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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

Nov 11, 2015

Bog Oak dude in GraveCoven.  Sacramento apparently seethes with metal.  

Furious Fires: GraveCoven (Sacramento)(0:28-5:15)

Yum, emotional proggy psychedelic. 

Hey Ya Sun Ra: Death Hawks (Finland)(6:11-11:30)

Cross Vault has that Pallbearer-sound: epic emotional heavy melodic metal.  Great vocals. 

Footprints: Cross Vault (Germany)(12:00-19:03)

Nostalgia-heavy post-punk.  New Orleans has a great scene.  

(Hopefully) Alone: Heat Dust (New Orleans)(19:34-22:59)

Indiana sucks.  But here you go.

Love Sermon: Slave Cylinder (Indiana)(24:20-31:16)

More post-punk?!?! Yep, and this shit is TIGHT.  

Hurricane: Diät (East Berlin)(31:46-36:07)

Death-y black metal.   

Impure Blood: Serum Dreg (Portland)(36:33-40:19)

Hells to the yeah, good 7” alert.  Death Church is death rock good stuff.

Betrayal: Death Church (New Orleans)(41:03-43:49)

Fast, vicious.  Like me.

Valueless: Svffer (Berlin)(44:40-46:29)

You like Joy Division? New cover album.

Atroscity Exhibition: Ambersmoke (from CVLT's Joy Division cover album)(47:16-52:27)

American black metal, rough around the edges, the way I like it.

Rotten Diadem: Uškumgallu (Portland)(52:39-58:00)

Swedish jamming.

Graveyard: Salem's Pot (Sweden)(58:17-END)