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Charlie Brown

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

No Presents for Christmas

Little Drummer Boy

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

White Christmas

Run Run Rudolph

Carol of the Bells

Santa Claws is Coming To Town

Holiday in Cambodia

Blue Christmas

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Christmas in New Orleans

The Christmas Song

Winds of Change
— The Scorpions sing about a new year or end of the world, you take your pick

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DSNKT (Switzerland)
Resurgence of Primordial Void Aperture
— Suffocate in swarming, dense, primordial, black metal noise.

GENOCIDE PACT (DC)(releases 2018)
Conquered And Disposed
— Bludgeoning death, but in that super fun way.

TONGUES (Denmark)
Grove Of Mithridate
— Rock and doom and black and groove.

Spectrality of Inborn Neuroticism
— Thrash and hardcore-infiltrated death.

HARM'S WAY (Chicago)(releases 2018)
Human Carrying Capacity
— I mean, the lead singer. Wow. Also, this is Chicago hardcore.

THAW (Poland)
Wielki Piec
— Poland does it again, what a fantastic scene. The album art is top-notch: black and white minimalist alien bird creatures. Need a t-shirt!

VEILED (PA)(releases 2018)
— 2-piece does shimmering black.

MAMMOTH GRINDER (Austin)(releases 2018)
Superior Firepower
— Mammoth Grinder has members of Iron Reagan and Power Trip. This is going to be a powerful album next year.

SORXE (Phoenix)
— Do NOT be turned off by the genres: post-metal and sludge. It is diverse and rich with rock and melodic psychedelic; each song takes you in different directions. The lead singer is a highlight.

Cascade of Ashes
— Of course, the Finnish are fucking weird. Wonderfully so. Aliens living on earth, making creepy weird music. We bend a knee.

Behind My Vocals
Carpenter Brut, Dynatron, M.O.O.N., Mega Drive, Trevor Something, Magic Sword, Speed Machine, Daisuke, Lifelike

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INQUISITOR (Netherlands)
Castigate into Divine Apostle
— Inquisitor released this second album 22 years after their debut, which is a long time to bake. This is a brilliant contribution to the art of thrash and death, bold and technical, fun and rage.

Essence Of Fire
— Australia is a brilliant cesspool of aggressive metal.  This is yet another compelling addition.

— I’m in love with Iceland in general, well before this black metal wave. And now Iceland has their own version: atmospheric and bleak and romantic. Matches the country to perfection.

Eternal Internment of the Prolific Paradigm; Staring Through the Veil of Aberration
— Yes, this band is a 2-piece; and they are so fucking badass. Plenty to sift through, death and melodic black metal.

PORTAL (AUS)(releases 1/2018)
— YET another Aussie band; and this one is relentlessly brutal; it will be a great way to start next year. Menacing death: the way it was meant to be.

MARGINAL (Belgium)
— And now the Belgians do death, but infused with a wave of hardcore. The recording has no drum editing, and everything is mostly off their first or second take! Bros got it down.

— Fine, I’m middle-aged, and these guys are the future.

The Crowning Quietus
— As I say on the show: this is a blood and gore-filled black metal, but they also gleefully skip over your dead body breaking between minimalist and catchy rock, breathing fresh spirit in dank filth.

The Cosmic Vein
— My best live band of the year.

In the Vastness of Time
— Corporations need to die. Also, this Brazilian act is brutal, and catchy.

Behind My Vocals
Rory Gallagher, Traffic, Out of Focus, Frame, Dreams and Nightmares, Missing Link, Carmen Maki & Blues Creation, Moondog & The London Saxophonic, Magic Potion

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AOSOTH (France)
Contaminating All Tongues
— Melodic black and death immersive metal seems to be a French specialty. Mixed with a Oranssi-style psychedelic elevates this sound.

No for an Answer
— Assaultive death bordering on grind, but neck-breaking ability to dissolve into sparse minimalist.

Your Life Is Cursed
— A twisted disjointed Polish beast. Aw! Sounds so cute.

AMENRA (Belgium)
Plus Pre`s De Toi
— Blistering brooding Belgians. These guys know how to do heart-wrenching.

Plot of Skinned Heavens
— Dude from Grave Pleasures (ex-Beastmilk)/Hexvessel, so you know this shit is good. Vocalist is the highlight; a stunning ability to be sweet while breaking your face in.

BLOODWAY (Romania)
Midlight Scout
— Romanian metal is melancholy, vampiric, and fierce; of course. The vocalist is a standout, and also created the album art.

De Aeterno Praesentia
— Flamenco guitar introduces a bit of folk in atmospheric black metal.

Self-Devouring Womb
— Cloak-wearing and anonymous, continuing to create horrorscapes. These guys got my 2015 Best Horror album.

Behind My Vocals:
Ideal Husbands; The Soft Moon; Dead Husband; She Past Away; Trisomie 21; Molly Nilsson; Boy Harsher

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Stargazer Monolith
Sweet angular Italians. This was such a meditative journey. Don’t be scared of angular, these guys do it to perfection.

The Silent Star
Chilled Finnish death metal with a dollop of swirling black metal on top. One of the top offerings for death metal this year, do NOT miss this album

SOFT KILL (Portland)
Insider (Tom Petty cover)
Rough gazey post cover of Tom Petty. Free:

MORVIGOR (Netherlands)
No Repentance
Dynamic Morvigor, vocalist packs an emotional punch. Top notch.

Ghouls in Leather
Norwegian classic rock, nostalgic beautiful doom.

Kronus Deposed
Krallice is bludgeon metal, expanding and pulverizing. More of the same: which is really really good.

LADY BEAST (Pittsburgh)
Lone Hunter
Last year’s E.P. from Lady Beast is SOOOOO badass. This new full-length is a bit softer, but still speed and roaring riffs.

HEXIS (Denmark)
Suffocating, demonic and brooding Danish.

Be God
Godflesh still has the same noise-y attitude, but it also feels like they’ve redefined themselves. This is relevant.

Behind My VocalsHuman Tetris; Ruh; Pink Turns Blue; Pleasure Symbols, Phosphor; Sad Lovers and Giants; Sixth June; Boy Harsher

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HORN (Germany)
— Folk has never been my favorite, so to start with a folk song means I fucking fell in love. Just the perfect black metal song infused with gorgeous folk. This EP will contain dulcimer and trumpets, stoked for it to be released. I love that the pictured released was a band member with his arms wrapped around a dulcimer (nerd).

RAM (Sweden)
— Romping 80’s heavy metal style, done Swedish.

Murk & Marrow
— What the hell do I need to say about Converge, these guys are gods.

Beyond The Veil
— Debut album, groove perfection, infectious, endearing, need to get it on vinyl. They claim Fields of the Nephilim as one of their influences, which is a very influential gothic band. I don’t hear goth in this band, but definitely a touch of psychedelic and rock, which Fields skirted.

RED SCALP (Poland)
— Really, Poland is erupting as a powerful scene. Now they are excelling in jamming psychedelic stoner riffage? Not expecting that.

Weight of the Shadow
— The other obvious spectrum of Polish metal: bleak, dark, gritty black metal. The vocalist is a badass. What stands out in this sound is the melancholy undertone.

Perfect Recursion
— Fuck. You know when you are middle-aged and cranky and miss the power of the music of your youth? I thought industrial was fucking over. Withering Herd is a 2-piece redefining this genre; and I love the incorporation of synth and electronic – it sounded like the soundtrack of 70’s B-movie horror.

AUÐN (Iceland)
Í Hálmstráið Held
— Yet another STUNNING Icelandic black metal band; but this one is intensely rich and lush and I soaked in it.

When Doomdays Has Come
— One member left in Chile; the others scattered across Sweden, Berlin, Amsterdam, Denmark. How easy does that make recording? Epic, heavy metal, doom.

Der Unsterbliche Geist
—One of the best black metal releases, the Ukraine gots it goin’ on.

Behind My Vocals
John Maus, album - Screen Memories (2017)

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Every Day is Halloween

BAUHAUS (1982)
Bela Lugosi's Dead

Black Celebration

Dead Man's Party

Killing Game

Black Planet

I Coldly Stare Out

Do You Fear (For Your Child)

THE CURE (1980)
A Forest

Night Shift

XYMOX (1989)

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Noutaja Otti
— What's not to love about a Finnish band that is reminiscent of super early Metallica.  A bit more punk.

THROANE (France)
Et ceux en lesquels ils croyaient
— Swarming weirdo experimental French that still retains the groove.  You gotta love the French.  

— Belgian post-punk that erupts in noise and black metal and hardcore.
New Days
Belgian post-punk that swirls into krautrock and noise.  So frigging cool.  

PARTISAN (Belgium)
— Belgian post-punk that dives into dark shoe-gaze.  

BELLTOWER (Brooklyn)
Echoes Sung by Winter Winds
— Oh hell, more black metal from Brooklyn.

Black Mass
— Female and male vocals are a highlight in rocking catchy melodic Young Hunter.  

Hear Me
— Afraid of Destiny released a full-length earlier in the year.  This is from a just-released split with Eyelids.  Italian black metal.  
No Escape
— Swedish husky female vocals fronting a heavy metal band.  Fuck. Yes.
ROPE SECT (Germany)
Death is your lover
— Jamming blues and doom in a sweet post-punk band.

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— Members hail from Blood Incantation, but this is another style of death – falling into horror noise and the unexpected.

DAEVA (Philly)
— Crypt Sermon’s guitarist; Philly filthy gritty thrash with a scraping vocalist.

Never Give Up The Dream Of Total Annihilation
— Fucking weirdos.

Infinite End
— New band with Mastodon drummer and Withered’s vocalist, creating psychedelic synth.

ARCHSPIRE (Vancouver)
Human Murmuration
— Too difficult to listen to, so just move forward. Also, great.

Nothing Ever Changed
— Oh the Finnish are taking over the world. 70’s rockin’, bell bottoms and pop.

STASS (Sweden/GER)
Warriors Land
— Chomping death made to kill your neck.

Pressure Lover
— Metal-infused industrial for snobs.

— The melodic vocals really are a wonderful touch here.

DEAD IS DEAD (Milwaukee)
— Milwaukeean sludge with a kick of hardcore boots.

BELUS (Brooklyn)
— You gotta love Woe’s vocalist added to yet another Brooklyn black metal band.

Behind My Vocals
(electronic disco) Manuel; Expansives; Decadance vs Italoconnection; Freak Electrique; Steel Mind; Laser; Pineapples; Body Electric; Louis

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Yesh li el yadi
— French grim neck-wrenching yet groovy.

Spectral Savior
— Guitarist from Take Over and Destroy is one of my favorite vocalists. No longer a one-man band, bro is a boy band now.

— Uneasy and threatening, horror and texture. French bros are insane.

New Beginning
— I immediately bought the vinyl.

REDENIK (Serbia)
— Did you think about the fact that your band name sounds like "redneck"? Filthy chomping black and thrash and a touch of hardcore goodness.

The Perceiver
— Somehow all the genres, death and black flows into doom and minimalist at points.

— Yes, here is Christian Death influence on Finnish. 'nuff said.

THE MOTH (Germany)
— Bowel-releasing bass. Don't pass out. Great female and male vocals.

— Noisy and explosive. Wait, that sounds gross.

— New Jersey is the new cool, with sludge and hardcore, experimental and spacey.

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Slave Morality
All-star All Pigs Must Die releases after 4 years - and it is worth it. A filthy hardcore encrusted sound that dives into death.

Ufommamut is hella heavy-hitting doom, but still retain their modernized space acid trip.

Joy Through Death
One of the best post-punk band out there. This is their second release, still catchy and unique and romantic and nostalgic.

SEROTONIN (Netherlands)
Grey Hell
Dry and sharp black metal that feels very Oranssi Pazuzu: eclectic and weird, and bringing in different elements like vocal styles and synth.

Immersion Trench Reverie
FUCK. YES. NYC Yellow Eyes, I have loved every single one of their albums and prmoted them from day fucking one. This is melodic American raw black at its best.

FUTURE FACES (Switzerland)
Aw. shit. So glad I didn't miss this very special romantic synth cold wave from Switzerland. Released earlier this year.

