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U.K.’s Anaal Nathrakh plays a mix of genres: raw grind, produced industrial, death.  A true wall of sound.

Unleash: Anaal Nathrakh (U.K.)(0:28-4:08)

Emptiness plays with a light and dark outlook on experimental death metal.  There is something gorgeous underlying it all. 

Lowland: Emptiness (Belgium)(5:32-11:31)

Algoma perfects the slow-motion head bang, with its filthy outlook on sludge.

Bed Sores: Algoma (Canada)(12:06-18:36)

Alternative, yes, but completely dark and angular.

Pedestal: Bone (Australia)(18:52-24:52)

Slugdge is made of two weirdos who sing about slugs, wizards and shrooms.  And it f’n shreds.

Slimewave Zero: Slugdge (U.K.)(26:03-30:31)

Imagine laying out in the sun in Italy, with a dark-eyed Italian man fanning you, and feeding you gelato. 

Kenosis: Istvan (Italy)(31:02-38:41)

So what, this is melodic death metal.  That doesn’t mean that it isn’t completely brutal and fist-pumping fun.  Indulge in a little pleasure, awesome breakdowns that you can cabbage patch to. 

Leader of the Titans: Mors Principium Est (Finland)(39:22-44:42)

Madison plays black metal, emotional and shimmering in parts.

Lost Ages: Bereft (WI)(45:38-51:26)

Gurgling black evil from Germany.

Words Like Flames: Dysangelium (Germany)(52:07-56:33)

Your feathered hair flows back perpetually.  This shit breaks DOWN.

Thunder: Black Magic (Norway)(56:51-1:02:18)

These guys hover over arctic ice, their bat wings soundless.

Stoneweaver: Old Wainds (Murmansk, Russia)(1:03:07-END)

The Smiths/Morrissey songs I play behind my vocals in order:

Well I wonder

Bigmouth Strikes again

The Boy Thorn

This Night Has Opened My Eyes

Light That Has Never Gone Out




Cemetery Gates


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Tight, bare-boned aggression.

Visitant: Baring Teeth (Dallas)(0:28-4:30)

Harlequin-romance medieval black metal.

Vitava: Cult of Fire (Czech Republic)(5:27-11:23)

Filthy aggressive Belgians.

Blight Upon Sodom: Bones (Belgium)(11:42-17:28)

Dense black metal mixed with a lot of different genres that gives this an organic twist.   

Vinger: Taake (Norway)(18:14-24:02)

Torturously slow brutal.

Chapter 1: Devourer of Light: Famishgod (Spain)(25:03-31:59)

Warm death.

Insignia of Illumination: Usurpress (Sweden)(32:16-35:30)

Proggy Ghost Brigade on the verge of cheese, but smart enough not to fall off the edge.

Wretched Blues: Ghost Brigade (36:21-42:34)

Scary power from the north.

Hell's First Born: Conquer (Ottawa)(42:52-47:37)

Melodic, yeah, but good stuff.  The vocalist is a story-teller.

The Bright Trapezium: Varathron (Greece)(48:23-55:05)

Oh, this shit is slow as all hells doom.

Fortress of Gods: Fortress (MD)(55:29-END)

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Supergroup Old Man Gloom has (2) new albums with the same name, the following song is from the "first" album.  The second album is a little more moody, but still full of piss. 

Promise: Old Man Gloom (MA)(0:28-5:01)

Chris Black is a god of musical prowess, playing drums, bass and/or singing for bands Dawnbringer, High Spirits, Superchrist, Pharoah. Dawnbringer’s Nucleus (2010) is one of my fave albums of all time.  This is yet another NWOBHM-influenced, riffy, awesomeness.

The Burning Of Home: Dawnbringer (Chicago)(7:10-11:19)

Full of Hell have hit the jackpot: access to the noise of Merzbow to create a double cd album. 

High Fells: Full of Hell and Merzbow (MD and Japan)(12:14-16:45)

One of the best goth/post-punk influenced album this year.

Entropy: Atriarch (Portland)(17:23-22:42)

A short brand new E.P. from the female-led Bog Oak.

The Resurrection Of Animals: Bog Oak (Sacramento)(23:17-27:45)

I expect no less from Behemoth.  This is a vinyl-only E.P.

