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She Likes It Heavy

Dec 5, 2012

The Pressure Keeps Me Alive: Kowloon Walled City (San Francisco) New! (0:28-5:33)

(A brief history on the meaning of Kowloon Walled City, large and loud, dark and chaotic, different landscapes)

The Hellions Genesis: Incantation (NY/PA) New! (6:48-11:03)

(Typical easy listening death metal, breaks into brutal riffs, not sickening to listen to)

The Weight: Tweak Bird (Chicago) New! (11:25-13:31)

(Tweak Bird is a 2 piece, raw rocking, strong humor through the album)

Sole Creation: Khong (Sweden) New! Not Yet Released! (14:01-20:58)

(Doom with evil vocals, with 70's influence, thick riffs and even some industrial thrown in!)

Sweet Little Cosmic Blues: Deadneck (Finland) New! (21:39-26:38)

(How do the Finnish do the blues? With weird throaty vocals and fuzzed grooves with plenty of emotion, a fantastic blues-influenced album)

Wild Years: Twin Guns (NYC) New! (27:22-31:05)

(Twin Guns is sexy garage rock with influences of post-punk, British new wave, even some surf, and contains Jungle Jim Chandler originally from Pueblo, Colorado)

Inverted Pill Willy (Wollop): Gurt (U.K.) New! (31:54-35:34)

(Sludge from the U.K, hot vocals and guitarist from Sedulus)

Nature Fights Back: Oak (Sweden) New! (36:11-41:21)

(Oak put their new album on cassette, huh? Their whole album is mostly crushing instrumental (but some vocals!) with space-y and softer than evil)

Low Country Exiles: Your Highness (Belgium) New! (41:51-46:56)

(Brand new awesomeness from Your Highness that has a crazy trippy jamming bluesy sludge thing going)

Plain Man: Icysun (France) New! (47:38-52:28)

(French blues now!? Kyuss influenced fuzz)

Build No System:  Liberteer (California) Released early 2012! (53:32-55:08)
Twin Obscenities: Spider Kitten (South Wales) New! Not Released Yet! (55:09-end!)

(Liberteer is anarchy grind from one of the dudes from Exhumed - a less than 2 minute song!)

(Not released yet Spider Kitten has crust and industrial and doom and space all spinning together)