THE WAKE (Romania)
Trial Against Humanity
Romania. Let's imagine the natural: vampires. And what would these vampires love? Heavy fucking shit.

Born from the Serpent's Eye
OK, everyone apparently hates Wolves, cause they were fucking awesome at one point. So let's pull them down now. This was a solid dense black metal album. As usual.

True Fear
If music manifested into the physical, this would manifest into a punching, violent skinhead. (non-racist).

Fuck I hate the name of this band. I never knew these guys were a two-piece. Hella talented dudes, vocalist is a story-teller from hell.

Swedish thick. That's right.

Behind My Vocals
(all new 2017 albums except Lebanon Hanover, that came out 2013) Lebanon Hanover; The Wraith; Chain of Flowers; Virgin in Veil; Marbled Eye; Pawns; Nerve Quakes; Arcane

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Special “upcoming shows” set – showcasing bands that are on tour and will be playing in the bay area soon. 

COBALT (Sunday, October 8, Elbo Room)
Hunt The Buffalo
— The original duo of Cobalt ended 2015 in public social media battle, sort of like CNN and Trump. It ended with one of them holding the reins of Cobalt, and adding the vocalist from Lord Mantis. What a boon, the vocalist is expert in intensity, desperate and emotional. For a duo, this strong of a vocal is a must. And holy shit, the original member did all the instrumentation.

VERMIN WOMB (Friday, October 13, Thee Parkside)
Rank & File
— Vermin Womb won my 2016 Best Grind album of the year. “Shit yeah bro” is what you say when you hear this debut full-length Vermin Womb album. Vocalist from Primitive Man fucking howls perfectly. Fortunately, Vermin Womb is way more dynamic and furious than Primitive Man. Maybe purists will say there is too much sludge and crust to make this truly grind, but fuck that. Shit just makes the album great.

NOISEM (Sunday, October 8, DNA Lounge)
Cascade of Stars
— Noisem is ambient, death, thrash, grind, punk and technical hardcore. Tons of grind, but their young energy breaks it up into a ripping hardcore album. They won my Best 2016 Hardcore/Punk-influenced.

STATIQBLOOM (Tuesday, October 10, DNA Lounge)
Despair Are Shadows
— Fade from Batillus is the modern EBM/Industrial leader. His industrial offerings are relentlessly danceable and dark. I fucking love this new album.


CULT LEADER (Friday, October 13, Thee Parkside)
— Members of Gaza. Suffocating grind infuses this album, breaking into pummeling hardcore. Produced by Kurt Ballou.

WARNING (Wednesday, October 18, DNA Lounge)
— Warning broke up in 2009 after releasing two albums, including a critical favorite in 2006 (Watching From a Distance). Two members went on to form 40 Watt Sun. Highly influential in the genre of emotional, dense, down-tuned doom.

ALTAR DE FEY (Friday, October 13, Hemlock)
Veil Of Death
— Old school deathrock in a new album from 80's band Altar De Fey, proving that the Bay Area indeed had a thriving deathrock scene in the 80's. You can tell they existed at the same time as Christian Death. This album is a mix of new and newly recorded old; and the vocalist strikes that perfect note of whine and badass.

ARTIFICIAL BRAIN (Tuesday, November 21, DNA Lounge)
Anchored To The Inlayed Arc
— Artificial Brain is mostly technical, raw, pummeling and painful all around. They incorporate just the right amount of progressive to keep your neck in a whiplash from the tempo changes. Vocalist scrapes the bottom of his throat and vomits it out. Just a stunningly talented band.

ATRIARCH (Saturday, October 21, Golden Bull (Oakland))
— Atriarch have a great twist of retro industrial and post-punk mixed with intense bleak sludge leadup to a black hole in your heart. The album contains traditional industrial “remixes” to their songs, including one by Statiqbloom!

PILLORIAN (Sunday, October 22, Cornerstone (Berkeley))
Forged iron crucible
— Lead singer from defunct Agalloch. This album contains pretty melodic atmosphere and shining moments of black metal density with a diversity of vocal styles.

MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT (Tuesday, October 31, Brick and Mortar)
A Daisy Chain for Satan
— One of my favorite industrial bands of all time, and on Halloween? Come on.

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Apophis - Black Dragon
— Hot Austrian vile that is so fucking evil.  Breathes life into my withered soul.

The Dead Cry For No One
— Swedish dark wave dances happily on a gloomy coast in a trench coat in the 80’s with spiky black hair in its face. You know?

The Shape Of He To Come
— New album starts another series of Botanist albums that are a collaboration between all six members. Ethereal vocals are reminiscent of Controlled Bleeding's Songs from the Ashes – beautiful and airy against a storm of sounds. I do love the evil vocals also; and the compositions retain melody throughout. Probably my fave Botanist album yet.

ISOTOPE (Oakland)
Wake Up Screaming
— Oakland has a vivacious crust scene. Can I say vivacious? We are all so fucking vivacious.

Future Perfect Conditional
— Gorgeous use of violin that cuts a clean melodic swathe through dense black metal.

The Fiends That Come to Steal the Weed of the Deceased
— Song title: "Papyrus Containing The Spell To Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Bong Water". Bro from Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan. Solid and technical beyond the hilarity.

USNEA (Portland)
Lathe of Heaven
— Pacific Northwest style: epic sludge with brutal vocals mixed with stellar riffage brah pass the spliff.

Plaque Marks
— Scraped off the sidewalks of Philly. Dirty and filthy noise.

SATOR (Italy)
— Unusual vocals drifts into Italian-style psychedelic space.

NIGHT (Sweden)
— Third album is light retro psychedelic rock, with harmonizing guitars in the forefront.

KRIEG (Philly)
— Slithering vocals against raw.

Behind My Vocals
Notchnoi Prospect; Velvet Condom; Sect; Message; Ikon (cover of She Likes Parties); Trentemøller; Clan Of Xymox; Lebanon Hanover; She Past Away; Linea Aspera

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Death the Conqueror
— Perth thrash, so you know it'll be venomous. Those kangaroo-loving weirdos.

GIGAN (Chicago)
Plume Of Ink Within A Vacuum
— Left-handed progressive jazz and death in Gigan's 4th release.

EHNAHRE (Boston)
The Marrow
— Haunting, skulking horror soundscapes.

— Classic heavy metal from Sweden with emotional vocal storytelling.

Skepsis Part II
— Dynamic, sparse and dense, cold and heartbreaking. Germanic meditation.

Lightning Strikes Again
— Lush vocals and melancholy 70's blues.

Unbound by Sin
— Akercocke plays with vocal styles, soft to guttural, multi-dimensional tempo, death and thrash.

WAR CLOUD (Oakland)
No Man's Land
— Oakland grooves? Hells yeah.

— Smoldering. Oh, and black metal and shit.

Behind My Vocals
The Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash, Outkast, Beastie Boys,
Biz Markie, Snoop, Tone Loc

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ATTIC (Germany)
The Hound of Heaven
— No, it isn’t King Diamond. This German band could be tongue-in-cheek, but they are too frigging good.

Myths from the Desert
— Dude from Krieg and dude from Horseback. Duo creates creepy medieval sounds with jaunts into electro death rock.

— North Carolina just came out with a Swedish band.

— A Runner-Up in my 2016 Best Death Metal category. They release the full album in October; shit sounds as tight as their album last year. Swarm metal.

The Room of Shadows
— Pagan Altar started in 1978; and the lead singer died in 2014. His guitarist son pushed this album forward. 70’s rock with a touch of melancholy; and a vocalist who spins stories.

GRAVDAL (Norway)
Vi Som Ser I Mørket
— Charming spewing Norwegian black metal. Is there any other kind?

Plastic Wrapped and Useless
— Oakland knows its crust: this is raw and chaotic, gritty and gnarly.

Grand Orbiter
— French occult, psychedelic and stoner with a honey-toned vocalist.

Sea of Graves
— Brooklyn does their distorted sludge with whiskey gravelly vocals.

DAXMA (Oakland)
Abandoning All Hope
— Guitarist and violinist, melancholy funeral doom with female Oakland vocalist.

Behind My Vocals
Kavinsky, Lazerhawk, Dynatron, Power Glove, Lifelike, Bourgeoisie, d.notive, Zombie Hyperdrive, Led Er Est

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KADAVAR (Germany)
Die Baby Die
— Red wine, warm sun, groove-out to the sexy crooners Kadavar, one of my favorite blues bands on this fucked up earth.

— Viciously aggressive Belgians fit my mood. At least we unite in bleak.

The Cold Jaws Of Death
— Supergroup with the lead singer of At The Gates? Sign me up.

Leaving the Past Behind
— Spain’s The Wizards immerse in the righteousness of 70’s blues. Epic album, highly recommended.

Wine Of The Beast
— Satanic French do ceremonial black with a serpent vocalist.

CORMORANT (Petaluma)
The Devourer
— This is an incredible band live, which is all you should ever want to know about a band. Their new four songs are massive, falling on a spectrum of genres.

ATRIARCH (Portland)
— Jagged deathrock and post-punk with a lush vocalist.

HELL (Oakland)
— One-man crusty distorted screeching despair. Love this album.

Time To Die
— Whatever the drama behind Venom Inc., this is a blast of a speed album.

Omens To The Altar Of Onyx
— Pummeling crushing technical death.

Behind My Vocals
Electronic Disco: Nexus; Luna; BHW; Paul Paul; Manuel; Expansives; Coda; Material; Wet

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URN (Finland)
Celestial Light
— Finnish riffs creating combat boot metal with a throaty vocalist.

Company Picnic With Dust Off
— Bleak, angry female vocals let you know whattup. Rockin’ noise. We need more screaming, strong women.

The Hidden Fiend
— Bowel-filthy vocals drive slow, epic doom into chugging death and back again.

Blessed In A Hail
— Let your brain steep in the ambient; it is an investment for the riffing death.

Blessed In A Hail
— Unique high-pitched vocalist displays immediate tension and desperation. Drumming is tight and tempo-changing.

BORIS (Japan)
— Boris does not lose their shoegaze. They play with texture, layering breathy vocals and noise and distortions.

Luz (Ciego Color)
— Moribundo means dying; these guys incorporate romance in their version of death.

— Wisconsin is as wretched as the rest of us. False has a new EP of (2) frenzied black metal songs screaming from the tundra of North America.

SINMARA (Iceland)
Nine Halls
— Icelandic does black metal perfect. Dense and gorgeous.

WRETCH (Indiana)
Bastards Born
— Sad story behind Wretch. Lead singer of Gates of Slumber loses two members to addiction. Proceeds from this distorted groove sludge goes to charity for addiction

Behind My Vocals
Eleven Pond; Pink Turns Blue; Trans-X; Twins; Zweite Invasion; iamMANOLIS; Kirlian Camera; Modern Eon; She Past Away

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Shameless Imposter
— Meditational psychedelic from members of Fucking Champs, Triclops and Pins of Light. Check them out on this multi-lens camera and ambisonic microphone.

RAGANA (Oakland)
You Take Nothing
— Raspy raw vocals shines in this explosive female two-piece.

Prisoner of Eternity
— Crooning doom that breaks into chugging riffs. Beautiful, epic song-writing.

LONG GONE (Finland)
Delusional Whimper
— Finnish fucking hardcore, need I say more. OK, I will: the vocalist is a guttural god.

RUNESPELL (Australia)
Aeons of Ancient Blood
— Lonely one-man black metal band makes melancholy, vampiric sounds.

IDLES (Bristol)
— Oh, I love this rock and punk album. It is perfect. Don’t miss out – strong punk lyrics, a vocalist that is fucking amazing, and a retro-indie melodic tinge to it.

Der Tronen Blender Vender Vi Oss Mot
— Fucking Norwegian black metal.

DROID (Ontario)
Amorphous Forms (Shapeless Shadows)
— The album art is amazing: 70’s art depicting an alien landscape. Catchy psychedelic prog thrash fits their art perfectly.

Death Worship
— The entire album is acoustic except for this lovely melodic diddly.

SELBST (Chile)
Visions of mankind withering
— Hailing from Venezuela, this now-Chilean band screams out despair.

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Heavy Forces Marching On
— Thrash force with King Diamond-style vocals.