Nieboga Czarny Xiadz: Behemoth (Poland)(28:28-34:33)

Doom that hits the nail on the head: they intertwine slow with incredible riffage. Will keep you guessing.  This is a great mini-album.

They Had No Names: Heavydeath (Sweden)(35:11-41:26)

You can basically see this band play in your hometown in someone’s basement, and you would have talked about it for years. 

Mayhem: Caskets Open (Finland)(41:55-44:55)

Distorted thrash black metal.

Conquest: Zom (Ireland)(45:51-50:36)

The vocalist brings back Fen to its razor sharp edge again.

Our Names Written in Embers - Part 2 (Beacons of Sorrow): Fen (U.K.)(51:12-57:31)

I can’t listen to this band.

Beyond Stillness: Dire Omen (Alberta)(57:59-END)


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Secret Cutter is groovy hardcore, pulls you in while driving a nail through your heart.

Shake The Malevolent: Secret Cutter (PA)(0:28-2:29)

Epic, extreme, black and death, mixing in ambience, cause it is epic. Downfall of Gaia is a critic favorite right now.

To Carry Myself to the Grave: Downfall of Gaia (Germany)(3:35-11:08)

11 Paranoias creeps into your psychedelic black heart.

Lost to Smoke: 11 Paranoias (U.K.)(11:39-19:02)

So cheesy, in the best way is NJ’s While Heaven Wept. (EDIT: massive mistake, this awesome band is from VIRGINIA, what was I thinking you ask? I listened to them on a road trip in NJ and forever associate them with that state)

Indifference Turned Paralysis: While Heaven Wept (Virginia)(19:24-23:08)

Craang is so loose, that you know that this is the best type of band to be psychedelic.  Parts improv, but all jammy spacey fun.

Slo Forward Jam: Craang (Greece)(24:11-31:12)

Garage and black metal, what does that even mean.

When a Lie Becomes the Truth: Raspberry Bulbs (NYC)(31:33-34:23)

Depressing sober sludge.

Drag: Dusted: Pharaoh (NJ)(34:48-39:42)

What can anyone say, Today is the Day.  This new one is as good as they are.

Discipline: Today is the Day (Nashville)(40:35-43:32)

Super band Soulburn really riffs it out in the best possible way.  They are “blackened” death, which means they infuse some shit in this shit and shit.

Claws Of Tribulation: Soulburn (Netherlands)(44:14-49:38)

Fucking psychedelic, from Norway and shit.  This shit is TIGHT.

I.E.V I: Circumambulating Mount Meru: Spectral Haze (Norway)(50:22-54:15)

Very different grind from Copenhagen.

Devouring Intent: Piss Vortex (Denmark)(54:38-55:42)

One of my favorite vocalists of all time, who also is in one of my other fave albums of this year:

Dread Sovereign: Primordial (Ireland)(56:31-END)

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Touring Italian death rock with Mission (U.K.) vocals.  Unfortunately I missed them, this album will take you straight back to the early 80’s in the best way.

'Till The Last Drop: Horror Vacui (Italy)(0:28-6:09)

Bauhaus re-born, singing God is dead.

Übermensch: Pawns (Brooklyn)(7:01-12:44)

Fade from Batillus has one of the best EBM/industrial bands in our modern times.  One man project.  He made my “best of” list last year.  This is from a new split with Zex Model.

Behind Glass_Second Pane: Statiqbloom (Brooklyn)(13:17-17:34)

Skinny frigging Puppy.  Need I say more??!  I heart them more than you.  I will be twirling around in storm clouds in December when I see them at the Warfield. 

wornin: Skinny Puppy (Vancouver)(18:17-22:57)

Criminal Code is flirts with punk and hardcore, but has a firm grip in post-punk.

Burning Backwards: Criminal Code (Tacoma)(23:21-25:13)

Institute shares a record label with Pharmakon, who is getting way more attention.  Institute rules, deserves more of the spotlight.

An Absence: Institute (Austin)(26:07-29:47)

Danish dark new wave, fronted by a strong vocalist.

Forever: Iceage (Denmark)(30:12-34:57)

Youth Code is a duo, definitely do not hide being influenced by bands like Nitzer Ebb and KMFDM and other old school EBM and industrial.  They are touring with Skinny Puppy. 

