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She Likes It Heavy

Nov 21, 2012

Christological Escalation: Amnis Nihili (Greece) New! (0:28-5:28)


(Politics in Greece influences their art, Amnis Nihili screams at you with blackened hardcore and spacey ambient)


(Big money behind prog metalists Between the Buried and Me with their very conceptually strong 7th album)


Astral Body: Between the Buried and Me (North Carolina) New! (6:41-11:27)


(Light up a joint at a barbeque and drink a beer to San Diego’s Heavy Glow)


Slave Dance: Heavy Glow (San Diego) 11:49-17:14)


(Hammers is smart complex crust from the U.K.)


Systole: Hammers (Manchester, U.K.) New! (17:38-19:38)


(Just released on vinyl, Mitochondrion’s Parasignosis is blackened death horror metal – scary growls and screams mixed with dark ambient)


Plague Evockation: Mitochondrion (Canada) (Newly released on vinyl!) (20:20-24:20)


(In the style of Graveyard, groovey blues rock band Troubled Horse, also from Sweden)  


One Step Closer To My Grave: Troubled Horse (Sweden – members of Witchcraft!) New! (25:15-29:11)


(No more vocalist from Orange Goblin, Ravens Creed is full on death)


The Wires Will Kill You: Ravens Creed (U.K.) (29:36-31:41)


(Gorgeous cello creates depth for Dead to a Dying World; I will play their side project Unconscious Collective next time which is a jazz band with some metal highlights)


Stagnation: Dead to a Dying World (Dallas) (32:01-38:58)


(More Texas in the hiz-house, Sabrewulf dives into ambient but is a hardcore band at heart)


The Damned: Sabrewulf (El Paso) New! (39:25-43:21)


(San Francisco’s very own 70’s rock band recorded by Phil Manley, playing at the Hemlock on Friday after Thanksgiving)


The Curve: Golden Void (San Francisco) (New!) (43:41-49:24)


(Moody space stoner music from Sweden’s Mara who will have a full length early 2013)


On the edge of extinction: Mara (Sweden) (49:01-55:08)


(TeePee Records The Shrine is garage-y 70’s rifftastic)

Primitive Blast: The Shrine (So-Cal) New! TeePee Records!! (55:34-59:02)


(Math jazz on the experimental side)


I'm An Omnivore: Jorge Arana Trio (Kansas) New! (59:30-END)