Obedience & Decay
— More thrash? With modernity. From one of my favorites, in one of the richest scenes in the U.S.

MYRKUR (Denmark)
— Danish Myrkur is gorgeous, playing with soft and hard and light, floating over dense.

SOLANUM (Winnipeg)
— Yes, ok, more thrash: crossover thrash and young Canadian attitude.

Black Sun Horizon
— My boyfriend Fade is no longer in Tombs, and that is too bad because Fade BROUGHT it. I have nothing else to add.

BÜTCHER (Belgium)
Thermonuklear Road Warrior
— Belgian 80’s style thrash from a band with an umlaut, need I say more.

— If you like Pallbearer, you’ll love this melodic-heavy, lyrically beautiful album.

Agnus Dei
— The third part of a trilogy of albums related to The Divine Comedy. Fucking smarty-pants.

SEER (Vancouver)
Burnt Offerings
— Rich, lush atmospheric and stuff. I don’t know, leave me alone. I say stuff about it on the show. I’m tired.

Ta dernière gorgée
— Dudes, French-spoken Saccage plays crust about beer and hot chicks. My kind of smelly men.

Suspended in Death
— 2-piece doing huge death.

Now Howls The Beast
— California-style stoner, of course. Stoners. Sheesh.

Behind My Vocals
Passion Noire, Green On Red, Turquoise Days, Sad Lovers and Giants, Led Er Est, Deux¸ Le Lettere Di Anna, In Letter Form, Συνθετικοί, Maria Loves Me, magic de spell

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KAFIRUN (Vancouver)
Divine Providence
— Deeply atmospheric and melodic black metal with breathy vocals on the fringe.

WITCH VOMIT (Portland)
Circle Of Blood
— Energized groove-threaded death metal.

Form Constant; the Grid
— A mixed bag of genres plus a saxophonist from a part-super group: Liturgy drummer and dude from Secret Chiefs 3.

Die with Integrity
— Sword-wielding metal, goring you with technical yet groove-filled brutality.

— I picked the ballad, because the lead singer is so good. This is one of my favorite stoner, psychedelic doom bands.

Skåret i småstykker
— Danish does horror death metal.

The Happy Victims Creed
— Unexpected angular, technical and experimental.

EX PEOPLE (London)
— Female-led garage punk fuzz with a heavy dose of the early 90’s Riot Grrrl sound.

At the Larvae Column
— Bald Swedish death metal.

— A blast of operatic heavy metal vocals mixed with Swedish rock’n’blues.

— Chunky and crusty. Wait, gross.

— 80’s style thrashed-out thrash.

Behind My Vocals
The Chameleons, B-Movie, Blood Fetish, Burlesque, Christof Glowalla, Modèle Mécanique, Idle Lovéll, Trisomie 21, Das Kabinette, Xmal Deutschland, Séptimo Sello


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What Does Fergus Dream Of?
— Buckshot Facelift has members of Artificial Brain. The lead singer is the best. Just an incredibly medley of genres in this huge album.

IGORRR (France)
— A carnival of weirdo French brains created this true avant-garde album.

Fractal Patterns
— Futuristic unexpected angular prog breaks into crushing.

CLAN OF XYMOX (Netherlands)
Set You Free
— Legendary synthwave Clan of Xymox releases a stunningly nostalgic goth album.

Amorous and Subdued
— Barbaric black metal with drum machines and suffocating vocals immersed in noise.

Black Bile
— Sludge, atmospheric, industrial and deathrock mixed deliciously. This is their sophomore album; their first album made it to my “Best Of” list.

The Divine Paradox
— I love bands that are anonymous, I don’t know why. And I’m not talking about Ghost, who I think suck.

— Gorgeous Linnea Olsson used to be in Beastmilk/Grave Pleasures!! So you know she’s fucking awesome. She now fronts her own alternative band.  And it rules.

Sun of Ending
— Spinoff of Fen has that lush post-metal Fen sound with cold vocals.

DISCRÖYD (Germany)
Defenders Of The Realm
— German thrash for a drunk summer night.

— Sonic doom from a band that loves YOB.

Behind My Vocals:
Circuit 7; Libido Blume; Pale TV; Second Glance; Aroma di Amore; Motorama; Ding An Sich; 2 Seconds Late; She Past Away; Scoria

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This show is dedicated to the 1980’s.  Dance away, my friends. 

Deep Down Trauma Hounds
— When I was 13, I had nothing but my bedroom, my boombox and cds. Ogre was the emperor and harlequin romance hero of my pathetic little world. He is a godless god.

THE CURE (1980)
Plastic Passion
— I know everyone thinks the Cure is brilliant, but it hits full realization live.

And This Is What The Devil Does
— I cannot explain the level of devil worship that started after listening to this band.

YAZOO (1982)
Situation (Remix)
— The best women have great laughs. The incomparable Alison Moyet’s laugh is used in many songs, including the Macarena. Ridiculous. She is so fucking hot.

BAUHAUS (1981)
The Passion of Lovers
— I feel like Peter Murphy and David Bowie making out was probably the hottest thing ever. They had to have made out, right?

Everything Counts
— How fucking hard is it to pick a DM song out of their billion brilliant albums? Shitfaced hard. My fave album is the ever-moody Black Celebration. Stripped breaks me, to this day.

Romeo's Distress
— I solely made out with a boy in college who professed his love for the seminal album ‘Only Theatre of Pain’. He was the worst kisser, ever. It was that wide-mouth never-ending tongue-kiss. His name was Jerry.

Bring on the Dancing Horses
— Ian McCulloch’s voice isn’t sexy, it’s beautiful. It cuts deep and blows delicious bubbles into your withered heart.

We Believe
— The evolution of Ministry is an incredible one to hear. ‘With Sympathy’ is basically AWESOME pop wave. A few years later they released ‘The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste’ which is a flawless mix of metal and industrial. It’s difficult to believe the same band created all these different sounds, outside of the immense talent. ‘Twitch’ is their first jaunt into a harder industrial sound, and it is magnificent.

Desire (Come and Get It)
— The poster of dyed-red-haired vixen Jay Aston hung above my bed. They were my first concert without parents: 14-years-old at the Glenn Miller Ballroom in Boulder.

Ornaments Of Gold
— Every viciously cool girl I know worships Siouxsie.

NEW ORDER (1985)
— New Order was birthed from the bloody remains of Joy Division, and we all praise be to earthly cycles that create such phenomenon.

This Night Has Opened My Eyes
— It’s weird when people judge Morrissey on the level of emotion in his music. All he wants is for us to laugh and cry into our pillows, and it’s magnificent to feel so deep.

Lucretia My Reflection
— I end with the epitome of majestic and lush, Andrew’s vocals are sexy as fuck. One of the best albums of all time. I have a dance routine to every one of these songs.

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— 90’s band Phobia reunites some of the original members to create political grindcore hating on Trump.  Trump is so awesomely inspirational.

— 4th album from Elder creates expansive dreamy structure with kraut, psychedelic, keyboard, piano and excellent vocals

Three And-A-Half Years
— Attitude from the bay area with thrash, hardcore, huge drumming and brutal vocals.

Celestial Dagger
— Because we need the UK version of black metal.

My note has GPS
— Hells yeah aggressive seething political grindcore from my hizz-hooooouse.

Secret of the Adept
— Appalling weaves in surprising and dynamic and catchy moments in their Richmond, Virginia filth.

VÖLUR (Toronto)
Breaker Of Famine (III. Emaciated Ghosts)
— Folk-tinged doom and melancholy violins. Different parts split into different songs create a large album.

NECROT (Oakland)
Empty Hands
— Oakland headbanging, what else could we ever want from life.

A Szarka (The Magpie)
— 2nd album from Gravetemple after 8 years. It is a creepy drone broken up by drumming and electronic, growling and chants.

Sabbatical Offering
— 20-year-old Unaussprechlichen Kulten are inspired by hot witchy women. Aren’t we all.

Striped Dragon
— French magical meditative fuzzy stoner.

Altum dolorem
— Despair and doom? Why the hell not. Something needs to match our moods.

Behind My Vocals:
Zounds, QEK Junior, Obscurity Age, Magic de Spell, Metro Decay, Exit 13, The Reporters, Aimless Device, 1000 ohm, Libido Blume, The Chameleons

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Turn to Stone
— True 70’s band creating sorcerer metal on a new release. Grooving so hard.

Chants for the Black One
— Jordablod creates abstract black metal that jams out.

COMITY (France)
— French mathcore band numbers, rather than names, their songs. Hardcore, angular, grindcore sounds harsh but this band splits up their sound.

Open Wide
— Modern electronic dark wave duo do it so right.

Nad tajgą powiejmy
— Twangy guitar and theatrical Polish vocals bring eclectic to black metal. You must listen to me pronounce this band name, I am so good.

Anxiety Prevails
— Melodic and grind pushed into a beast of a black metal sound, but with room for drone and psychedelic.

OFERMOD (Sweden)
Sun of Dead Seasons
— Another theatrical style of vocals, singing of Satan and dragons. Hot.

Below Hope
— A borg of European brains baking a carnivalesque and experimental concoction.

BELOW (Sweden)
1000 Broken Bones
— Flamboyant hair doom, flying dragons and warrior Vikings.

Behind My Vocals:
Pink Turns Blue, Red Zebra, Magic De Spell, Xmal Deutschland, Asylum Party, The Deep Eynde, Wolfsheim, The Frozen Autumn, Clan of Xymox

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AJATTARA (Finland)
— Wretched vocals spewing Finnish is so hot. Death and folk and Satanic.

The Cosmic Vein
— Explosive dynamic grindcore from the young’uns Full of Hell. This is better than their last, which says a lot.

WHITE WARD (Ukraine)
Deviant Shapes
— Sax is big in this sound, with pop and electronic encasing death and black.

ULSECT (Netherlands)
— Cool album cover; and the sound is Dutch and moody and black and creepy and angular.

Wreck and Survive
— John Santos did Mutoid’s new spectacular cover. Mutoid is the best at bubbly AND technical.

ANOMIE (Azerbaijan)
Violet Girl
— Shimmering electronic black galaxy.

The Agony of a Dying Phoenix
— Beautiful melody weaving through mid-tempo black metal.

Seven Sermons to the Dead
— Shining star in this sound is the vocalist – witchy, death rock, pagan, folk, throaty and sexy.

— Wicked dense and evil.

LOSS (Nashville)
All grows on tears
— I know, funeral doom is a weird one. Super slow, where are we, what are we doing. But this is one of the best I’ve heard, tons of surprises, lead-ups, riffs, and fuck yeah. Pain brings pleasure.

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MURMUR (Chicago)
Larks Tongues in Aspic
— This is probably the best album in the last five years of my show. I have talked about it endlessly, and I think no one has listened.

Weep In My Dust
— Bros, YAITW are playing soon at DNA, so that is something to consider. They are churning black metal laden crust, and do it in this soul-crunching, beautifully brain-crushing way. Purely delicious.

— Horisont is one of my all-time favorite revitalist bands. They've been around for 11 years and released their fifth album "About Time". I just went to see them live, and they were INCREDIBLE, as expected. They also wore the tightest pants EVER, and my eyes couldn't stop staring at their crotches. Not my fault.

Swallowing Static (The Law Falls Silent)
— In 2012 I named eyeswithoutaface Best Industrial band, creating modern club music for people in an asylum. 'Cause everyone needs to dance. They dive straight into experimental and just dark heavy sounds, mixing the edge of metal with synth and electronic.

BEZOAR (Brooklyn)
Vitamin B
— I am in love with the vocals for the Brooklyn band Bezoar; she is a witch. It is a bizarre Bezoar, with incredible avant-garde composition and immense song-writing.

Magic Circle - Cloven In Two
— Members of Mind Eraser and Doomriders. I have loved this band so much, this is a riff-rich doom sound with incredible vocals, and it is just tasty as fuck. They have two full-length albums in the last few years; with an E.P. last year hopefully leading into another new album.

SECRET CUTTER (Pennsylvania)
Bees' Of The Mind
— The vocals will slice you, so sharp and heavy. Lovely boys. I fell in love with their self-titled album. They are just such a blindingly painful bright spot in sludge and black and everything naughty.

