.  This band is not so obvious in their aggression though,  they make room for some more complexity)

Scarlet Rising: Eryn Non Dae (France) New! (37:12-42:30)


(Swedish style fuzzy rock groove from Portland, but with an awesome female vocalist)

Holy Grove: Holy Grove (Portland) (42:51-49:00)


(Very intelligent Cultura Tres from Venezuela is not about drinking and smoking, but more political.  They are a band to watch out for and have headlined Desertfest with Orange Goblin this past year)


El Sur de la Fe: Cultura Tres (Venezuela) (50:05-54:26)


(Eh, Pig Destroyer, I join the marketing onslaught, sheesh, I wonder what overrated band is going to make it to everyone's top album list)


Burning Palm: Pig Destroyer (Virginia/D.C) New! (55:00-END)
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Deconstruction: Witchcraft (Sweden) New! (0:29-5:35)


(New awesome album by Witchcraft, I like it as much/better than the previous albums, seriously fucking kickass)


(Ihsahn of Emperor has come out with a new solo album that is pretty avant-garde and crazy; and he is headlining  Roadburn’s 2013 Afterburner show)


The Grave: Ihsahn (Norway) New! (dude from Emperor)(6:40-14:43)


(Colour Haze is one of the forefathers of this type of psychedelic music, new album with over 20 minute songs, here is a 2 minute one)


This: Colour Haze (Germany) New! (15:18-17:27)


(Rorcal from Switzerland is epically dark somber landscape but not typical, this is a good one)


Világvége V: Rorcal (Geneva) New! (17:47-21:46)


(Super fun jamming stuff from New Zealanders Von Thundersvolt, just say that out loud, isn’t it great.  Since they have post-punk vocals, I am all over it and stuff)


Beyond Space: Von Thundersvolt (New Zealand) (22:41-27:53)


(Thrash, grind, what do you expect from Relapse Records)


Teratogenesis: Revocation (Boston) New! (28:02-32:06)


(Alex and I went to see Burning Monk at the Parkside over the weekend, and I was very happy to hear them, sludgy hardcore thrash punk, but not young; smart stuff)


Fifteen Minutes of Lame: Burning Monk (Oakland) (32:32-35:26)


(Gorgeous climactic atmosphere.  You cannot miss this, from Latvia)


II: Tesa (Latvia) (35:43-43:00)


(Greece knows how to make them.  They do everything right now, one of the most important international heavy scenes right now – this one is a good fuzz party album)


7 flies: 1000mods (Greece) (43:21-48:08)


(Yellow Eyes is atypical black metal with diversity, this is a band that will become bigger, listen to them first)


Unlit Kingdom: Yellow Eyes (NYC) New! (48:56-56:00)


(Italians party)


Adrift: Gandhi’s Gunn (Italy) (56:39-end)


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