Let The Sky Burn: Youth Code (LA)(35:21-39:14)

Pharmakon is a one chick who is a complete noise-creating weirdo.

Autoimmune: Pharmakon (Brooklyn)(39:45-44:27)

Vicious Pleasures is yet another female-led band, she screams punk-ily.

In These Walls: Vicious Pleasures (Portland)(45:20-47:44)

Population have tried over the last 5 years to evolve, and they have ended with this thick new wave sound.

Sleepwalker: Population (Chicago)(48:15-52:27)

Female-led bay area band, gotta check them out!

June: Crimson Scarlet (Oakland)(52:52-57:49)

One of my fave post-punk bands this year, also from the bay area! Holy crap, lots of good stuff coming from our neck of the woods!!


Blood & Sweat: The New Flesh (Oakland)(58:32-END)


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Usually super-produced melodic is like, disGUSting to me, but not in the case of At The Gates.  They are as filthy and evil as any raw band, and this is the only follow-up to Slaughter of the Soul that could have been released.

The Conspiracy Of The Blind: At The Gates (Sweden) (0:28-3:45)

Finnish Swallowed is part weird, part awesome.   

Reverence Through Darkness: Swallowed (Finland) (5:22-12:09)

Horrendous mixes a lot of different stuff in with its death, including occult and atmosphere.

Monarch: Horrendous (Philly) (12:55-16:47)

Of course, occult from Occultation. 

All Hallow’s Fire: Occultation (NYC) (17:39-23:02)

One of the best 2-piece hardcore-influenced brutal metal out there.  They were my last year’s best 2 piece, and there was some hella competition

Combine Desecration: Cara Neir (Dallas) (23:51-25:42)

Massive eccentric black noise with an awesome band name.

Ad Ban Ed No: Captainpopaptain (Germany) (27:12-31:44)

Torrid Husk is large, but not boring and over-produced.  Death metal and black metal here, and post-metal.

And Ballasted the Elk: Torrid Husk (West Virginia) (32:17-40:41)

Proggy and expertly produced.

Discotheque: Kruger (Switzerland) (41:26-47:35)

This 2 piece will remind you of 80’s goth; very dark ambient.

Torture of Fire: Menace Ruine (Montreal) (49:01-54:09)

Northless members continuing in their style of heavy post-metal.

The Word of God: Lotus Ash (Milwaukee) (54:53-END)


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Another incredible female vocalist leading the pack.  The band is riffy awesome fun 70’s style Sabbath doom.

The Mask Of Herne: Alunah (England) (0:28-6:18)

Revocation shares the guitarist from Artificial Brain.  This new Revocation album has some proggy-ness, and definite melody which makes it stand out from the usual thrash.  This is a great band.

Witch Trials: Revocation (Boston) (7:23-13:15)

New E.P. from Inter Arma is a keeper, one song – 46 minutes.  It dives into a number of different sounds, which are basically different songs, which means this E.P. is a full album in disguise.

(a very small portion of) The Cavern: Inter Arma (Richmond) (13:52-22:24)

Baptists are pummeling crushing hardcore, in the vein of Converge.

For Profit: Baptists (Vancouver) (22:54-26:06)

Not to sound like a broken record, but another incredible female vocalist.  Not contrived, just a part of the sound of the band.  She just quit the band.

Psycho Animundi: Witch Mountain (Portland) (27:13-35:55)

Wowsers, this is some dark Polish noise infused black cloudy guttural stuff. 

Winter’s Bone: Thaw (Poland) (36:21-41:43)

Yay, awesome new post-punk, full of nostalgic 80’s dance-y alternative.

The Only Star in the Sky: The House of Capricorn (New Zealand) (42:01-46:05)

Disjointed black metal, the songs are very different from each other so you will get a touch of droning ambient.

The Will Of Fire: Tongues (Denmark) (46:59-55:12)

Detroit flips you off.


Exanimate Gaze: Temple of Void (Detroit) (55:51-END)


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Doom Londoners who incorporated rasp vocals and melody in a huge album.

Morrs Tempest: Hang the Bastard (London) (0:28-5:50)

Beautifully integrated thrash, energizing 1349’s thick black sound.

Postmortem: 1349 (Norway) (7:08-11:25)

Garage desert rock, but way better than you are thinking.