Return Of The Empire
— One of the best post-punk, goth, deathrock bands of this decade. Beastmilk came out with a hell of an album, but this is one that flew under the radar.

The Hidden Kingdom
— Black Pyramid is a severely underrated band. They are the perfect party album; to drink beer and shake fists in happy unison. If you haven't picked up any of their albums, and you aren't a curmudgeon and like catchy stuff, don't miss this shit. They are anthemic and Massachusetts folk, and mostly jam out deliciously.

Out Of The Garden
- Crypt Sermon was definitely on everyone's lists when it came out, but did you actually listen to it? Their shining beacon was the vocalist, and builds and builds to a climax (doom).

Little Sun
— Her voice drips with honey, soothing our tempestuous brains, allowing her soul to ease our pain. That is the blues, a comfort in these hard times. One of my favorite vocalists, accompanied with an incredibly talented jam-my band.

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Drug Honkey. I first thought it was a stoner band, of course; and it ain’t stoner.  It is gritty Chicago experimental death and industrial with psychedelic and noise, and will surprise you at every turn.

Sickening Wasteoid: Drug Honkey (Chicago)(0:25-6:19)

You gotta wait for The Ruins of Beverast.  Atmospheric black demons in a parallel universe.  This is leathery beast metal. 

Surtur Barbaar Maritime: The Ruins of Beverast (Germany)(7:51-16:40)

I love the new Hawkwind: still sci-fi space hounds with a touch of hippie and psychedelic.  This is their 30th studio album!!

Magic Scenes: Hawkwind (London)(17:28-23:40)

Drum-loving Ulvegr breathes out fumes from an alien universe with a bleak landscape and ethnic tribal sounds.

Manifestations Of Havoc: Ulvegr (Ukraine)(24:21-29:22)

Swedish Donald Fagen.

Sad State Of Affairs: The Night Flight Orchestra (Sweden)(30:07-34:42)

Imagine making out with a demon.

Disintigration to Absolute Void: Jyotisavedanga (India/Russia)(35:20-39:33)

70’s blues from long-haired Germans.

Sad Guru Returns: Samsara Blues Experiment (Berlin)(40:01-47:52)

New Jersey black metal ain’t stylish.  It is muscular and raw and likes Italian food. 

Rites of the Black Herald: Abazagorath (New Jersey)(48:57-53:32)

Austin riffs.

Prisoner Of Eternity: Destroyer of Light (Austin)(54:02-END)

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Ex-Aggaloch Jason Walton has created a trippy, mind-bending universe.

The Mothers Throat: Snares of Sixes (Portland)(0:25-4:28)

Writing and composition couples well with Swedes, creating a deep, textural thrash.   

Midnight Trial: Vampire (Sweden)(5:57-10:24)

Chomping hardcore, punk and thrash.

Grave Danger: Foreseen (Finland)(11:00-15:11)

One-woman drone minimalist industrial horror-soundtrack that scratches the roof of your brain.

No Natural Order: Pharmakon (NY)(16:07-22:53)

Summer night, old school, nostalgic retro groove.

Hallowed Ground: Night Demon (CA)(23:21-26:43)

Wait, this is a female singer? Holy shit.  Debut melodic death metal. 

The Raven: Nihilation (Germany)(27:27-34:41)

Epic, glorious power and speed.

No One Left To Kill: Armoured Knight (Chile)(35:04-39:11)

Massachusetts speed with the heart of punk.

Our Time to Riot: Lich King (MA)(39:39-44:54)

Finland doom.

The Offering: Altar of Betelgeuze (Finland)(45:50-51:04)

BBQ music with funk, jazz, and psychedelic.  Sweet and bubbly.

Belt of the Sun: Here Lies Man (Los Angeles)(51:39-55:29)

Crushing stoner.

Benediction Moon: Arc of Ascent (New Zealand)(56:03-END)

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A brand-new EP from Oranssi is haunting.  It is just two songs, but we’ll take anything!  You’ll have to get this vinyl at one of their European shows.

Vдrimyrsky: Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland)(0:25-10:14)

Screeching demonic witch spins spells on your neck to bang back and forth.

Evil Names: Necrowitch (France)(11:11-15:52)

Germanic doom is just that much sexier. There is an element of dark soul. 

Northern Lights: Obelyskkh (Germany)(16:30-24:57)

I have made these dudes Runner-Up to 2015’s Best Psychedelic, which for me, is one of the most competitive categories.  These guys have come out with a MASSIVE space rock brain-expanding album.

Twinkling Eye Pt. 3: Ecstatic Vision (Philly)(25:45-30:48)

The album cover in one to behold, based on an 1800’s wood carving – a creepy bird man with a human cowering at its feet and fire. The 1800’s was weird. Oh, and this is some old-school thrash and black metal.

Dashed To Death: Craven Idol (UK)(31:19-37:03)

Oh really, you don’t want to listen to a sweet post-punk doom-laden band? Well too bad.  This album rules.

Ochlesis: Rope Sect (Germany)(37:38-42:32)

Icelandic bands always manage to invoke images of their vast fields of ice and fire and lava and volcanoes and geysers and crashing icicles.  Wait, does Iceland have all of that? I don’t know.

Sorgarefni segi eg юйr: Dynfari (Iceland)(43:05-50:06)

Hellwell received 2012’s Best Use of Organ and 80's Horror Music, and everyone wanted to know who would win that category.  They have another extremely strange carnival-esque album, and you gotta love them for having white hair and wear sweatbands non-ironically. 

It's Alive: Hellwell (Kansas)(51:10-58:20)

An extremely clean technical death album from the mighty Suffocation.  If you can handle it more than one song at a time.

...Of The Dark Light: Suffocation (NY)(58:51-END)

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Uh, I just played these dudes off a split, and you should probably get to know them especially google images.

Midnight's Crown: Nightbringer (Denver)(0:25-6:30)

Denmark, Denmark.  The next two songs from Danish bands are fucking amazing hot revitalist hotness.  Groove out and bask in the warmth of these tones. 

Gallows Omen: Demon Head (Denmark)(7:24-13:17)

Another vinyl I must own.  Danes come through yet again.  Entire album fucking rocks.  These guys must be hot.

Here Comes The Serpent: Doublestone (Denmark)(14:05-17:56)


Closed Casket: Gruesome (FL)(18:32-22:19)

I think Australians are closer to Satan down under because they are touched by the hand of evil. 

Telum Vitae: Norse (Australia)(23:26-29:39)

Infectious thrashin’- out adorable Greeks.  They would hate I said that.

Shattered Sanity: Amken (Greece)(30:17-35:27)

Solid debut from Swedes doin’ death.

Crushing The Meek Of Heart: Ensnared (Sweden)(36:01-41:59)

Oh good, Xibalba is back again.  Full album in 2018. 

Con Amor: Xibalba (CA)(42:27-45:27)

Female lead vocalist sings melodic pop mixed with 60’s garage, 70’s rock, and 80’s cheese. 

Turnaround: Royal Thunder (Atlanta)(46:45-50:04)

Belgians base lyrics on the last known Vatican exorcist.   

Sacerdotium: Possession (Belgium)(50:28-55:49)

(3) 24:12 songs on the EP, completely confused me.  They sounded so similar, I didn’t get it.  SO I researched it and they are doing the Tribes of Neurot thing, where you layer the songs.  Here is a quarter of the layered song.

Waste (The Deconstruction of a Human Being): Mourning Dawn (France)(56:46-END)

Behind the Vocals: Theme songs - It Follows, Nightmare on Elm St., Exorcist, Halloween, Under the Skin, The Thing, 28 Days Later, Rosemary's Baby, Hellraiser, Jaws

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Sloth Herder shreds, massive drumming, sharp to melodic to grind. Excellent American black metal NOT from NY.

Antipathic Grades: Sloth Herder (MD)(0:25-3:37)

Animal-loving psychotic weirdos Czar create a bubbly electronic grind album that will soundtrack your fever dreams.

RxABBITS: Czar (WA)(4:35-6:39)

Denmark is the new metal god country.  Holy shit I love Orm and Hexis (played later in this show).  Orm means: "a long, cold and boneless flesh-eating beast that slithers in the abyss. Both hypnotizingly majestic in its calmness and unpredictable like a storm.” Swoon-worthy sounds.

Ancient Echoes: Orm (Denmark)(7:12-14:06)

Angsty, energetic black metal erupting with Ohio fury.  Bad ass album, hard to pick a song.

Charred Black Remains: Fever Nest (OH)(14:36-19:08)

Another Danish band that is intelligently composed; rich, enveloping black metal.

Ashanti: Hexis (Denmark)(19:57-25:13)

Disjointed avant-garde death. 

Magpie: Sunless (Minneapolis)(25:47-30:29)

Romantic brutal doom.

The Ritual: Bereft (Los Angeles)(30:55-37:51)

Raw, thrash permeated Finnish black with amazing guitar leads.

Black miasma: Lantern (Finland)(38:32-43:53)

Swedish melodic that is just so right.  Great balance of headbanging, melody and charming vocalist, so good. 

Quetzalcoatl: Sons ov Omega (Sweden)(45:08-51:13)

Aliens make this.

Goat Emperor: White Death (Finland)(51:37-55:51)

Surprising electronic sound in the new Artificial Brain.  If you don’t know this band by now, well, START.

Infrared Horizon: Artificial Brain (NY)(56:18-END)

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Fans pick their favorite HEAVY SONG, and detail why.

Russ - Double Edged Sword: Neurosis (CA, 1990) (0:25-4:27)

"A friend in high school told me that if I ever heard of a band and was going to buy a record that I should get the oldest one first.  I partied with these dudes in Seattle that were from the Bay like me and were really cool. So next time I was in San Jose I went to Streetlight Records on Bascom and found Neurosis vinyl. I bought the oldest one: The Word as Law. It came out in 1990 and I was buying it in 1995. The first song proved that I had made a lifetime purchase.  I had this this thing blasting on a crappy hand-me-down system so much, my little three-year-old niece started headbanging with me and singing the last line in her high chair. These guys are absolutely one of my all-time favorites and this song always gets me."

<Me: Thank gawd someone picked Neurosis, and of course it was Russ.  We went to see Neurosis several times together, the first was in 1999 when Times of Grace released.  His The Word as Law album started a hundred parties.>

Kate (Squid) - Friends are Evil: Jesu (UK, 2004) (6:47-16:22)

"(This song is) (f)illed with oppressive, flattening doom. It feels like lying on the ground looking straight up into a tornado. There's a tiny bit of mental solace to be found in the center of great sonic destruction."

<Me: Squid is an epically gorgeous strong-as-fuck independent chick that told me she was a little intimidated to do stuff like this.  I had to chuckle. She picked songs from Godflesh and Jesu as her heaviest, both featuring Justin Broadrick, I guess her fantasy boyfriend.  Justin created Jesu at the (early 2000s) end of Godflesh.  Jesu's first release was an EP in 2004, and Broadrick performed all the instruments and vocals.  Broadrick describes Jesu: "I really wanted to take that rhythm and weld it to the Godflesh sensibilities of abstract, surreal, mutated metal."  Jesu's first full-length album released in December, 2004, and contains Kate's pick for heaviest.>

Jules - Sacrifice: Flipper (CA, 1984) (17:01-21:35)

"Because I love the singer.  Also, I just discovered KUSF radio.  I had moved to SF from Detroit and I was sitting on the fire escape of my first crappy studio apartment on Bush street. I heard them coming through my crappy transistor radio.  Their sound made my chest ache....kinda like falling in love... or using hard drugs....magic!"

<Me: Jules is into that gritty, filthy, raw, heavy eye-makeup, glam sound.  Could be because she grew up in the outskirts of Detroit surrounded by nuns. She is one of the most badass women I have ever known, and listening to this song is like drinking a beer with her. Fucking cool.>

Phil: Continental Drift: Virus (Norway, 2011) (22:08-26:38)

"I mean, who sounds like this?  The drums are swinging, the guitars make The Jesus Lizard jealous, and I actually really dig the dramatic vocals. Throw in a touch of prog and this is right up my alley."

<Me: Phil and I often have the exact same taste in music, and that means he is extremely intelligent and good-looking.  Phil is a fucking hippie (long hair and all) from the mid-west, and you can practically hear the accent.  I met him in my first days of SF, falling in love with his band Lower Forty-Eight.  He is also the drummer of for Triclops!, Peace Creep, and Pins of Light.)

Chris: Numb: Sleep (CA, 1991) (27:48-31:15)

"Originally from the Volume I LP.  I first heard it on the Four Two Pudding compilation CD on Very Small Records back in '93, and it was a pipe to the knees.  'Numb' was like being buried in wet concrete.  It wasn't easy to stand out on that compilation, because it remains one of the best ever from that era. 

Sleep sounded like nothing else at that time.  They turned it up, slowed it down and defined heavy music for me going forward.  Neurosis were at their peak as well, but they didn't hit me like Sleep.  Certain bands create branches in one's music taste, Sleep did that for me."

<Me: Chris is my Roommate, and we grew up in the same tiny town in Colorado.  Before I knew him, I would see his hardcore/punk band play in town, but I don't remember him because he was younger than me and I wasn’t into robbing the cradle until later in my life. Sleep was a no-brainer for him.>

Ted - Frankenstein: The New York Dolls (uh NYC bro, 1973) (32:09-38:04)

"A lot gets said about these guys, but when you listen to them the shit really unravels your mind. It takes some time to get over the crappy production value of their records but when you get over that and listen to the songs, David Johansen's singing, delivery and lyrics, and the rest of the band's wild and searing music really gets to you. I consider this song the Everest of rock and roll songs, the way it winds up is fucking the shit. Make sure you listen to the 1973 album version if you do, the demo versions fucking SUCK."

<Me: I saw Ted for the first on stage in Boulder around 1993, for his punk/noise/performance art band Baldo Rex. It must have been fate because I randomly moved next door to him a year later.  And then years after that, I met him again in San Francisco.  I adore this musician to death, and his other bands Veronica and The Red Tack.  He is also into making film (does that sound dirty?), so I await his infamous destiny.>

Alex - Captor of Sin: Slayer (CA, 1984) (38:53-42:20)

"(Captor of Sin) is off the EP 'Haunting the Chapel'.  This is a phase where Slayer is finding their voice.  It took another album before they became the Slayer everyone knows but this was an important move away from the early 80s thrash.  This song rips from the devastating opening solo to the double bass attack.  Plus Satan and sex...........winning.  "I will take you down into the fire." That says it all.  Lastly, the not so perfect 80s production puts the finishing touches on my pick for favorite heavy song."

<Me: Alex loves headbanging to energetic, crazy-ass metal; he's got long fucking headbang hair; and is always up front of any show.  Alex is fucking raw as fuck, and is possessed by Frank Zappa.  He is in multiple bands: Voco, Conquest for Death, and is playing a reunion show of Say Bok Gwai on Wednesday, March 29 at the Knockout.>

Meg – Fear Merchant: House of Lightning (FL, December 2016) (42:52-47:33)

"One of my new fav bands, the closest to touch what Bad Brains did. Listen to Fear Merchant and Rapture off their latest release. Henry, the drummer from Floor plays guitar and sings in this band."

<Me: Meg is an earth goddess and the hot-as-fuck bassist of Totimoshi and her new band All Souls who are playing at Benders on May 27. Every woman who meets her loves her, and that says it all. Meg picked a new album, House of Lightning's sophomore album because she has her finger on the pulse of stuff.)

Sean - Blackened: Metallica (CA, 1988) (49:29-55:58)

"Close your eyes, put on the headphones and take a ride with what I consider to be the heaviest song every written. I have listened to that track on a variety of sound systems and I always consider it the most visceral sounding song - a unforgiving and brutal guitar tone, heavy as fuck drums, and James vocals are ferocious. I'll put that song up against anything from Sleep, Meshuggah, Pantera, Melvins, Cannibal Corpse, etc.  The middle of the song is easily one of the heaviest riffs ever composed. Kirk Hammett was at the top of his game (and fell off a cliff after this album - no pun intended) and this is one of my favorite solos. This was my first introduction to Metallica (and metal). My mom bought the album for me as a Valentine’s day gift in 1989. I recall being in awe of the crazy sounding guitar intro, never having heard anything like that.  There are a lot of Metallica detractors and I was with them when the black album came out, but for me... this is the quintessential metal song. And it's tuned to standard E and still heavy as fuck!"

<Me: Sean and I are on a "metal" email chain with, like, ten other people; and it has been going on for months. Much of this email chain is dedicated to Metallica: some of it ridicule, but a majority is laudatory. Sean picked from a severely underrated album, '...And Justice For All'. Lots of nerdy controversy on the production quality of the album, including the levels of Jason Newsted's bass.  I am so glad someone picked Metallica, they are the best road trip band EVER. Fun Fact: Sean is Lars Ulrich's very handsome doppelgänger.>

Ira - The Ballad Of Hollis Brown: Nazareth (Scotland, 1973) (56:39-1:05:38)

"Oof, that's impossible. I think if it wasn't "favorite" it might be a bit easier. I always thought Nazareth doing The Ballad of Hollis Brown was super heavy. There's this ominous droney rhythm/beat for a while and then it opens up heavier but more psychedelic. However, the song is about a guy that is poor and he kills his family, and then himself. It's originally a Bob Dylan song and has definitely been covered before. Never like this. It's just evil.  "

<Me: I met Ira almost 13 year ago, while he was touring with a band.  At the time, he hadn't heard the new Neurosis ‘The Eye of Every Storm’; and we listened to it over and over and over again.  He hails from the east coast, and we make sure to update each other on whatever insane sound we are hearing. He was one of the people who found it difficult to find a "favorite", no surprise to me.>

Casey - Surprise! You're Dead!: Faith No More (CA, 1989) (1:06:18-1:08:43)

"Two songs immediately pop in my mind when I think "heavy": "Surprise! You're Dead" by Faith No More and "Honey Bucket" by the Melvins. Both just fucking drive and don't let up. No Compromise for either, but Faith No More gets the edge because Mike Patton used to telepathically invade my friend Vince's mind, and that's just fucked up."

<Me: Casey is literally my #1 fan, and I hate using the word ‘literally’.  He is just like me; he took this assignment very seriously and let me know that it was keeping him awake at nights. Casey and I have drunk an entire keg together, talking about industrial and metal, and then I think he threw up. That is what I expect of anyone in my presence.>

Me – Dig It: Skinny Puppy (Vancouver, 1986) (1:10:04-END)

Of course, it had to be Skinny Puppy.  My first dark, evil little love.  At the age of 13, I died for Ogre.  They are the kings of transitions, the emperors.  Highly influenced by Throbbing Gristle, Coil and other noise experimentalists, Ogre started writing music and created the band in 1982.  First and foremost, they are vegans and animal rights activists. They engage the audience in blood and dirt-splattered performance art, creating visuals onstage about war and death and the phases of animal experimentation. In the early 80’s, this was met with incredulity and criminal charges.  Most recently they found out, horrified, that their music was being used in Guantanamo Bay.  Of all things, their anti-war and anti-torture music was being used to torture humans, and it broke their hearts.  They created the most heart-wrenching romantic moments of any songs to ever exist. They make you soar.

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German transitioning fiends.  Psychedelic black doom, flowing from dense to free.

Merging Nebular Drapes: Venenum (Germany)(0:25-9:15)

Mathematical concepts but not contrived.  Sharp to beautiful, evolving experiment.  

Dodecahedron: Dodecahedron (Netherlands)(10:46-18:03)

Spacy 70’s vintage fun. 

High Strangeness: Mothership (TX)(18:36-21:18)

Melodic Satanic black metal, not afraid to be pretty.

He, Who Liveth and Reigneth Forevermore: Sarkrista (Germany)(21:52-28:28)

Female-led folk and doom, catchy doom.  This one’s a Cure cover! 

A Forest: Alunah (UK)(29:32-35:48)

French Satanic is so much classier.

Wine Of The Beast: Corpus Diavolis (France)(36:28-42:47)

Rockin’ new 10th offering in a three-decade career. 

Kneel Before Me: Obituary (Florida)(43:14-46:14)

Stoner duo delving in southern rock.

Electronaut: Telekinetic Yeti (IA)(47:17-52:22)

Turkish death metal is a thing.  Mixed with moments of thrash. 

Mayhemic Flames Engulfed (Turkey)(53:16-END)

Behind My Vocals: Älgarnas Trädgård, Blues Addicts, Joint, Museo Rosenbach, Bump, Skorpis, Lyd, Suck

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Tight and technical, sharp, seething thrash touched with funk and groove and fun. 

Hang 'Em High: Havok (Denver)(0:25-4:58)

Distorted and intensity built, parts organic, parts that dive right off a cliff.  Surprising at every turn.

Nganda: Svart Crown (French)(6:27-12:12)

NYC distorted noisy hardcore that moshes into thrash.

Narc: Crushed (NYC)(12:35-15:25)

Badass, female-led massive doom album.

Ain Soph: Bathsheba (Belgium)(16:03-21:36)

Oh, my Fade, out with a new industrial album. 

Mortuary: Statiqbloom (Brooklyn)(22:02-25:43)

Excellent noise-touched rock that doesn’t become arty.  Just good fucking rock, each song is a blast. 

Fingers as Arrows: Dead (Australia)(26:36-31:06)

Straight up Swedish melodic metal, i.e. sounds just like early At the Gates.

Survival of the Sickest: Evocation (Sweden)(31:45-34:48)

One-man deathrock-influenced Light of the Morning Star will make you nostalgic.

Grey Carriages: Light of the Morning Star (London)(35:10-39:17)

The other spectrum of Colorado music is jamming the shit out. I love it when this band lets loose. 

Beyond the Electric Sun: Cloud Catcher (Denver)(39:50-46:52)

Meditative funeral doom that calls into mind hot black-cloaked angels of doom that will burn you alive with their sexy eyes.  I’m reading YA right now. 

Nocturnal Void: Frowning (Germany)(47:57-57:29)

Arizona desert stoner.

Disease: Goya (Phoenix)(57:59-END)

Behind My VocalsNexus, BHW, Paul Paul, Manuel, Expansives, Coda, Material, Moral Support, John Ozila, Automat

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Detroit’s Fell Ruin sounds like the city: destroyed, raw, distorted, stormy doom.  Vocalist sounds hot.

Spy Fiction Folds In Ready Streets: Fell Ruin (Detroit)(0:25-8:11)

Brooklyn black metal, a bit of sludge and groove and riff.  Another debut with a very strong vocalist.  Love these vocalists.  Free download:

Coercive: Floods (Brooklyn)(9:38-16:50)

Death-infused core.  I heard California Uber Alles.

Broken Oath: Ancst (Berlin)(17:16-21:07)

Hella strong album from Fen, each song is a journey.  Be patient, this is one of the best atmospheric albums.

Winter III (Fear): Fen (London)(21:51-31:24)

Stomping good old school death.  Tons of Blasphemer bands, so here you go:

Blasphemer: Blasphemer (UK)(32:13-37:37)

Ferociousness from Australia with a wisp of demon.

The Alnwick Apotheosis: Somnium Nox (Australia)(38:00-44:55)

French KLLK is ethereal, but will kill you if necessary.

Celebration II: K.L.L.K. (France)(46:09-53:42)

Werewolf metal, you heard me. 

The Dweller Of The Woods: Cult of Eibon (Greece)(54:17-END)

Behind My Vocals: Giöbia, Krautzone, My Brother The Wind, Electric Moon, Sula Bassana, The Cosmic Dead, Interkosmos, Kikagaku Moyo

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Brazilian black metal, who knew.  Every song on this album is fucking great.  Crushing, aggressive, impassioned. 

Infidels: Patria (Brazil)(0:25-5:19)

Colorado costumed dark weirdo black metal, on a split with three other excellent bands from Sweden, Austria and Greece.

Nightbringer: Nightbringer (CO)(6:55-15:14)

Ah, finally, Unearthly Trance has reunited after seven years.  They’ve been releasing albums for project Serpentine Path, but this is way better.  Catchy, heavy, atmospheric fun. 