Dragon Snort: The Well (Austin) (11:49-16:44)

Philosophers Nightbringer have incredible production – dense noise is articulated perfectly.  Their last 2 albums have been their best, which is usually not what happens for a band that has been around since 1999.

I Am the Gateway: Nightbringer (Colorado) (17:36-25:07)

Bulletbelt sound like a female-led Skeletonwitch.  Fast and furious death.

Murderer's Collar: Bulletbelt (New Zealand) (26:01-30:41)

Orange Goblin is going super jammy stoner strong with their eighth album.

Mythical knives: Orange Goblin (U.K.) (31:21-36:06)

Garage-punk mixed with psychedelic, twinges of post-punk and hardcore.  A cave-like sound overall.

Dazeripper: Okkultokrati(Norway) (36:38-42:22)

Gritty thrash band, Philadelphia-style.

Howling Void: Blood Storm (Philadelphia) (43:38-48:57)

Bluesy-folk, yes, completely different from brutal. Incorporating some thick doom-y rock in parts.

Shake the Soot From Your Boots: Bask (Asheville, NC) (49:40-54:16)

Very clean black metal, with some avant-garde noise

Henosis: Blut Aus Nord (France) (55:03-END)



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Myrkur was anonymous, and now no more.  It is a one-person project by a Danish and (most likely) hot chick.  It was completely addicting.  Her style is integrating her angelic vocals with catchy black metal, very atmospheric.

Nattens Barn: Myrkur (Denmark) (0:28-6:11)

Dark sludgy-but-almost-hardcore crusty Clevelandites.

Smoke Cat Hair and Toenails: Fistula (Cleveland) (7:26-12:58)

Now defunct,  Mondvolland has some awesome epic melancholy Dutch-language stuff.

Wanneer De Hemel Bloedt: Mondvolland (Netherlands) (13:34-19:25)

Guitarist from Cathedral started a band in Belgium, his dream. He pictured a female singer, and got one from Serpentcult.  If you don’t like her vocals, listen again.  She is strong and gorgeous.  And the band is seriously talented.

Eyes of the Heretic: Death Penalty (Belgium/England) (20:10-25:19)

Sivyi Yar in Russian, crazy one-person project that does NOT sound one-person-y.  He integrates some fun alternative/post-punk in his black metal. 

Distant Haze Was Arising: Сивый Яр (Russia) (26:43-33:13)

Denver’s Primitive Man breaks down the best.

Loathe: Primitive Man (Denver) (33:38-38:58)

Cult of Luna-ish vocals, cause these guys are Swedish.

The End/Aftermath: Gloson (Sweden) (39:33-46:18)

Very talented death, these guys have 2 vocalists, I like the raspy one, he should sing more!

Pox of the Weary: Lago (Phoenix) (47:30-52:50)

Another talented atmospheric-laden black metal.


Entartetes Gesicht: Aesop (Switzerland) (53:19-END)


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Moody deconstructed hardcore.  Torche Runner was on a split with Young and in the Way.

Vestige: Torche Runner (North Carolina) (0:28-4:07)


Iron Reagan! Nuff said.


Miserable Failure: Iron Reagan (Virginia) (5:31-7:45)


Members of Church of Misery and Doomdogs spin-off doom jammy band.


Wisdom: The Order of Israfel (Sweden) (8:49-16:55)


Finnish Crossover – thrash hardcore fun.


Structural Oppression: Foreseen (Finland) (17:22-21:41)


Crust with black metal.


Rite Of Taghairm: Trepenation (New Zealand) (22:17-26:21)


Incredible post-punk album from across the bay.


No Way Out: The New Flesh (Oakland) (27:17-30:40)


Ævangelist has a 0 out of 10 in terms of band names.  They are brutal/extreme death.


Halo Of Lamented Glory: Ævangelist (Illinois, Portland) (31:20-37:49)


Gaze-y spacey psychedelic awesomeness.


Here Come the Tears: Megaton Leviathan (Portland) (38:30-45:37)


Old dudes doing death.


Black Projection: Drowned (Berlin) (46:51-51:57)


Fördärv is ruin in Swedish.  These dudes are deep and shit


Darkness of the eternal Winter: Fördärv (Sweden) (52:30-56:28)


Mursa is rocking catchy sludge.


Nanking: Mursa (Portland) (56:56-END)



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