Dream State Arsenal: Unearthly Trance (Brooklyn)(15:51-21:47)

Yet another excellent, beautiful, bubbly, energetic, blues swagger band from Sweden.  Love you bros out there. 

Denim and Leather: Screamer (Sweden)(22:29-28:16)

Deconstructed death metal.  Clear, speedy, weird and full-on prime death metal.   

The Distorting Light: Immolation (NY)(29:09-32:23)

Finnish Demonic Death Judge riff-out in a black sludge of psychedelic tar

Saturnday: Demonic Death Judge (Finland)(32:49-39:50)

Painful and explosive, like your butt.

Reptilian: Benighted (France)(40:15-43:29)

Icelandic metal is so image-prone.  This is melodic, but dives deep into death in parts. 

Bót Eður Viðsjá Við illu Aðkasti: Draugsól (Iceland)(44:23-53:10)

Growling angry power death, because you need that horror. 

Dominance By Acquisition: Sinister (Netherlands)(53:38-58:53)

Female occult-led vocalist in fuzzy warm Italian psychedelic.

Godzilla: Psychedelic Witchcraft (Italy)(59:24-END)

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Norwegian dark folk, melody, rich instrumentation, wicked vocals.

Enda-dagr: Helheim (Norway)(0:28-8:24)

Brooklyn black metal with emotive vocals.

Abject In Defeat: Woe (Brooklyn)(10:07-17:11)

Solid raspy vocals pairs perfectly with furious death metal. 

Genesis To Your Curse: Ritualization (France)(17:46-22:15)

Nidingr has dude who plays with Mayhem.  This is a non-traditional black metal album, lots of surprising sounds and tempos. 

Gleipnir: Nidingr (Norway)(22:48-27:50)

Oh those Greeks.  They are such strange, dreamy, badass weirdos. 

Light/Fos: Locust Leaves (Greece)(28:46-36:53)

Lead singer from defunct Agalloch. This is a cleaner, simpler, doom-oriented sound. 

Dark is the river of man: Pillorian (Portland)(37:32-46:59)

Witty noise rock from Australia.

Picking Teeth: Dead (AU)(47:50-50:36)

Instrumental band Omega Massif spun out this post-metal, lead-up oriented, composition-heavy band with a duo of strong vocalists.

Lights: Cranial (Germany)(51:22-END)

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All proceeds from grind band Anal Trump go to Planned Parenthood.  The BEST song titles like ‘Some Mexicans aren't Rapists’ and ‘My Daughter is a Piece of Ass’.

There's My African American!: Anal Trump (San Diego)(0:28-0:41)

Iceland is a country of raw beauty and power, and bring forth Mispyrming.

Hof: Misþyrming (Iceland)(2:07-9:14)

Last album was in 2013. Power Trip was produced by a dude from Sumerlands (a Runner-Up in my Best of 2016) – so I’m not surprised at the strong vocals.  Varied tempos, all raw and tight.

If Not Us Then Who: Power Trip (TX)(9:54-14:00)

Nasty, dark Wiegedood that breaks into excellent pummeling. Members of Oathbreaker.

Smeekbede: Wiegedood (Belgium)(14:32-20:41)

Vancouver speed and thrash and complex fun drunk riffage. 

Skitzoid Embolism: Terrifier (CAN)(21:12-25:18)

German one-man band comes out with his 7th album.  He is incredibly varied: folk black, rock and punk.  Vocals are clean, beautiful and growling styles. 

Ä(h)renschnitter: Horn (German)(26:13-31:46)

Iron Reagan has fist-pumped out a skateboard thrash and punk album, that you’ll probably love. 

Dead With My Friends: Iron Reagan (VA)(32:19-35:54)

Balfor makes Ukranian corpse-painted medieval sword-fighting music that we can all make out to.

Serpents of the Black Sun: Balfor (Ukraine)(36:39-42:37)

Shimmering stoner? Yes, and beautiful psychedelic.  All from a cute Polish package.

Navigator: Dopelord (Poland)(43:35-51:39)

Grind and hella dissonant noise bros.  Good variation.

Death Erection: WVRM (South Carolina)(52:04-54:42)

Melodic death-rock style metal, with post-metal and prog elements and fully atmospheric at the forefront.

Devoid: Nailed to Obscurity (Germany)(55:37-END)

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14th album from Kreator, you wonder if any band with a 14th album can be good. Shit man, this shit is the SHIT.  Fun, anthemic, catchy, fist-pumping thrash.  Fuck you Metallica for being such assholes.

Totalitarian Terror: Kreator (Germany)(0:28-5:09)

Violent, yet melancholy and plaintive.  Music that fits my heart. 

Le jour se lève: Au Champ Des Morts (France)(6:47-13:39)

Oh shit, Pallbearer is about to drop their best album soon. 

Thorns: Pallbearer (Arkansas)(14:25-19:42)

Plagues knows that black metal that bangs thy head is my religion. 

Ascension: Plagues (MA)(20:07-24:32)

Dreamy, simple and elegant post-punk, Chicago-style (so very stylish).

No Game: Silent Age (Chicago)(25:26-28:56)

Chugging gritty dark death industrial. 

Kyrios: Luminous Vault (NYC)(29:24-34:10)

Oh holy shit, I didn’t realize Freedom Hawk’s debut album rocked so hard.  So glad they rereleased, and are on tour, I will be right up front. 

Lightning Charge: Freedom Hawk (VA - rerelease)(34:43-38:30)

Pigs (7X) is noise psychedelic fuzzed out doom.

Sweet Relief: Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs (UK)(39:06-43:39)

Dramatic erupting horror atmosphere.

In screams and flames: The Great Old Ones (France)(44:34-52:20)

Folk and acoustic and bluesy, such a gorgeous combination.  These guys are soulful.

Earthen Shroud: The Flight of Sleipnir (Denver)(53:09-END)

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Best Viking Metal/Folk-influenced

Enslaved’s Ivar and Wardruna’s Einar put their heads together to compose for the 200th Anniversary of the Norwegian constitution.  This is Norweigian folk: beautiful sweeping compositions that you can really melt into. This is the most folksy, ethnic, instrumental of the contenders with fully instrumental songs and choir-sung gorgeous passages dotting the album. Deep, sexy man singing in Norwegian.  There is a GORGEOUS trumpet, holy shit, and black metal portions, and a darker, raspy, evil vocalist joining the fun.  The album is complexly atmospheric, diverse, lovely and invariably creative.

Skuggsjá (Norway), album - A Piece For Mind & Mirror, song “Kvervandi” (0:28-6:50)


Moonsorrow (Finland), album - Jumalten Aika:  Medieval is the atmosphere, where people sit around firepits and thump on drums.  Men in animal skins and furs ride glorious horses, fists around spears, hair flowing behind them.  This is the imagery created by the softest, romantic acoustic passages erupting in epic black metal.

Sig:ar:tyr (Ontario), album – Northern:  Apparently this band started as a one-man band.  I assume that any great one-man band will add members to their roster, I mean, who wants to continue doing everything. Of course acoustic folk guitars accompanied by even more guitars, and a hella focus on riffs.  The vocalist is a guttural black rasp, with no hint of loveliness.  So you know, it’s pretty cool.

Myrkgrav (Norway), album - Takk og farvel; tida er blitt ei annen:  Last album from Myrgrav; the album title translates to “Thank you and farewell; Times have changed”.  Guy doesn’t mince words.  The violinist is a major player in this album; the fiddle is the national instrument of Norway.  This is mostly classic folk with a very folk singer, so if that would get on your nerves, than so will this style.

Best Hardcore/Crust/Punk-influenced

Oh geez, two of my favorite Illinois hardcore bands pitted against each other.

Gawddammit, this is Weekend Nachos’ last album after 12 years together.  They infuse hardcore, grind, punk, power metal, dirty crust and extreme wit into their unique sound.  They are so punk, fucking punk dude (and other angry things); and hilarious with song titles like “Fake Political Song” (a great grindcore song) and “Dog Shit Slave”.  I was like, how long can this feedback go? And it kept going.  Assholes. This just felt real.

Weekend Nachos (Dekalb), album – Apology, song “2015” (9:03-14:47)


Oozing Wound (Chicago), album: Whatever Forever:  I’m sure Oozing Wound are best friends with Weekend Nachos, right?  This is their third album, with thrash, punk, sludge, and everything thrown in, tied in the coolest package.  It’s a bit TOO cleanly produced, but that isn’t a terrible thing. Though, if they had a bit more raw ferocity, then they would have come out on top.

Trap Them (Boston/Seattle), album – Crown Feral:  Trap Them sounds like Boston, they have that Converge brutalized hardcore sound, plenty of crust and crunch and prolific riffs. The lead singer jumped off a speaker during tour, breaking both feet, continued with the show and tour in casts. F’ing hardcore.

Head Wound City (San Diego), album - A New Wave of Violence:  The most punk vocalist style, with a bit of shriek; he even goes a bit post-punk in parts. An angular punk album.  Album came out after 11 years of silence; this is a supergroup: Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Locust.

Okus (Ireland), album – Scourge:  Coolest album art of the group, a cool bird skull.  Crusty, metallic, grind, intense as fuck.

Best Heavy Doom

Oh lord, of course this category had the most contenders. All different styles, so take your pic.

Holy shit, Spirit Adrift is a ONE-MAN doom band, with the guitarist from one of my faves, Take Over and Destroy! His vocals are a bit Pallbearish – huge compliment - emotional, lyric-heavy, full-range.  He shines when he brings in a bit of joy into the melody, but I also liked that he wasn’t in a rush to fill in every second with density.  Maybe because it was one person laying all the tracks, each instrument is given its due.  So much patience.  So be patient.  This is just, delicious. 

Spirit Adrift (Arizona), album – Chained to Oblivion, song “Hum Of Our Existence” (15:36-26:22)


Khemmis (Denver), album – Hunted: Fuck, these harmonizing guitars, gaining strength and force with every passing second, erupting in fist-pumping riffs, groovy when needed; and slowing down to aching melodies.  But there is so much more, the vocalist encompasses a plethora of emotions, some of it funeral somber, a heaviness in lyrics, and still able to lift your soul.  Fuck yes dude.

Beastmaker (Fresno), album – Lusus Naturae: This the debut album from Beastmaker, reveling in 70’s psychedelic, the bubbly side of heavy rock.  Uplifting, cheery groove.  I think these dudes are just going to get better; and excited to see them live.

The Temple (Greece), album – Forevermourn: This is more funeral doom – a very gloomy but fantastically riff-y and bringing forth the headbang.  Fuck yeah, Greece.  The lead singer is nominated in ‘Best Warm Vocals’.

Messa (Italy), album – Belfry: Led by the most gorgeous female vocalist (also nominated for ‘Best Warm Vocals’.  Messa drones into massive leadups to headbanging.  It is an investment.

Lord Vicar (Finland), album - Gates of Flesh: With members of Reverend Bizarre and Saint Vitus, this is a super group that doesn't get lazy, which is the fate of most ego-led supergroups.  Incredibly underrated, and led by an incredible bluesy vocalist.  This album was a close second.

Spiritus Mortis (Finland), album - The Year Is One: The first thing you will notice is the vocalist.  He’s cheesy, but in that emotional hair metal way that we love.  And he’s Finnish, so everything he does is awesome.  I just wanted a few more songs to show their range, so I will wait for their next album.  But this is a great gloom and doom, plaintive doom album.

Best Modern Rock/Noise Rock/Alternative

Best part? The vocalist is fucking amazing.  She is sexy beyond.  Then bring in elements of gloomy Chicago post-punk and disjointed noise, and all of it is romantic as fuck.

Ganser (Chicago), album - This Feels Like Living, song “Strategies For Living” (27:17-32:46)


Ex-Cult (Memphis), album – Negative Growth: Third full-length album.  Danceable distortion and defiant pop.  Engages in heavy use of drone-y and noisy electronic effects. 

Drought Year (NC), album – S/T: Atmospheric-infused industrial groove mixed with the horror of deathrock, and the vocalist of a sludge band.

So Pitted (Seattle), album – neo: On Sub Pop and from Seattle.  Thin, gritty, snarling and plaintive.  Angry-pacing music - it’s a walking mosh pit sound.  There is just so much here, don’t miss this album. 

Best Atmosphere/Drone/Moody

Whether aiming for shimmery or hardened, atmosphere is moody, ambient, emotional, and don’t follow traditional routes.  The two top albums are one-person bands, which I am usually wary of, but these dudes created epic compositional albums, and should be celebrated for their genius. 

A foot firmly in black metal, however Mizmor bubbles through the surfaces of doom and drone and atmosphere.  The album creeps and slithers in a torturous pace, turning into a form of meditation.  The sound invokes images of an unrecognizable alien landscape.  We need to be pushed to these boundaries.

Mizmor (OR), album – Yodh, song “Bask in the Lingering” (33:14-43:16)


Alcest (France), album – Kodama: OK, this is more Heavy Gaze than atmosphere, but I had to fit Alcest somewhere, and they definitely are mood-making.  A gorgeous, shimmering melodic masterpiece. 

Old Graves (CAN), album – Long Shadows: One-man mostly instrumental atmospheric-heavy black metal. 

Best Heavy Metal/Hard Rock:

Chris Black is a god.  He has a modern, groove-tastic take on everything old school.  He speeds up the riffs; the guitars provide warm, engaging melodies; and the dude knows how to perk up your soul, making you yearn for a convertible, a warm summer night, and a loud car stereo.  An emphasis on catchy lyrics, so you can sing along.   “This is the night, this is the night we’ve been waiting for.  This is the night, this is the night we go UP.”  Nostalgic ear candy.  I was reminded of High ‘n’ Dry.

High Spirits (Chicago), album – Motivator, song “Flying High” (43:39-46:56)


Sumerlands (Philly), album – S/T: The vocalist is one with the Force.  He echoes emotion throughout, providing depth.  Technical and masterful heavy metal guitars and a perfect vocalist, you can’t want for more.

Dawnbringer (Chicago), album – XX: So this is an EP, but I like it so much, I had to include it in one of the categories.  It could be Dawnbringer’s last, which would be brutal to my heart.  I love Chris Black so much, and I am so glad that he is prolific, because I am one of the cult followers.

Denner-Shermann (Denmark), album – Masters of Evil: Guitar solos were the highlight on this album.  The vocalist has that epic, high-pitched style that may annoy you, but give him some room, he will rock it.

Best Death

Now a duo.  Howls of Ebb’s wicked vocalist whispers curses and speaks in tongue, an inhuman demonic growl other times. Galloping, disjointed, dramatic, chomping death and thrash, resting in horror atmospheric when the monster grows tired.  The quiet parts were as powerful as the most technical and dense death; it was thoughtful and relentlessly innovative.  I felt like I was watching a play.

Howls of Ebb (SF) album - Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows, song “Cabals of Molder” (47:48-53:52)


Mithras, album - On Strange Loops: Yet another duo concerned about creating unique compositions, each song so wildly different from each other.  Yes, they are chaotic and technical as fuck, but I feel they aren’t in it to jack each other off.  I fucking hate self-congratulating technical shit. 

Ulcerate (New Zealand), album - Shrines of Paralysis: Maybe someone told the vocalist he needed to fucking shake it up, because it sounds way better on this album.  Way more variation.  Geezus, this is the heaviest, relentless shit, beating your ears into bloody pulp.  They stand a head taller than any other band in technical prowess, oh fuck the density.  This is a toxic, chaotic, incomprehensibly massive wall; yet each instrument breaks a path clearly.

Altarage (Spain), album – NIHL: Anonymous band.  The vocalist growls melt over the dense, mostly fast and sometimes lumbering, atmospheric, technical wall of sound. It feels like drone, swarming all the instruments into one thick sound that is strangely meditative.

Witherscape (Sweden), album - The Northern Sanctuary: Hella proggy death with actual clean and very emotional singing mixed with growls;  slowed-down, sparse, ballad-y passages; guitar solos, piano and melodic keyboard.

Like Rats (Chicago), album – II: All right, I have to admit the fact that Weekend Nachos has members in this band, I knew I’d be all over it.  It’s way more tough boy, mainly because of the power vocals, not my favorite.  They bring in their hardcore influence into the clean, stripped sound.  It has that tuff mosh pit-circle stomp. 

Best Warm Vocals

Greenleaf has been one of my favorite bands for years, so for them to suddenly change up the VOCALIST, the melodic and emotional leader of the band?! Well, they did it.  Of course I should trust these geniuses, with members of Dozer and Truckfighters.  The album was in the “Best Jam/Blues/Stoner” category, of course.  The singer is soulful, ebullient, and arousing.  AROUSING.  Warm, honey vocals that make you climb out of your skin in glee, so personal, so expressive, so soulful.  He makes you want to know every word.

Greenleaf (Sweden), album - Rise Above The Meadow, song “Howl” (54:24-59:45)


The Temple (Greece), album – Forevermourn: More plaintive and melancholy than the other vocalists, following the funeral doom sound of the band.

Lord Vicar (Finland), album - Gates of Flesh: Blues-driven vocalist on one of the best doom albums of the year.  

Dawnbringer (Chicago), album – XX: Look, Chris Black nearly makes me cry when I hear him.

Messa (Italy), album – Belfry:  The emotional vocalist is the melody in an otherwise stark, gloomy, drone sound.

Saturday Album and #1 Album of the Year

Saturday album is the record I listened to the most.  This shit has to be varied as fuck, the vocalist needs to be my hot mama, and I never get sick of hearing it. 

It’s almost unfair to all other bands when Oranssi releases their album.  This is so innovative, avant-garde, experimental; and maybe you need to live in the forests of Finland, decompressed from the rest of the world, to allow your brain to go way out into the universe and bring back this nugget of musical truth.  It is pure, it is madness, it will bring you religion.

Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland), album- Värähtelijä, song “Saturaatio” (1:00:40-END)

Runners-up (to Saturday Album):

Dawnbringer (Chicago), album – XX: Epic, is the sound of Dawnbringer.  Chris Black is effortlessly nostalgic and emotional, but you haven’t heard this sound in those eras of past.  He is completely original, and achieves somehow bringing back the rocker aspects of the 70’s and glam of the 80’s in the most excellent, non-contrived way.

Mizmor (OR), album - Yodh: Mizmor won my Best Atmosphere/Drone/Mood category.  This album is beyond, it is the darkest album I listen to constantly.  It makes me feel evil.  You will hear something different every time you listen to this album, which is why it fits so well in this category.

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Best Sludge

Sludge is the very dark evil cousin of doom; with brutal vocals, a dense wall of sound, and both epically slow AND frenetic tempos.  As with most of my categories, the bands dip their toes in multiple genres. 

Anciients’ debut album was one of my favorites of 2013. This 2016 album is WAY darker.  Dual vocal style: one guttural, one proggy; and none of it is contrived. Shit kicks into the best riffs, so epically headbang-worthy.  This is proggy without the cheese; it’s epic and fist-pumping.  They shine when the sound cleans up to beautiful, complex, epic, sweeping, emotional, organic compositions. It feels fresh, and that put them over the top. 

Anciients (CAN), album – Voice of the Void, song “Pentacle” (0:28-5:57)


Tombs (NYC), album – All Empires Fall:  I love the vocalist of Tombs. Fun Fact: he has his own coffee (Savage Gold – named after a Tombs’ album).  And then they added Fade (of Batillus fame) to their roster, and I was head over heels.  Fade is also a big industrial mastermind, so he brings in the evil electronics here.  I feel like Fade has made them way darker, which is awesome.

Wolves Carry My Name (Germany), album – Black Earth Tongue:  This was overlooked by everyone, except me, because I rule. This is one of the grooviest metal albums out there.  As with all sludge, this is dense as fuck, led by the hottest snarl of a vocalist.  Another free album:

Inter Arma (VA), album – Paradise Gallows:  I’m wary of super popular (underground) bands.  If a ton of people relate to it, then is it truly good underground music (i.e. the suckage of Mastodon)? But this album has so many great things: Sweet acoustic parts, a gorgeous, emotional crooning vocalist who erupts when necessary.  These guys are the kings of EPIC, massive sound; sounding like ‘Enemy of the Sun’-era Neurosis.

Cobalt (CO), album – Slow Forever:  The original duo of Cobalt ended 2015 in public social media battle, sort of like CNN and Trump.  It ended with one of them holding the reins of Cobalt, and adding the vocalist from Lord Mantis. What a boon, the vocalist is expert in intensity, desperate and emotional.  For a duo, this strong of a vocal is a must.  And holy shit, the original member did all the instrumentation.

Black Tusk (GA), album – Pillars of Ash:  Last record with the late Jonathan Athon (original bassist and vocalist).  The band took this last year to put this album together.  Dudes have an influx of stoner, hardcore and punk energy.  These are dirty, fun, southern-rock swampy tunes.

Best Black Metal

SO much excellent black metal to weed through, to distill into these magnificent picks.  The top (3) were debut albums!

This is groove and melody-oriented black metal, you’re gonna want to headbang.  Shit is so crunchy and dynamic and fist-pumping.  Fun.  FUN, remember that concept? You fucking cynical bastard.  But, don’t get me wrong, this is true black metal – raw, somber, bitter, angry, harsh.  The vocalist howls, fucking howls, gave me chills bro. It doesn’t sound like other American black metal bands, with their focus on density.  These are simple and raw, technically-perfect, emotionally-laden, furious black metal with an emphasis on melody.  I thought it was perfect.

Uada (Portland), album – Devoid of Light, song “Our Pale Departure” (7:47-14:32)


Wode (UK), album - S/T:  Wait, this is their debut?  Dense as fuck black metal showers relentlessly, both old school and modern, as it stomps around with a bit of death-style.  Lots of attention to melodies, which is what this lady needs.  When they slowed down, it just became so evil.

Anicon (Brooklyn), album – Exegeses:  Debut album with members of Yellow Eyes, Krallice/Geryon, so it is super Brooklyn, and a huge part of the NYBM scene.  It leans towards emotional and epic guitar melodies, and when they harmonize, fucking A.  The complexities of the arrangements is also where this band shines.  These guys are romantic as fuck, but man do they deliver the headbang.

Entropia (Poland), album – Ufonaut:  Drumming stands out here, varied, proggy, tight.  Tempo increasing to the frenetic black core.  Yet, this album never feels relentless, which I like.

Imperium Infernalis (Greece), album – Imago Dei:  Second album from this band.  Shit is so tight and angular and fast, felt a bit thrashy.

Forteresse (CAN), album - Thèmes Pour La Rébellion:  This is the sweeping, triumphant, riding the dragon, full-production black metal, but without the emotional post-metal side.  This is the densest of the bunch, and when you think you can’t handle it anymore, they give you some variation.

Best Jam/Blues/Stoner

The hardest category for me, very year, trying to determine the best blues rock, jamming out, 70’s boogie, rifftastic album.  The bands in this category often have multiple, if not all the members singing, as vocals are a big part of the sound. I love every single one of these bands and albums. This was a close competition, so it really came to variation in the album, depth of SOUL, the hotness of the vocalist, and the guitarist(s) grooving way out.

Brimstone’s new (3rd full length) album was profoundly gorgeous.  Down and dirty southern style charm, with the warmest whiskey vocals. These guys even harmonize between the three of them on the vocals, hella treat.  A huge album that warms up, burns down and makes your head spin.  Dudes fucking jam. Ballads make you cry.  Shit is magic.  Reminds me of Eloy, Paice Ashton Lord and other crooning 70’s psychedelic rockers.  These guys really fucking let loose.

Brimstone Coven (WV), album - Black Magic, song “Beyond the Astral” (15:05-21:57)


Asteroid (Sweden), album – III:  Your brain is in a bubble floating so high.  Swedish psychedelic builds up so deliciously, the jams get intense. 

Scorpion Child (Austin), album - Acid Roulette:  Everyone knows Scorpion Child right? They are Friday nights, drinking beer against a muscle car, kickin’ it, rockin’ it, groovin’ it.  Lyrics stroke your penis. The songwriting is what puts this album over the top.  If the radio still played killer rock, this catchy album would be blasted on FM fo SHO.   

Greenleaf (Sweden), album - Rise Above The Meadow:  6th album from fuzz jamming rockers Greenleaf, with guitarist from Dozer.  Album is more structured, but the guitar solos are excellent when they appear.

Akasava (France), album – Nothing at Dawn:  It sounds like the vocalist is hiding something, he is naughty and a bit wicked.  Occult mixed with stoner, this sounds is more experimental than the other bands.  Dissonant and transcendental, a surprise of an album.  It’s Satan worshiping with tons of bong hits.

Spiritual Beggars (Sweden), album - Sunrise to Sundown:  Super strutting rocker, the vocalist with a bit of Chris Cornell-style.  They excel when they dipped into the soft, the ballads.

Duel (Austin), album - Fears of the Dead: Jean-clad hip swivels, rock groove, 70’s style badass attitude.

Best Thrash:

My favorite part of this year is that all the finalists are so different from each other.

Proggy, angular thrash with scifi storyline, how can you not love this band.  Even better, the band shows their charm in live shows, period.  You will be amazed at their ferociously clean twists and turns.  If you don’t like the vocal style, which is this insane throaty raspy screech, it may get in our way of enjoying the amazing thrash hooks, but I doubt it.  Vektor’s hooks are the best in the industry. 

Vektor (Philly), album – Terminal Redux, song “Cygnus Terminal” (22:58-31:12)


Deströyer 666 (AU), album - Wildfire:  The standouts here are melody and groove.  It is part bar thrash, with choruses to shout out, while sloshing beer on your feet.  But then they go darker, deeper, and will make you sneer. The vocalist is versatile, able to sing and add to melody; but also raspy and evil when needed.  They don’t fall into the mediocrity of plain old aggression; these are fucking thoughtful songs.

Desaster (Germany), album - The Oath of an Iron Ritual:  This is these dudes’ 8th full-length album, and another thrash and black metal combo. Thick, energetic, Satanic sound; and just like Deströyer 666, these dudes want to party.  Holy shit though, the riffs have the power of Satan and rip through your neck.

Witchery (Sweden), album - In His Infernal Majesty's Service:  Riff-tastic, groove thrash pumped with energy and fucking Swedish soul.  Short and sweet songs, stays clean, not over-powering aggression which can get one-note and boring.  The guitar solos were old-school heavy metal, ripping into powerful riffs, and a touch of punk, just a tad, making this super fun.

Suicide Angels (Greece), album - In His Infernal Majesty's Service:  6th album, first in 9 years.  They live in the land of revitalist thrash, chugging mosh pit style, not super-fast tempo.  Heavy metal guitar solos, love it.

Best Progressive/Math/Nerd

Nerd metal is angular, mathematical, and proggy with a hint of middle-age.

The Mass reunited to make one more album in their old age.  They are still the abstract, angular, avant-garde weirdos that you know and love.  This album brings forth their looser, psychedelic side providing so much vivid texture to an already tight, innovate, experimental sound.

The Mass (Bay Area), album – Ghost Fleet, song “Don't Go Whaling High” (31:49-36:02)


Gojira (NYC), album – Magma:  Two brothers make up Gojira, originating in France, now in NYC.  During recording they lost their mom, and this in turn they said affected their sound and songwriting.  You can hear the thread of melancholy.  This is a super melodic album, but still big build-ups to often intense violence and fury.

Car Bomb (NYC), album (Meta):  Actually produced by dude from Gojira, small incestuous community.  Whip-fast tempo changes, proggy vocals mixed with brutal calculatingly cold vocals, furious speeds.

Frontierer (Scotland), album - Orange Mathematics:  This album was completed in late 2015, repressed and released in 2016.  Incorporated electronic sounds breaking apart cold technical brutal math beats. The dudes even have math in the name of their album.  Lovely fellows even have a free download:

Best Post-Punk/Deathrock/Goth/Darkwave/Industrial

Ritual Howls’ album is a dark cavern of old school deathrock, old school industrial, electronica and hella goth.  When it’s good you want to dance; and shit if this didn’t make me wanna pull up my big black platform boots.  You better look good in your black make-up and leather outfit at their show.  Oh, my favorite type of bitches.

Ritual Howls (Detroit), album -  Into The Water, song “Spirit Murder” (36:34-41:09)


Soft Kill (Portland), album – Choke:  Soft Kill is dancing on a stormy night in a trench coat.  It is pure emotion and the pain of nostalgia. You want to dream in this sound. NEED I SAY MORE. 

Sievehead (UK), album – Buried Within:  OK, this is a 7”, but this band seems to just release EP’s and 7” albums.  Attitude, man.  Good music is fucking attitude, that drenches your brain in imagery.  When sound reaches image, you know it’s good.

Maudlin (Atlanta), album – S/T:  I love deathrock and darkwave for many reasons, but one big one is that these bands highlight female vocals so well.  Maudlin is headed by a top-notch female deathrock/dark punk vocalist.  80’s style shit, which to me, is the top echelon.

Brothers (Nashville), album – S/T:  Oh, this album is noise and boys and anger, but in a post-punk way.  So frigging good.  Free download:

Theologian/Lament Cityscape (NYC/Oakland), album – Soft Tissue:  OK, sure, this is a split, bit it’s a hell of an industrial album.  Yes, it has some hella noise and drone, but all of that is also. . .industrial.

Masses (AU), album – Moloch:  Dual vocals of female and male, poppy, infectious and happy.  Reminds me of a darker B-52’s and a touch of Dead Can Dance with some deathrock thrown in. 

Best Grind

One of the hardest categories to determine, every album is made up of 234 billion songs, 30 seconds long.  Grind expels bursts of violent energy; a great album makes the bursts diverse and memorable.  These guys must pack personality and punch into a spoonful measurement of sound.  Fucking difficult, and who are these weirdos that wanna do shit like that? 

“Shit yeah bro” is what you say when you hear this debut full-length Vermin Womb album.  Vocalist from Primitive Man fucking howls perfectly.  Fortunately, Vermin Womb is way more dynamic and furious than Primitive Man.  Maybe purists will say there is too much sludge and crust to make this truly grind, but fuck that.  Shit just makes the album great.

Vermin Womb (Denver), album – Decline, song “Cancer” (41:38-44:31)


Rotten Sound (Finland), album – Abuse to Suffer:  These bros growl in fucking the hottest sounding Finnish ever.  Pummeling you with a bat.  Everything I write is sexual.

Gadget (Sweden), album – The Great Destroyer:  The Swedish don’t ever retire.  These dudes have been around since the 90’s, and this is their first album in ten years.  This is the exhaustive type of grind (is there another kind); relentless with no soft edges.  The hardcore thread injects texture.

Neid (Italy), album - Atomoxetine:  Neid produces thick grind – the type that totally breaks down into a gripping, gnarly headbang. 

Best Evil Vocals

This album is also listed in Best Avant Garde (below!), one of my favorite categories.  The vocalist here IS the atmosphere.  Raspy perfection in horror hypnosis.  One of the best evil sounds I have heard, ever.  But of course, the album and band must be as perfect and compelling – this was one of the best albums of the year.  A great industrial album, bringing in some great electronic vocal effects.

Terra Tenebrosa (Sweden), album – The Reverses, song “Ghost at the End of the Rope” (45:33-49:41)


Bethlehem (Germany), album – S/T:  Bethlehem is led by a raging witch.  She screams her rage, and feeds the evil demon living way deep in your soul.

Best Extreme Experimental

This category is the cold, brutal side of the avant-garde spectrum. 

First off, you can get the whole Plebeian Grandstand album for free. The intensity is meditation, bringing you into what you will believe is cosmic consciousness.  The vocalist is a high point, with raspy howling and the screams from hell.  He envelopes the entire conceptual brutality to perfection.

Plebeian Grandstand (France), album – False Highs, True Lows, song “Tributes and Oblivions” (50:15-55:29)


Convulsif (Switzerland), album – IV:  Hypnotic, menacing, experimental jazz drone and grind, with clarinet and violin.  The clarinet screeches and speaks, and your brain is more than happy to follow the sound of its voice.

Gnaw Their Tongues (Netherlands), album - Hymns for the Broken, Swollen And Silent:  GTT is really into horror soundtrack.  This sound can fit behind any gory, menacing, demon story, and scare the shit out of you.  Each song contains its own crazed, swarming, chaotic brutal world.  The lead singer speaks in tongue.

Gorguts (CAN), album - Pleiades' Dust:  It’s a pet peeve when a band doesn’t break the album into songs.  Yes, I get it, it’s one large package.  So are all other albums, whose song placement is very meaningful.  The EP’s build-ups, the individual instrumentation, the looser, abstract melody, was where I thought they excelled.  The other bands in this category had individual songs that stood out, and taken as a whole, this Gorguts’ song is a good fit here.

Balance Interruption (Ukraine), album – Door 218:  This is the third full-length from BI.  The bass guitar makes an unusual funk appearance, and then the sexy saxophone croons a new age melody.  But somehow, it all fits with the guttural, ferocity of the vocalist, riffs and drumming.

Cognizant (TX), album – S/T: What took this out of the grind category? Cognizant is also proggy, angular, and contains underlying melody.  They break down into the pace of death at times, and all of it is surprising.

Best Avant-garde and #2 Album of 2016

This Parisian duo delved into spectacular industrial, with hella thick electronic erupting in parts.  But above everything, it is a journey.  With spectacular riffs, the album spins and reverses to the most satisfying breakdowns, going into gnarly as fuck creep and horror and grit and tension and drone and space and even lounge.  Oh the groove in the midst of menacing.  It is surprising, electric, eclectic, and lovely.  You can even dance to parts.  And besides a few shrieks, no vocals, because they are completely unnecessary.  When I first heard it almost a year ago, I immediately thought: I think I found my Best Album.  I went back and forth with this one, and my # 1 album (announced next week).  Sophie’s choice.

Spektr (France), album – The Art to Disappear, song “From the Terrifying to the Fascinating” (56:17-END)


Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland), album- Värähtelijä:  Oh these magnificent Finnish beasts. A richly thick album with incredibly original compositions up your butt.  Weird Finnish brains.  Psychedelic black metal dreamscapers.

Terra Tenebrosa (Sweden), album – The Reverses:  Vocalist won the ‘Best Evil Vocals’ category.  Terra Tenebrosa is the modern industrial-influenced metal.  But it is old school industrial, in that it is truly experimental and demented.  Industrial was all about pushing the envelope in musical boundaries.

Hail Spirit Noir (Greece), album – Mayhem in Blue:  Ah fuck, I love how Hail is campy carnival horror metal.  This is a warmer side to the avant-garde category, with flutes (I think?) and organ.  Just, charming.

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Oh, this is a perfect death album.  The epicness of the headbangingness.

Eucharistic Adoration: Mercyless (France)(0:28-3:50)

One-man horror, with violin, organ and the theramin.  Charming vocalist. 

Cadavre abandonné: Créatures (France)(5:13-12:13)

Oh Krallice, why don’t you marry Krallice and have their NYC hipster babies.  Actually I like this band.  But this shit can get pretentious and I think of SF techies attending their shows and of course that means a lot of windbreakers and yoga pants and cell phones.  Not to insult Krallice in any way, this is a stellar EP.

Conflagration: Krallice (NYC)(12:53-20:31)

Spanish Teitanblood has that creepy vocalist that hangs over you in a mist while you are sleeping.  Only two songs in this EP, but it’s hella long, and man it breaks down in the best way. 

Accursed Skin: Teitanblood (Spain)(21:09-28:47)

Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair.  Say that over and over again.  Dudes cracked me up, but their music is not funny. 

Daddy's Home: Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair (UK)(30:01-35:28)

Of course, weirdos from Colorado Springs.  Color me fucking surprised.

Hidden Species (Vitrification Of Blood Part 2): Blood Incantation (CO)(35:57-42:51)

Austrian nerd brings forth his palms and cups that imaginary chalice.

Woher Ich Stamme: Nahtrunar (Austria)(43:21-49:53)

NY black metal brah. I don’t know, I don’t care.

Nothing: Black Anvil (NYC)(51:21-57:24)

Look, it’s black metal and I like it ok?  Who are YOU?

The Great Beast: Grafvitnir (Sweden)(58:04-END)

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